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Charlene LaHaye (Mom): Age unkown. Medium height with ocean blue eyes and curly mahogany hair that stops at her waist line. She is part Italian and part Irish. She has a really bad temper, which I blame the Irish side on. Mom really is a nice person and she's very weird too. She herself has three brothers and two sisters and only one out of the five still talk to her. Her family disowned her when they found out she was marrying a man who didn't believe in God. Other than that little blip she's very loving too all thirteen of her children.

Joshua-Matoskah LaHaye (Dad): Age unknown. Tall, maybe like 5'11'', with shoulder length wavy black hair. He's got charcoal black eyes and a reddish skin tone that complements his Native American heritage. He is part Native American (Nootka tribe) and part Creole. He and I have a middle ground relationship, only because he doesn't like the guy that I'm seeing right now. He doesn't really get mad; he just makes you feel like crap with his disappointed speech. Dad doesn't believe in God only because that's how he was raised in New Orleans. His father is Creole, who believed in a lot of supernatural stuff and beings and his mother is Native American, who believed in her tribes spirits. I love you Daddy!

Chace: 20 years old. Recently got married to his long term girlfriend, Sara. He likes celtic music, alternative music and plays acoustic guitar. He's 6'4'' and slightly muscular, thanks to rugby. He is pretty freakin' awesome only because he's my brother and I love him to death. His favorite color is red and he likes to eat Hogies and eat at Hooters (something we share in common is the Hogies part). Junior in college, I think. He wants to be a surgeon, that's all I know.

Saffron: 18 years old. My twin! She has chin-length black hair and is very violent if you make fun of her name. She likes pop, volleyball, cheetos, Fall Out Boy, and Michael Jackson . Also is a cheerleader, loves velvet things, and can play the piano with chopsticks in between her toes (It was pretty gross when we went to recitals). Her favorite color is eggshell green (NOT PINK!). She getting very tired of our family and says she can't wait to move out to go to college but I think she'll miss us. She wants to be a lawyer.

Mary (Me): 18 years old. My full name is Rosemary. I have long black hair (so people can tell me and Saffron apart) and a navel piercing that made mom throw a vase at the wall. (Don't worry, no harm was done to the wall, as for my butt I shall never recover). I'm very artistic in strange ways. For example, I made a tree out of paperclips and used frosting as the glue. I turned it in to my art teacher for a contest. It got second. My favorite color is just green but sometimes I'll say egg shell green because that's Saf's favorite color and she hates being a twin. Boys . . . what's not to like about them as long as they are not afraid to do wicked cool things with me wink wink.

Laurel: 16 years old. She has brown/black curly hair that is shoulder length. She likes to read (a lot), write (a lot), paint, and random outbursts of singing. Honestly, I think that Laurel is more of my twin than my actual twin. She does those crazy things with me, well maybe not all of them but most of them. Her favorite color is magenta, because she loves Blue's Clues. She isn't exactly instrument savvy but she can play drums on guitar hero.

Lei: 16 years old. She's one of the the tumbling triplets. She has brown/black curly hair that is shoulder length. She loves to water ski and run ( I think she may go into the Olympics). She is very quiet and reserved but can and will lash out at you if you disrespect the family. Out of all of us she's the skinniest only because she's a vegan. It's the only thing that sets us apart from her but I don't really care. Favorite music is oddly Hip/Hop but we're not a judging family so it's cool. Favorite color is pastel purple and she can't stand the smell of onions or pineapples (weirdo).

Lucy: 16 years old. Again, one of the tumbling triplets. Out of all of us, she's the closest to Dad because when they were born she came out last and was absolutely quiet and small, very small. She was underweight and had to stay in the hospital a tad bit longer. Mom went home with Laurel and Lei while Dad stayed and watched over her. While she was in the box/cube thing he'd sing her all these Beatles's songs and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was given to her. He loves us all but I think those days with her in the hospital kind of brought him closer to her. It's not something we envy it's just we get it that he kind of hovers over her a lot. Her favorite color is blues and greens and she kinds of likes all kinds of music. Her hair is brown/black and stops at her shoulders, like Lei's and Laurel's.

