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Author has written 8 stories for Heir series, Ranger's Apprentice, Merlin, and Harry Potter.

Bonjour! Welcome to my profile, where I have absolutely nothing to put, that could possibly interest all of you, but I'll bore you all with stuff about me. Enjoy! If you can...

Name- Not telling

Age- Not telling. Or, as they put on my school report in 4th grade, N/A.

Birthday- 19th December. Wish me Happy B-day if you dare...

Most stupid moment(s)-

1. When I put on a math test that on average, people have 37.5 telephones in their homes.

2. Me and my friend were running away from my brother and his friend, because we stole their bikes. I ran towards them by mistake. My friend shouted, "Wrong way, *!" and I felt stupid.

3. I pronounced 'perimeter' wrong in 4th grade, a fact that my friends joyfully remind me about on a daily basis.

Favourite Movies/TV shows-

All the Harry Potter ones


Despicable me (My friend asked me how to describe despicable in two words. I said Claire *. She glared at me then reminded me of the perimeter thing. I glared at her then hit her. She started fake crying and called me abusive. Don't listen to her. She's wrong. ish.)

Favourite Books-

Harry Potter (all of them. They call me obsessed. I call them pessimistic)

The Heir series.

Rangers Apprentice

Percy Jackson

Favourite fruit-



Favorite songs-

Fireworks- Katy Perry

Forget You- Cee lo Green

Holiday- Vampire Weekend

Ob-la-di Ob-la-da- The Beatles.

Queen in general.

Mika in general

King of Anything- Sara bareilles.

Some quotes from movies/books that I like-

Bridget Jones's Diary

-"If staying here means working within 10 yards of you, then I'd rather have a job wiping Saddain Hussains ar*"

-"Shut up, please. I am very busy and important"

-My mum, a strange creature from the time when pickles on toothpicks were still the height of sophistication.

-At times like this, continuing with one's life seems impossible... and eating the entire contents of one's fridge seems inevitable. I have two choices: to give up and accept permanent state of spinsterhood and eventualy be eaten by alsatians... or not, and this time i choose not. I will not be defeated by a bad man and an American stick insect! Instead, i choose vodka. And Chaka Khan.

Sherlock Holmes

-Dr. John Watson: You've been in this room for two weeks, I insist you have to get out.
Sherlock Holmes: There is absolutely nothing of interest to me, out there, on earth, at all.
Dr. John Watson: So you're free this evening?
Sherlock Holmes: Absolutely.
Dr. John Watson: Dinner?
Sherlock Holmes: Wonderful.
Dr. John Watson: The Royale?
Sherlock Holmes: My favorite.
Dr. John Watson: Mary's coming.
Sherlock Holmes: ...Not available.
Dr. John Watson: You're meeting her, Holmes!
Sherlock Holmes: Have you proposed yet?
Dr. John Watson: No, I haven't found the right ring.
Sherlock Holmes: Then it's not official.
Dr. John Watson: It's happening. Whether you like it or not, 8:30, the Royale. Wear a jacket!
Sherlock Holmes: You wear a jacket.

-Dr. John Watson: [Holmes points his violin bow at Watson] Get that out of my face.
Sherlock Holmes: It's not in your face, it's in my hand.
Dr. John Watson: Get what's in your hand out of my face.

-[Watson and Mary enter Baker Street to find Holmes hanging from a noose]
Dr. John Watson: Don't worry, dear. Suicide is not in his repertoire. He's far too fond of himself for that.
[pokes Holmes sharply]

-Dr. John Watson: [Holmes points his violin bow at Watson] Get that out of my face.
Sherlock Holmes: It's not in your face, it's in my hand.
Dr. John Watson: Get what's in your hand out of my face.


-Arthur: Are you deaf?
Merlin: I wish.

-Arthur: Were you born clumsy or do you work at it?
Merlin: It's one of my many gifts!

Merlin "This is harder than it looks."

Arthur "You are completely useless."

Arthur then continues to climb up faster ahead of Merlin.

