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Why hello there, thank you all for dropping by..

I try to update my fic's as much as possible, but i am sitting 5 highers this year at school because silly old me chose to stay on rather than go to college full time, but i only have one and a half more years left of high school, i also attend college in my free time to study photography which does take up quite a bit of my time, so i apologise if you feel i do not update as frequently as you think i should!

I'm constantly looking for new ideas, inspirations and constructive criticism! So reviews are much appreciated!

Feel fee to follow me on twitter; it has all the latest new's of my stories and updates, even some sneak previews of chapters; @Kelly_McCubbin

I'm one of those writers who thinks that sometimes to understand a story fully, it helps to know the writers background, what inspires them etc. so i'll try and write this bit as short, yet as detailed as possible so as not to bore you.

1. I'm Kelly-Carolann not how my actual name looks, but i like it better this way, so i tell everyone it is, nobodies ever questioned it and it's just stuck, even my mother now calls me by it. I do however, also go by the nickname Blondiee - one which i doubt i'll ever understand as i've never really been blonde?

2. I'm Scottish, currently living in Scotland in some small town nobody's ever heard of.. it's cold, wet and miserable about 90% of the time.. I plan on getting out of here though and making something of myself.. i plan to become a photographer (it's what i'm studying in college and to be honest with you all i think it's something i'm actually decent at) and so i think i'd quite like to travel, capture the world at it's best.. my real dream would be to make my own name in photography, being able to photograph all the wonderful people of the world.. i think that sounds pretty cool.

3. I'm currently 16, (though i look about 12) which still sounds pretty young but i know it's not. It's that age where life throws obstacles at you which only interferes with the already tough decisions that you have to make. It's that age for me, where i haven't quite figured myself out yet; or maybe i have and i just chose to ignore it.. either way i only have a few weeks now until i hit 17 and i'm running out of options. Despite the confusion and the hurdles this years brought i'd say that it has still been pretty good.

4. I'm female - incase you wondered.

5. I fell in love once - it didn't end too well..

6. I love multiple things in life; heres a few:

-ACTING: i used to hate acting because i suffered from such bad stage fright, but when i was nine years old i was scouted by LDG whom i've been with ever since. They really are my second family, they introduced me to new ways in which i can express myself and now, seven years on i'm studying performing arts part time and have taken the lead in multiple shows!

-MUSICAL THEATER: this leads on from my acting summary above, i've always loved going to the theater but recently it's become somewhat of an obsession.. i'm currently trying to see as many shows as i can before i run into debt!

-KERRY ELLIS: the woman has a voice to die for and, it has to be said, is one of the most loveliest women i've ever spoken to at a stage door! Anthems the tour was AMAZING!

-GLEE: i think the show has done itself proud! the characters are all so well thought out and loveable! i honestly cannot remember what my life was like without the show, i almost watch it religously!

-NAYA RIVERA: ohh, well, she's just perfection really, isn't she?

-SKINS: (generation 2): i miss this, so much! why'd they have to end it the way they did! that was just plain cruelty! There will never be a better skins cast than generation 2 in my eyes - naomily!

-TRAVELLING: I grew up with parents who adored different cultures and so i've grown quite accustomed to travelling. I love it! I think it's the thrill of being somewhere new and exciting! Some of my favourite places i've been to throughout my life have been: London, Lanzarote, Frace, Belguim, Thialand and Spain.

7. Music is my life, there is no other way i can describe it. I've had some pretty low points this year, which i never thought would happen and it was my lifeline at those times. I've had some pretty great times too and once again music's always there. To me, it's like a friend whom you know will always have your back. It's even better when it relates to the situation that you're in.

8. I have friends who mean the world to me, so i thought i'd let you all in on what i think of them; this, i feel, is important as these guys are the reason i write, they're the inspiration for my original characters, they share the same traits, the same ideals as them.

