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"I wouldn't really call Cato a villain. He's just doing all he's ever known." Alexander Ludwig.

Name: Ashlee

Age: 16 (Birthday is on May 9)

Hair Color: Dark Auburn

Eye Color: Blue

Religion: Christian

Ethnicity: American, Irish, German, and Polish.

Status: Taken. :)

Instagram & Twitter: Ashlee_Lauren16 (stalk me) :)


Color: Green

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Song: Anything written by Fun. or Skillet. :D

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Candor (The Honest) Manifesto:

Dishonesty is rampant, Dishonesty is temporary, Dishonesty makes evil possible.

Dishonesty leads to suspicion. Suspicion leads to conflict. Honesty leads to peace.

Truth makes us transparent. Truth makes us strong. Truth makes us inextricable.

Eighth Quarter Quell Tribute List:

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Spool of Wire - 35
5 Extra arrows - 35
5 Extra Throwing Knives/Stars (whichever you have) - 35
Bottle of Iodine - 35 gold
Firestarter - 40
Mace - 40
Aspirin (1 dose) - 45
Sleep Syrup (2 doses) - 45
Bottle of Poison - 50
Bow and 5 arrows - 50
Spear/Sword - 50
Axe - 50
Antiseptic - 50
Katana - 55
Trident - 60
Night Vision Glasses - 60
Crossbow - 65
First-Aid Kit - 70
Compass (Points to Other Tributes) - 70
Herb Handbook (Info on Useful Plants) - 70

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District 1 (Luxury):

Female: Topaz Fays, 18 (Submitted by Ramijek)

Female: Destinee Parks, 16 (Submitted by Honeyshine)

Female: Sparkle 'Spark' Flare, 18 (Submitted by PeetasGirl8)

Female: Amethyst Bolt, 16 (Submitted by AinslehTheUnicorn)

Female: Isaline 'Isia' Flavie, 13 (Submitted by Noctsire)

Male: Gemstone 'Gem' Ethers, 18 (Submitted by InsaneXBexX24)

Male: Spinel 'Spin' Gleam, 18 (Submitted by PeetasGirl8)

Male: Gleam Alvarez, 17 (Submitted by Ramijek)

Male: Ember Chambers, 14 (Submitted by ActressAssassin2010)

Male: Tyson 'Ninja' Romo, 16 (Submitted by Teh Troll)

District 2 (Masonry & Peacekeepers):

Female: Octavia 'Tavia' Malloy, 17 (Submitted by InsaneXBexX24) (50)

Female: Flora Gem, 18 (Submitted by ActressAssassin2010)

Female: Scarlet 'Scar' Jason, 17 (Submitted by HPvsHG)

Female: Lianna Oakstein, 16 (Submitted by Drizzlemist)

Female: Alea Delacour, 16 (Submitted by HPvsHG)

Male: Apollo 'Psycho' Vesta, 12 (Submitted by Dramatic Gleek)

Male: Marcus 'Mark' Ethnis, 17 (Submitted by Wingbreeze)

Male: Helios 'Flare' Flare, 17 (Submitted by BlondiesRock4204)

Male: Marko Buck, 18 (Submitted by GoodGuyGreg)

Male: Logan Colette, 15 (Submitted by HeartfeltSorrow14)

District 3 (Technology):

Female: Mira 'Brainiac' Yeldale, 18 (Submitted by Teh Troll)

Female: Jenifer 'Gizmo' Gizmo, 15 (Submitted by Noctsire)

Female: Amaizella 'Amaize' Gemaine, 17 (Submitted by crazy fangirl xoxo)

Female: Anthea 'Mouse' Jordan, 12 (Submitted by HeartfeltSorrow14)

Female: Cassandra Green, 13 (Submitted by Drizzlemist)

Male: Gadget 'The Twins' McGhee, 14 (Submitted by goldie031)

Male: Gizmo 'The Twins' McGhee, 14 (Submitted by goldie031)

Male: Wire Kane, 15 (Submitted by InsaneXBexX24)

Male: Ventel 'Ven' Larcus, 16 (Submitted by anlan90)

Male: Nix Devos, 15 (Submitted by Ramijek)

District 4 (Fishing): (100)

Female: Tori 'TT' Williams, 17 (Submitted by Hungergamedude101)

Female: Jensen 'Jen' Powers, 16 (Submitted by HPvsHG)