Bleu (Yes, that's his real name and no, he is not named after the cheese but it would be funny if he was): 15 years old. He has black curly hair (He's the one that has the most black in him) and is cool to hang with. He plays soccer and lacrosse and his only past time is eating and eating and eating! Sometimes he scares me with his stomach. He doesn't have a favorite color and he's in love with a girl down the street by the name of Chrissy, pastor's daughter gag. (She barely talks to him because she's shy and quiet and he's the complete opposite of her!) He got his name from a scary story that Dad always told us. Mom didn't exactly approve until Dad pulled the puppy dog eyes (he's a pro at them as am I).

Caly (formally known as Eucalyptus, as in the herb/plant): 11 years old. She is formally known as Ms. Sass. She has sass like no other ten year old I've ever seen. She has brown hair that is as straight and stops at her shoulders. Favorite color is . . . of course pink. Is in love with every single male that walks in front of her. Likes to argue with everyone and anyone that doesn't see her way of life. She's obsessed with Robert Pattenson (Personally, I'm a Taylor Lautner fan). Her hobbies are shopping and flirting (This girl can pick up boys faster than Road Runner can escape Wile E. Coyote).

Rue: 8 years old. Sweet and adorable is all I can say about him. He says please and thank you to everyone. Plays tennis and sometimes basketball. His favorite color is orange as is his favorite fruit. He's got raven color hair that I so wish I had. Rue is very different from the rest of us. He's got hazel eyes and russet skin color. We think he got the best genes (Native American ones) out of all of us. He's not really talkative like his brothers but can be when you're discussing tigers. He loves tigers. That's all he do is talk about tigers if you give him the chance. He has a stuffed tiger named Springy (Yes, Springy. Don't bother questioning, it's how I get by).

Ray: 5 years old. Currently his favorite color is red, until further notice. He likes blocks and legos and boats and apparently anything that moves fast. He's got reddish brown hair (from Mom's side of the Irish family) and black coal eyes. His favorite movie is Monsters vs. Aliens and Star Wars (the old series).

Willow: 4 years old. Has a twin (Bo). Likes Barbies and dolls and is missing her first tooth : ). Her skin tone is of the olive skin tone (Mom's side of the Italian family). She's got mahogany brown colored hair and the cutest little dimples you've ever seen (ENVIOUS!)!

Bo: 4 years old. Has a twin (Willow). Likes Macaroni and Cheese and meat. He loves meat (I think he's part werewolf)! Same skin tone as Willow's, same hair color too, and likes playing in the mud with me.

Tallulah: 1 year old. She was born on November 5 at 7: 34 p.m. She has straight jet black hair and brown eyes but she looks more mixed than all of us. Mom picked Tallulah because it means Running Water in Native American and it was Dad's mom's name but for everyone under 10 we call her Tally.

Okay, so here's the scoop on my parents. They met at a high school party, that my Dad's best friend was throwing. They started dating afterwards and soon college time came around and they went their separate ways. Well Mom soon became very depressed and eventually suicidal (people blame medical school. She wanted to become a heart surgeon). One night she decided to take her own life and luckily her roommate found her before it was too late. They rushed her to the hospital where she woke up to find Dad holding her hand tightly and praying. She soon fell in love with him and they got married at age 23 and 25. They had Chace as soon as they both graduated from college (like the day mom was supposed to walk down the aisle for her diploma her water broke).

The names they picked are very odd because most of them are either flowers or herbs. We've all asked them and Dad just tells us that Mom really like plants. Dad is a wonderful lawyer and Mom's a successful heart surgeon. Most of my inspiration comes from my family since we basically live on a farm, seriously we do out in Utah. There's thirteen kids, how do you expect them to house us? We do have to share bedrooms, while others sleep on couches cough Chace. And we do all have to share bathrooms (don't worry there's more than one.)

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