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Western Zodiac Sign; Gemini (Positive Air Sign)

Gemini is the mutable/air sign. Using their communicative skills, Geminis adapt to any situation they encounter. However, they must learn to speak with candor instead of simply repeating what others want to hear. Geminis have clever tongues and develop an amazing ability to obscure the facts with stimulating and imaginative chatter.

In the tropical zodiac, mutable signs coincide with the times of change in the seasons. They are associated with change and versatility. Individuals born under the four mutable quality signs are thought to be adaptable, impressionable, sharp, sympathetic, communicative, resourceful and restless, with a gift for seeing both sides of a situation at the same time and an immense desire for knowledge, variety and new ideas. They supposedly adapt very well to new situations, possess much flexibility, seldom have any particular agenda and are perfectly happy to fill in an assigned role. However, they are also said to be inconsistent, changeable, nervous, indecisive and irresponsible, with a tendency to get wrapped up in tiny particulars. There is also a certain duality associated with all the mutable quality signs.

Eastern Zodiac Animal; Dragon

Dragon people are the most eccentric in the Chinese Zodiac. Soaring high into the serene heavens, they can be stubborn, passionate, excitable, honest, and brave, wear purple and walk barefoot in public fountains. They listen to their own drummer, thank you very much, while the rest of the world stands in amazement. People always admire their individuality and feisty personality. Dragons are capable of doing great work for mankind and they inspire trust in almost everyone. The Dragon symbolizes life and growth and is said to bring the five blessings: harmony, virtue, riches, fulfillment and longevity.

Eastern Zodiac Element; Earth

If you make friends with the Earth Dragon, you have a friend for life! Friendship is a big-time commitment which they show through uncommon kindness, caring, and giving spirit. When youngsters, Earth Dragons are valued by their teachers and playmates and when older, by their superiors, colleagues, and social circle. It's no wonder! Hardworking and talented, these well-rounded Dragons have a lively imagination which transforms the atmosphere. They are able to do many things well and receive many accolades during their very successful careers and good money to boot. These Dragons are wildly impulsive in money matters. If they see it, they buy it. When they buy it, it's out of sight out of mind, forgotten in the toy box. Not too late to change these wasteful spending habits, you know! Like most Dragons, those of the Earth don't like to rush Love. They like doing what comes naturally, steady rhythm, beginning from friendship and igniting into the exhilaration of falling in love when it's time. Earth Dragons want long-lasting relationships, not tumbling tumble weeds. After the male dragon has gotten over his playboy stage, he is the biggest convert of all to the joys of the everlasting Relationship.


Celestial Beasts;

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