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I'm not too sure exactly what to write here so I'm going to go with a little bit of personal info I guess, seeing as how this is my Profile :-P

I am more mature (in age only so I'm told!) single momma to a gorgeous, soon to be, 5 year old boy who is my reason for living. He is smart, sassy and sweet, gorgeous, gregarious and did I mention gorgeous?? Well what can I say? He is!

Anyway, I've been writing stories for as long as I can remember but never let anyone read them! They either end up printed off and filed somewhere or deleted and sent to the eternal recycle bin in the sky. The thought just makes me queasy! Buuuuuuut someone suggested FanFiction where I can hide behind a screen name and nobody need know it's really me. Ha! Ha! I like this idea so here I am giving it a go!!

I live in Northamptonshire in the UK with my family and one dog, five cats, and three rabbits. I would dearly love a couple of rats but we have nowhere for them to go plus with five cats...

I am an extremely 'greedy' reader (I virtually devour the book/story the first time round and then read it for a second - possibly, third, fourth, fifth... you get the idea - time to cover anything I missed). Read anything from trashy romace novels (on holiday only though) to full-on Andy McNabb thrillers. Of course I L U R V E and am totally addicted to the Twilight Saga and almost any vampire books/films. I love the classics, Pride and Prejudice sigh and am a real urban fantasy (urban romance?) freak - Keri Arthur, Kelley Armstrong and Richelle Mead are my current favourites. And whispers conspiratorially behind hand I read Star Trek The Next Generation and Torchwood books too... but don't tell anyone... m'kay?

Is that about right or does that just make me look old and boring? Hmmm! Maybe but you wouldn't say that if you could see me when my son paints my face or has me bouncing around on his trampoline (I am not a mini mum!!).


Pick 15 (yes, that's right 15) books from anytime in your life that will stay with you... FOREVER.

1. Mr God This Is Anna (if you've never read it, find a copy - now - it is one of the MOST awesome books I have read, and I've read a lot!)

2. A Town Like Alice (very moving, based on a true story)

3. The Pied Piper (no, not the kids version. The novel by Neville Shute. Amazing, amazing, story)

4. Pride and Prejudice (because it has to be one of the most beautiful classics ever written - and I bet you thought I was going to say because Mr Darcy's hot didn't you?)

5. Jane Eyre (yeah if you can't manage the book on the first attempt, try one of the good movies, then read it again. Everyone deserves love like this)

6. Merry Christmas Nicole (an extremely harrowing, heartbreaking true story that I will never, ever forget)

7. The Gruffalo (because this is my list and it's a brilliant book - my son and I know it off by heart now!!)

8. The Moon's A Balloon (David Niven's autobiography and it's as wonderful and funny as the man himself. I laughed and I cried)

9. Lord of the Rings (still can't get over this was written as a kids book but... whatever! It's still fantastic)

10. Much Ado About Nothing (just because it's clever and witty and funny and there's love 'n' stuff in there too. Plus, I love a happy ending)

11. The Canterbury Tales (hey I never said I had to like them just that they'd stay with me forever and this shit still haunts me over 20 years after I first read it screams silently)

12. Dracula (because it was my introduction to, and is responsible for, my lifelong addiction with all things vampire)

13. Oliver Twist (how could this not be included?)

14. The Diary of Anne Frank (I still remember begging my mum to tell me it wasn't actually true, a tragic story)

15. The Twilight Saga (didn't think I'd miss that out now did you??)

14 April 2010

OK so I'm going to indulge in a little harmless 'blowing of my own trumpet' and gently point out that my O/S 'Not By My Hands' written especially for the 'Death by Darksper' competition got an 'honourable mention' for its creativity. This is only my second fic and my first ever competition entry so to say that I was a little bit pleased would be... erm... somewhat of an understatement! What can I say? I got caught up in the moment... Can I please have a "HALE YEAH!"

Okay so following on from my Top 15 books, I'm going to pick my Top 15 FanFic's. These are going to be listed IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER and an author will only have one story in here (because yeah, the choice IS THAT HARD!) however many of there stories I've read and loved. I recommend ALL of them so, if you haven't already, go read them...

1. Sassafrass Junction by VampishVixen ("Fuck him up Whitlock" will live with me... FOREVER!)

2. Edward Cullen, Dick for Hire by fl95 (Dick-ward sigh 'nuff said)

3. The Submissive by Tara Sue Me (this is one of the stories recently hit by those fuckwits The Literate Union so... go find Tara Sue Me's profile and follow her on over to Twilighted)

4. Finding Relief by TwistedForTwilight (because it is beautiful and tragic and sad and I loved it)

5. Neverending Math Equation by Twanza (the first chapter is mind boggling but, oh God, just stick with it)

6. Rights of the Fallen by DefinatelyStaying (a heartbreaking story that was the first slash pairing I'd read and... wow...just wow)

7. The Appointment by miztrezboo (because I love me some Jasper!)

8. Saving Bella by Mynxi (erm... because I love me some Jasper!!)

9. Send Me An Angel by clpsuperstar (if you loved Dick-ward then you are gonna adore Fed-ward)

10. Wanted by Anadabyel (because she's a damn fine story teller that's why)

11. Unknown Saviors by Jaspers Sex Kitten (read it and you'll know)

12. Crazy in Love by KricketWilliams (because she's totally awesome and I don't just read Twi-fics)

13. Dear Isabella by Jandco (do NOT read this without some Kleenex and painkillers, you WILL need them, trust me)

14. The Workshop, A Tale of Edible Delights now moved to http://theworkshopstory,

15. Show 'n' Tell by sinecure (a Doctor Who fic - very, very naughty but so much fun - you've been warned!)

I have read some really amazing stories on here and keeping it to 15 was nearly impossible but I did it... just. I might have to add to the list at a later date because I'm still working my way through some seriously good fics at the moment sigh it's a hard life! Also, many of the above authors have written more than one story so if you liked one, read the others. And please, please don't forget to leave a word or two about how much you loved it. It's an amazing feeling to get a positive review and offers us writers some (often much) needed encouragement!

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