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Alright, I'm back!

I deleted my old bio because I was so horrified at it I wanted to die. But yes, I'm not much of a writer myself but I do love to give people feedback.

My name is Justine (AKA Mizu-Chan/Bozu or Peaches) and I have been on FanFiction.net for years and years, since May 17, 2002. I'm such a moldie oldie.
I'm a vegan (this does not mean I'm going to lecture you) and I love animals so much it's dumb, I have two cats and two hedgehogs currently.
I mostly enough long intricate multi-chapter stories. I enjoy humor, drama, mystery, some romance, and a little bit of angst categories.

I stopped coming online here after my father and grandmother (dad's mom) passed away in 2005. I had severe depression and issues when I was recovering, I was given limited computer time for a few years so I didn't come on here much. About June 2009 I finally re-appeared.

I vanished again around 2010 after I moved out of my house because I didn't have internet.

I popped back on around 2012 when I got internet again and I'm now living with my (then boyfriend) now fiance.

I'm a bit more active now and currently I'm into Harry Potter, Inuyasha, and the odd horror game.

I did have a couple of things up but I was so ashamed of them I took them down. My apologies if for some astronomical reason you liked these but there are no copies of this left so I'm sorry, I would rather no one ever read it ever again. They were written horribly. I may be tempted to do a few one-shots in the future but I will never be a multi-chapter type of person.

I do have a Harry Potter story planned out built around a OC and a slightly different AU but this would be a 300,000 word or more project and I dunno if I wanna undertake that. If I ever do... because I tend to crack under pressure I would wait until it was finished before starting a upload schedule.

I am a fan of:

Anime/Manga: Pokemon / Inuyasha / Dragonball / Naruto / Card Captor Sakura / Sailor Moon /

T.V.: C.S.I. (original one only) / Numb3rs / Criminal Minds / NCIS / M*A*S*H /

Movies: Lord of the Rings / Harry Potter / Inception / Saw / Shaun of the Dead / Hot Fuzz / National Treasure

Books: Lord of the Rings / Harry Potter / Redwall series /

Video Games: Final Fantasy ( X, X-2, XII) / Zelda (OoT, LttP, WW, TP) / Silent Hill (2,3, homecoming) / Alan Wake / Resident Evil ( 0,1,2,3,4,5 ) / Until Dawn /The Last Of Us / Nathan Drake /

My favorite pairings are: (this doesn't mean I'm not open to other pairings if they are well written. I am pretty much open to any pairing as long as it isn't incest or squicky. I generally enjoy more cannon relationships but it's always fun to see something different, specially if more development time is taken.)

Shippou/Rin (Young Rin)
Seshoumaru/Rin (Older Rin)

Pokemon: (hint, I've only watched the original series)
Ash/Misty (ALWAYS!, I'm a avid fan of the original series. It's also my only exception to being open about pairings, Ash is meant to be with Misty.)
Brock/ Officer Jenny (because she can put him in line lol)
Brock/Erika (I dunno, I like it)

Sakura/Hinata (I think of this more as a emotional pairing of seeking comfort when their partners are away)
Kakashi/Iruka (I am a KAKA/IRU FANATIC!!)

Card Captor Sakura:
Syaoran/Sakura/Tomoyo (yes I am a fan of the poly aspect)
(anime only) Meiling/Tomoyo, Meiling/OC

Harry Potter:
Harry/Luna (I love this I really do)
Harry/Hermoine/Ron (Okay I know this is complicated. But I do love the idea of them living in a poly relationship forever pretty much since I believe they work the best as three equals)
Snape/OC (I've been know to read these but it really really has to be REALLY well written, like I could go on about Snape forever)

Final Fantasy X:
Yuna/OC (I don't mind the OC in AU context when they are both paired with others)
Auron/Rikku (I admit to being a hardcore shipper, even though I'm open to Auron/OC and Rikku/OC I have loved this sine I first played the game)


Eventually I may put up some story ideas but it's very unlikely I'll write them. Therefor I'm offering them to experienced writers to use.

If you want to USE one of my ideas simply contact me and ask.

I will read through your previous stories and give permission based on if I like your writing style.