Zoe: this girl is hard to put into words, she's more than my best friend, she's a part of me. Our grandparents were friends growing up, then our parents and now us, she's been there through everything. She's amazing, so kind, so generous. She's understanding but she won't take any crap from anyone, ever. She's got an odd sense of humour but it's actually quite amusing. She's so accident prone that i wish i could just wrap her up in bubble wrap all the time. She knows what she want from life, know's where she want to be in 10 years time, she's already on her way to getting it. i envy that. She's courageous and i honestly love her.

Louie: he hasn't been in my life for a very long time but we're so close. He hates social events so much, prefers the isolation he's always had from living in the country. That doesn't mean he hates everyone though, he's always such a good friend. He's such a nerd, even taught himself Swedish, now speaks it fluently. He's good at almost all his subjects despite being severely dyslexic.. he's always making me laugh and he's my go-to-guy when i just want to forget about things as he never pushes you into talking about it, people assume he's gay because he's very into fashion and designer stuff. He's just very upper class, he always has been.

Amber: Our mother's were close growing up but we only met for the first time 5 years ago; Tuesday 13th of June 2007. Honestly she's the best thing that's ever came into my life. She taught me who i am, what i want from life. She's the kind of girl who takes things as they come, doesn't think about what she's doing, acts upon instinct. She's the makes some silly decisions with life but that's just her. She relies on me to be there when she's broken and same vice-versa. She's funny and charming and lovely. She's the kind of girl everyone wants as a friend, honestly. She means so much to me; i don't even think she knows that, but she does. She's my everything, there's no words to describe how much i love her.

Alex: I originally had this girl on the list of names shown directly below, but to be honest, looking at us now she deserves a place of her own. I've known her since i first started acting with LDG - we got cast the same year - and it's taken us seven years of friendship to get to where we are now. I could literally trust this girl with my life. She know's more about me than my 'best friend' does. She listens to me when i need to talk, sorts me out when i burst into tears and laughs along with me when i'm having one of my 'mad days!' In short; she takes care of me. She genuinly is the most amazing and beautiful person i know and although we're not as close as we could be, i'm grateful to have her in my life! I seriously hope we remain friends for a long time as i doubt i'll ever be able to forget or make up for all the things she has done for me.

Lesley, Ross, Karina, Mairi, Ella & Rosie: they're all unique in thier own way, they inspire me, they're like family. I know we won't be friends forever, but it's nice having them here for just now. I'm so glad i was given the opportunity to meet them!

Fay, Michelle, Jemma & Louise; Despite spending every day with these guys and supposedly best friends, i still don't really know them. They'll always be known as my friends but there is only so much crap i can take from them. The two faced, sly, nasty comments, the false accusations, the assumptions. They make the finalities in my characters, because despite hating them i love them too. We've all been friends for such a long time and it's sad watching it drift away, but that's life. Hopefully it makes some good writing ideas.

9. I can sometimes come across as being quite scary, i think it's the fact i keep things to myself most of the time; excluding this chunk of facts. I'm known as being 'a cold hearted person' or a 'right bitch' by people who don't take the time to get to know me. Yes, i'm very fluent in sarcasm and sometimes i make harsh comments; usually they're needed. I'm honest, that's all there is to it. I'm cold hearted because there's some things i prefer to keep to myself rather than flaunt them all over facebook or gush about them in acting class with the other girls. (i'm actually known amongst my friends as Santana because of the.. similarities).

10. I'm not a writer, in fact i have no idea how I'm passing higher English because I'm awful at it. Yet i enjoy it, it's something other than photography, acting, singing and dancing that i enjoy. I'll probably focus in on Glee when i'm writing, because i think you can do so much with the characters that we've thankfully been graced with. However i do quite enjoy skins, so i'll probably write some Skins (generation 2) fic's at some point within the next year!

I think that's enough about me now for you all to understand where some aspects of my writing comes from, if you've actually read all of this then you're amazing and i apologize for taking up so much of your time.


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