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AEROWENA /CULLEN ART from Cullen and His Infatuation: fanart for Cullen and His Infatuation

Looking for my much racier stuffs? Check out my stuff at adult fan fiction dot net - same author name : Malaia - be warned.. I pull no punches there =P

I never used to believe in romance, until I found mine. I used to scoff at those who wrote and read fluffy romance novels, ok I still do a little bit, but that doesn't mean I don't squirm when I read some... in a good way.

I'm a writer, but what I mostly write about is fashion and weddings. I write for numerous websites about wedding clothing and my personal experiences with planning a wedding. And shoes, I musn't forget the shoes. Wedge shoes in particular and I even have an entire website devoted to a guide about wedge shoes! While I love to write articles about weddings and shoes, my passion lately has been romance and...geez I use a lot of

I love really well written sex scenes, but I hate terms like "member" and "womanly places". Call a rabbit a rabbit and not a fluffy furry thing.

Anyone that knows me in real life would scoff at everything I wrote above, after all I'm the same girl that calls it my "hoohoo" and his "hehe" and what we do is always "woohoo". I promise to keep my real life words to real life though. Be warned when reading my stories!

Update: December 2nd

Does anyone really realize how many times the word "hard" comes up in our language? After you've written a steamy love scene, one tends to notice it more often. I'm just enough of a nitwit to laugh at it nowadays.

I'm trying to think of another story to write because, and I'm a little ashamed of this (just a little though), I rather loved my Cullen story.

I'd like to write about Alistair or Zevran, but Alistair leaves me with a poor taste in my mouth because WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD because of his dumping of my beautiful little elf. Although I've gotten my revenge (made a noble, slept with alistair, dumped him, slept with Zev, recruited loghain, shot the finger at Alistair and his temper tantrum, made that bitch Anora queen and ran off happily ever after with my own little elf), I find it terribly difficult not to flirt with him every time I replay the game oO. IT's that damn rose and his stupid floral arranging that I long to hear over and over again. Thank gawd for youtube right?

Anyhow, I'll be coming up with some new ideas this week, minus Alistair (or maybe just Alistair friend), but it's just so hard after Cullen. No one quite measures up to him!

Ser Perth maybe? I do love a redhead...

Update December 3

I'm a sucker for redheads, as mentioned above, and I couldn't leave Ser Perth out of the game, as Bioware did. I've begun a story that's had me closing my eyes and giggling, which when done with your husband across the room can make him wonder if he married a complete nutter, instead of some wild, weird American woman. (he's Swedish).

Anyway I started Yesterday - Today - Tomorrow with the intention of using Ser Perth, but I've had to make a lot of him up as I go along. I even had to play the game again, and that was so difficult wink wink, so that I could ask more questions about him from different points of view. So far all I've learned is he took a trip to get some ashes (Andraste) and he has a voice that makes me turn to a puddle in my chair. I can't use the former, but I hope my version of him does the latter to you.

PS: I know I write a LOT about mages, but I'm even worse irl. I have only ever played healers in any game I play. This includes Everquest, Wow and any other RPG you can come up with (even AoC). I've actually forced myself to play out the different characters in this game, but I have this soft little place in my heart for mages.

Update December 4th

Does anyone notice how no matter how many times you read a story over and over, you can find a hundred mistakes?

Update December 5th

This is becoming a blog isn't it? Hah. Although reading my own writing makes me want to rewrite half of what I wrote, I'm generally pleased with my work. For those of you that find mistakes in my grammar etc., I would be grateful if you would send me a pm about it. I seriously have read both stories at least seven times looking for grammatical errors. I'm sure there are many that I missed (or didn't realize were errors).

Update December 29

This community rocks my socks off! -- yeah that's all I had to say, but ... it had to be said!

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