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A man once asked me what I wanted to do with my life. I told him I wasn't sure, that I had not really thought it through yet, and wasn't in much of a hurry to figure it out. He told me shortly thereafter that my future would be the most important part of my life and that I should think of what I wanted to accomplish now, instead of later. Again, I said that I wasn't in a hurry to set goals for a future I wasn't even sure of. I said, "Why plan something when you are not positive that the next day will arrive?" The sir cocked an eyebrow and went to speak, but I quickly interrupted. "We are not the ones who determine our next course of action, or more simply, the day after the one we have just witnessed. Quite plainly, sir, we do not determine anything...only God does," I paused to cough. "And when God determines what my future will hold, then I will gladly inform you of my next move."

The man in which I was speaking to slowly, but surely, rose from his chair and went to stand by the fireplace. He looked at my photographs with great interest, one to this day I am sure held something deep within his mind that I had not the audacity to consider. "Please do inform me, my dear man, for I would like to know what He has planned for you." He turned to me and smiled. "But I am afraid that your future is still of the up-most importance in your life; You cannot have a life without a future."

I arose from my chair as well and offered him a glass of wine, a glass with which he refused. Setting the bottle and glass down upon the furnace's top I told him he was wrong, and the look he gave me was the most incredulous one I had ever received before this night. "I'm afraid you have confused me, friend." He said while shaking his head slightly and grinning. "Then I will explain- you are wrong because our future is really of no importance." He sat down and put his elbows on his kneecaps, anticipating the rest of my speech. "What is important is what we make of the future; our faith in the future is important, not planning our lives step by step and hoping that it goes according to plan. That is nothing, nothing at all." I continued with something slightly less...difficult to follow, for lack of a better term. "Whether we have a future or not really means nothing. Yes, not relishing in a future we may not have is a saddening thought, however, we still have our past and present. Wouldn't you say that that is enough?"

The man motioned for his top hat and coat, and I retrieved it and laid it out for him on his chair's arm. He grabbed them and slipped both on with great ease, one I fear I had an envy of sorts for, and walked to my front door, motioning to me with a wave of his hand to follow. When we reached the steps that led outside and to the rain he stopped. "In this night, you have proven to me that I have been nothing short of ignorant to some facts of life. You have opened my eyes and allowed me to see clearly, and for this I am forever grateful." He tilted his hat up for a fraction of a second, a signal of his leave, and started to walk off into the rain. Within a few feet away from me, he stopped and turned around. "We will meet again, my friend!" He yelled, and with that he stalked away into the night.

True to his word we did meet again, but I am afraid we were both elderly, and quite frankly, sagging a bit.

Honestly, I am not a complicated person. My beliefs are very clear and unconfused, but I am afraid that this is the extent to my description of them. I pray you enjoy my writings, for above is only a sample of what I am capable of.

- Geum Rivale.

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