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Hi everyone.

Okay, I feel really bad for going away for the past few months. First, it was the end of Senior year which, due to senior-itis, I had some trouble in. Luckily, I still got into my top choice college. Then, I got an internship, which takes up a lot of time. I was also taking some classes to prepare me for college. I had some family in town as well. Finally, I got a new computer, which makes me very happy. :)

Okay, so as to the stories.

For most of them, I can't fully get back to what I was going to do before. I guess that's what happens after a long hiatus. I'm not saying that I am not going to update them again, just that I'm going to take a while to do so.

Regardless, I've had a ton of ideas recently, so I'm going to put them down here. If anyone wants to use one, or do a similar story to one of mine, LET ME KNOW. I write stories that I'd like to read, so please, if you're interested, tell me. Hell, I'll let you use some of my chapters if you want. Just tell me. If you have any ideas, tell me.

Now, to some of my new ideas:


Harry Potter was taken from the Dursleys at a young age, after they were killed by a man possessed by demons. He was recruited into an American secret organization that uses a combination of high tech weaponry and magic to destroy Incepted, which are possessed humans. Harry underwent years of training in a separate Realm, which gave him about years of experience. Now, he's finally received a Hogwarts letter. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Hogwarts is one of the biggest Inceptors (cause of Inception) on the planet. Until now, no agent had managed to get within the castle for any meaningful amount of time. Harry is now sent in on a seven year mission to get rid of Incepted within Hogwarts and, hopefully, rid it of Inceptors. Agents operate under codenames, in order to preserve their identities from demons, who can attempt to cause Inception with them, if they have a true name. Harry Potter's codename is Phoenix. All agents are issued a special cell phone-like device which has numerous uses, one of which is a teleporter.

Hermione (or someone else) sees Harry dealing with an Incepted, but when he tries to wipe her mind (Standard Operating Procedure), it doesn't take due to a rare genetic quirk (like 1 in 10 million). This also renders her immune to any sort of mind affecting drugs or spells. He is forced to induct her into the organization.

Details I'm not sure of

Harry may use a battlesuit similar to Iron Man, though with magic based weaponry. He is referred to as Miracle Saber, due to a magical energy sword he wields. It is stored in a backpack-like device he always wears.


None. I can't seem to get it to start satisfactorily.

Morpheus: Thief of Memories

Harry Potter received a book called the Morpheus Grimoire. This mystical tome was enchanted to appear to the one who defeated Voldemort. He learns the secrets of memory spells and the mind arts. He can take or implant memories into anyone. He spins the threads of memory (like those in the books) into spheres called Memory Marbles, which can be used to implant memories into people without the use of a wand. Speaking of which, he does not need one for any mind related spell. He learns to implant physical memories, which can cause actual harm to people. Unless the memory is transferred within minutes of the injury, the memory only temporarily affects an individual. The Killing Curse is revealed to be a memory charm that creates a memory of death and binds it to the magical core. Harry makes a living in both the magical and muggle worlds by stealing memories for people as Morpheus.

Details I'm not sure of

Harry may have the ability to strip spells of their power by actually touching the jet of light and stripping the purpose of the magic contained within.


None so far. I haven't decided if I'm going to have it start at Hogwarts or if I'm going to have it start after they attend school. If it is after, then Harry Potter vanished after the battle and the ministry (someone he knows within the ministry) has asked for Morpheus's help with a major problem.

Silver Fire

Harry Potter was wrongfully sent to Azkaban (I haven't decided why yet), where he learned the truth of why Dementor affect him so badly. Harry's magical core is 'allergic' to them, which causes it to destroy any barriers on it, causing it to run wild. Harry was so desperate for a Patronus, and his will was so strong, that his magic turned itself into Patronus energy, allowing him to mold it however he wills, without a wand. It can solidify or take any form he desires. Years later, the Order of the Phoenix either goes to Azkaban to stop an attack by Voldemort, where they learn of his innocence, or learns that Harry is innocent and goes to free him. Harry is, of course, furious with their betrayal. He can no longer use a wand, because it self-destructs when he holds it.

I have considered doing this as a different kind of story. I would appreciate some input.

Sirius did not leave Harry with Hagrid, but brought the boy with him to confront the traitor. After everything happens, Sirius is stunned and Harry, angered by the attack on his dogfather (intentional!) attacks the Aurors. Dumbledore decides that Harry is too powerful to leave with the Dursleys and places him with Sirius in Azkaban. Years later, Dumbledore comes to take him to Hogwarts. Harry is extremely childlike and refuses to go anywhere without 'Paddy'. Sirius comes with him to Hogwarts. It is revealed that Harry has two personalities. One is the child, Harry, who's innocence has been preserved. The other calls himself James (Harry's middle name, not his dad) and is the part of Harry that has been hardened. He is extremely protective of Harry. Their magic has been turned into the silver fire. Manipulative!Dumbledore.

Which one should I do?

The Serpent Within

After Voldemort attacked Harry, he was not turned into a wraith, but was trapped inside Harry. He grew up with Harry, teaching him magic. He has been mellowed out and is referred to as Tom. Harry, on the other hand, was corrupted by the failed death spell and turned into a Death Demon. He plans to take over the world (cliche, I know), with Tom's help. Together, they plan to manipulate everyone. Events in books 1-4 will be similar, save for the fact that Harry is controlling every aspect of them. After that, things will change. There will be a Voldemort, but it will be a creation of Harry and Tom.


Just thought of it.

Animagus Series

A set of fics I plan to write. Each will begin with Harry finding his animagus form, with things moving on from there.

First is:


Harry is, essentially, an Anti-Dementor. This story will take place right after Harry is forced into the Triwizard. The Anti-Dementor is essentially an angel. Look forward to seeing what effects it has on people, since Harry's aura is affected by his emotions towards the individual.

First Chapter up!

Next might be:

Frost Wyrm

Harry will be a dragon of ice. He will have absolute control of his element. Not sure where its going to go from there.

Harry and the Staff of Aeons

This story idea was generated after I read a bunch of 'Twin/sibling of the Boy-Who-Lived' stories. It's been gestating for a while. I plan to have Harry be ignored for his brother, who will be like a Wizarding Dudley. Harry will have gone to Diagon Alley for several months through the year to work with Mr. Ollivander, in Wandmaking. When the story starts, he will have finished crafting a wand of his own, made from a gold metal. It is a rune-engraved shrunken staff. He will be the Heir of the Founders, although this won't give him any new powers besides knowledge. He is going to use Runes and have powerful Wandless Magic. By the time the first chapter ends, he will reveal that he is the Boy-Who-Lived, not that anyone would announce their mistake.

BTW, I left out the name Potter intentionally. You'll find out why, assuming you read this, once I finish it and post it.

I always accept suggestions :)

Once again, I apologize for the ridiculously long unplanned hiatus. The other stories are officially on hiatus while I review them and decide where I'm going to go from here.

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