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Hiya guys. Im 'mysterious moon'. I guess I made up this name because because there was a time when I was into Moon and stars...

I absolutely Love Twilight (the Book) I hate Twilight the movie though... No offence to you fans out there, but the actors just isn't right. For example, Bella and Kristen are just so ..different! In the book compare to the movie! Get wht I mean? Kristen's just so awkward and embarrassing! I ended up not finishing Twilight (the movie), New Moon and Eclipse because every time I see Kristen I had to cover my face up in embarrassment!

Also, I absolutely hate those people who just start a story and don't finish it! I mean, what's the point? If your not going to finish it then why start?

My close friends would describe me as sarcastic, loyal, understanding, a good listener, random, chatty, smiley, stubborn and fun.

To people that sees me everyday but hardly knows me I'm quiet, nice, clever, polite, mature, sensible and realistic.

I play the piano, and violin. I've passed my Grade 2 with Merit for my piano and am onto a Grade 3 now =D

Protected Memories 25/5/13

I actually can't believe myself right now. I forgot about you guys - I have no excuse for dropping the story the way I did, but you all deserve an explanation. So this is mine.. When I posted the teaser, I fully intended to get back right on track and continue the story, I honestly did. I was so touched by all your reviews that I was determined to write through my writer block. But then... nothing came to me. I just couldn't write. I tried to re-read my story again right from the start, hoping that I'll get that spark of something that prompted me to write in the first place. But I'd matured a little and that style of writing just disgusted me so much. I spotted grammatical mistakes, and there were a lot of instanced where I thought 'Now, why on earth did I have her react this way?'. It was just too much and I was so ashamed that I couldn't read through the whole story. Then exams started piling up quicker that I could cope with and revision just consumed all of my time and by the time that was finished, I completely forgot about my precious story and you. My precious, precious readers.

Several times throughout the year, I've thought back to this story, and promised myself that I'd pick it back up again, if only so I can make it up to you guys. But time and time again, something else came up and it slipped to the back of my mind. It was only when I was just going through my emails, and see your countless reviews and encouragement and so much kind words that I... that I was so disgusted with myself. How can I do this? Especially after I complained and complained and swore up and down that I'd never become one of those authors that neglect their stories. What a hypocrite.

If any of you are still read my story, if anyone is reading this and hoping that I'll actually finish this story this time... I will. I won't let you down again. After my exams next week have passed, I'm going to concentrate solely on this story and wrap it up in a satisfying way that would make it up to you. I can't apologize enough, but please give me another chance. If you're still sitting there, and waiting for m update... send a quick word to me. I'll appreciate knowing that at least one of my old readers, or new ones, are still there for me. If you won't... then I understand, because I let you guys down, and I'll understand if you find me unforgivable no matter what.

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