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Hello my name is Akagekkou Aka for short (though real name is Sierra Peterman but come on thats plain and boring and makes me sound spanish) I love writing my own stories and fan fictions and warning for people who read these my puncuation is kind of off cause I've never used it on anything but TAKS test. Oh also I'm so use to makeing up my own stories so I always O.C. putting me in the story or just my own little characters so if you're like my friend Chandler and don't like O.C's don't read my stories. Also I really hope you love reading my stories as much as I have writing them. Also NO MEAN REVIEWS THESE STILL FALL UNDER THE CATAGORY OF FAN FIC BUT ALSO NOT FAN FIC NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY I PUT IT UNDER THE RIGHT CATAGORY. And sorry for the mispellings here or any mispellings on my stories my dad takes up the computer alot because he loves WOW so I don't have alot of time to proof read.

And also if you love vampire stories read mine plus in each one the role of vampires are a little different and based off different myths on vampires, I think you'll love it no matter what though. (They will never sparkle though, I'm sorry twilight lovers but no. I read twilight, I liked it, but sparkling vampires can go to hell.)

Also I don't care if they lose I think the titans rock GO TEAM KRONOS!

Sorry I haven't been putting up new chapters, senior year is killing me. I'm trying to catch up on my writing and I just can't seem to try writing the stories I want to immediently publish instead of putting on here. I'm trying though so please keep a lookout for new chapters and I'll put any updates on here so look back at my profile at least once a week if I remember, if my new chapters are slow or if their not coming up at all. Also if you have any complaints about the stories message me and no asking for longer chapters I just end the chapters where I have a break in the story. Plus my writings getting better so good scenes will be longer. At least its not like my Olympian High story I'm writing, first chapter is 16 pages.


(yami: hello I'm Aka's friend and also her inspiration for Yami in her ummmm . . . ) Its becoming a series I just calling it the YamiXLucifer story (yami: but don't I break up with him?) I HAVEN'T TYPED THAT CHAPTER YET! (yami: oh whoops well I'll be asking the questiosn so lets start)

1. (Yami: What is your favorite book?) Seriously? You've seen the dozens of books on my bed. Sheesh just the ones on my bed when stacked up are taller then me. (Yami: Just list some series then.) Fine Cirque du Freak, Demonata, any mythology book, Sookie Stackhouse Series, Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, The Kane Chronicles... (Yami: Someone shut her up because I'm not typing anymore.)

2. (Yami: How many journals do you have?) Seriously Yami your horrible at questions. (Yami: Oh wah I've seen you count them.) Yea but still- (yami: Buzz buzz.) What? (Yami: Your the one that made me say it in the story.) Yea because I'm reading hamlet at school, oh man I was suppose to read Act 4, good thing its a snow day. (Yami: Just answer.) I don't know 20, 30? I know 5 are poems and like over half of them are stories I haven't put up here. (yami: Sigh. Lets move on.)

3. (Yami: Just give us basic informations, looks, age, etc.) Sigh. Remind me to get Callie next time I do this. I'm 5 foot 7, 115 pounds I guess, I'm 17, a senior in high school, brown hair, hazel eyes, this is stupid moving on.

4. (Yami: What are your hobbies?) After the book an journal question that should be obvious. (Yami: Oh yea but-) Just go to number 5.

5. (Yami: Who would you date Alyx or lucifer?) My boyfriend has an account on here you know. (Yami: So?) I'm going to shoot you someday, but probably Alyx my friend I based him after is totally cute.

6. (Yami: What does it take to write these stories?) Di Immortales um, lots of research, reading, imagination, roleplay, ackward conversations, ice for your hands when you have a really good idea, lots of free time, loyal readers, good reviews, lots of spare time in class, alot of blocking out the teacher when shes yelling at you to do your work, and great friends.

7. (Yami: Why'd you give me a sister?) Again ruining the story. (Yami: Just type up the rest of the chapters already so I can find out! >,

8. (Yami: Werewolves or vampires?) RIGGIS! (Yami: Thats not an answer. >,

Because of fighting and lots of bruises the questions have been discontinued for now.*

New Beginnings accidently got deleted but has been put up again. Also sorry for the odd "your ruining the story" thing since the chapters she accidently mentioned but I hadn't put up yet have been added now.

Also, you have a problem with me? Solve it. Think I'm tripping? Tie my shoes. Can't face me? Turn around. Can't stand me? Sit the fuck down. I do not care what you think about me so got something bad to say? Say it to face. Got something good to say? Say it to my face, and maybe in my reviews because I like other people to see it too. If I write about something you don't like well you probably shouldn't be reading it so choose a different story, don't leave mean reviews, and remember Karma is only a bitch if you are, and leaving mean reviews for no reason is a really bitchy thing to do. If I offended anyone with my cursing I am truly sorry but I am a teenager.

║██║ (Put this on your page if u LOVE music)

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