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Author has written 3 stories for Kingdom Hearts, and Naruto.

Hey peoples wats up!

First off my username. i picked it because i love uryu ishida and the roman numerals for 2 stand for who i cosplay in anime club( yep im a xigbar fangirl)

Quick fanfic note. srry for the inconvenience but for those people who are enjoying my fma fanfic. thanks for the reviews but i took the story off so that i could rewrite it in a different point of view thanks for reading. also i am gonna start posting my kingdom hearts story by chapters. thanks and onnce again srry for the inconvenience.

my fave animes/ mangas are as follows:

BLEACH: biggest fangirl ever. bleach is my ultamite fav. best charecters are uryu, chad, rukia, byakua, shinji (hope i spelled that right), hiyouri, ulquiora, grimmjow, and lots of others. there are completely to many to name.

FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: just got into it and i love it alot of the charecters are really great and love to see a charecter that is like me (go pipsqueaks) and im always up to watch it every saturday night/ sunday morning to watch it ( same goes for bleach). i am going to try to cosplay ed for detour 2011. so look for me there. it depends on if i can get the money for it.

DEATH NOTE: who doesn't like death note. it was one of the first series that i actually finished. all of the charecters were awsome here too.

PRINCESS TUTU: loved it. probably the only chick flicky anime i have seen. all of the charecters were great and i really loved it.

KINGDOM HEARTS: of course. all the charecters are awsome. (go xigbar) awsome graphics and the best game i have ever played, and i usually cosplay xigbar so lookk for me at eagle anime events and maybe detour if i can get the money.

WOLF'S RAIN: awesome anime, loved it. toboe is the best loved him to death, want to cosplay him at some point.

OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB: havnt finished it yet but is an amazing anime. it is os hysterical, and hunny is too adorable for his own good. Luv kyoya, he is too hot for his own good (and he kinda looks like uryuu, coincidence, i think not)

ANYTHING BY MIYAZAKI: he has great films and great charecters for each film. my favorite is spirited away.

thats all for now and i will try to keep updated. if you have anime/manga selections that you like please feel free to recommend them. i am open to new ideas. also sorry for any spelling or grammer or keyboard typos.


don't forget to vote on my polls

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