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Author has written 11 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, Devil May Cry, Castlevania, Bleach, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

08/21/07 - I'm back! Though it feels so weird! I'll try to finish my Castlevania fic!

07/11/06 - I am still alive. I have been trying to get back into writing fanfiction but alas I have not had any luck in creating a good story. :( I see my stories still get hits, but you know what would be nicer? Actual reviews. :)

11/16/03 I am so happy. Finally one of my fics has broken the 200 review mark. It was my second Yu Gi Oh story! I thank you all that reviewed and loved 'Broken Heart and an Empty Soul'. Thank you all for reviewing!

10/9/03 Update: This is a thank you to those of you that reviewed my year old haikus and told me about my errors. I have now fixed them. Thanks for the look out.


LDN: It's been a few days and now that things have settled. I think I'm reposting my story. My DMC story! Dante: You are?
LDN: Yup Dante and Gabriel: high five each other Yeah!
LDN: I thought you'd like that.
Dante and Gabriel:)

Hello Peeps, Hmmmm...well what can I say about me. I love to write, although sometimes I get writer's block. And we all know that sucks. Some of my favorite things are: Horses, Vampires, Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter, Legolas Greenleaf, Orlando Bloom, The Patriots, Tom Brady, Spider-Man, some of my fav authors: Anne Rice(Anne is the queen of the vampires bows to Mrs. Rice), Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, L.J. Smith. Fav pastimes: going to the movies, hanging with my friends,reading and writing. Oh and I love watching Yu-Gi-Oh! That anime is just so cool!

Thank you very much, to all of you that have reviewed my writings! Your reviews are greatly appreciated! bows to my reviewers Again, Thank you! You guys are wonderful:) Well I finally did it. I decided to post some stories. It's very nerve wracking but I hope someone out there likes them and won't be disappointed.


LDN: This is the nightshade. I'm here for another rant.
Dante: So what else is new!
LDN: Dante don't start!
Dante: Sorry, I didn't know you were having a bad day!
LDN:Yeah, it's been an awful 2 days! Want to know why? Well I'm still telling you. Someone that I created with my own mind was stripped from me. Someone that I loved with all my soul was torn, taken from me. Yes all this over a character, but a character that I poured my heart and soul into. MY baby Gabriel, from my DMC fic. And to think that when I first posted my story,I thought no one was going to embrace an original character with Dante. Boy was I wrong, someone liked him so much that they stole him from me and created a story, without my consent.
Gabriel: Wait! What? Someone took me from you?
LDN: sadly Yes, they did. Gabriel: how could someone do that?
LDN: Sadly I don't know.
Dante and Gabriel: unison I'll get whoever did this to you!
LDN: Whoa, calm down guys! Don't do anything. This person has already taken down 'their', I mean the story that they used with MY ideas, off the site. They have also e-mailed me and apologized, but I can't forgive and forget. I mean do they even know what I went through. The emotions that ran through me at having something like this happen to me. I still can't believe it!
Gabriel: Wow, I'm so sorry Nightshade. MY creator, I'm sorry!
LDN: It wasn't your fault! It was my fault for making you so kick ass! So now I even had to ruin the surprise in my final chapter of dmc. I still don't understand how this person misinterpreted that I was done with my story. I mean in my summary I said that I had a final chapter to post, 14 in all not 13. I also put it in the story that I had a final upload. So how they got confused I have no idea. Right now I don't know what I'm going to do, regading my stories for dmc, but if I don't continue writing for DMC don't think you can use Gabriel. I will be forever vigilant, making sure he isn't being used. I mean damn can't you come up with your own characters, it's not that hard. Oh great I feel the rage coming back! I think it's time to go.
Gabriel: Yeah, I think we should do that. We don't want to upset people.
LDN:Yeah, oh, and don't worry my other stories will continue.
Gabriel: Let's go! extends his hand
LDN: takes it let's go!

2/13/03 LDN: Hey peeps, it's me Nightshade. Due to some recent event that happened to me, it would be greatly appreciated that you notify me first if you can use any of my writings. For example if you like one of my stories and you want to print it or use it for something, can you please ask me first. After all, if it has original concepts, characters, etc, they belong to me. Please notify me first, it's not polite to take things that don't belong to you. So please notify me first, Thanks! It would be greatly, GREATLY, appreciated. Thank you! LDN

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