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Poll: I yinshadow prophesied the fate of Konoha but 2 versions of it. First the Destruction, every enemy destroyed except for a small resistanse. Second the Domination, all enslaved and imprisoned by the Overlord. But only one is true, you must decide to choose which is the true fate of Konoha. Vote Now!
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My overlord Profile

Name: Yinshadow

Alias: Yin-Shad, the darkness within darkness, Yin, the Dark Prophet.

Occupation: Author of the Dark Prognosticus, Grimoire, the Necronomicon and the Big Book of Evil. Dark Sorceror

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Green

Crime: Influencing the good to do evil, on the verge to conquer the world. Predicting Dark Prophecies

Hobbies: reading, drawing, listiening to music

Powers: Dark Magic, Foresight, Immortality.

Nemesis: Anita Sarkeesian (Aka Female Hitler #1), Flamers, SOPA, Matthew Hagge (Aka Anti Gamer), Donald Trump

Overlords from different Realms

These are the names of the great Overlord from other realms; their names were known and some not yet told.

Since I won't have time writing all of those, I will make this a list of my future work and a list of challenges.

Naruto Uzumaki

Story: After a failed experiment attempt by Orochimaru, Naruto has been chosen to be the next Overlord for the first time in 2000 years.

Crimes: Terrorizing the Shinobi Nations,

Murder of many Konoha Shinobi

Assaulting on Sasuke Uchiha

Alias: Maelstrom Overlord

Age: 13-17

Powers and Ablilties:


Enhanced Stamina

Enhanced Strength

Enchanced Speed

Enchanced Endurance

Minion Control

Demonic Magic


First Mistress: ?

Born: Konoha, Shinobi Nations

Goal: Conquer the Shinobi Nations and the world

Nemesis: Konoha

Allies: ?

predecessor: The Overlords before him

First Mistress: Hinata Hyuuga(and if you got a problem with it... FUCK YOU)

Gol D Luffy

Story: Luffy started his pirate career as a young boy when he was rescued by Tiger Fisher after escaping Marijois, but he started his Overlord career at the age of 20. Luffy is forming a pirater fleet to oppose the World Government and and Marines.

Crime: Act of piracy

Alias: Overlord of the Sea, Mugiwara,

Age: 20-22

Abilities and Powers:

Gomu-Gomu no mi:

A Paramecia fruit that turned his entire body into rubber. He can stretch his limbs at an incredible length. Imprevious to bullets, blunt objects and electicity but vulnerable to sharp objects and fire.

Mizu-Mizu no mi:

A rare and powerful Logia fruit that gains him the ability to manipulate and turn into water, this also gives him the ability to swim underwater.

Mythical Zoan Fruit- Model: Leviathan:

A rare Zoan fruit that turns him into a most vicious beast even sea kings fear known as a Leviathan. Luffy uses this to sink ships and even islands with this fruit's powers. A perfect power for an Overlord of the seas.

Skilled Swordsman

Skilled Markman

Minion Control

Magic User




Nico Robin

Boa Hancock


First Mistress: Boa Hancock

Born: Unknown, raised in Fusha village in the East Blue

Goal: Destroy the World Government, control the seas and find the One piece

Nemesis: Smoker, the World Government

Rival: Edward Newgate A.K.A Whitebeard, Portgaz D Ace A.K.A Ace Newgate (to honour Whitebeard's death and being the new captain of the Whitebeard Pirates)


Roronoa Zoro:

Role: Commander of the Brown Minion Crew

History: A skilled but alcoholic bounty hunter with a dream of surpassing the "World's Greatest Swordsman" Dracule "Hawk-eye" Mihawk. He once developed a crush with his old sensei's daughter in his younger days until she died when she fell down the stairs whilst holding her Wado Ichimonji. The death filled Zoro with guilt and sorrow as he believed that he stole her dream to become the "World's Greatest Swordman". He took possession he Kuina's sword to honour her. But despite that, he falls to drink to forget those memories until Luffy came to town and helped remind him why he has a dream.

Reason of alliance: Luffy freed him and helped return his swords from Marine Captain "Axe-hand" Morgan while retreiving the Tower Heart.

Edward Kenway

Role: Assassin and spy for Luffy

History: Once a proud sailor loyal to the world government until his daughter was taken by the world nobles, he defected the governemt and lives his live as a pirate and was trained by the assassion brotherhood before it was massacred by the CP9.

