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Well I am LollipopPrincess, pretty much the same name as my mangafox name Lollipop_Princess_ Nice to meet you all~

You can call my Lolli, Princess, Lollipop, as long as I don't mind it you can call me it :p

Anyways...moving on to the other stuff~

I really like pokemon, especially Pokemon Special (Adventures) And that is what most of my fanfics will be about pokemon So yeah sorry if you don't like that...

Yeah I'm still working on my fanfics so any reviews to help me improve would be nice -bows-

Alsooooooooo... I use my characters Wynaut, Jaz, and Chaka from a fanfic/story me and my friend or working on in deviantart, I might post it up here someday -sweatdrop- If anyone wanted to read it that is...

My fanfic ideas~

The New Girl

Shipping - Twinleaf (Jun/Barry/Daimon x Hikari/Dawn)

Info - Kouki's cousin comes to stay with him whoopie. She is the ever so beautiful Akane, and seems to be a bit snobby and seems to get what she wants. So what happens when she sets on getting Jun, leaving Hikari with some confused feelings?

Status - Still going (chapter 5) After not writing fanfics for a while, I finally started writing this again

Time goes on (will probably change the name later, just need a title xD)

Shipping - Twinleafshipping

Info - Its been a couple of years now since Jun and Hikari were 12, but lots of things have changed. For one thing, Hikari and Jun no loner talk to each other. After an argument they drift farther and farther away. Hikari, sad by the distance, keeps in touch with Kouki to figure out what's going on with Jun. Hikari secretly liked Jun, making the distance even more unbearable. Also, the Elite four hasn't been there at the Pokemon League for years. Nobody has gotten to battle them, including Jun and Hikari. So what happens when they come back, and Jun and Hikari are put together and some long unsaid feelings come out?

Status - Not started yet

Staring Problem

Shipping - Specialshipping (Red x Yellow)

Info - Its time for Red's favorite time of the day, and he never wants to be late, but he always gets early and Yellow always comes late. So while he waits he remembers the first time they had "his favorite time of the day" and the start of his "staring problem".

Status - Finished~!

Cinderella? (Most likely title change :p)

Shipping - Specialshipping

Info - There is a school play going on, and because of the teacher's smart idea, Yellow has to play the part of Cinderella. So maybe so can stop being made fun of for being like a guy the teacher says. But what happens when Red gets the part of prince?

Status - most likely a long one-shot, don't know if I will finish this, I don't even know where my notes for this went

Behind that Mask

Shipping - Ambershipping (Gold x Yellow) and slight Specialshipping (Red x Yellow)

Info - Masquerade Ball time with the Poke Spe charas. Yellow is going in hopes of being with Red, but with everyone and their masks, she can't quite find him. Gold comes after losing a bet to Silver, and just hopes to stand around until it over. That is, until he spots the petite blonde, and has to know who she is. When they meet, sparks fly, and then wonders about who is behind the mask.

Status - done

Also a picture my friend made, so I decided to put it here

Yeah... not very good at descriptions I think -sweatdrop- But I surprised you a bit huh? Some Twinleaf, then three Special, and then for nowhere, bam!! Amber xD

The Ships/couples I support

Number 3 in the pokemon world~

1. Specialshipping Red x Yellow (probably could tell cause that has more fanfics then any other~)

2. Twinleafshipping Jun/Barry/Daimon x Hikari/Dawn (I love Jun~)

3. SoulSilvershipping Silver/Rival x Soul/Kotone

The other Pokemon shippings~ (not in order)

Feelingshipping Green x Yellow
Ambershipping Gold x Yellow
Virdianshipping Silver x Yellow
Pearl x Yellow? Some pretty cute pictures there xD Don't even think this has a name though -_-; (Total crack lolz)
Scarfshipping Jun x Hikari x Kouki
Chosenshipping Blue x Silver (Not as much as I use to however but I still like it)
Franticshipping Ruby x Sapphire (can't resist a canon xD)
Haughtyshipping Pearl x Platina
CommonerShipping Dia x Platina (somewhat, but not half as much as haughty)
MangaQuestshipping Gold x Crystal (not as much anymore)
(slight) MangaJewelShipping Silver x Crystal
Contestshipping Drew x May
Hoennshipping Brendan x May
Annnnnnnnnnnnd... I think I got them all~

And for non pokemon couples!~ Which is not many -shot- pokemon nerd I know xD

Shugo Chara
!! Ikuto and Amu all the way!!
Slight Nagi and Amu xP
Slight Nagi and Rima
Kukai and Utau

Cardcaptor Sakura/Tsubasa Chronicles
Sakura and Syoroan the whole way!! (and probably spelled his name wrong, oh well! xD)

Kitchen Princess
Najika x Daichi
Akane x (crap I forgot his name smoooothh Jasmine...) the guy who looks like Diachi's brother but isn't!! (Haven't read the manga in a while and don't have mine with me right now okay? >.>

I could list others, but, those are the ones I remember off the top of my head

Anywaaaaaaaaaays... maybe I should finally talk about more personal things about me...?

nah -shot-

Birthday: May 31st (Same day as Emerald's xP)

Likes: To read (kinda why I'm on here) to write/read fanfics (another obvious answer) play my ds, and talk to mah friends~ Rping my lovely chara Mikka at pokimono~ Noir Vale ftw guys :'D

Fangirl? - Yes, I am a fangirl but in a they are so cute I wanna hug them way, not like a hey that guy is pretty sexy way.

Who do I fangirl? - Not like any of you really care but I fangirl Jun/Barry/Daimon and Pearl from Pokemon and Pokemon Special (Adventures) the most. I love Jun's ADHDness, its so cute~!

And yes I am weird I perfectly well know that

I think I'm good for now, Peace out everybody!

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Staring Problem reviews
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