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Author has written 30 stories for Okami, Final Fantasy VII, WolfQuest, Pokémon, Final Fantasy XIII, Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon, Fallout, and Elder Scroll series.

(Hi! I'm Kai Yukimura or thats my pen name at least. Just call me Kai though. Unless you want to type the whole thing which I dont think you do. Want to know why I named myself 'Kai Yukimura? Well I made a fictional character that is a blue wolf with blue angel wings and a blue metal armelt on heach leg. His name is Kai _ and I love him. And I just love the name Kai for some reason. I love the name Yukimura and him from Samurai Warriors :D and Yukimura from Samurai Deeper Kyo. Anyways lets get on with it.

Name: Kai (only close friends are aloud to know my real name so bleh :P plus I like the name Kai better anyway)

Age: ... teenager

Gender: You all can tell I'm a girl right?

Relationship Status: Taken Was single but Taken now XD

The best words to describe me is: Playful, kind, unique, weird

Interests:Video games, Anime, TV, Warriors, etc

Favorite movies:Too many -.- but I love the Lion King :D It's my fav -

Favorite TV shows:Pokemon, Inuyasha, many more i cant think of lol. And yes i'm proud of what I like so bleh XP

My hero(es): My mom

My superpower is: imagination xD

If I could live anywhere, it would be: Japan o.o

My dream job(s): Author/Novelists

What else you should know about me:Ummmm I dont feel like telling you my age.

Anyways. Lets try favorite pairings - though i cant remember all the anime and manga i've read xD and video games. Oh and dont even try and flamer me. I will ignore you. You have your opinions and I have mine same with everyone else. So quit whinning like a baby and get over it. XD

Inuyasha: Inuyasha/Kagome (love it XD), Miroku/Sango

Full Metal Alchemist: Ed/Winry

Ranma 1/2: Ranma/Akane

Pokemon: Ash/Misty (yays!), Umbreon/Espeon, Persian/Espeon, Mightyena/Ninetales, Luxray/Ninetales, Lucario/Ninetales, Riolu/Vulpix

Jak and Daxter:Jak/Keira

Ratchet and Clank: umm Ratchet/Angela (dont know and dont really care XD)

Skip Beat: Kyoko/Ren

Rune Factory: Raguna/Mist, Kyle/Mana, Raguna/Rosetta

Warriors:Firestar/Sandstorm, Lionblaze/Heathertail(i suppose XD), Jayfeather/(hmm o.o I love him so anyone i think is good. Maybe Cinderheart) or Poppyfrost O.o or...anyone but the stick XD, Crowfeather/Leafpool, Lionblaze/Jayfeather(just o.o dont...just dont...blame fanfiction when i was bored XD)

Lion King:Simba/Nala, Kovu/Kiara, Leon/Kuna(OC characters :D)

Tenjshi Ja Nai!:Izumi/Haruka

Sly Cooper:Sly/Carmalita

Spyro: Spyro/Cinder

Final Fantasy 7: Cloud/Tifa, Zack/Aeris, Red Xlll/Andaste(OC character :D)

Final Fantasy 8: Squall/Rinoa

Final Fantasy 9: Zidane/Dagger(Garnet)

Final Fantasy 10: Tidus/Yuna

Final Fantasy 13: Lightning/Hope, Fang/Vanille, Snow/Serah

Wolfquest: Night/Yuki(Kai Yukimura), Night/Little White Kai(dont ask XD), Night/Kai(werewolves)

Okami(love it!):Amaterasu/Issun (to me thats the best pairing ever :D yes i know Waka and Oki -.- but Oki has Kai and Waka has fangirls XD), Oki/Kai, Waka/OC

Story Requests: Umm I'm pretty easy going on things. I dont mind Yuri or Yaoi. Bestality I dont mind. Why? Blame Red Xlll from Final Fantasy 7 XD ummm I never really done a lemon. I could do it but I get shy and embarrass O.O soooo I will probably have my cousin write it XD Don't worry he writes pretty well. So if you want lemons you can ask lol. Umm Pairing wise well first I have to know who they are XD Umm usually I stick with Canon Pairings. Like Ash and Misty you will not change my mind on XD but it really just depends. I mean for the rest of pokemon. There are a ton of pokemon O.O so it doesn't really matter who ends up with who since there are more then just one Ninetales or Luxray or etc XD I can do wolves cause I like wolves :D Umm I also with incest o.o ummm it REALLY REALLY REALLY depends. I dont like incest really. But the only incest pairing I support is Jayfeather/Lionblaze. Most likely because i didnt care after the first series of warriors. lol

