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"Anti depressants controlling tools of your system; making life more tolerable; making life more tolerable..." Serj Tankian: the unthinking majority

"Don't you see their bodies burning; Desolate and full of yearning; Dying of anticipation; Choking from intoxication!

I want you to be left behind those empty walls..." Serj Tankian: Empty Walls

yo! whats up!

If you must know, i'm male -_-

i really love california, its so nice here... in stockton, with all the gangs and street races (i should know. there have been several gang affiliated activities in the near by area and I hear street races almost every other week.)

Birthday: December 2nd

pakistani, muslim, and proud of it!

favorite music: melodic death metal, neo metal (classical + metal), dubstep, symphony, orchestra, choir, game themes, some hindi songs, and and whatever system of a down is currently playing.

favorite games: all of the zelda series, most mario games, metroid prime series, kingdom hearts series, final fantasy series, call of duty series, god of war trilogy, uncharted series, pokemon series, okami, mortal kombat series, metal gear solid series, and a whole bunch others...

i love manga. really, i really do. i asked my sister one day for something to do, and she threw a book at my face. this book was inuyasha volume one. loved them ever since.

i got bored again another day. i looked at what my sister was doing, and she was reading fanfiction off of this sight. lets say i went and saw some disturbing and some well done fics. havent been bored since.

favorite genres: adventure, comedy, parody, and mystery. parody especially.

My favorite parody author of all time is Mr. light chicken bulbs.

I'm a critic (A nice one who tries to help. I don't like to be mean.) and i love to help other authors make their stories better. if i dont find a problem with it, then i'll usually leave a nice comment or a joke!


Dark fic:The Legend of Zelda:Sacred Reliquary

Parody fic:Doom/ Anything my Mr. Light Chicken Bulbs

Crossover fic:The Battle Never Ends

Self-insert fic:Neville Longbottom and the Harry Potter

Original Fic:GOdleSs

Completed fic:A New Chance at Life

These are just my picks. If you have a problem with it, pm me, and i will read the fic over. If you have a catagory that is not up here, then pm me, and ill see if i can find a story that meets that criteria.


yaoi/yuri: im straight people! (unless the yuri or yaoi is barely mentioned as a kind of foot note, then ill leave it alone, or the story is using it as a comedy element.)

Grammar: i'm not too keen on grammar myself, but come on people! at least take the time to correctly spell "your"!

Trash Fics: these are the fics that have a good story premises, but just completely ruin it with their adding of completely unnecessary things! ill let it slide with new authors, as they're still improving, but really! just! Do! It! Right! (Perfect lionheart is really the perfect example of this. both stories with over 10,000 reviews, and they're both horrible. If your read it as a parody, they are a pretty good satire, but he had to dis religion. YOU NEVER DIS ANY RELIGION).

Summaries: a summary is supposed to tell you about the story. some just say "It's my first time! please take it easy on me!!" I understand if your new, but really, that should just go in the authors notes. also some people just leave grammatical errors in their summaries like spelling "your" as "yur". seriously, no one's going to read it if the summary has horrible spelling errors (unless its a parody, then ill let it slide on the premises that the person does it on purpose to add to the parody element.)


Cliches: I really hate cliches. like, really hate them with a passion. do you know how much i want to kill a naruto fanfiction writer when he/she even remotely mentions the words 'precious people'? it just sickens me! Oh! and you cant forget the classic 'naruto has been a genius all along! he just starting to show it at (insert twist in narutos life here.) Also, Orochimaru's a pedophile! really guys? really? please come up with something original.

pairings: I like some pairings myself, but, really, there are just so many wrongs in when you revive your dead mother to do 'it' with her (naruto x kushina who is revived somehow)... really, cant you just leave that area out of it?! Although i will tolerate any somewhat straight pairing if the writing is done well enough. and i mean really well.


1rst tier: basically trash made for the sole purpose of yaoi/yuri, or so badly written that it's just illegible. in fact, i read a fic that was written so bad that it looked like it was written in spanish or by a kindergartner...

2nd tier:

low: the low section is a good idea that has been wasted on a person with no writing skills at all. the person who wrote it should take an English class for it to become better.

mid: this is for aspiring writers who have a good premises for a story, but are lack luster in their execution. simply put, they need experiance

high: this level is where a great fic by an aspiring author goes, but is simply lacking in plot or another area of literature. (where i am at)

3rd tier:

Low: This is a great fic, which is all around good, but is not something super by any means. good for a read if your bored.

mid: This is a great fic that will last you a while. it will leave you guessing at whats going to happen next, but it lacks something that makes it truly great.

high: This is that fic that is too good to not favorite. It is so good, you feel the person could probably publish his/her own book because it is so well written. this is where authors who have reached the pinnicle in what he/she can do in one story.