Merlin "Oh,Now you are just showing off."

-Merlin: "Arthur! Arthur!"
Arthur: "Who's there?!"
Merlin: "Merlin!" (Merlin slides out from under Arthur's bed.)
Arthur: "Argh! You're back."
Merlin: "I never left."
Arthur: "You mean to say...?"
Merlin: Yes!"
Arthur: "You've been under there this whole time?"
Merlin: "No. Course not. No."

Merlin: Breakfast!*goes to walk out door*
Arthur: OI! Where's the meat, cheese?
Merlin: That's the new breakfast menu.
Arthur: *Picks up food* This isn't enough!
Merlin: Well, we've got to keep you in shape.
Arthur: I'm fighting fit!
Merlin: We want to keep you that way.
Arthur: MERLIN! *throws food at him*

Merlin: You're dressed!
Arthur: I am the future king of Camelot, you know. I do have some skills.
Merlin: Indeed, you are very skilled... at getting people to do things for you.

Vivian: Who is it?
Arthur: It is destiny, my love! And chicken. A rather nice combination, eh?

King Alened: Every girl in the kingdom is attracted to this boy!
King Alened:I'm almost attracted to him myself...

Merlin: If you weren't a prince I'd tell you to mind your own damn business.

(Old) Merlin: "And you, oh I've heard how you...mistreat your servants! They do everything for you but they don't have any thanks! You're are an arrogant prat, with a brain of a donkey and a face of (gulp) a toad!"