Well I cant think of anything and i'm too lazy to just keep going but i might add some from time to time. Anways. I love anime and manga :D so awesome. And I loooove playing video games but i'm more of a Role-Playing type of gamer. Shooters i can do but I hate aiming and I swear when i'm trying to aim BOOM! Blown up XD

Oh! And I cant wait for Okami's sequal 'Okamiden

Okay now O.O Um...ya...I got in a thing with Pokemon O_O Curse you PMDS DX It made me like Riolu/Vulpix Lucario/Ninetales pairing O.O Dont know why it just dawned on me XD So i'm writing about the two that I play in my Mystery Dungeon. I thought they were cute XD Soooo ya i'm might write about them for awhile XD You another cute pairing is Skitty/Meowth :P

Oh now I have a Final Fantasy 13 thing going on XD and Fallout O.O Mostly FF13 buuut xD

Btw here is some of my OC's

Wolf's Rain:

Name: Yoru

Species: Wolf

Age: 15 in human

Love Interests: Doesn't know

Personality: Mean, arrogant, a jerk, cold, hot tempered but kind hearted deep inside

Looks: Wolf- small well muscled lean black wolf with crystal blue eyes. A bit feminine like (like Toboe but a little more manly)

Human- A 15 year old boy with black hair with bangs and crystal blue eyes and is a bit shorter then normal guys. Wears clothes like Kiba but with longer sleeve. (Or my profile pic)

Background: Abandoned by his pack when he was a pup because he was a runt and is believed to be possessed or cursed. Raised by a human who soon died. He lived on the streets and researched on Paradise till he started his journey to look for it.

Rune Factory:

Name: Hope (Doesn't know her real name but everyone just calls her Hope)

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Kind of tomboyish. 5'8 feet tall. Short spikish white/silver hair that seems like it is always messy but it fits her appearence. Light tanned skin. Red Bandanda with a White wolf in the middle of it. Crystal blue eyes but sometimes are golden at some points. Wears red ninja like outfit with red shoes and a metal plate over her chest and torso. Often is mistaken for a guy. Has two fangs that usually stick out from her upper mouth. A white/silver tail wrapped neatly around her waist, making it look like a belt. If she wills it, wolfish ears will pop out of her head.

Hair Color: Short spikish white/silver hair that seems like it is always messy but fits her appearence and looks good.

Eye Color: Crystal Blue but sometimes golden at some points

Body Type: Kind of strong and lean like a Ninja

Anything Special: Master at the samurai sword and a long sword. Often carries a Great Sword on her back with a red ribbon on the handle. Great at fighting and some farming.

Personality: Lost her memory of her past and has no idea who she is. Laid-back and outgoing. Friendly and a complete tomboy. Sometimes gets bored easily and often loves taking naps in trees. Enjoys going out exploring and she loves talking with others though she can be a bit shy at times. Tries to cheer others up but usually fails at it. Is terrible at cooking other then making hot chocolate. Might be a excellent fighter, but often doesn't pay attention when there is no danger and gets very klutzy, often you will find her tripping over herself and crashing into something. Is also terrible when it comes to love and is dense about it.

Other: Loves fish, company, apples, strawberries, and Emery Flowers. Hates vegitables, pickles mostly. Mostly doesn't live anywhere and has no house and often just wanders around and will be found sleeping in a tree(or anywhere else) if tired. Goes and hunts monsters or collect items for money to get food and water. Considered to be like a wild friendly animal that wanders the town.

Past: Unknown, She has no memory of her past (Amesia like Raguna XD)

Gender interests: She has no clue. Isn't very good at love and dense about it

Btw guys - I hope you Rune Factory fans will join me in my forum called 'Rune Factory RP' -All are welcome! Cept mean people that wanna kill me o.o...

Final Fantasy 13

Name: Ice Estheim

Race: L'Cie

Gender: Male

Class: Sentinial, Commando, Ravenger

Age: 21

Appearence: Looks a lot Hope though he has more muscle. Smooth face, and a pretty boy though he holds some masculinity. Spikish silver hair with ice blue eyes. Is usually found wearing a diamond choker with a black T-shirt. Dark blue jeans and dark blue tennis shoes. He wears fingerless black gloves similar to Lightnings. Cross shaped scar on his left cheek. Might be around six feet tall. L'Cie symbol on his stomach though it's similiar to Fangs, it changes color from blue, black and red.

Weapons: He uses twin gunblades, strapped to either of his sides.

Equipment: He wears some shoulder armor and chestplate armor.