Reasons of alliance: He dispises the world government for kidnapping his daughter and asked Luffy to help him have his revenge.


Role: Professional Thief

History: Born from a noble family, he hates his parents for using him for their own cause and ran away, there he met Ace and Luffy and became brothers. After the Grey Terminal incident, Sabo was forced to return hom but ran away again to start his life as a pirate until he was shot down by a arrive Celetial Dragon. Sabo however survived and developed a swift reflex that one day earned him the name "Dodger Sabo".

Reason of alliance: Reunited with his little brother Luffy, he volunteered to join his crew to help him on with his quest.

Kuro of a Thousand Plans

Role: Commander of the Black Cat devision

History: The stress of piracy is too much for Kuro that he wanted to retire and live a peaceful life. Possing as a butler known as Khalohdore, he plans his permanant retirement until Luffy came to town.

Reason of Alliance: Lost to Luffy in a fight and joined his crew as a devision commander of the Dark Water fleet


Role: Former Kreig division Commander/ Commander of the Yellow Minions

History: Used as a decoy by Don Krieg, Gin drifted whist in the verge of starvation until he reached Baratie and was offered a meal by Luffy.

Reason of Alliance: Saved by Luffy and is indebted to him.

Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze

Role: Ex-ninja/ Pirate Captain of the Fallen Leaf

History: Son of the Yondaime Hokage and Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no kitsune. He was banished from Konoha for failing to retrieve Sasuke Uchiha. He and his Retrieval team fled from the Shinobi nations and started their new life as Pirates. Sadly Naruto turns to drink to forget his failure as a Ninja until he met Luffy.

Reason of Alliance: Became acquainted with Luffy and joins in. Also to assassinate the Current Hokage: Sasuke Uchiha.


Role: Assassin

History: Once a bodyguard of the Empress of Dunwall until he was framed for her death by the Lord Regent. He assasinated many of the Regent's followers until the Marines came by the Regent's request and Corvo was forced to flee from Dunwall until he was found by Luffy.

Reason of Alliance: unknown

Edward "Fullmetal" Elric

Role: Alchemist/ captain of the Chimera pirates

History: Edward and his brother Alphonse are skilled alchemists until one incident turned them what they are now. Edward was arrested for illegal use of human transmutation and is awaited execution. He recruited the human chimera into his crew and fled his country and branded as a pirate.

Reason of Alliance: Unknown

Predecessor: Gol D Roger


Story: Inuyasha became Overlord when his mother died, he brought terror for 200 years until he was defeated by a Tenshi named Naraku, 50 years later a girl fro the future named Kagome awoken him from his eternal sleep and he restarted his dark reign.

Crime: Declaring war on Kami and being a Hanyou

Alias: Inu-Overlord

Age: Over 200

Power's and abilities

Skilled Swordsman

Magic User

Minion Control

Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Speed

Enchanced Stamina

Enhanced Enduance

High Grace Resistance

High Regenaration




Gina no Taicho

First Mistress: Kagome,

Born: Feudal Japan 1247

Goal: Conquer the World and kill Kami

Nemesis: Naraku, Kami, Demon Lord that are after his Overlord title

Allies: Demons that admire and respect him, Naruto (fox Hanyou)

Predecessor: Iun no Taicho

Ichigo Kurosaki

Story: Betrayed by the Soul Society after defeating Aizen, Ichigo was banished to Hell so he will be forever damned. But he escaped when he broke the chains of hell on him and entered Hueco Mundo as his Hollow side starts to merge into him. This was 2 years ago and now Ichigo wants vengance against the Soul Society, as El Baron Negros

Crime: Being a Soul Reaper/ Quincy Hybrid

Alias: El Baron Negros,

Age: 16-18 (2000 in hell years)

Powers and Abilities

Skilled Swordsman

Keen Shooter

Minion control

Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Speed

Magic User

Harem: Rukia Kuchiki

Orihime Inoue

Neliel Tu Ordersvank

Tia Harribel




Yoruichi Shihoin

Rangiku Matsumoto

First Mistress: Rukia Kuchiki

Born: In the outskirts of the Soul Society, raised in Karakura in the Human world

Goal: Have revenge on the Soul Society and conquer it, along with the world of the living, Hueco Mundo, and the Vandenreich empire

Nemesis: Aizen, Soul Society, the Vandenreich

Allies: Chad, Kokuto and the Sinners from Hell, Kugo Ginjo and the Xcution, Grimmjow and the remaining Arrancars, Rouge Reapers from Maggot's nest.