My Stories-

Red Rose- Merlin

Appearing in Camelot- Merlin

Two Apprentices?- RA

Short Ideas/Stories from Ranger's Apprentice- RA

The Marauders and Me- Harry Potter

New Son- Heir Series


Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Merlyn by Kezelle reviews
What if Merlin was a sixteen year old girl? How would the legend unfold?
Merlin - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 17 - Words: 105,098 - Reviews: 258 - Favs: 597 - Follows: 753 - Updated: 1/3 - Published: 9/8/2010 - Arthur, Merlin
Not All Is As It Seems by luna-proeliator reviews
Merlin's sister, Artemis, had seen it all. She had traveled far and wide. She had lived and breathed war. She had learn things beyond most wildest dreams. She had loved and lost. She thought there was nothing left until she met Arthur Pendragon. Arthur/OC DISCONTINUED!
Merlin - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 66 - Words: 242,799 - Reviews: 199 - Favs: 151 - Follows: 125 - Updated: 5/7/2013 - Published: 7/26/2010 - Arthur
Light Up The Sky by Troublemaker-In-Chief reviews
Lily and James are still grieving twelve years after Harry's death. He'd be 13 years old if he were alive. The war against Voldemort is more intense than ever. Three mysterious young Death Eaters keep helping the Aurors out. Read the full summary inside.
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Family/Drama - Chapters: 35 - Words: 147,763 - Reviews: 1139 - Favs: 784 - Follows: 763 - Updated: 6/20/2012 - Published: 6/23/2010 - James P., Lily Evans P.
Dear fanfiction writers, by H o r i z o n s reviews
Humorous letters to fanfiction writers focusing on what the characters would say in response to the clichés stories some fanfiction writers write. Canon universe and pairings, mostly. Drabble Fic. Suggestions are most welcome. R&R please!
Harry Potter - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 48 - Words: 6,734 - Reviews: 2468 - Favs: 1,059 - Follows: 700 - Updated: 1/3/2012 - Published: 2/12/2011 - Harry P., Draco M.
adonné de la chaleur by the-other-em reviews
Will is slowly gaining back his health but now a Ranger Assasain is threatening the safety of every Ranger! Ch. 10 is the fiery conclusion. Only an epilogue left! Conspiracy, Mystery and Angst :D R,R&R! Set after book 4
Ranger's Apprentice - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Mystery - Chapters: 11 - Words: 23,964 - Reviews: 145 - Favs: 90 - Follows: 45 - Updated: 11/13/2011 - Published: 2/10/2010 - Will, Halt - Complete
Rules and Regulations by Kitty O reviews
LOL along with the whole crew through these sarcastic and witty one-shots. How can Camelot deal with Merlin playing a lyre, Arthur having a teddy bear, or everyone blurting out their secrets? Read and find out. S3 and S1 SPOILERS! NO slash! T for safety.
Merlin - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 47 - Words: 84,480 - Reviews: 816 - Favs: 97 - Follows: 48 - Updated: 10/1/2011 - Published: 10/9/2010 - Complete
This is Us by birchermuesli reviews
It's our last year at Hogwarts, and against everything that my mind is frantically telling me, I'm now falling for James Potter. He's dating another girl. Now, what in Merlin's name has gone wrong with the world?
Harry Potter - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 10 - Words: 27,878 - Reviews: 274 - Favs: 79 - Follows: 126 - Updated: 8/8/2011 - Published: 2/21/2011 - James P., Lily Evans P.
Ways to Say No by BuckKitty06 reviews
James Potter is persistent in his efforts to date Lily Evans. Here are some of his attempts, and of course, her refusals. A collection of fragments and one shots.
Harry Potter - Rated: K+ - English - Chapters: 25 - Words: 19,984 - Reviews: 160 - Favs: 74 - Follows: 63 - Updated: 8/7/2011 - Published: 8/11/2010 - Lily Evans P., James P.
One of Them by ScarlettSunshine reviews
It's a challenge. One week. Lily's hanging out with the Marauders. But trying to keep up with four seventeen year old boys isn't that easy. "If I win you don't ask me out. At all. Never again." "And if I win, you're my girlfriend." This'll be interesting.
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 28 - Words: 90,098 - Reviews: 1205 - Favs: 1,088 - Follows: 426 - Updated: 7/30/2011 - Published: 2/21/2011 - James P., Lily Evans P. - Complete
Next Generation Travel Back In Time by brahdley jims reviews
It's another time travel fic! With an actual plot line. When James, Albus, Lily, Rose, Hugo and Scorpius are sent back in time to 1995, they discover a lot more than they bargained for. What kind of trouble will an ancient curse bring our time travellers?
Harry Potter - Rated: K+ - English - Drama/Mystery - Chapters: 17 - Words: 50,085 - Reviews: 399 - Favs: 461 - Follows: 448 - Updated: 7/9/2011 - Published: 3/6/2011
Wake Up by birchermuesli reviews
James Potter is convinced that he and Lily Evans are meant to be. Sirius tries to help by gaining access to her thoughts. There he finds 'sexy chickens' and Remus Lupin's buttocks. But then everything goes haywire, and Lily is seriously confused.
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 31 - Words: 70,013 - Reviews: 597 - Favs: 254 - Follows: 140 - Updated: 4/3/2011 - Published: 10/4/2010 - Lily Evans P., James P. - Complete
Resolution by WeasleyWannabee reviews
"I think you're an arrogant, selfish pig, and I think you'd be doing both of us a favor if you just left me alone!" Potter stared at me for a moment, an unreadable expression in his hazel eyes, before uttering a single word: "Okay." J/L, Lily's POV.
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 37 - Words: 181,625 - Reviews: 1904 - Favs: 1,948 - Follows: 680 - Updated: 3/26/2011 - Published: 8/20/2010 - Lily Evans P., James P. - Complete