Eldolon: ... it's inside him

Bio: He was made a L'cie when he was just a little boy. Ten in fact. He was taken away from his family but he ran away he was taken. He somehow ended up being in Gran Pulse. There he stayed for most of his life, training harshly. Till he is found by Cid Raines and is taken in as a member of the wide-area response birgade. Sooner or later, he saw Snow and Fang. He was ordered by Raines to keep a eye on them. And so he did, watching them from the shadows every step of the way.

Anything Special: He might not look it, but he's a powerful fighter and not one to mess with. He'd probably take down the whole team if he caught them off guard. He knows when to calculate other people and also to not show his own weaknesses. But since he is usually easygoing and enjoys some flirting, he often loses because he is never serious unless needed be.

Personality: A pretty easy going guy, friendly to all and hardly gets mad. He can be mature but most of the times he acts immature and can act like a huge flirt to all the ladies. Wiether he's actually serious though, is a mystery. He might look like his younger brother Hope, but he doesn't really act like him. Though he might be sometimes be immature, you can usually count on him to help you out in a pinch. Rather than calling himself a hero like Snow does, he compares himself to a thief that fights that steals from the bad. He's not really into heroic deeds, though at times he does some himself.

Name: Vanibia Tai Kion

Race: L'Cie

Gender: Female

Class: Medic, Ravenger, Commando

Age: 20 (520)

Appearence: She is skinny and lean but still fairly muscled. Tall as Lightning with eyes that switch from emerald to amber depending on her mood. She has blonde hair reaching to her shoulders with greentips at the end. Her bangs are near her eyes though are brushed aside. She has smooth tan skin similar to Fang's. She wears a fang chocker/collar made out of the fangs of some monsters. She wears a sari, similar to Fang's but it is jet black and cut up to her knees, so she doesn't step on it by accident. She has a black fur around her hip reaching to her mid thighs and covering her butt. Her mark is on her mid back. She also has a lion symbol oner left shoulder

Weapons: Suprisingly, uses her firsts with metal gloves. Also uses twin daggers, as she is very fast.

Equipment: fingerless gloves with metal in the knuckles.

Eldolon: Raion~ A huge armored winged lion. It is about as big as Bahamut and is known as a king. He golden with blue shoulder armor and thigh armor. In humaoid form, he takes off his white wings and uses them as twin swords in battle. Kion rides on his back in battle mostly. He mostly relies on physical attacks while Kion works on the magic. But he does know how to use water and wind elemental attacks.

Bio: Was in a tribe called Vanibia long ago, one of the tribes who kept to themselves, hardly associating with others and lived on their own. But she was curious and so she wandered away from her tribe, only to meet Vanille of the Oerba tribe. They quickly befriended and were almost inseperatable. Kion was too shy to assosiate with anyone else, which is why even Fang never knew about her. When she heard about Vanille going to follow Fang to be L'Cie, she tagged along secretly. Unknowing to them. She was soon made a L'Cie after them and turned to crystal after falling in a dark hole. She awoken around the time when Lightning and the others entered Gran Pulse. She does have quite a crush on Vanille and can be quite snippy if anyone is too close or causes her harm.

Anything Special: She has a split personality and is a very fast person.

Personality: She, unfortunetly, has a split personality. Most of the time she is completely silent. Never talking.. no really ever. She isn't mute but she just doesn't feel like talking. She does however, sometimes say something to Vanille when Vanille is persistant. She is quiet, kind, and caring. She is quite mature and is a great listener. She can also be a bit stubborn but she is usually level headed. Her alter ego however... is quite loud, annoying and obnoxious at some points. Highly over protective and down right how tempered and nasty at times. She isn't mean she's just hot headed. She usually snaps to her alter ego when it comes to Vanille and people harming her. Or sometimes just randomly.

Name: Vanibia Zie Fio

Race: L'Cie

Gender: Female

Class: Medic, Ravenger, Commando

Age: 25 (525)

Appearence: She is skinny, lean, elegant, and graceful. Gorgeous, that of a Goddess and of course she puts it to use. Doesn't look that muscular but she is extremely strong. She has long flowing red hair that reaches to her knees and is neatly tied in one long braid, her bangs. She is a head taller than Fang or Light. Wears a golden headband, red vest with blue dragon designs with a matching skort(short/skirt). Large Naginata strapped to her back. Piercing snake like emerald eyes. Brand is on the back of her neck.

