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I love cartoons with great plots. I consider my all time favorites to be: Thundercats, Voltron, Jem & the Holograms and from the 90's Gargoyles. I am an avid reader of fanfiction stories, but recently I started writing for Voltron. This cartoon is one of my favorite cartoons to change it's plot from the original series. I believe that the Voltron plot from the series was kinda racist against the drules. I believe there is good and bad in everyone independently of the race. I don't believe that any person, real or fiction, alien or human can be 100 percent bad. Those who think so are very closed minded. I suggest that you should get back to reality. So many things can be done with the Voltron plot that could be amazingly good without the vision that "only humans are good and all the drules are bad". I mean, life doesn't work that way. As maybe you have noticed, I root for the bad guy. Lotor is my favorite character from Voltron. I will read everything that has to do with him. He is just so bad and so damn sexy. I just find the Keith/Allura pairing too boooring. I also like Keith/Lance pairing. So I would read anything that has to do with that too.

After I finish my experiment with Voltron, I hope to do the same with Thundercats & Gargoyles. From Thundercats my favorite character is sexy Lion-O, why? Because I always imagined him taking his shirt off in every episode...I favor the Tygra/Cheetara pairing because I like Lion-O to jump from Willa to Tashe to Luna to even Willykit grown up or anyone I like. Being single...he could have more fun. From Gargoyles, the Goliath/Elisa pairing always fascinated me. There is something about the mating of a human with a gargoyle...Yes! I love interacial mixings...it's like milk with coffee...hehehe.

But I can't start to write new stories until I finish what I already started. I immensely admire those writers who can write many stories at once. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. I like to concentrate in one story at a time. Even if it takes time, I guess the result will be a satisfying accomplishment. I like to always mention that english is not my first language, so I find myself fixing my grammar constantly. Your patience and critics is most appreciated.


Hopefully this week I will finish "The Curse of the Third Eye". I will take a little rest from Voltron and start a new story for Thundercats. I still don't have a title for that one. But hopefully I will also do a major plot change to the original series too, just like I did with Voltron. I have learned a lot by writing for Voltron. Even if it was just one story, that was all I needed to challenge myself into the world of the written word. It has been a great journey, I hope it still continues with more satisfying results.


So, I'm gonna take Christine's advice and take it easy with the story. I don't want to commit mistakes, just to finish it. The plot is to thick to finish it so fast. That means that the Curse is still on for a while. But I'm going to try to start the Thundercats story anyway. It will be hard, but it's good to do something different. Let's see what happens.


Well, I've been out of fanfic for awhile. I started Chapter 31 of the Curse but then stopped. I haven't been in the mood for writing. I still hope to continue the story, but I just don't know when. Real life has me really busy and depressed. This bad economy has struck me hard. Had to go into bankruptcy and while I'm still looking for a job, this stress is taking a toll on me. Life is weird, but we still have to live it. Long live fantasy. What would we do without it? Never fear, I will read and write as soon as I can, if anyone still cares to know. See ya later! ;0)))

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