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WWHI? Book 2 by Pendragon.P a s s i o n reviews
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Ranger's Apprentice - Rated: T - English - Angst/Adventure - Chapters: 25 - Words: 27,110 - Reviews: 355 - Favs: 112 - Follows: 136 - Updated: 3/5/2011 - Published: 4/23/2009 - Will
Hazy by birchermuesli reviews
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Harry Potter - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 11 - Words: 3,470 - Reviews: 100 - Favs: 21 - Follows: 35 - Updated: 2/25/2011 - Published: 1/22/2011 - James P., Lily Evans P.
Christmas in Corsets by unopeneddoors reviews
There were two things James hated about Christmas. The first was being away from Lily Evans,and the other was his parents' stupid annual victorian costume party, but this year it was going to be very different and it all starts with a surprise guest...
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Absence of Fear by Mel.A Who reviews
She was a mystery, appearing out of nowhere with two children and a horrible past. Arthur and Merlin take uncertainly take her back to Camelot where they protect her from the shadows that haunt her every step, keeping a suspicious eye on her. Arthur/OC
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Amortentia by Molly Raesly reviews
Falling in love is merely realizing that you are already in it. And vice versa.
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A Father's Desperate Chase by GlitteringEmeraldStar reviews
One wrong decision, one dreadful night, haunts James Potter forever. But a hint of light always lies within a cloud of darkness - hope. But how far will a father go in the end to find the truth, to save the only surviver - his only family. Full sum Insie
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Magical Secrets the Prequel by AVeryBlueGirl reviews
Follow Bellatrix Lestrange's daughter, Isabella Lestrange, AKA Bella Swan, through her early years--before Bella met and fell in love with Edward Cullen--growing up, as both a Chosen One and as two Death Eaters' daughter. *Read Magical Secrets 1 first*
Crossover - Harry Potter & Twilight - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure - Chapters: 27 - Words: 58,305 - Reviews: 231 - Favs: 159 - Follows: 131 - Updated: 9/11/2010 - Published: 11/26/2009
Chocolate Covered Love by johnnydicaprio reviews
Me and Potter? Please. Don't make laugh. Of course I haven't just kissed James Potter. Of course I'm not running away from him as fast as my legs will carry me. Don't be ridiculous. Who told you this atrocious lie? I promise I'll only kill them a little.
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 15 - Words: 52,452 - Reviews: 362 - Favs: 168 - Follows: 207 - Updated: 10/18/2009 - Published: 11/25/2007 - Lily Evans P., James P.
Amy by xoxoMUSHR00M reviews
He takes on an apprentice. And then he takes on another, because both have the potential. But what happens when he realizes something? Simple, unoriginal stuff, but anyway. Ratings will change duhh but anyway, FIRST RA FAN FIC PLEASE R & R
Ranger's Apprentice - Rated: K+ - English - Friendship/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,399 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 5 - Published: 7/23/2009
Lost and Found by Jennie reviews
AU. Slight spoilers for Wizard Heir. Prequel to Need. A fluke accident brings father and son together.
Heir series - Rated: K+ - English - Drama/Family - Chapters: 3 - Words: 10,319 - Reviews: 23 - Favs: 20 - Follows: 10 - Updated: 6/18/2009 - Published: 11/13/2008 - Leander H., Joseph M.
THE REST IS STILL UNWRITTEN by i can't walk away reviews
Fayer appears in the Torchwood of the future in the non-parallel world claiming to be the Doctor and Rose's daughter. She has to find the Doctor to help get her mother out of danger. Rose/Ten.
Doctor Who - Rated: K - English - Chapters: 2 - Words: 4,189 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 3/24/2009 - Published: 3/23/2009 - 10th Doctor, Rose T.
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I'll Take it Shaken, Not Stirred by Jewels5 reviews
Mix: 1 portion each of mystery, mayhem, and murder. Add: James, Lily, spies, school, and sarcasm. Stir in: 1 tablespoon each of chaos and enmity. Blend using: sense of humor and ability to read. Serve: shaken, not stirred...
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 26 - Words: 241,427 - Reviews: 1025 - Favs: 1,030 - Follows: 319 - Updated: 11/14/2006 - Published: 6/8/2005 - James P., Lily Evans P. - Complete
Not Exactly Valentines by ProfessorSpork reviews
Because really, the first love letter Lily Evans ever sent to James Potter was a detention slip.
Harry Potter - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 6 - Words: 10,774 - Reviews: 484 - Favs: 436 - Follows: 367 - Updated: 4/1/2006 - Published: 7/30/2005 - Lily Evans P., James P.
Kissing the Enemy by czarina-kathryn reviews
Ever get the feeling the world is conspiring against you? That all of your worst nightmares are coming true? Welcome to my life or week anyway. Someone save me! And while you’re at it, get James Potter’s lips off of mine!
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 18 - Words: 69,386 - Reviews: 1526 - Favs: 1,031 - Follows: 272 - Updated: 2/22/2006 - Published: 6/10/2005 - Lily Evans P., James P. - Complete
Harry's New Family by CrazyGirl47 reviews
Sirius Black is now Harry's legal guardian. Life is great... until a woman shows up on their doorstep and drops off Sirius's longlost daughter, throwing their lives into chaos.
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,406 - Reviews: 296 - Favs: 136 - Follows: 136 - Updated: 7/2/2004 - Published: 2/2/2003 - Harry P., Sirius B.
Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