Weapons: Naginata

Equipment: Vest and some other armor

Eldolon: Zero Bahamut

Bio: Was in a tribe called the Vanibian Tribe from long ago. She was the top warrior and most powerful. She did what she wanted and got it too. You might as well as called her the leader. She got turned into l'cie then crystal and reawakened after the crew made it to Gran Pulse. She is extremely hated by Kionmo because of what she did in the past. She tried to kill the group, seducing Vanille, Serah, and Zafia(Zoe's/Zafia's character) and raping them. Till she realized she experienced something she never had toward Zafia. Love. If there's one thing she is terrible at. It's feelings and being nice.

Anything Special: She is a EXTREMELY powerful at magic. Knowing many spells that can be highly dangerous. Able to use her powers to screw up people's minds.

Personality: She is very sneaky, conniving, and sometimes just down right nasty. She enjoys torturing others both mentally and physically and laughs at their unability to control their emotions. You could describe her as a fox but that would be a understatement. She enjoys being in power and doing whatever the hell she feels like doing. She also enjoys some pleasure at times. She knows she can have it anytimes she wants though. She's very tricky and can easily put anyone under a spell. Literally. Though at times she can be a bit much to handle, she just doesn't know how to be good. She grew up with a tribe that looked down about feelings and emotions and so those type of things confuse her mostly. It's always hard to tell what exactly she is thinking and she is unpredictable.

Write down ten FF13 characters in no specific order. They can be your own

1. Fio

2. Kion

3. Vanille

4. Fang

5. Kionmo

6. Hope

7. Cid Raines

8. Ice

9. Sazh

10. Lightning

1) Eight(Ice) walks into Ten's(Lightning) room while he/she is changing, what would happened?

Ice: ...

Light: ...

Ice: Wow Light you are hott :D *turns and runs away*

Light: ICE! *shoots at him*

2) Three(Vanille) and Four(Fang) are fighting, but then Six(Hope) comes in and brings Three and Four together as a couple.

Vanille: Stop it Fang! *flails arms*

Fang: I don't want to *grins looking at her*

Vanille: Faaaaang! *frowns in frustration*

Hope: Um guys... calm down... Fang was only teasing Vanille... how about you two stop fightning and... go out?

Fang: ... not a bad idea *grins then grabs Vanille and kisses her*

Vanille: *blushes but returns it*

Hope: *stares* O_O

3) Five(Kionmo) and Nine(Sazh) are talking when Seven(Cid Raines) runs in between yelling "I love (One)!"

Sazh: So what's it like having like... a split personality with basically two people in one body?

Kionmo: *shrugs* It can be annoying since you can read each others thoughts. But it ain't so bad.

Sazh: Really? I always though--

Cid Raines: I love Fio!!

Kionmo and Sazh: ...


4) Ten(Lightning) and Two(Kion) are in the middle of a battle when seven(Cid Raines) comes flying through screaming "Super (Seven's name)"

Kion: *stares fearfully at Light, though blocked her every swing*

Lightning: ... your pretty fast. I'm sorta--

Cid Raines: Super Raines!

Lightning and Kion: ...O.O

Lightning: -.-; whatever

5) Five(Kionmo) kills One(Fio), One's last words?


Fio: ... *thundaga's her and slices her back with her Naginata then socks her in the face* ... lowlife

6) One(Fio), two(Kion), three(Vanille), four(Fang), and five(Kionmo) are fighting when Six(Hope), Seven(Cid Raines), Eight(Ice), Nine(Sazh), and Ten(Lightning) comes to watch. What happens?

Kionmo: We're going to kill you now Fio!

Fio: ... *uses thundaga on them then uses her manipulative magic on Fang and Vanille and watches as they attack Kion/Kionmo*

Kionmo: SHIT!

Ice: *watches as they get their asses kicked* ... shouldn't we help them?

Hope: Y-yeah?

Cid Raines: *shrugs* who cares?

Sazh: Oh they'll be fine.

Lightning: ...

What would happen if number 1(Fio) woke you up in the middle of the night?

Fio: *has Naginata to my neck* ready to die? Or would you rather... have a pleasant run? *grins seductivly*

Me: O_O help me... *says in squeaky voice*

Number 3(Vanille) walked into the bathroom while you're showering?

Vanille: *gasps then covers eyes then runs out* IM SORRY!

Me: ... *stares* ... *shrugs then continues*

Number 4(Fang) announced he/she's going to marry 9(Sazh) tomorrow?

Sazh: WHAT?!

Me: *stares* oh Kionmo put her under a spell to pull a prank. Fang's not going to be happy when she snaps out of it.

Number 5(Kionmo) cooked you dinner?

Me: ... is this edible?

Kionmo: ... EAT IT!!

Me: ... but it's moving... this is why you shoulda let Kion cook...