4rth tier: this is the god level tier. this is where authors who have written a tier level 3 fic over and over again, and the quality never lets up! a true example of this level is kenchi618

challenges: zelda in game crossover challenge: Basically, cross three zelda games over as if they have always been that way. And when i mean three, i don't mean wind waker, phantom hourglass, and spirit tracks together. i mean three from totally different settings, such as wind waker, ocorina of time, and twilight princess. Some great examples where this have been done are sacred reliquary as mentioned above,Fly away, andFour Swords Adventure: The Hero's of Termina. Any straight pairing is acceptable, but absolutley no yuri or yaoi is allowed. Good luck on attempting this!

knife... gun... knifegun!

If life were a game, i would be the guy with all the cheat codes...

up up down down left right left right b a start

control alteration delete!




They see me trollin' they ragin' i'm trolling and they trying to catch me writin' dirty!

... have you tried turning it off and turning it back on?

HEAvy, HOw Do I MAke SANDvich?

... you say something?...


Movie Gear Solid: with 9 hours of cutscenes and plot screws!

I throw it on the ground like a boss while i'm on a boat!

I'M HERE BECAUSE I'M BORED! (and don't you ever forget that, soldier!)

Story updates: where i will be posting info for my stories:

Pawns of War:chapter 3 in progress. currently typed : done!... back to start though, so unless my uncle fixes my laptop, i might have to retype all 32 pages...

ok, OC form has been moved here:

OC Form:

Name: (self-explanatory. Nickname if you like)

Birthday: (revelation delivered in 2012 and the current year is 2027. your OC has to be 15-10 years old. In other words, they have to be born anywhere from 2012-2017.)

Region: (which region where you born in? Town/city? which now? Any except fan-made)

Faction: (the factions are like this: T-cross is all the champions banded together plus some gym leaders. They mostly use guerrilla tactics and have a fairly small but elite group of trainers under their disposal. They have the least amount of resources. Leader: Red. The united forces are the elite 4 of each region and the rest of the gym leaders. They have the largest amount of trainers, and plenty of resources. Leader: Blue. Team Chaos is all the previous teams put into one team. They have a moderate amount of trainers, and a very large resource pool. Leader: Govanni. You may put undecided if you don't want to choose one. You may also choose freelance trainer if you wish.)

Appearance: (what do they look like? Detailed as possible, along with clothing and any marks or scars. Also, include your mark and where it is on the body. It can only be as large as your fingernail though, and it can be anything you want it to be, as your legendary will have the mark as well.)

History: (How did they get to where they are now? Why are they part of that faction? You know, a basic history of when they were born to where they are now.)

Personality: (Good points and bad points, as well as fears and flaws.)

Likes: (what do they like?)

Dislikes: (dislikes)

Hobbies: (no explanation)

Talents: (talents)

Equipment: (no katanas or guns please. An example would be droppable explosives if you have a flying type, a knife if you assassinate, a Zweihänder if you are part of the cavalry. Just make it realistic. Also include what you have in your bag if you have a bag.)

Pokemon: (only one eeveelution, or one pseudo legend [dragonite, tyranitar, metagross, salamance, garchomp, and hydrogien] per group. Meaning no having hydrogien and Joelton in the same group. Here is how it goes: if your 10, 1-2 pokemon. 11, 2-3 pokemon, 12, 3-4 pokemon, 13, 4-5 pokemon, 15, 5-6 pokemon, 16 ,5-6 again. Include brief history and personality, as well as moves.)

Legendary: (I may or may not go with the one you picked. I may choose a different one entirely.)

Family: (Who were their parents? Factions of their parents if they had any? Basic history?)

Favorite phrases: (no explanation needed)

Pairing: (description or person)



My OC:

Name: Serj "Breaker" Aereon

Birthday: December 2, 2015. Currently 13.

Region: sunyshore city, sinnoh. Currently in T-Cross outpost between johto and sinnoh.

Faction: T-Cross, Recent entry.

Appearance: He is a tall, skinny young soldier to be with long red hair in the style of volkner, his idol, except he keeps a rather long pony tail in the back. He has an angular face, with a large grin seemingly plastered on the front of it. His eyes are a deep shade of gold, which just seem to shine with life. He is about 5 foot 7 inches, and still growing, and weighs around 112 pounds. He isn't very physically conditioned, and is as skinny as a toothpick. He wears an army headband that he got from his father. He also wears a large black coat coat he received from his mom, a white t-shirt, some blue jeans, some durable black shoes, and a pair of gloves. The gloves cover his mark of an X with a small I in the center. That is then surrounded by brackets. the whole thing is then tilted sideways, and put in a circle.

