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Right now I just want to finish my three major pieces: A Day in Paradise, Widowed, and Final Act Acknowledged. Widowed is coming along smoothly, and FAA will probably have another chapter soon. I know I need to start closing ADIP and that's kinda unnerving me a little bit, which is why it's taking so long. But I've been venting my frustrations into a new one-shot for Trigun which I'm super-excited about. It's about half-way done and pretty lengthy, so be looking out for that soon!

I feel really foolish for all of the works currently published here, seeing as they are... anceint. I'm sorry, but there's a reason twelve year olds aren't allowed to publish on this website.

A Day in Paradise: CHAPTER EIGHT is complete and posted! I haven't updated for awhile, among other things, I basically just didn't want to write anything particularly lovey-dovey after my recent breakup. But I got over it. The chapter is pretty short, but I think it's the most romantic by far, although the plot doesn't really continue there at all. Gohan and Videl's wedding is the next chapter, so keep an eye out! We're almost done!

The Kitchen Timer: Not very long, but... it's subtle, and I like subtle. I think it's romantic (others might disagree), and I like romantic. Yeah, definitely one of my better pieces, especially as far as insightfulness goes. I'm very proud of it. Consider it part of my "love-languages" fics (Along with Triumphant and I'm Not Your Mother) with an obvious focus on "physical touch".

Sharlynk was kind enough to create a fan-manga based on this story, which you can view on DeviantART. Please leave comments for sharlynk! It comes in three parts:

Intoxicated: Really must work on that. It's my first-ever submission to SweetestIrony, and quite frankly it's not up to my usual standards. A re-write will be necessary very soon.

Triumphant: My favorite piece by a landslide, I wrote it while doing nothing at work, thank you very much. A couple of inspirations for this fic, the first one was just me thinking about ChiChi and how triumphant she must feel, getting to die for the first time after seeing Goku do it so often, and the second (which is contained in the meat of this fic) is the concept of love languages. I think I’ve identified what each couple in DBZ speaks, and I’m wondering if I should do a series on it. Basically, love languages are how you communicate your love for someone else. The basic types are: physical contact, quality time, gifts or presents, compliments, and acts of service. Goku and ChiChi, I’m pretty sure, are acts of service kinds of people, and I hope this fic shows that.

Widowed: This is not really supposed to be a comedy per se, but I didn't know how else to describe it. There's a lot more seriousness in it that I think readers were expecting, but my intent remains to be lighthearted and fun, but really-- I don't know how to write about anything that doesn't at least consider any underlying emotions. CHAPTER SEVEN IS POSTED! My favorite two chapters are coming up next-- the first going to be just the different couples in DBZ discussing what's going on amongst themselves, followed by a chapter of pure G/CC. I've been looking forward to writing these for a long time!

I'm Not Your Mother: This really quick fic came to me unexpectedly, and I'm hoping to refine it some more in the future. As expected, most people weren't too thrilled about it, but I'm not really worried. It was more of a personal philosophy fic than a serious fanfiction attempt. As such, I'm extremely grateful to those of you who reviewed, even if you thought it was strange or just flat-out wrong. Your opinions were much appreciated. I think (with some refinement), this can be placed with Triumphant as a "love language" story. I believe that Gohan and Videl value "quality time" together as the measure of their relationship, and hopefully this shows that.

Final Act Acknowledged: CHAPTER FIVE is posted! I keep getting distracted from writing this guy, mostly because the first few chapters make me cringe. I keep going back and forth between editing it and wanting to just start all over. It's really aggravating. If anyone would like to beta for it, that might be a help. I know this fic isn't exactly like any of my others, but that kinda makes it more fun to do, so if you just keep reviewing I'll be much more willing to oblige than with more serious fics.

Korrin's Tower: I've got some great ideas for this guy, alot of them drawn from other fics I'm writing right now. I haven't started on the next chapter yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

author's. commentary.

I try to write stories that are applicable outside of the fanfiction realm, that is, if I am not able to remove the names of all the characters and replace them with "John" and "Jane", I don't write it. Naturally, there are a few things that are very specific to the worlds I am writing for, but the underlying messages are what are more important and what I really hope that people take away from my stories. There are a few obvious detractions from this philosophy (Strange Time in a Strange Place, anyone?), but I think anyone who has read my more recent pieces can see this is fairly evident. This is the criteria that I wish my stories to be judged upon, although any other comments are deeply appreciated.

Things I Wrote A Long Time Ago That You Might Remember But I Deleted From My Account:

Mother Dearest, XF50, That Gorgeous Girl He Was With, Shoesalesman, Lost Rulers: The Porcelain Doll, Lost Rulers: The Forgotten Child, And It Go BOOM, Heaven Bound, Normalcy, and some others that I can't even remember the name of at the moment... sorry.


points down- I've written +35 fics over my time here, most are gone, a few remain. I've given up the disclaimer thing a -long- time ago. I don't own it, okay?

Any suggestions for how I should improve my writing, please review or e-mail me:

!I'm more interested in constructive criticism than praise.!


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