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ooooh on Jinxsaw's fanfic do not click on the do not click button, it steals ur soul.

k i am in vair confusiosity right now u c, jinxsaw (arrrrr! y cant she hav a shorter, less stupid name??) has been out wiv dis boy called (i cant say his name 4 legal reasons, so his name is Neb) Neb 8 times and it reALLY IS GETTING STUPID my frend gee sed this brilliant thing "their hanging each other like puppets on strings, they need to either tie the strings together 4 ever or, cut them permenantley" gee really is gr8. dats vair tru tho, gee was helping them both wiv the relationship and neb throws it back in her face this is what happpppppend.

neb started flirting wiv Jinxsaw AGAIN on the bus on the way home. they get off at the sae stop and i get off at a different 1, but i got off at the same 1 as theirs that day 2 spy on them. Jinxsaw sent me after him to talk 2 him 4 her and i did. he told me he didnt even like her and that geee was making him, also that gee threatened to kill him (dik head) and then he muvd to me, and i went away b4 he had the chanc 2 do anything(phew) me and, Jinxsaw are riting a song about him, were callin it spare batteries. we wil record it at school. So watch this space!

helloooo again!

facts about me

i am a musician,

i play electric guitar (she's pink and her names chloe!!)

i love singing

i used to be in a band we were called feedback but it didnt work out, again watch this space were getting together again!!

i say i too much

i am vair mad at a pooooo hed who's idea of revenge is snoggin!!


the same guy crushes on alllllllll my frends and me... (he fancies any 1 wiv tits including boys)

i love to write stories but nearly allways give up cos they turn out to be crap. :(

I hav loads of ideas 4 stories so pm me if your a bit stuk il giv u ideas, but i might b on writers blok 2 soooooo, 1 of Jinxsaw's stories was my idea! lucy in forks, i gave it to her...

today was a little wierd...

on the way to school me and, jinxsaw were talking about bugati's and singers and lambigini's. on top gear a woman had her baby in a kia, and she named it kia so kia, gave her and her husband a free kia. so our thereey is that if you have your baby in a sports car you get a free one!! then she said "i'l have my baby on a black shadow bike!" and i said "wouldnt you fall off??

Neb and jinxsaw kissed today!! (crap crap crap) and neb's mum found out (oooooppppssss my faut) and he has been dumped by his girlfriend, Katie... :( ooooppppssssss) they kissed for a good 10 seconds... then i got the bus home with Neb... (dun dun dunnn!!) to be cotinued...

kk, hey wasssup?

NEB keeps kicking my butt, litterally!!

not beating me up (he's a weakling) but litterally kicking my bum.

Yesterday i found out that jinxsaw and Neb were datig AGAIN, so as a joke i put a brake up note in her locker! but me and em (my mate) Took it out as we decided it was to cruel. but Neb found out and was over the moon, he signed it at the bottom and gave it to her! he said to me "your a life saver"

at the end of that day me and 1 of my closest friends, coco, were gonna go library to ditch jinxsaw, cos she is a right so ansd so to coco sometimes. but the library was closed. coco refused to stay with jinxsaw and she told me to stay with jinxsaw and that she'd be allright biut i knew it wasn't all right. Neb got the bus with us and when he got off 9(AT COCO AND I'S STOP) we crossed the road (me and Neb) and he warned that i'd better not gatecrash his bday party! now i know where it is!!

if you love my story's please tell me!!

hey guys, sorry iv been away recently i was in bed with writers block!! ive just published jake's girlfreind 3 and am in the middl of writing the 4th! the 4th and 5th will definatley be the most graphic!! should i put lemons in it?? mild ones though im a christian! pm me if you think i should! ill put it down to a vote!

love fotanisia

i have almost finished jakes gf 5 and i want to start a new story so if anyone has any ideas you could pm me and i'll take it into acount.

hey guys i suggest you all type in Jinxsaw on the search author thing and read her profile!

I am writing another story soon. all i'm revealing.


A chiken walks into a library and goes up to the librarian.

"Buck!" Librarian gives a book; the chiken walks out.

"Buck Buck" two book

"Buck Buck Buck" Three books. The librarian wanted to know why the chiken had so many books overdue so she followed the chiken home.

She peered through the letter box to see a frog sick in bed with the chiken handing him books.





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