The Marauders and Me reviews
Yeah, they may have traveled to the time to Harry Potter. Yeah, they might try to change the future. Yeah, I'm talking about a certain group of people who go by the names of Evans, Lupin, Black, and Potter. Now Beta'd and changed summary.
Harry Potter - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Fantasy - Chapters: 17 - Words: 28,907 - Reviews: 53 - Favs: 29 - Follows: 32 - Updated: 2/24/2011 - Published: 1/12/2011 - James P., Lily Evans P.
Mischief Not Yet Managed reviews
They *cough*Remus*cough* said I would fail. Miserably. But I never give up until the job's done. So, I was going to act like my snotty, pure-blood mother, stick my nose in the air, and get Lily Evans to fall in love with James Potter. -Sirius Black
Harry Potter - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,733 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 3 - Published: 2/6/2011 - Sirius B.
Devinez Qui reviews
"He looked into those bright green eyes, and just for a second, his face crumpled into helpless remorse." One-shots turned into a guessing game! You review, and I announce the winner! No slash, canon pairings,see inside for full summary.Some humor.
Harry Potter - Rated: K+ - English - Chapters: 2 - Words: 965 - Reviews: 6 - Updated: 2/1/2011 - Published: 1/31/2011 - Harry P.
Appearing in Camelot reviews
After a sleepover that included a Merlin marathon, Freya and her two friends from 2010, suddenly wake up in Camelot. What will happen when they meet our wonderfully prattish prince, the ever smirking Morgana, and the oh so idiotic warlock? Nothing good.
Merlin - Rated: K+ - English - Fantasy - Chapters: 2 - Words: 3,344 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 10 - Updated: 12/29/2010 - Published: 12/28/2010 - Merlin, Freya
Red Rose reviews
Whilst hunting in the woods, Merlin and Arthur find a girl that Merlin knows. Suckish summary, I know, and very short first chapter, but please read. No slash.
Merlin - Rated: K+ - English - Fantasy - Chapters: 6 - Words: 6,954 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 12/28/2010 - Published: 12/24/2010 - Arthur, Merlin
Short Ideas From Ranger's Apprentice reviews
So, title says it all, these are my short ideas featuring Will, Halt, Horace, Gilan, and other people. I'm hoping this will turn out funny. Review and tell me whether I should keep on going or give up.
Ranger's Apprentice - Rated: K - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 808 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 3 - Published: 8/16/2010 - Will, Halt
Two Apprentices? reviews
Soo... This is when Will has a buddy in the ward and she gets chosen to be Halt's apprentice along with Will. But will she succeed to be the first female ranger, as she's always dreamed to be? Or will the Corps always be an organization for men?
Ranger's Apprentice - Rated: K - English - Chapters: 3 - Words: 2,841 - Reviews: 24 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 12 - Updated: 8/8/2010 - Published: 8/2/2010 - Halt, Will
New Son reviews
This is Leander Hastings POV on when he first met Seph as his son on Second Sister. It's really short, but this is my first fanfic.
Heir series - Rated: K+ - English - Family - Chapters: 1 - Words: 575 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 1 - Published: 8/2/2010 - Leander H., Joseph M. - Complete