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Hello, everyone. I'm MariaBlue4863. I'm a huge fanatic with writing and reading. One of my favorite interests is unexplained pairings. I dislike the villain/heroine and villainness/hero pairings unless there's confirmed proof that the baddy has romantic intentions toward the hero and not to harm others.

couples I love

Kataang (Avatar) I've always thought Aang and Katara would make a cute couple, and they do!

Tokka (Avatar) Toph and Sokka have had more time to get to know each other better. I mean, Suki and Sokka had a day or two to get to know each other and when they're about to leave each other for the second time, they kissed each other. No offense, but that's a little fast in my opinion.

Ritsuru (Fruits Basket) how kawaii!!

Yukiru (Fruits Basket)

HiroxKisa (Fruits Basket) they're so cute together!

HarryxGinny (Harry Potter)

HermionexRon (Harry Potter)

Creddie (iCarly)

SamxPete (iCarly)

MoxResa (Inkheart)

Marid (Inkheart)

SpongebobxSandy (Spongebob Squarepants)

PatrickxMindy (Spongebob Squarepants)

MasayaxIchigo (Tokyo Mew Mew) It's obviously true love.

LinkxSaria (The Legend of Zelda) how could you not think these two are cute together?

couples I'm interested with

MakotoxMotoko (Fruits Basket) I can understand why people would think Mako-kun and Moto-chan would be good together.

Ayaru (Fruits Basket) Aya-chan is a little perverted at times, but it almost seems like he's doing those things on purpose, right?

Gureru (Fruits Basket) same thing as the one above.

HarryxLuna (Harry Potter) Luna understands Harry in Oder of the Phoenix more than anybody else did.

MaggiexRufio (Hook) Anybody think about this pairing? I think they deserve a chance for love even if they are young.

Spam (iCarly) uh... Can somebody tell me how this came to be?

Dr. CockroachxSusan (Monsters vs. Aliens) Susan needs another chance for love unlike Derek. I hate that shallow glory hog.

ZakuroxPai (Tokyo Mew Mew) they're exactly the same, aren't they?

LinkxNayru (The Legend of Zelda) Ooh. They'd be cute together.

LinkxDin (The Legend of Zelda) Same as the one above.

coulpes I loathe


Azulaang (Avatar) okay, how this came to be I'll never know. please provide evidence

Maika or MaixSokka (Avatar) ...why come up with this?

MayukoxShigure (Fruits Basket) Mayuko-chan deserves better than Shigure-kun.


Seddie (iCarly) Freddie deserves somebody who doesn't hide her feelings with abuse towards him.

Gam or SamxGibby (iCarly) O_O... absolutely not.

BastaxMeggie (Inkheart) WHAT?! WHO CAME UP WITH THIS?! HOW COULD BASTA LOVE MEGGIE WHEN HE'S ABUSING HER ALMOST EVERY CHANCE HE GETS?! (she takes in more air) please provide evidence.

Megfinger (Inkheart) CAN YOU NOT SEE THE FLAWS IN THIS PAIRING?! DUSTFINGER IS A LOT OLDER THAN MEGGIE, STILL MARRIED, AND HAS HIS OWN FAMILY! (she takes in more air) also provide evidence here.



ZeldaxGanondorf (The Legend of Zelda) how can Ganon love when he's evil?

Ideas for Stories

I'm writing my version Pokémon: the First Movie featuring my characters mention below. What if there was someone else who stayed with Mewtwo besides Nurse Joy? What if this girl got tangled in Mewtwo's mess for world domination as his "temporary" guest in his home? What if he had an agressive and slight possessive side towards this girl? Will she survive this, or will she break from this?

My Characters for the Pokémon movies (my version)

Jen Rina: a twelve-year-old girl who's half human and half Pokémon (the daughter of the legndary Mew) . A few of her Pokémon are Rapi, a male Rapidash; Nia, a female ninetails, Wave (jua-vay), a male Blastoise; Lapri, a female Lapras; Vena, a female Venomoth; and Dio, a male Drio. Jen has always been cherished among her friends, but it was never always like that with Rapi and Dio. When they saw what it was Vena and Nia saw in Jen, they felt bad for mistreating her in the first place. Unlike most Pokémon and humans, Jen is relatively close to Mewtwo, mainly because he (yes, I'm sticking to the fact Mewtwo is male) recognizes his feelings for her in the upcoming sequel I'll have. She has the ability to turn Pokémon into humans by pricking both their and her fingers and giving them one drop of her blood. Jen is a usable character if you'd like to use her in any of your stories, but only if you don't have any bashing stories against her or have her killed off.

Clo: the kinder clone of Mewtwo himself. He is protective about Jen and his new friends and hostile towards Mewtwo when he abused Jen. He began to like Jen the first time he saved her and her friends from the chambers the real Mewtwo imprisoned them in. He's always willing to do anything for Jen's safety and happiness. As a human, Clo is tale with lavender hair, purple eyes, and is in his early twenties.

Lapri: a gorgeous and caring Lapras and the first Pokémon Jen received. She was transformed into a human by Mew, but only when he was in his human form. Her hair is ridiculously long and can only be cut at a certain length before it be harmful to her. She thinks Jen as a little sister ever since she met her and cares a lot about her other friends. She is able to heal a broken bone or an open wound if she's in contact with water, pretty much like a Waterbender in Avatar. She has super long blue hair, which merges with the water that touches it, and blue eyes is forty-two years old.

Wave: a handsome Blastoise with a bit of a chip on his shoulder. He despised Jen at first due to the fact that he was separated from his family and friends and might never see any of them again, but lightened up a bit when he met Lapri and saw how she and Jane acted towards each other. Despite the fact he hates Mewtwo for abusing Jen, he often times tries to be the peacemaker. Unfortunately, Rapi is immune to Wave's words and gets angry with him due to the fact that two of them are elemental opposites and Rapi shows his anger more than Wave does. He has blue hair and red eyes and is thirty-eight years old.

Rapi: a super attractive, but overprotective, Rapidash. At first, when Jen had captured him as a Ponyta, he wanted nothing to do with her. He even called her a filthy human that had no compassion for Pokémon, but later regretted saying that. One day, when Nia, his love, was at the defeating point in a battle, Jen chose Rapi to save her. After that, Rapi realized he judged Jen way too quickly and became her friend. When Mewtwo was abusing Jen, Rapi kept wanting to do something about it, but failed each time by Wave's words. He has flaming hair (supposed to serve as his flaming mane), which would flare if he's angered, and red eyes and is thirty-two years old.

Nia: a beautiful Ninetales. She had been a bit rough with Jane at first, but she grew to love her over time. At the end of Nia's evolution day, similar to a regular birthday, Nia was appalled when Rapi told her that he would never accept a filthy human as his master or his friend. She's the only one that can calm Rapi down when he gets mad and his hair flares all over the place. She's not comfortable with Jen staying with Mewtwo and taking the abuse he gives her. She has cream-colored hair and red eyes and is thirty-six years old.

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