Female: Jennifer 'Jenn' Hessing, 16 (Submitted by writergirl64)

Female: Hunter Skilten, 17 (Submitted by copewiththecope)

Female: Lily Hall, 17 (Submitted by NeverMore1214)

Male: Caspian 'Cas' McLeod, 18 (Submitted by Sarahm011)

Male: Ronan 'Ro' McLeod, 18 (Submitted by Sarahm011)

Male: Howard 'Pirate' Gellen, 13 (Submitted by Teh Troll)

Male: Tyga 'Ty' Forlough, 17 (Submitted by NickiMinajloverxxx)

Male: Dylan Sands, 17 (Submitted by richards25)

District 5 (Power):

Female: Olivia 'Livie' Mendez, 17 (Submitted by sweenytoddgurl)

Female: Adeline 'Addie' Hanran, 15 (Submitted by Queen of the Type Writers)

Female: Amira 'Atom' Saunders, 14 (Submitted by caramel444)

Female: Lani 'Lain' Baldova, 14 (Submitted by Too Much Coffee O.O)

Female: Aurora Sky Dawn, 16 (Submitted by BlondiesRock4204)

Male: Daniel 'Danny' Matulevich, 16 (Submitted by sweenytoddgurl)

Male: Pike 'Orphan' Burgh, 16 (Submitted by anlan90)

Male: Colten Hanran, 14 (Submitted by Queen of the Type Writers)

Male: Rauo Getren, 13 (Submitted by PopperNickle)

Male: Bolt Bluely, 17 (Submitted by MrsMellark7475) (36)

District 6 (Transportation):

Female: Ellie 'El' Tarson, 14 (Submitted by Teh Troll)

Female: Angelina 'Angel' Cross, 14 (Submitted by BlondiesRock4202)

Female: Triss Cantilever, 16 (Submitted by Dramatic Gleek)

Female: Violet 'Vi' Carden, 18 (Submitted by HeartfeltSorrow14)

Female: Tara Romen, 16 (Submitted by MrsMellark7475) (68)

Male: Pyrus Josh, 13 (Submitted by RiseOfTheLemming)

Male: Slade Knox, 18 (Submitted by HeartfeltSorrow14)

Male: Haul Cortege, 12 (Submitted by mangesboy01)

Male: Dandy 'Dan' Carden, 14 (Submitted by HeartfeltSorrow14)

Male: Nicoli Jasco, 17 (Submitted by Too Much Coffee O.O)

District 7 (Lumber): (3)

Female: Amy Hanis, 12 (Submitted by InsaneXBexX24) (50)

Female: Kiva Cypress, 16 (Submitted by AinslehTheUnicorn)

Female: Cherry 'Bolt' Bolt, 15 (Submitted by HPvsHG)

Female: Gator 'Mutt' Sewell, 14 (Submitted by Slappinthebassmon)

Female: Daisy Green, 18 (Submitted by Little miss innocent liar)

Male: Toni Green, 18 (Submitted by Little miss innocent liar)

Male: Andre Ricardo, 16 (Submitted by ActressAssassin2010)

Male: Axel 'Ax' Lunge, 16 (Submitted by Hungergamedude101)

Male: Ky Underwood, 17 (Submitted by Noctsire) (45)

Male: Pan 'Oak' Oakson, 16 (Submitted by richards25)

District 8 (Textiles):

Female: Velvet Twaron, 18 (Submitted by Dramatic Gleek)

Female: Bianca 'Darling' Calder, 18 (Submitted by PeenissandClato)

Female: Kim 'Ky' Doner, 15 (Submitted by PeenissandClato)

Female: Sheath Stone, 12 (Submitted by PeetasGirl8)

Female: Prick Stone, 16 (Submitted by PeetasGirl8)

Male: Killian 'Hook' Jones, 18 (Submitted by PeenissandClato) (45)

Male: John 'Johnny' Wayne, 12 (Submitted by PeenisandClato)

Male: Ace Plaid, 18 (Submitted by BlondiesRock4204)

Male: Tex Tiles, 14 (Submitted by GoodGuyGreg)

Male: Casien 'Cass' Acetate, 18 (Submitted by Dramatic Gleek)

District 9 (Grain):

Female: Sarah 'Con' Connors, 16 (Submitted by copewiththecope)

