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alright my account was hacked and everything got completely earsed and we had to get a new computer and ugh it was just awful so i guess i gotta start all over...sigh...

ok well i'll tell you a little bit about myself

i am 14 and i stand at exactly 5' feet(always bugged at school for how short i am. . .)

i have brown hair that is always messy and ugh it's a pain

i wear glasses because i read too much

My eyes are brown although thinking about getting colored contacts that are green :)

i have to wear braces :(

and that pretty much sums it up

ok now onto some of my favorties

books: sherlock holmes, alice in wonderland, the book of awesome

movies: sherlock holmes, alice in wonderland, batman dark knight, pirates of the carribean, elf, megamind, sleepy hollow, the a team, yogi bear, despicable me, i'm a big movie person theres a lot more

hobbies:writing, reading, and drawing

color: scarlet red.

characters: joker, mad hatter, howard wolowitz, buddy the elf, murdock( the A-team), booboo, yogi bear, those little yellow guys from despicale me.

Tv shows: big bang theory!

ok so my friends always call me a nerd, cuz well i look like one and i'm really quite smart if i put my mind too it, that and i read and write and drink tea for fun haha

my future career shall be an elf because i'm short enough and i love children and toy making sounds fun XD

I am an odd child some may say, i like to run with my arms flailing, i really could care less what people think about me. i have been called many names at school and i can't count how many times i've been called the oddball or the weird one.

I have been shoved in lockers and trashcans. . .hmm.

i love children and they always love me :)

i'm addicted to tea i drink it all the time haha

i'm obbssesed with the mad hatter and howard wolowitz! who doesnt love howard wolowitz or the mad hatter!!!!

i also love halloween and i usually make my own costumes and i look amazing last halloween i was the mad hatter and it was pretty sick.

i always wear my mad hatter hat my friend got me from disneyland, i wear it everywhere.

i love being a child, people say i should grow up but personally i would rather be a carefree child! I don't think i'll ever grow out of it but thats just me :D

i do have a job however i work in a hotel and it's. . . fun?

i love moives especially alice in wonderland.

i always always almost every night now have strange dreams, always. . . i think i should write a book about all my dreams combined. the weirdest dream i had though was when i was petting a starfish and it bit me then a bunch came and started eating me. . . and my pudding dream where i saw my dad eating pudding in a dark room. . .or my grandfather potato dream. . . haha i could go on forever but i'll just tell you now i have weird dreams ;)

i'll probably write a few fics for alice in wonderland, alice 2009 maby, definetly for the big bang theory probably all about howard, i'm not into the whole sheldon penny pairing, some for elf, some for megamind possibly, possibly pirates of the carribean, we shall see how this goes :)

so i guess that is me if you don't like it return it and get a refund :)