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Author has written 2 stories for Inception, and Transformers.

Hello folks :D

Myyyy name is Alayna, but I'm also known as Nikole, or Nik. I joined FF mainly to read people's work but I will also be posting my own stories sometime in the near future :)

Alas! I have a Transformers fanfiction idea, which I am already starting to write. Once I get the first chapter written and straighten the whole plot-line out, I will post it! Be expecting this very soon :) I have already half-way finished the first chapter and am fairly confident with how it's going. The only problem is the title...it needs a good title...hmm...


If you read profiles, you're in luck! Here I will update you on what's new in my fics without you having to wait for new chapters to get the news in Author's notes. Check back frequently for any news!

The Consequences of Clumsiness: (Co-Writer: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2334973/mrs_bumblebee15 )

AS OF JANUARY 12, 2011- Mrs. Bee and I finished chapter 2 today, and it has been posted. Something I wanted to bring up however, is the author's note in the beginning. There it states that the mention of a Sides/OC will not be happening and there will still definitely be a Bee/OC. Wellz, about that...

As we were beginning to write the 3rd chapter today, after posting the 2nd, we weren't exactly planning on it working out the way it did (and as you will soon find out when I post it tomorrow, NO SPOILERS FOR YOU). Until then we were intent on a Bee/OC, but it just became clearer and clearer that we might be trying to pair up the wrong mech, or at least that's how it's beginning to feel. It turns out that a Sides/OC is now a real possibility (a GOOD possibility too) but with the way our brains work it could end up being a Bee/OC anyway. But to be safe, I'm not making any promises because I don't want to disappoint people. Don't be afraid to PM Mrs. Bee or I with suggestions though, because we are always up for ideas. Tell us what you want to see happen too! We will look at all ideas with an open mind, so tell us even if it's a little whack! We are all about being whacky!

SO, enough with that! I will be updating the summary so it says there will either be a possible Bee/OC or Sides/OC. Ratchet/OC will definitely be happening (NO MATTER WHAT I SWEAR!), and the whole "Medics vs. Scouts" war (MEDICS) will be there regardless of who we pair with who. Chapter 3 is now in the works and we hope to have it done tomorrow!

And so, Bonne nuit! (Or Bonsoir or Bonjour, depending on the time of day you read this!)\

News for "Silent Enemy"

This fiction is currently off. I lost my motivation for it a while ago, and haven't been able to write any good second chapters. I might find my muse for it again someday, but for right now my main project is TCoC with Mrs. Bee and my own TF fic that will be posted soon. Sorry to those who were interested in it, but if I try to write it you will just get a piece of crap! I would rather give you nothing than crap :( Capisce?

So, here it is, I'm spilling my guts to you guys.

I have a split personality, developed after years and years of corruption leaking into my brain, who's just recently earned a name. His name is Jerry. Don't ask why he's a guy, he just is. I suspect he's lanky and tall, but kinda weak in the physical department, with dark hair and grey eyes. I'm not entirely sure though because I've only just become aware of his presence. (I'm really starting to sound crazy here lol) He's like the sex-slave of my brain, being kept in a cage deep down in the darkest corners of my mind; he's only allowed out when I want him and for my own amusement, being that it is through him I get all my weird ideas. I know it sounds cruel, but I have to keep him this way, because if the rest of my mind knew he existed or GOD FORBID he took over, we would ALL be DOOMED!

So Now you know who I'm talking about when I talk about Jerry. :D

At the moment I have 8 pets. Two rats named Ratchet and Ironhide; 2 hamsters, Dom Joseph Vanschnauzer, and Moose Alexander Rockwell; A red and blue betta fish, Optimus Prime II (the first OP died :c); 3 cats, Tigger (the big grey monster also known as Megafart of Tiggertron), Percy (AKA StarscreamKitty), and Layla (who hasn't yet earned herself a decepticon-related-nickname). That would be them :D

And I can't really think of much else...I'll write more when I figure it out. (Wow, that's sad, the only thing I have to share about myself is Jerry and my animals ;c)

(I totally stole the following from Mrs. Bee)

Questions that may be asked in a Transformers fanfiction questionnaire.

Q1: Which is your favourite faction?

A: They don't call me a tainted Autobot for nothing!

Q2: Who is your favourite Decepticon?

A: Oh Primus, that's an awful question! Hrm...I'm gonna have to go with Starscream. I fraggin' love Megatron tho

Q3: Who is your favourite Autobot?

A: Optimus Prime, and I always say that because he's like a robot Jesus. I love many more though, the runner-ups being Sideswipe and Ratchet :D

Q4: What would you do if you met your favourite Decepticon/Autobot?

A: Go insane and cling to their pedes like a little leech.

Q5: What would you do if a Decepticon attacked you?

A: Run at him screaming in happiness, then cling to his pedes, begging to be his pet. *I'm so ashaamed, but it's truuee...*

Q6: Do you have any OCs?

A: Well, I share two with my co-author Mrs. Bee. I have many others too that I haven't gotten to writing yet, but I plan on it.

Q7: What are their names?

A: Astrid, Dyani, Nikole, Jacqueline (Jackie), Quintessa, to name a few...

Q8: What would you do if you saw you favourite Autobot and Decepticon getting it on?

A: I have two answers to that. 1) If you mean like FIGHTING, then I would run like a maniac and cling to their pedes, like I normally would. 2) If you mean GETTING-IT-ON-on, then I would stand there gawking and giggling like a complete idiot. Either way I would probably be killed :D

Q9: How would you react if you were to live out one of your fanfictions?

A: Idk, it depends...would I be able to control the power of the pencil? If so then I would LOVE it. Of course Jerry might try to take over and destroy us all with his pervertedness but whatever...NOW If I couldn't then it would be bittersweet, in so many ways...

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