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Author has written 4 stories for Animorphs, Alpha Force, and Ouran High School Host Club.

Hi, everyone! I'm Beckyno1, and I look forward to publishing all of my stories ; as soon as I get them written. ;D

I love Animorphs, and making up stories up for them. I also enjoy Harry Potter, the Power of 5, Septimus Heap, Twilight, Alpha Force, The Inheritence circle, and too many others to count. Books are my life. That, and the internet.

I have always enjoyed Neomorphs, but I can't be bothered to explain them now. I'm also into Bedessica and her twilight ones...very interesting!

I have finally updated one of my stories - It's when Ellimist and Crayak make a deal and the Animorphs are split into 2 teams. But they've got to fight against each other! As well as save the planet...lead by Tobias and Jake, with the others split. If you like Animorphs, you might like this!

I just did chapter one of an alpha force book. If you are familiar with the series, please could you read it? I really want to know what people think of it. Don't worry, I'm not abondaning the Animorphs one, I just kinda don't have the file to it at the moment. I'll do it as soon as I can ; blame getting a new laptop and for some reason it won't let me transfer it!

I was completly bored, and I've just went into a craze of Ouran High School Host Club, an anime/manga, that I fell in love with. I've just posted 2 fics for it, so if you are familiar with them, read them. If not, then go onto youtube and type in 'Ouran High school Host Club episode 1 English dubb'. It should come up with a decent one. I know that the starting theme tune sounds a little strange, but you do get used to it after a while. There's 26 episodes, and 15 volumes in the manga, so if you can, check them out!

I have now offically fallen in love with gleek! You can consider a complete gleek fan. I am debating deleating some of my old stories, as I simply don't like them. I've already started working on some glee, and Harry Potter (which is my true love) and you can expect to see some soon.

I also have discovered that I love dark fics, which include rape, suicide, ect. You might be getting some of those too.


Ouran high school host club -



KauroxHikaru ((I know, I like Kauro. Get over it! :P))



Animorphs -






Alpha Force -




Glee -





Harry Potter -








A lot of pairings, I know. I know that many are boyxboy, but I'm really into them at the moment. Call it a teen thing.

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Againamorphs 1 The Chosen reviews
First fan fic. Ellimst and Crayak make a deal, and 12 Animorphs are split into 2 teams. Each fighting for the same goal - but against each other. Rated K , no swearing, possibly violance, but not too harmful. Please review and enjoy.
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