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You will bow down to the lulz-ness that is Agent Rothschild!!

Name- Agent Rothschild (I laugh at the ones who thought I'd give out my real name.)

Age- 13

Sex- (giggles) I'm a girl.

I Heart- The Lulz!!

I Don't Heart- OOC-ness (Unless used in a parodic manner.)

Here's the section where I will tell you about my Original Characters. They are a part of a team that lives together in a large abandoned warehouse.

First is Agent R. Her real name is Rei Harson. Rei, a thirteen year old asian american, was born in New Orleans, but her family soon moved to Biloxi. One day, a thunderstorm hit, causng her house to burn. Her mother, father, and brother got out through the back door, while Rei hopped through her bedroom window. Firemen told her parents that she had died in the blaze. Soon afterword, her family moved away, leaving her alone. She was eight. After wandering for a few days, she was taken in by a family near her own home. Walking around for so long had made her unrecognizable. By age eleven, she was the biggest trouble maker in her school. Her adoptive parents sent her to a private school hoping she could be reformed. All she was allowed to take was a bag of clothes and her laptop. On the way to the school, the cab she was in crashed. Unharmed, she jumped out of the car and saw a large warehouse. She moved in there.

Rei is a tall, thin (mainly because she doesn't get to eat much) girl with blue eyes and short hair she dyed blue. She normally wears an outfit she brought with her, a pair of jeans, and a black tank top. Rei has a bit of a temper, and likes to piss people off. She really in to feminism, and if you insult it, she will throw heavy objects at you.

Second is Janis Rothschild. She was born in the small town of Coffee, Mississippi. There, she lived with her mother. When she was very little, she learned that showing too much emotion caused things around her to combust. Fearing for her family, she ran away. After days of traveling, she collapsed. Upon awakening, she met a young buddhist who had taken her in. He taught her meditation, and how to control her emotions. With his teachings, she learned to control her energy.

At age fourteen, one trip to the beach told her that telekenisis was not her only talent. She hopped in the cool waters of the beach in Biloxi, only to find it was missing. She looked and saw it hovering around her. From then on, she was able to control water.

When she was fifteen, she moved out of the buddhist's house. She got a job at a local goth cafe called The Macabre. She worked there, and slept there without the manager's knowledge. After gaining enough money to finally rent the apartment she had been looking at, she stumbled upon a warehouse. Looking inside, she saw Rei eating an apple she had bought with some change she had stumbled upon. Janis asked where her parents wee, and Rei replied that she had none. A friendship blossomed, and Janis moved in. She was fifteen and Rei was twelve. A week later, Janis had a vision and learned her father was a water demon, making her half demon.

Janis is a pale girl with green eyes and shoulder length black hair. She's a bit on the short side, but if you comment on that, she'll lift you by your ankles with her telekenisis. (Rei learned that the hard way.) She normally wears her cafe uniform, which is a knee length blue skirt, a dark purple jacket, and a pair of purple boots. She has anger management problems, and tends to be cold and sarcastic towards everyone she meets.

More to come!!

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