Predecessor: N/A

Negi Springfield

Alias: The Thousand Overlord

Age: 10

Harem no.: the whole class is was assigned to teach to continue his Overlord training.

First Mistress: Nodoka Miyazaki

Born: Somewhere in Wales

Goal: Complete his Overlord training so he can conquer the world, also avenge his father's death by the hands of Takahata.

Nemesis: Takahata, Fate

Predecessor: Nagi Springfield


Crime: Son of the Overlord

Alias: Keyblade Overlord

Age: 14-15

Harem no.: unknown

First mistress: Kairi

Born: Greenvale, raised in an unknown world

Goal: Avenge his father (the 4th Overlord's) death and conquer all worlds

Nemesis: 7 Keyblade masters (Naruto, Inuyasha, Ichigo, Luffy, Tsukune, Negi, Harry), Ventus,

Predecessor: the 4th Overlord

Mario Mario

Story: Mario never came to the Mushroom Kingdom, he was traveled to Greenvale in the ruins of the dark tower. his brother was dubbed the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom while he trains to be the next Overlord.

Alias: The Mushroom Overlord

Age: in his 30s






First mistress: Princes Peach Toadstool

Born: Mushroom Kingdom; raised in Venice, Italy and grew up in Brooklyn, USA

Goal: Conquer the Mushroom Kingdom and the real world

Nemesis: Luigi, Bowser, Mushroom Kingdom

Predecessor: None

Sonic the Hedgehog

Alias: Mobian Overlord

Age: 16

Harem: Amy

Sally Acorn



Bunny Rabbot

First mistress: Amy

Born: Mobius, raised in Knothole village

Goal: Conquer all of Mobius

Nemesis: Robotnik, Scourge the Hedgehog, Mobian freedon fighters

Predecessor: None


Story: Billy no longer remains an idiotic boy, when he reachs his mid teens he grew smart and hansome as his huge nose shrank into a small cute nose. Then the Grim Reaper finally managed to get Billy killed when a freak car accident happened. Billy died but was resurrected and brought back by his Uncle Nergal, who is at the verge of death himself and told Billy that he needs an heir. Billy asks why him and not Jr?

Crime: attempting to conquer Endsville, Townsville and Daten City

Alias: Overlord of the Underworld

Age: 15

Harem no.: none

First mistress: Mandy (formerly), Demon sisters Scanty and Kneesocks.

Born: Endsville, USA

Goal: Conquer the World and the Underworld

Nemesis: Everyone that got in her way, Grim Reaper (who managed to get him killed), Mandy (rival of supremacy), Nergal Jr. HIM, AKU, Corset

Predecessor: Nergal Sr


Alias: Saiyan Overlord

Age: 1-40s

Harem no.: Chichi

No. 18

First mistress: Chichi

Born: Planet Vegeta, raised in Earth during the destruction of Planet Vegeta by Freiza

Goal: Conquer the world, eliminate Freiza and take over his conquered worlds.

Nemesis: Vegeta (Rival of Supremacy), Kami (but cannot kill him since he is Piccolo's good counterpart), the Z fighters, Freiza, Cell, Majin Buu

Allies: Piccolo

Predecessor:Bardock (Overlord of Planet Vegeta) King Piccolo (Overlord of Namek)

Yoh Asakura

Alias: The Shaman Overlord

Age: 16-?

Harem: unknown

First mistress: Tamao Tamamura

Born: Somewhere in Japan

Goal: Absorb the Great Spirit's power and Conquer the world

Nemesis: Patch Tribe, Hao, X-Laws (though Iron Maiden Jeanne and Meene Montgomery will be captured and enslaved)

Allies: Amidamaru, Spirit of Earth, Spirits and Shamans that admire and respect him, and the other Five Elemental Warriors (Ren Tao,Horokeu Usui, Chocolove McDonell, and Lyserg Diethel)

Predecessor: unknown

Harry G. Evans

Alias: Grendelwald's Heir, Hogwarts Overlord.

Age: 11-17

Harem: unknown

First mistress: Ginny Weasley

Born: Godric's Hollow

Goal: Become the next Dark Wizard to honour his Great-Grandfather, Gellert Grendalwald

Nemesis: Voldermort, Ministry of Magic, everyone in Griffindor (except Ginny). His father, James Potter.

