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My favorite show is Dragon Ball Z. And obviously my favorite character is Gohan. Most people would say that the show began to fail after the Cell Saga and that Gohan should have been potrayed in a different way after Goku refused to come back to Earth. But I believe that showing Gohan living happy even with Goku's desicions shows how strong Gohan actually is. Gohan continuing his life like nothing changed shows how much strength he has and how much will he has to live. Of course, that doesn't stop me from enjoying a good old depressing Gohan fic. It still couldn't have been easy for Gohan to deal with, or even Chi-Chi for that matter, but they both put their trust in Goku and believed that his desicion was the right one - which most family's could not have put up with.

And as for after the Cell Saga, I still enjoyed the show. If the show simply ended after the Cell Saga, a lot would have been left unanswered. I'm glad that the Buu Saga happened and that Vegeta was able to come to terms with Goku being better than he is and they were finally able to become friends. The whole Saiyaman thing was pretty funny, even thouugh most would call it a shame. It was sort of like "Teenage kid with super powers trying to hide them from his High School friends" cliche. Needless to say, I could never be embarassed or ashamed by anything Gohan could do. And Videl is just like Chi-Chi and Bulma; strong willed, quirky, not so easy to back down, I'd say the perfect match for a Saiyan. If the females of Dragon Ball Z weren't so... "bitchy", then that would get boring. I mean, come on, it'd be like "Hey Chi-Chi, I'm going to bring our son into outer space so he could put his life on the line when he's only 6 to help save Earth."

"Okay make sure you bring a coat." LAME.

But as for Dragon Ball GT... let's not even go there. So many things wrong with that plot line. It makes a mockery of both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. And Vegeta's mustache... *cringes*

So, enough of my ranting on the Dragon Ball series.

I do enjoy a lot of other anime (believe it or not). And as like any other fan of anime, I have watched too many to count. But currently I'm hooked on Ouran HSHC and Yu-Gi-Oh!

Why Yu-Gi-Oh!, you may ask? Well because I just watched the ending a few weeks ago for the first time - I hadn't even realized there was one, I thought it just got cancelled or something. But then there's also that fact that it is a 4kids dub... and that's... just awful. And nowhere on the internet can I find the Japanese subtitled version, other than season 0 (the forbiddon season, lol). So I could barely make it through one episode without facepalming a few times at phrases such as "Cyba-Kaiba" or "Digital Dummy", or, my own favourite, "Check his pulse!" - you know what I'm talking about if you've seen this show. Haha, seems I've started ranting about Yu-Gi-Oh! too? Well, I certainly have a life, now don't I?

And do I even need to rant about Ouran HSHC? I'm pretty sure the people who've seen it can do that for themselves. It's just a show you instantly fall in love with! And yes, Kaoru and Hikaru are my favourite... and sometimes Kyouya :)

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Don't You Get It? reviews
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