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Thanks for checking out my profile! There isn't alot, but it's something, right?

Deviantart account. Not that much stuff, but it's something! http:///

If you're here, you probably want to know more about me, huh? Well, lucky you! Here are things about me, well, if you're even interested in this stuff anyway :))

Name: You can call me Tiffany! No need to put tiffany59 just plain ol' Tiffany.

Age: Just turned 15 October 9th!

Hobbies: Listening to music, drawing anime and manga, baking, forensics, writing, reading, reviewing, and trying to become trilingual (Learning Korean) :))

Favorite musician of ALL time: Michael Jackson! (R.i.p.)

Pets: 4 year-old Chihuahua named Precious; and 1 year old Chihuahua named Chynah (Prenounced 'China')

Fav. Animes/Manga: Kaicou wa Maid-sama, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, Special A, InuYasha, Naruto, La Corda D'Oro.

SOME of my fav. K-pop singers: SHINee, Super Junior, IU, F(x), MBLAQ, B2ST, Kim Hyun Joong, SS501, TVXQ, JYJ, and SNSD. (I'll have more later) I said before, you can call me Tiffany (that's not my real name btw). I'm described as random, colorful, funny, and unique. Basically, I'm your average girl, brown hair and brown eyes. Yes, I know two languages; English and Spanish. My mom is Puerto Rican and My father is Dominican. Though, I am currently in the process of learning Korean.

I've always been in love with their culture, the way they express themselves, and stuff. I'm slowly learning small phrases, and hoping to move on to conversations and such :) And if you're wondering, I do listen to K-pop, and I think their music is truly amazing. Better than the music people make nowadays.


Harvest Moon

Favorite Pairings (No Order)












Worst Couples

I have A LOT of hated couples, but the worst one has to be...drum roll please...

LukeXSelena = SeLuke

I first heard about Harvest Moon three years ago from one of my cousins. She told me that she played in in her god-sisters house, and how fun it was. A week after that I got Harvest Moon: DS Cute.

Harvest Moon: DS Cute = Married Rock, then regreted it. Married Skye, then got bored. Married Kai, and is my current husband.

Once I got it, my cousin totally became hooked, and is, till this day, trying to marry Marlin. All she needs to do is get the sprites, and she could get married when she pleases.

I'd have to say about...a month after that, I ordered Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life. I wasn't as fun as I thought it would be, and I beat the game in about two days.

Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life = Got Married to Rock. What? There was no Skye!

Then it was official...I was totally hooked to Harvest Moon ;))

I own ALL games!

The Outsiders

I first read the book The Outsiders in 7th grade. At first it made no sense to me, so I payed no mind to it. Then I read it again in 8th grade, and became hooked on it. I don't have any favorite pairing, but I'll read any story that's worth reading.


Is the best thing I have ever discovered :) I first I thought it was weird (when I was learning Japanese), and then I instantly got hooked. My sister is into it also, and I'm happy about that. I ship many K-Pop pairings (too much to put down) :D

My 'In Progress' Stories

All of my Harvest Moon and The Outsiders stories have been put on haitus do to current lack of interest, sorry!

Here are the stories I've been working on so far. Hope you like them!:

Outsiders Stories

'Life In Tulsa Ain't So Ordinary' Currently Discontinued. I have a MAJOR writer's block :((

'Curious? Ask A Lot Of Questions!' Ok...120 reviews?? Thank you guys sooo much! I have a lot of fun writing this story, and your questions always make me smile. Hopefully you guys will continue writing questions! *Currently updating*

'Nothing But a Hood' This story is quite successful, and I'm glad everyone is enjoying this as I enjoy writing it :)

Harvest Moon Stories

'The Carpenter Who Stole My Heart' A drama filled LukeXAngela story. I never knew this story would be so popular, and I'm currently updating.

'From Rich Girl To Rancher' The title says it all, currently on hiatus, have writer's block. LukeXAngela

'The Farmer Wears Prada' Again, writer's block :(( JillXSkye

'I Should've Known' Skye/Jill/Rock. I'm really loving this story, and is going to be updated pretty soon!

'Riding On Your Own' An idea I got after a conversation with BebePanda401. She told me Renee looks exactly like Angela, so that's why this story was made. LukeXAngela

I guess that's everything...for now.


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It All Started On A Completely NORMAL Day by Jasmine James reviews
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Riding On Your Own reviews
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Harvest Moon - Rated: T - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 8 - Words: 17,309 - Reviews: 52 - Favs: 17 - Follows: 18 - Updated: 11/4/2010 - Published: 6/15/2010 - Angela/Akari, Luke
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