Allies: Draco Malfoy, Sirius Black, everyone in Slytherin

Predecessor: Gellert Grendalwald

Peter Parker

Story: After he is bitten by a genetic enhanced spider and gained spiderlike abilities, his Uncle was murdered by a Carjacker; Peter shows no mercy to the carjacker and killed him in cold blood, he fell unconscious with shock for his dark deed and was found by Gnarl. Gnarl told Peter about his ancestry and made him the next Overlord. Peter became a new breed of evil and the world will quake with fear.

Alias: Spider-Overlord

Age: 15-55

Harem: unknown

First Mistress: Mary Jane Watson

Born: Forest Hills, New York, USA raised in Manhattan, New York, USA

Goal: Conquer the World, and etc.

Nemesis: Norman Osborn (Green Goblin) Otto Octavius (Doctor Octopus), Maxwell Dillon (Electro), Sergei Kravinoff (Kraven The Hunter), Flint Marko (Sandman), Blackie

Drago (Vulture) , Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., the X-Men (X-Men Evolution version), Justice League, etc.

Allies: Eddie Brock (Venom), Harry Osborn

Lelouch vi Britannia
Story: Sent to Japan with his crippled and blind sister after the death of his mother as a political tool by his own father, Charles Zi Britannia lelouch began to despise

Britannia and it's ideals. After Britannia's invasion of Japan, he discovers the Lamperogue were the descendents of the infamous Overlords. With his new pawns, Lelouch aims to destroy Britannia and all those who would dare to aid it.

Crime: Traitor of the Brittanian Empire

Alias: The Black Overlord

Age: 17-18

Harem: Shirley Fenette

Kallen Kozuki

Milly Ashford


Kaguya Sumeragi (self-included)

First Mistress: Shirley Fenette

Born: Area 1, Holy Britannia Empire

Goal: Destroy Britannian Empire, give Nunally the ability to walk and see again

Nemesis: Suzaku Kururugi, Charles Zi Britannia, Holy Britannian Empire

Allies: Golbez, Agents of Ombre, and the Order of the Black Knights

Predecessor: Unknown

Edward Elric

Story: due to the failed attempt of resurrecting his mother, Edward Elric suffered physical and mental damage after he tried to do a forbidden art of alchamy and it came with a price, his limbs, his brother alphonse and more important...his sanity. The State Alchemists aressted him and locked him up for trying to resurrect his mother. His hatred of the State Alchemists and the loss of his mother and brother is too much for Edward that he would sell his soul for the return of his brother. Alphonse has returned but as a spirit haunting an empty suit of armour, an armour forged from hell.

Alphonse freed his brother and became his arms and legs, literally since his own were no more; together, they travelled and killed while they search for an way for them to return to their former self...and knowledge of world domination.

Crime: Preforming an illegal act of alchemy

Alias: Fullmetal Overlord

Age: over 100 (physically 18)


First Mistress: Winry Rockbell

Born: Resembool 1899, (he was teleported into the different realm and lived in Berlin, Germany)

Goal: Restoring their normal bodies (and edward's sanity) and World domination

Nemesis: state alchemists.

Allies: Red Skull of HYDRA, Major of MILLENIUM, Alphonse Elric (Age over 100 but appears but looked 18 years old due to the fact he spend nearly half his life as a living armour)

Predecessor: None, Adolf Hitler (as Furher of Germany)

Lord Endymion

Alias: Overlord of Earth, Marumo Chiba, Tuxedo Mask

Age: 18

Born: Earth Kingdom

Goal: Domination of Earth and the Moon

Nemesis: Sailor Scouts, Queen Beryl, Prince Dimande

Allies: Kunzite and Zoizite (spy)

Tatsumi Oga

Alias/Fic Title: The Delinquent Overlord

Crime: Violent acts, disturbing the piece and as caretaker of the future Demon King.

Story: A rogue demon that wants to overthrow the Great Demon Lord kidnaps Oga's family in exchange for Baby Beel. Oga arrives just in time to see most of his family killed & before they can get his sister. A power awakens inside of him, a power that hasn't been seen on Earth for centuries.
Oga's Demon/Overlord Form: inuyasha. wikia. com/wiki/File:JuraTrueForm. jpg

Age: 15

Born: August 31

Goal: To become the world's strongest delinquent.

