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*UPDATE* ~ I am currently on a few weeks Hiatus taking a well earned break in the Scottish Highlands... no electricity... no mobile reception... no access except by boat... bliss :D x

I live in the south of England and I love literature and drama so what better way to bring the two together than a little FanFiction?

I haven't really written anything since A-Level English... gulp ten years ago! So please be gentle with me.

I am a bit of a Merlin fan but am getting increasingly fed up with two things…

1. That all of these people with immense powers that can only be thwarted by magic… seem to be quite happily stopped by the executioner…
2. That Morgana’s character is either absent or scared witless in the current series. What happened to the fiery ward we know and love??

Anyway… I thought I’d make my own little Merlin adventures (not that I own Merlin… I’m just power hungry) and have the BBC’s characters dance to my tune for a change…


1. The Scáthan ~ This was my first big multi-chapter fic and is now complete. It's tagged as Uther and Morgana because it is mainly looking at the consequences of some of Uther's actions during the great purge and how the revenge that is brought upon them affects Morgana later on but does include all characters.

2. The Life and Times of Uther Pendragon ~ During the hours of time I spent researching The Scáthan (anyone that knows me or has read my work knows that I am a perfectionist and a detail Nazi) I came across loads of information about Uther so thouht I'd map out his past leading up to the Uther we know and love (to hate) in Merlin. Starting with the death of his father when he's just 18 it will span thirty odd years of his life and hopefully fill in a lot of blanks and draw different aspects of the show together.

3. The Lazarus Effect ~ When it was announced that Sir Leon would be returning in season 3 (despite the pretty obvious results of s2 ep13) my little mind sparked a whole hoast of theories as to how this miraculous resurrection could have occured... this fic is the outcome. Three chapters out so far, some serious... some not so much :)

I, Guilded Dragonfly, do solemnly swear to review all fics I read, regardless of the number of reviews, its age, or anything else.

I have joined the Review Revolution.

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Top Five Must Read Books:

1. The End of Mr. Y

2. The Shadow of the Wind

3. The Book Thief

4. The Time Traveller's Wife

5. The Gargoyle

Courage is not the towering oak that sees storms come and go
It is the fragile blossom that opens in the snow

Alice M Swain

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