Female: Jayna 'Rukie' Ruker, 17 (Submitted by copewiththecope)

Female: Cinderella 'Cinder' Downs, 16 (Submitted by ActressAssassin2010)

Female: Cara 'Candy' Sanders, 17 (Submitted by messygreenroom)

Female: Maia Flint, 15 (Submitted by messygreenroom)

Male: Rye 'Ry' Wealth, 16 (Submitted by Hungergamedude101)

Male: Ostro Fairbain, 18 (Submitted by Noctsire)

Male: Martyr 'Aleksander' Fey, 12 (Submitted by Ramijek)

Male: Chay Belluea, 17 (Submitted by ActressAssassin2010)

Male: Barley 'Bar' Wheatstalk, 12 (Submitted by goldie031)

District 10 (Livestock):

Female: Cheyenne Flow, 14 (Submitted by Drizzlemist)

Female: Coy 'Coy' Sanders, 15 (Submitted by mangesboy01)

Female: Colleen 'Lena' Reyna, 16 (Submitted by KunoichiOtakuAnime)

Female: Alexandra 'Lexie' Grey, 18 (Submitted by lannisgaryen)

Female: Clara Caldwell, 13 (Submitted by PeetasGirl8)

Male: Arvin Dutoni, 17 (Submitted by ShadowFin)

Male: River Neptune, 16 (Submitted by RiseOfTheLemming)

Male: Cain Harper, 18 (Submitted by anlan90)

Male: Jaden Styles, 14 (Submitted by HPvsHG)

Male: Tallon Fuller, 16 (Submitted by InsaneXBexX24)

District 11 (Agriculture):

Female: Angel Baiden, 14 (Submitted by Graceaga)

Female: Kaya 'Kay' Teel, 12 (Submitted by pr1ncess1)

Female: Whitney 'Minne Me' Cotton, 13 (Submitted by Hungergamedude101)

Female: Lily McKinley, 17 (Submitted by Drizzlemist)

Female: Dieffenbachia 'Fen' McKinley, 17 (Submitted by Drizzlemist)

Male: Harvest Wahington, 17 (Submitted by Flintlightning)

Male: Drake Kernel, 18 (Submitted by RiseOfTheLemming)

Male: William 'Willy' Cotton, 13 (Submitted by Hungergamedude101)

Male: Aven Dinxlock, 16 (Submitted by LeviAntonius)

Male: Oliver Peth, 18 (Submitted by pr1ncess1)

District 12 (Coal):

Female: Brianna 'Bri' Ashes, 12 (Submitted by Sierraforrest)

Female: Collis Aden, 14 (Submitted by Sierraforrest)

Female: Tresta Thrush, 18 (Submitted by Dream of Venice)

Female: Clara Spencer, 17 (Submitted by Sarahm011)

Female: Oswin 'Ossie' Fisher, 18 (Submitted by Sarahm011) (50)

Male: Nate 'Magpie' Brosworth, 17 (Submitted by Teh Troll)

Male: Ruck Pol, 12 (Submitted by GoodGuyGreg)

Male: Joseph Doe, 16 (Submitted by GoodGuyGreg)

Male: Coal Swing, 14 (Submitted by Little miss innocent liar)

Male: Clyde Tio, 16 (Submitted by Ms.Vanessaloverbue)

District 13 (Scientific Research):

Female: Ali Shon, 15 (Submitted by Sierraforrest)

Female: Cara Mia, 15 (Submitted by GoodGuyGreg)

Female: Orianna 'Hope' Nadia Ivyy, 17 (Submitted by mar9215)

Female: Adenine 'Addi' Uracil, 12 (Submitted by Dramatic Gleek)

Female: Katrina 'Kat' Saniare, 12 (Submitted by Honeyshine)

Male: Marcus Shon, 15 (Submitted by Sierraforrest)

Male: Dex Stone, 13 (Submitted by Little miss innocent liar)

Male: Kai 'Sword Boy' Blake, 18 (Submitted by BecauseofKillianJones)

Male: Niall 'Nialler' Galgher, 18 (Submitted by BecauseofKillianJones)

Male: Laércio 'Lae' Lakyn, 18 (Submitted by BecauseofKillianJones)

District 14 (Medicine):

Female: Xiara Night, 13 (Submitted by Sierraforrest)

Female: Wren Elder, 16 (Submitted by Graceaga)

