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Girl. 20-something. Human.
Can be found on Livejournal under the handle Unequivocally. Was known as Soliloquyrain for a while.
If you're curious, nosy, or just horribly, horribly smutty (as I am) all original fics, drabbles, and NC-17 fics can be found on my LJ.
I've pulled my fics from this site because, well, quite frankly, I hate it. FFdotNet has a nasty little habit of eating my formatting and to be quite candid, it's annoying. My fics looks like giant walls of text. So, I've pulled them off of this site because I'm something of a snob and I refuse to have my name associated with a fic with poor formatting. You can find them on my livejournal, which is by and far a much better site, and has goats.


Chocolate, Pie, Ice Cream, Cake, Ice Cream Cake, Ice Cream AND Cake, pretty much anything involving Ice Cream and/or Cake, or anything sweet for that matter, but I like some foods that aren't sweet, too, including but not limited to steak, pizza, mushrooms, potatoes, onions, chicken, pierogis, even though I guess those kinda fall under potatoes, cheese, and other various edibles. I also like non-food items, such as books, tv, movies, Jack Sparrow, Jack Johnson, Jack's Mannequin, you're pretty much a shoo-in if you're named Jack, to be honest, pillows, writing, procrastination, The Soup, purses, bunnies, dinner with friends (this falls under non-food since friends are involved), sleeping in, I like people who aren't named Jack, too, just so you know, in case you were feeling left out, reading an entire book in a bookstore and watching the staff squirm, and driving with the windows open and radio on.


Tomatoes, ignorance, know-it-alls, bossy people, fans who claim to be fans but then spend all their time wanking about how they're too good for the fandom, waking up early, people who don't like people who read entire books in the bookstore, even though I totally see your point and it's completely valid, I am but a starving nursing student and I'm not paying 40 dollars to read Cornelius McTribbly, The Little Shoe Shiner That Could, no matter how good it is, loud noises, bad drivers, people who stand in the middle of the aisle and block the entire path while picking out their groceries, the comment section on youtube, and if you really hate it so much when I read books in the bookstore why do you keep inviting me to go with you anyways, people who play the bass in their car way too loud, shopping at Wal-Mart not because it's cheap but because they have bad service and there can be 70 people waiting in line and they'll only open up 2 check-out lines, and people who play with their cell phone at the dinner table, yes even you.


As of writing this, Cornelius McTribbly, The Little Shoe Shiner That Could, is, to the best of my knowledge, pure fiction. If there really is a book called Cornelius McTribbly, The Little Shoe Shiner That Could, and you are its author, I apologize, no copyright infringement was intended. And I do apologize for saying I would never buy your book. I'm sure it's a fabulous book. But, as stated above, I am quite poor, and I must budget my money wisely.

A safety buzz, some cheap red wine
Oh, the trouble we could get in,
so let's screw this one up right.

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-Stories want to end. They don't care what happens next. Terry Pratchett, Witches Abroad.- On the other hand, I do and I speculate. And then I write. A collection of after AC snippets of mostly Cloud, Tifa, Marlene and Denzel. Completed: 19th Aug
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Easy Girl by une fille reviews
The end, the beginning and the middle. Puck knows it's not normal but he stops caring about that pretty quickly,
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019. Through childhood and adolescence, marriage and war, two things remained constant. One was their love, and the other was the stars. Galen&Nina
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Final Moments by Scribbler reviews
You can live for a few seconds after you’ve been run through by a sword. Not many people know that, and those who do aren't telling. Neither can they tell that sometimes, suspended between the living and dying worlds, you meet those you thought you lost.
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Seven Shades of Pink by ariescelestial reviews
The dresses, the ribbon: every shade of pink in her closet is a dream she knows will never come true now.
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Flowers We Are by Scribbler reviews
Once upon a time there was a flower girl who fell in love twice, and it was true both times. Aerith/Zack & Aerith/Cloud.
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Word to the Wise by sugarapplesweet reviews
What's a man to do when the rest of the world seems to be more than willing to just sleep the night away, especially one as wonderful as this? Sometimes all he needs is a bottle of wine and a bit of conversation. Maybe it's not much, but it could be.
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