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Hey, I'm Nicole, former admin of The Original Twilight Role Play! along with TheBloodyWhiteWolfxoxo. And this is the profile update I've been working on.

I'm no longer active on this site, and won't be logging onto this account anymore. The Original Twilight Role Play! may not even exist if this profile is still here in a couple years. Now that I'm leaving this site, I'm planning on continuing to work on original writing on a few other sites under a similar pen-name.

If you're looking at this after the role play was recently closed up, I'm sorry if anyone was upset or disappointed. Yes, we may have been able to kept it running just a little longer, but we would have closed down before the new school year anyway. It's been rough trying to run it this past year, increasingly so over the last six months; keeping a role play active and organized is not easy work.

It has been fun and a really great experience, but schoolwork and sports and time for writing and our pets (not just a few pets; we practically have miniature petting zoo outside our back doors) and friends and other things were sort of neglected and I wasn't able to get around to them as much as I should have or wanted to. We were considering the end of it for about a year and a half or so, around the time we weren't so crazy about Twilight anymore, we started to get busy, and the role play was getting hard to take care of. Next year, we would have had to give up a lot in order to continue working on the role play, as we're going to be extremely busy. So, at the end of this year, Jordan and I felt that the time was right to finally close it down.

The role play came to an end today on June 30th, 2013. We left what remained of the role play (everything was still there when we left it, except the history and topics that were deleted a few summers back) and locked everything except for The Random Chat, The Original TwiFic Review Game, and the Advertise Your TwiFics topic.

Thanks to everyone who role played in or participated in the events for The Original Twilight Role Play!. :) It's been a long, eventful three years. Although not all of these events were particularly positive, overall, it's been a good run.

I should probably end it here before I make it much longer. And I thought I got over my old habit of going on when I have already said what needed to be said, adding in unnecessary little thoughts that should be taken out but for some reason remain . . .

I don't mean to sound emotional or cheesy or anything, and to be honest I might end up logging in just one last time to edit this piece out. Though I think I should keep it because I don't think this should be left unsaid. (That's mostly there as a reminder to myself in case I do try and come back to edit this out.)

Before I start going on again, I just wanted to say that honestly, it really has been somewhat like a journey. Never mind that, it has been a journey. Not because of the plots and the characters, but because of the members on the forum and the ones who stuck with us, put up with us, worked with us us, taught us . . .

Of all that's happened over this time, (from the the hectic site updates and insane amount of messages stacking up one after another, to the events and crazy ideas and trollers and late nights up role playing . . .) it's that that I'll remember the most. Thank you for all that you've done.

- Nicole Megan Uley-Black/Nicole M. Black.