Female: Aria Sevador, 13 (Submitted by Sierraforrest)

Female: Pluse Heal, 13 (Submitted by Little miss innocent liar)

Female: Vinca Rocea 'Rose' Shade, 16 (Submitted by Ramijek)

Male: Kieran Alezandra, 16 (Submitted by Sierraforrest)

Male: Tobias 'Toby' McHaden, 18 (Submitted by Sarahm011)

Male: Kazan Seeker, 15 (Submitted by RiseOfTheLemming)

Male: Gabe 'Taco' Amoraz, 12 (Submitted by BlondiesRock4204)

Male: Leo 'Hunt' Hunt, 17 (Submitted by BecauseofKillianJones)

Tributes dead: 91 Tributes left: 49

Upcoming Writing and Works: (My mind never takes a break. What can I say?)

Title: The Haunted Arena Awaits

The Hunger Games: Gloss & Cashmere.

Summary: Everyone knows the pair of siblings who won back to back Hunger Games. But, what was it like for them to return to the arena, a place where their nightmares began?

Sneak Peak: Gloss comforted his sister in the best way he could. However, he can't believe his own words.

Title: Try To Escape Slender Man

Slender: Random Characters

Summary: A group of teenagers are rounded up at random and are thrown into different places. Some are placed in a run down elementary school, some are placed in an abandoned forest, while some are placed into a multi-story home. Who will survive, and who will die? (Keep in mind that I have never played Slender simply because I am a scardy-cat.)

Sneak Peak: "Hello?" I ask, looking around the dark forest. I shine the flashlight over the area, with a paper in front of me. I grab it and my breathing picks up. The paper reads 'Don't run!' scrawled in messy lettering. I look around me, holding my composure. Who is waiting out here for me?

Title: What's Done is Never Finished

Slender: Unnamed Characters

Summary: When Hazel Harrison escapes Slender Man's grasp, something about her makes the Slender Man not want to let her go. Even after two months of leaving her alone, he can't stop thinking about her. Finally, Slender has met the person who made him not want to kill people.

Sneak Peak: Those notes are tacked on my wall, reminding me about the faceless man who nearly took my life months ago. I am glad to be away from that forest, yet I feel like someone has been following me. In the shadows, I feel someone slipping away from my view. I guess I have just been imagining things lately.

Title: Jada and Quaid Play Slender

The Hunger Games/Slender: Unnamed Characters (Well, Quaid and Jada)

Summary: While Quaid and Jada were in the Capitol, they come across an old computer with only one thing on its hard drive. Slender: The Eight Pages. After surviving the Hunger Games, what else can scare these two lovebirds anymore? Who will be scared the most?

Sneak Peak: "What's that booming noise?" I ask, using my fingers to control the person on the screen. I have collected one page, and a weird booming noise filled my ears. "That could be your heart beat...?" Quaid suggests. My palms begin to sweat the longer I search the area. What is going on? How was this even popular before Panem?

Title: Graveyard for the Fallen

The Hunger Games: Other tributes

Summary: The arena is a resting place for the fallen. They left families behind, friends behind, wishing to return home. Sadly, only one can return, and not all of them will have a chance. Their graveyard happens to be an arena, where they are only remembered by a few words, 'The Fallen'.

Sneak Peak: They have been warned of the Cornucopia. But, the luxuries of the horn beckon them to go. Others want to grab something and run. The plan continues to form as the clock strikes zero and the gong rings out.

Title: Her Last Moments Were With Him (One shot)

The Hunger Games: Cato & Clove

Summary: "CATO!" She screeches, yelling for him. "CATO!" His eyes quickly look at the girl in Thresh's hands, crying out for her life. "CLOVE!" he yells back, running from the woods. Just as he reaches his district partner, Thresh slams her against the Cornucopia and brings a rock to her temple. She falls lifelessly to the ground, barely breathing. He's too late.

Sneak Peak: Her eyes dart around. She must be so scared. He grabs her hand, softly. "Stay with me. Please." He pleads. A tear streaks his cheek. It falls from his eyelashes and onto her. He silently wipes it away, holding her hand tightly.

Title: Marvelous Fox

The Hunger Games: Marvel & Foxface

Summary: The clever girl from 5. The strong boy from 1. Two tributes and a very unlikely alliance. With the Games threatening both of their lives, how can they survive using what they are good at, without getting under each others skin?