Number 6(Hope) was lying next to you on the beach, sleeping?

Me: ... *throws a bucket of water on him*

Hope: HEY! DX

Number 7(Cid Raines) suddenly confessed to be part of your family?

Me: *stares* seriously? AWESOME!

Cid Raines: ...

Number 8(Ice) got into the hospital somehow?

Me: *stares at him* I told you not to hug Light. And you gave her a kiss on the cheek. I also told you she would catch up to you.

Ice: It was so worth it though _ ow...

Number 9(Sazh) made fun of your friends?

Me: Haha very funny Sazh :P

Sazh: Sorry sorry don't hurt me now with your magic eraser

Number 10(Lightning) ignored you all the time?

Me: It's Light... she ignors a lot of people *looks at her and waves hand in face*

Light: ...

Me: See?

Two serial killers are hunting you down. What will 1(Fio) do?


Fio: ... *grins then crosses arms and watches the show before her*

You're on a vacation with 2(Kion) and manage to break your leg. What does 2 do?

Kion: *flails around panicing then switches to Kionmo for help*

It's your birthday. What does 3(Vanille) get you?

Me: Yay for sugary sweets and flowers :D

Vanille: _

You're stuck in a house that's on fire. What does 4(Fang) do?

Me: If Vanny asked her to nicely, she would probably save me :D

You're about to do something that'll make you feel extremely embarrassed. What will 5(Kionmo) do?

Kionmo: If you do it, you'll be a royal idiot -.-

You're about to marry number 10(Lightning). What's 1(Fio)'s reaction:

Fio: I don't care *shrugs*

Lightning: What the hell?

Me: So awesome XD even if we're both girls it's Liiiiiight how can you resist her? Other than she'll beat the crap outta me later :P

You got dumped by someone. How will 7(Cid Raines) cheer you up?

Cid Raines: You know there is a reason why you got dumped. You're such a--


You compete in a tournament. How does 9(Sazh) support you?


You can't stop laughing. What will 10(Lightning) do?

Lightning: ...Shut... up... I can't concentrate and your giving me a headache.

Number 1(Fio) is all you've ever dreamed of. Why?

Me: She's fricken scary as hell because she is a seductress and has powerful magic O.O

Number 2(Kion) tells you about his/her deeply hidden love for number 9(Sazh)

Me: Your joking right? What about Selika?!

Kion: _;;;;;;;;

Me: -.- okay now Kionmo put you up to this didn't she?

You're dating 3(Vanille) and he/she introduces you to their family. Would you get along?

Me: It be hard... she's a orphan and their all dead. Closest thing to her now is Fang O.o Soooo...

Vanille: Come on let's go see Fang _

Me: W-Wait no! DX Keep her away from me!

Vanille: But why? o.O

Me: Because once she see's me she's going to bloody murder me O.O!

Will number 5(Kionmo) and 6(Hope) ever kiss?

Kionmo: Ah hell no

Hope: _;;

Me: She'd beat the shit outta him...

Number 6(Hope) appears to be a player, breaking many hearts. What do you do?


You had a haircut and 7(Cid Raines) can't stop looking at you. What goes on in your mind?

Cid Raines: ... that is aweful


Number 8(Ice) thinks he/she’ll never get a girl/boyfriend. What will you tell him/her?

Me: Just keep trying XD Your a handsome guy

Ice: ...I have a demon inside me along with my Eidilon. Plus I'm a l'cie and i'll be gone eventually.

Me: oh ya... well sorry can't help you XD

Ice: XD

Number 9(Sazh) is too shy to face you and confesses there love by sending an email. Now what?

Me: O_O WTF?!

Sazh: Oh whoops sorry. Damn it Dajh! How many times have I told you not to mess with Daddy's old emails?!

You spot 10(Lightning) kissing 1(Fio). How do you react?

Me: OMFG! Fio you bitch you used your spell to seduce Lightning and control her! But omg this is interesting O.O

You notice that 3(Vanille) and 4(Fang) have been inside that hotel room for MORE than a few hours. What are you thinking?

Me: Hey guys what are you-- *hears moans* ... nevermind


UserName: Kai Yukimura

Wolf Name: Kai Yukimura (just Kai)

Fur Color: Pure White

Eye Color: Crystal Blue

Type: Normal

Mate: Night

Pups: Cloud Gray Fured Female 6 months

Theme Song: Truly Madly Deeply by Cascada

Parents: Sky(mother) and Midnight(father)

Siblings: Sand (brother)

Saying I use the most: I'm sorry...

Personality: Kind, Caring, Shy, Nervous, sometimes stubborn. Playful at times

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