If you wish to take a story idea your story must not include rape or heavy sexual assault (sexual harassment/uncomfortable conversation I'd be okay with). And it must be delicate around self harm and suicide. I want to be able to read it and I have triggers.
I am fine with mature stories and ratings otherwise.

Give me credit for the story idea in each chapter disclaimer and stay true to my idea and that's all I ask.
Heck if you want to message me I'll keep giving you ideas.

I will advertise your story in the meantime on Tumblr or/and Twitter.

Story Ideas: These will be detailed and long, warning lol.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 idea
Posted: Sept 20th 2015 (I came up with the idea about 7 years ago though after a dream)
Ideal length: 100K-200K about 40-100 chapters.This could be woven into a very in depth story depending on the plot.

General Medieval setting AU (you can find a specific setting if you want)

Yes because of the setting the whole (women being sent off to be married thing is so sexiest and problematic but it makes for some interesting ideas, also the whole point of the story is that Auron respects Rikku and looks past her history and treats her as a equal).

The majority of the story is centered on Rikku/Auron although feel free to add in a storyline with Lulu/Wakka and Tidus/Yuna. Lulu would be considered very old as a unmarried woman at 26, I could see her being seen as a witch/fortune teller and prosecuted/suspicious, and I could see Wakka as a guard or farmer working under Auron at his estate and also Tidus and Yuna, as Yuna is the princess it would make for a interesting story. I could also see Paine and Tidus as mercenaries/bounty hunters.

Auron is a high ranking reigning lord in charge of a large amount of land under the king. Most of his lands are farms and forest I would imagine. I think Braska would make a interesting King and Yuna as the princess. Rikku is Yuna's cousin, Yuna's mother's brother is Rikku's father, who was born out of wedlock as her father was not married to his love interest. After the woman gave birth she left Rikku on his doorstep and she ran away. He marries a another woman shortly after and has Rikku's Brother who becomes a monk (brother... get it), for the story to work I've made him younger so that he is considered Cid's heir since he was born in wedlock. As Rikku turns 15 which is considered eligible for marriage, although many families will sometimes wait until 18, as 17 year old Yuna is still unmarried. Rikku is a bit of a rebellious child as she is given little privileges and looked down upon as a bastard child. He cousin favors her though and to try to raise her standing in society Yuna gifts some money to her uncle to see if Lord Auron will accept his offer.

On his 35th birthday Auron realizes he's not getting any younger and has no heir. He is getting older and finally gives into pressure of getting married. He just wants someone who is going to give him his own space and not chase him or try to change him (actively change him anyway, we all know Rikku will cause him to soften up slowly). He also is not interested in having children for a few years.
Eventually he comes across a impressive offer which includes him being given money to get married to a young girl which is incredibly uncommon as usually he would have to make a offer for a bride's hand. To his surprise it's the king's bastard niece in fact. Something about her story and Yuna's begging force him to cave in. He is uncomfortable with her being 20 years his junior but decided that he can wait 3 years until she is of a more appropriate age to marry a man of his age and Cid agrees that as long as he does not touch his daughter until they are married she can stay in Auron's guest suite in his home and under his care until that time, as Cid while he loves her is just tired of her rebelling. Auron decided this is a good situation because he doesn't even have to really worry about their relationship for 3 years but by doing this he will please everyone else including the King in the meantime.

Basically most of the story is them learning to get along and live with each other. Auron enjoys his paperwork and working under the king and working by himself, generally considered a boring old coot. Of course Rikku is going to be annoyed and irritated as his quiet and aloof demeanor but I think she will figure him out within a year at least. It's hard to be mad at your fiance when he's one of the few people to treat you decently for being born out of wedlock, which is a huge sin in their society. I see her playing pranks on him and getting him to loosen up.
Wakka would probably be very biased against her as this carries over from the game but I think he's learn to be her friend, or she could save his life. Lulu would hold no judgment against her and Yuna would still love her.
Honestly I can see a lot of opportunity to develop the characters and the story and add in lots of subplots. I don't have a overarching conflict but I'm sure a few of the villains could try to overthrow the king. I would prefer no major deaths as I'm interested in Braska living but that would be up to the conflict.

Possibly more ideas to come

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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