Sneak Peak: I see him. The boy from District 1 who has trained his whole life. He looks stronger in the training uniforms we are required to wear. When Atlana releases us, I see the number 1 on the back of his shirt. I hope that won't be the last time I see him.

Title: One Odd Creature in Panem

The Hunger Games/My Little Pony: Katniss Everdeen & Rainbow Dash.

Summary: I had my bow and arrow in hand. I aim it to shoot at a blue blob in the distance. The blob looks at me, with bright magenta eyes. Then, it was airborne. My bow dropped to the forest floor.

Sneak Peak: How will I explain this to Prim? She'll want to keep this mystical animal. The pony looks at me. "I can fly, you know." She reads my mind as she shoots for the sky.

Title: Musical Connections

The Hunger Games: Cato

Summary: I am lain down on a table. I am exposed, awaiting my stylist. Someone said her name was Octovia? Oct...something. Suddenly, a door slides open and I see a young woman enter. She has to be no older than nineteen. She walks over to me, her heels mimicking my heart beat. "Hello. My name is Octavia."

Sneak Peak: "Your name has a musical meaning." I tell her. Her natural blue eyes stare at me as she processes my words. "What do you mean?" She asks, her voice lacking the Capitol accent. "It means 'the eighth', as in musical terms." "How do you know this?" "Music was something I adore back home."

Title: Focus & Pride

The Hunger Games: Other tributes

Summary: Ever since Katniss and Peeta won their Hunger Games, District 12 has been the talk of Panem. Even more so since the Second Rebellion. Now that they are gone and the Hunger Games are returning to normal, I am ready to turn the attention back to District 2. I, Zelina Alvarez, will win the 76th Hunger Games.

Sneak Peak: As Lavius pulls out a slip of paper, I focus my attention to the colored Capitol freak. "Alexandra Alvarez!" Every head turns to my twelve-year-old sister. I step out of my section and say the words that the Capitol loves. "I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!"

Title: The Archer & The Talker

The Hunger Games: Other Tributes

Summary: People said that The Hunger Games would never happen, that it is only a book. Unknown to Suzanne Collins, the people who over took the United States thought that the Games would be a good way to make the children of America less rowdy. Soon, America was turned into Panem and everyone's world was turned upside down when the new leader announces that the Reaping will take place that June.

Sneak Peak: As I sit on the couch with Roger, my thoughts are interupted by the TV blaring the new anthem. I never thought that a musical score made for a movie would be our anthem. A young man steps up to the podium. His thin lips open to announce a very important announcement. "Ladies and gentleman of Panem. I have come up with a way to show that we can control the children of this nation. I am instating the Hunger Games. The Reaping, in which one young man and woman will be chosen to compete, will take place June fifteenth." My mouth dropped open.


Seventh Quarter Quell: *COMPLETED*

Panem's Victor's: *COMPLETED*

My Golden Rod: *COMPLETED*

Death All Around: *COMPLETED*

Eighth Quarter Quell: *IN PROGRESS*

Story of a Quell: *ON HIATUS* I can't work two stories at once very well. :/

Lost the Moon: Original work. About 15% through it.

Hunger Games Oath

I promise to remember Rue
When mockingbirds’ songs wake me

I’ll think of Foxface every time
I eat a strange new berry

If a little girl ever pets a goat
I promise to think of Prim

And if my best friend acts depressed
Then Gale; I’ll think of him

When I toss some wood in the fire
I’ll think of Katniss every time

And I’ll always think of Peeta
When I eat cake that is sublime

The Capitol will cross my mind
When someone is unfair

I’ll be sure to think of Clove
Each time I pretend to care

I’ll always think of Glimmer
If someone’s pretty, but a dunce

And Thresh will occupy my mind
If I spare someone, something... Once

Whenever I watch a reality show
I will think of the Hunger Games

I’ll sure imagine Haymitch
If someone calls me names

I swear to think of Cato
When I’m homicidally inclined

I’ll make sure I think of Effie
When there’s nothing on my mind

I swear to remember the Hunger Games
And Catching Fire too.

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Hunger Games - Rated: T - English - Suspense/Tragedy - Chapters: 34 - Words: 41,850 - Reviews: 127 - Favs: 19 - Follows: 23 - Updated: 3/21/2014 - Published: 2/25/2013 - Other tributes
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