Nemesis: Behemoth(Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division)

Rival: En(His maids)

Allies: Furuichi, Tōhōshinki, Red-Tails, Misaki

Predecessor: Zenjūrō Saotome

First Mistress: Hildegarde

Harem: Hilda, Aoi, Nene, Chiaki, Yuka, Ryōko, Kaoru, Suiten

Tsukune Aono

Alias: The Ghoul Overlord

Crime: for being a monster.

Fic Title: Overlord Vampire

Story: When Moka inject him with her blood, she awakens a dark power that has been sealed in his family for generation, sow it has come out with a vengeance.

Age: 16-17

Born: June 22

Goal: To conquer the monster world & bring peace between them & human world.
Nemesis: Fairy Tail

Allies: Gin, Yōkai Academy, Huang Family.

Predecessor: ?

First Mistress: Moka Akashiya

Harem: Moka, Kurumu, Yukari(aged), Mizore, Ruby, Kagome, Shizuka, Tamao.

Ben Tennyson

Alias: Overlord X

Story: Ben didn't get the Omnitrix for as he was aducted by a alien under the employee of Vilgax named Gnarl. Gnarl was instructed to turn Vilgax's nemesis Max Tennyson's grandson into a weapon against him. Gnarl installed the orders within the young 10 year old but with a massive side affect. Plus Ben is equiped with a copy yet malevolent of the Omnitrix with the DNA of the Galaxy's deadliest aliens.

Age: 10-16

Goal: Destroy Max Tennyson (original programming), rule the unverse and conquer earth.

Allies: Vilgax (formerly).

Predessessor: Vilgax (Ben Overthrown him.)

Nemesis: the Plumbers, Max Tennyson, Gwen, Kevin Levin, the MIB, Vilgax.

Soul Eater Evans

Alias: Black Blooded Overlord

Story: The black blood coursing through his veins is starting to take a violent affect into Soul's mind, spirit and body. Death once tried to slay Soul but the black blood prevents Soul's spirit from leaving the body. He eliminated Death and ate his soul, giving him the power to control life and death itself and rule all with an iron fist. He became the Black blooded Overlord.

Goal: ?

Age: 15

Predessessor: ?

Nemesis: Death the Kid, Black Star, Death

Italy Veneziano

A/N: This will be a Yaoi themed challenge and since I don't write Yaoi, I would just let this idea come out for all to see.

Crime: Collaborating with Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

Story: Italy isn't what you expected to be, under that happy go lucky pizza and pasta loving guy lies a man with a dark history. He lays low so he can prepare to take his grandfather's place as ruler of all of Europe. But he has comptition in his quest for power and he'll do anything to get what he wants.

Alias: The New Roman Empire

Harem: Germany

Japan (Empire of the Rising Sun)

Age: 800 (country) 20s (Human)

Predessor: Roman Empire

Nemesis: Russia (Soviet Union), England (British Empire), America


Story: After Xion's Death Roxas is enraged and goes to takes his revenge on the organzation and keep his promise to Xion. Unforunetly Riku got in the way and deafted him before Riku can take him back The minions come and distract Riku while Gnarl and the Other take him back to the Dark tower. Roxas wakes up Six days leter the same time Sora wakes up. Gnarls explain that he is the new overlord. Roxas supusingly accpct the new title and begin planing to take his revenge on the the organzation.

Crime: Betrayal of Organization XIII

Alias: Overlord Of Nothingness

Age: Appears 15 (real age unknown)

Main Harem: Xion,Namine,Nastu,Aimi Yoshida,X-23,Prryha,Sasme,Amaru,Isane,Kiyone,Airi,Menace

First Mistress: Xion

Born: Twilight Town/World That Never Was

Goal: Destroy Organisation XIII, conquer all worlds

Nemesis: Organzation XIII, Riku,Diz,The KIng, The Heroes(Naruto,Sora,Ben 10,Harry Potter,Sailor Moon,Ichigo Kurosaki,Robin(Teen Titains)

Allies:Azien(Kills Before he become immortal),Espada,The Samurai and Assassions Nobodies,Axel, Red-X(Jason Todd),Nero,Kryie, Magneto and The BrotherHood,Zexion,Maxulia(Kills),Swamp Witch(Rewrites Mind),Vanitas and Maximum Ride(After she gets kick out the Flock),Crona,Mei(Pokemon Balck and white 2),Hyuu(Same as mei),Kyurem,Gin,Tousen

