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Author has written 8 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, Batman, Yu Yu Hakusho, Lackadaisy, Merlin, Supernatural, Hobbit, and Teen Wolf.

Name: Sheila Wolfe

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Height: 5'2"

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Likes: Skating, swimming, dancing, singing, playing flute, archery, writing, reading, hanging out with friends, watching movies,and always having fun!

Dislikes: Stupid people and running...that is all...

Movies, shows, books, music, ect...: Three Days Grace, Linkin Park, Red, Maximum Ride, Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, Inkheart, Black Adder, Yu-Gi-Oh, TMNT, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Peter Pan, Phantom of the Opera, Titanic, Pearl Harbor, A Haunting in Connecticut, Freddy Vs. Jason, Pirates of the Caribbean, Airplane, Tommy Boy, Young Frankenstein, Robin Hood Men in Tights, and much more!

Comments: I've been writing a few years now so I've had a bit of practice. I write mostly fan fictions and am trying to start my own stories. I'm always open to constructive criticism and feedback to improve my writing. But please be aware of the differences between 'constructive criticism' and 'out right insult' before you tear apart my work. Thanks. :D


normal people: Rely on their local weatherman for the weather forecast.

Yu-Gi-Oh fans: Would rather rely on Ishizu for future predictions.

normal people: Say "OMG!"

Yu-Gi-Oh fans: Say "Oh my RA! (OMR!)"

normal people: Say "Shut up or I'll tell on you!"

Yu-Gi-Oh fans: Say "Shut up or I'll steal Seto's check book and blame you!"

normal people: Think bad guys are very ugly.

Yu-Gi-Oh fans: Know a lot better and absolutely love Bakura and Marik.

normal people: When being chased yell "HELP ME, SOMEBODY!"

Yu-Gi-Oh fans: When being chased yell "HELP ME, ATEM!"

normal people: Get nervous or scared during thunderstorms.

Yu-Gi-Oh fans: Know that there might be a duel between Yami Yugi and Yami Bakura, and that one of them might be shirtless.

normal people: Would choose somewhere sunny to go for vacation.

Yu-Gi-Oh fans: Would go directly to Domino City or find a way to Ancient Egypt.

normal people: Would be scared when they see people in purple cloaks chasing them.

Yu-Gi-Oh fans: Just know that Marik sends his rare hunters to be sure that you are fine.

normal people: Get freaked out when they see scary people on motorcycles.

Yu-Gi-Oh fans: Know a lot better and know that it is possibly Marik.

normal people: Think Yu-Gi-Oh is just a stupid children’s card game.

Yu-Gi-Oh fans: Know a lot better and know that it was even in the Egyptian past.

normal people: Think little people are stupid.

Yu-Gi-Oh fans: Think that Mokuba and Yugi are way too cute to be stupid.

normal people: Would never go to an orphanage.

Yu-Gi-Oh fans: Know better and go to orphanages often to check out if there is someone like Seto.

normal people: Think Egypt is stupid.

Yu-Gi-Oh fans: Would go immediately to Egypt, because maybe Marik or Atem is there!

normal people: Would never buy to expensive thing because they might run out of money.

Yu-Gi-Oh fans: Would just kidnap Mokuba and force Seto to shop with them.

normal people: Solve all their problems by suing people.

Yu-Gi-Oh fans: Solve all their problems by playing a children's card game.

If you are a YuGiOh fan, then put this on your profile.

You say Edward, I say Atem
You say Bella, I say Tea
You say Jacob, I say Yugi
You say Rosalie, I say Mai
You say Alice, I say Mana
You say Emmett, I say Joey
You say Jasper, I say Bakura
You say Volturi, I say Marik's Evil Council Of Doom

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