History: He lived in Sunyshore, one of the few safe zones in the war that was relatively peaceful. He grew up without a father, as he died in battle, and he grew up with his mom, who liked to laze around the house and just have fun and drink alcohol. He grew up with his buddies watching the town hero, volkner, come by sometime with a huge parade following him. He realized that he wanted to be like his dad and volkner; a hero who fought for what he believed in. He studied every night the enemies battle tactics and pokemon stratagies for war, and when he turned ten, he enlisted. Or he wanted to, but his mom kept a firm grip on him and prevented him from leaving. He eventually just ran away one day and joined, and they gave him his first pokemon, a shinx. He then trained and was posted for border patrol a few times, and got into a few battles. He caught two more pokemon while there, and finally was put off probation after the battle of eternal forest, and added as a newbie to the ranks of T-Cross.

Personality: He is rather the realist in situations. He won't say a glass is half-full or half empty, he will just say that it's a glass of water, and drink it. He takes what he has a tries to work with it as much as possible, trying to make things fall in his favor. He uses the field to his advantage, trying to come up with the best possible solution in the long run. He tends to sleep a lot, and not concentrate at the task at hand. He looks forward to a future where people and pokemon can live in peace, and not have to rely on pokeballs, although he can see why people use them. He loves it when a plan comes together, and loves praise when he receives it. He is also rather greedy, or conservative depending on your point of view. He fears natural disasters, and those with more power than him.

Likes: spicy foods, cup noodles, chicken, piano, plans, chocolate, praise, girls (he is a guy after all), rice, his pokemon, dreams, electric types, ghost types, stell types, flying types, fighting types, and strange weaponry.

Dislikes: common things, sour things, salty things, people who mess up his plans, improvision, water types, normal types, slow things, and random events.

Hobbies: collecting weapons form fallen enemies, finding new areas, pool, coming up with plans, snowboarding (had to learn it at snowpoint border station), origami, puzzles, and memory games.

Talents: planning, balance, hand-eye coordination, flexibility, ad speed.

Equipment: metal wire, dual sided zweihander, knives, crossbow, log book, compass, map, rations, candy bar, book, sleeping bag, communication radio, scope, and a puzzle.


Luxio: nicknamed volt. Volt is a trustworthy guy who follows orders to a T. He is pretty smart too, as he is usually able to pick up on one of Serj's plans before he even finishes them. He was given to Serj when he joined T-cross. Moves: thunderbolt, superpower, crunch, ice fang.

Froslass: nicknamed Dia. Dia was caught when she was but a snorunt up by snowpoint when Serj was placed there for border patrol. She is very blunt about things and won't care if any of her replies are brutal. She is just that blunt and uncaring. Moves: spikes, taunt, destiny bond, ice beam.

Rotom: nicknamed Circuit. Circuit was caught right after the battle of eternal, which turned out to be a major upset in favor of T-Cross after the loss of jubilife. He is the prankster of the group, lightening things up and just having fun all around, but knows when to listen to instructions when they are given. Moves: thunderbolt, shadow ball, pain split, substitute.

Legendary: Zapdos. This one is for sure so don't try and take it.

Family: Father (deceased) name: John Aereon. He was one of the greatest in the T-Cross army, and was able to stand toe to toe with some of the best. He managed to battle Giovanni to a standstill and destroy his base before he died.

Mother: Johanna Aereon. His mother, who laments the loss of her husband, likes to drink because of said reason. She is pretty fun to hang around with, and is the fun mother who lets you get away with anything within reason. Hell, she even helps him out on some of his stuff on occasion! She wanted her son to stay with her because she didn't want him to die, too.

Favorite phrases:

Just as planned!

It was all my idea!

See that there? My handy work!

You think you've won? Hehe… you've already lost!

Really? Really? That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard!

You absolutely sure this will work?

Pairing: someone who is as serious as he is about his passion, and to remind him that he is human, and that all things die eventually.

Other: None.

Waves of warped reality: hit a roadblock in writing.

Harry 'Stu' James Potter: lost the chapter i was typing. don't know where it went... T-T

I will update next week! I promise!

this author was never seen from again...

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Shepard's New Team by L3tt3r5 4nd Numb3r5 reviews
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Drama - Chapters: 18 - Words: 148,461 - Reviews: 1622 - Favs: 3,113 - Follows: 3,324 - Updated: 8/2/2016 - Published: 6/21/2008 - Naruto U., Yugao U., Kyuubi/Kurama, Yamato
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Legend of Zelda - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 30 - Words: 157,213 - Reviews: 147 - Favs: 63 - Follows: 63 - Updated: 6/22/2016 - Published: 6/7/2010 - Link, Vaati, Zelda, Ganondorf
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure - Chapters: 8 - Words: 20,088 - Reviews: 688 - Favs: 1,898 - Follows: 1,819 - Updated: 6/12/2014 - Published: 8/31/2010 - Naruto U., Hinata H.
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Troubles of a Genderly Confused Teen by Lanky Nathan reviews
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