Predecessor: The 4th Overlord


Story: Hearing from everyone how great his Father is nonstop while getting no recognition from the group upsets Gohan and how he's not treated with the proper respect he rightfully deserves. That and his Mother is constantly hounding him about his school work which is child's play to his already high intellect. Gohan gets into an arguement with his mother, flies off, and lands on what is considered forbidden land where the overlord once lived. There, the spirits of Frieza, Cooler, and Raditz mock him for letting father take all the credit and being bosses around by a weak woman wanting him to be even weaker. The anger, hatred and jealousy that flowed within Gohan triggered the ruins of the Tower and awoken the minions within. Thus making Gohan their new Overlord.

Alias: Unknown

Age: 7-15

First Mistress: Videl


Goal: To be the strongest of all the universe and conquer all.

Nemesis: the Z warriors, Goku


Predecessor: Unknown

Tommy Oliver

Tommy was descendent to a great evil that plagued this earth 10000 years ago. When he stumbled across an ancient ruins outside the city of Angel Grove. He discovers his heritage but slowly and reluctantly accepts his dark destiny. And with the right guidance, he will be the most powerful and most evil ruler of the world known as the Green Dragon Overlord. No one will stop him, not Rita, not Lord Zed, Not Zordon, and especially not the Power Rangers.

Alias: Green Dragon Overlord

Age: 17-18

Goal: Destroy the Power Rangers and rule the World.

Nemesis: The Power Rangers, Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd and Zordon.


Predecessor: Unknown

Fic Images.

Shinobi Prankster:


I just got a message from my friend Chaossonic1 that a fellow Fanfiction Author VFSNAKE was threatened by a some jerk named ThePolicyOfTruth by threarning him to have 3 of his fanfics removed because it's a "Violation". Dick move, real dick move.

Here is VFSNAKE's comment about this:

"Hey man I need a huge favor! Major big time. Some jackass author (he's not even writing anything so I say it lightly) named ThePolicyOfTruth (all one word) wants me to take down three of my fics because they are "in violation of the terms of agreements" made up by FFnet. He's threatening to report my fics so the Administration takes them off for me. WTF! In any case, I need you to spread the word about this asshole, and if my fics do get taken down (I'll post them back up so don't worry) this guy is the reason for it. I need you and everyone else to be ready should this guy try something and report him in some manner to get rid of him."

Seriously, WTF?!

WHy would someone do this? Fanfiction is a community, a place where everyone can express themselves with creating their fanfictions, and some douchebag decides to threaten one of us. So spread the word, help one another. Support the FF community.

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in story
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A prophesy spoke of a Chosen One; the one who'll bring balance to the force, but there was another; one that they forgot to mention; one that could change the entire course of history for the galaxy as we know it. The year is 37 BBY, and Naruto Uzumaki and his adoptive brother Anakin Skywalker are about to take the Galaxy by storm! NaruxPadme and AnakinxAhsoka
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After The Third Hokage sealed the Kyuubi in to infant Naruto was send by mistake made by Loki to New York where he was adopted ,and renamed Peter Parker. The Beyonder using his powers to reunited a family. Multicrossover Alive Minato,and Kushina NarutoxHarem LukexIno Surrogate Father Thor,and Fury
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 22 - Words: 33,347 - Reviews: 212 - Favs: 984 - Follows: 970 - Updated: 8/20/2014 - Published: 6/9/2013 - Naruto U., Hinata H., Kyuubi/Kurama, Naruko U.
Naruto is sent to the hellsing-verse by the energy of the rasengan, chidori and kyuubi's chakra. He falls into a coma and happens to land on the hellsing property. He wakes up from his coma four years later and when he awakes up the first thing he sees is a certain raven haired, red eyed NO-LIFE QUEEN and the position of king isn't filled. NarutoXfemAlucard, super-Naruto
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Crossover - Naruto & Avengers - Rated: M - English - Adventure - Chapters: 80 - Words: 192,843 - Reviews: 2213 - Favs: 2,111 - Follows: 1,775 - Updated: 9/3/2013 - Published: 9/8/2012 - Naruto U.
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Up For Adoption.
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 13 - Words: 151,748 - Reviews: 2365 - Favs: 4,301 - Follows: 1,972 - Updated: 12/12/2007 - Published: 8/18/2007 - Naruto U., Hinata H. - Complete
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