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This is the notice board. This is where I'll be posting announcements and other related things. Please check on it often.


Hey guys, wassup? Viperwatcher here!

My stories are meant to entertain people. If you're not entertained well...Find another story that suits your tastes because this is my style of writing.

We also have a website. It's a website I co-own! Please visit it and join: My Website

Our Time: GMT 8:00

Story I'm currently:


Legacy of Legends 3


None at the moment

My signature:



People I consider as my friends at the Fan Fiction Community (These appear in no chronological order whatsoever):

1. Alec the Dark Angel

2. Richer1992

3. Jamester0091


NOTE: This is me when I'm at Fanfiction or any other site. This isn't the real me but it comes close. Consider this as my other persona.

Please call me by name: Viper, VW, Zayril or Z.

About the author (Human):

Name: Viperwatcher / Zayril Rovas

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Height and Weight: Average for a 18 year old

Skin: Not as tan as most

Address: SECRET

Eye Color: Azure Blue

Clothes: Light colored shirts; wears denim jeans sports rubber shoes

Build: Average (chubby), a little athletic

Personality: Laughing, good-natured person; a shy individual who usually like to be alone; tries and fails to 'fit in' but still manages to make friends

Likes: Writing and gaming, probably a sport or two sometimes.

Dislikes: Flamers in general.

Extra: I'll honestly admit that some of my stories do suck especially the first ones, but hey you won't get better until you practice. Practice makes perfect.

Me as a dragon:

Name: Zayril

Gender: Male

Element: Ice

Physical Stats:

Scales: Navy-blue scales

Underbelly: Mustard Creamy Yellow

Horn: Like Spyro's and same color as underbelly.

Tail tip: Small spiked tail tip, colored sky blue

Body type: Muscular, but not huge. Average.

Mate: ??

Personality and distinctive qualities: Laughing, good-natured person; a shy individual who usually like to be alone; tries and fails to 'fit in' but still manages to make friends. Has the typical, shy librarian type of personality.

Games I like (These appear in no chronological order whatsoever):

1. Halo

2. Half Life

3. Resident Evil

4. Spyro the Dragon

5. Final Fantasy

6. Brave Story New Traveler

7. Kingdom Hearts

8. Sly Cooper

9. Phoenix Wright

10. Digimon

11. Mass Effect

12. Dust an Elysian Tail

Books/Series I like (These appear in no chronological order whatsoever):

1. Inheritance Cycle

2. Harry Potter Series

3. Pendragon Series

4. ??

5. ??

My Writing Style:

My writing style is actually quite simple. I know for a fact that when I 'write' (or type to be exact) I don't describe things thoroughly. I just state things the way they are, no more, no less, from a normal person's POV, as if he were there, only said in 3rd person. Like for example:

Two people were sitting on a tall cliff’s edge sitting side by side on the green grass. They stared out into the valley watching the sunset. The sky was slowly turning from blue into orange, the sun, beginning its slow descent.

Notice the fact that I didn't describe what could be seen down the valley; the fact that I didn't say if there were clouds or not on the sky; the fact that if there was 'wind' present. I did those things on purpose. Why? Because I leave those 'variables' to the readers. I encourage my readers to use their imagination while reading my stories. I encourage them to fill in the gaps with things they prefer. For example, if they wanted a stream going through the valley, then they could have it in their imagination; if they wanted a heart-shaped cloud to pass by, then so be it, again in their imagination.

But on some cases, I do describe some things thoroughly. Mostly because those things are needed for the story.

Another reason why I don't describe things thoroughly, is because I find it... not needed. Sure, adding such things can improve a scene in your story, but it has a disadvantage. That disadvantage, is the amount of words the reader has to read. I don't want my readers to lose interest of my stories because I overly described things. I don't want them to drown in the sea of 'describing sentences'. I have nothing against people who have the complete opposite of my writing style, the ones that overly describe things. What I mean by 'overly describe' is that, they can transform the example 3 sentence paragraph above, into a 6 sentence paragraph. I have nothing against them, just to make it clear. That's their writing style and this is mine.

For those of you who might not notice, I'm a big fan of pairings. Whether its OCxOC, CC (Canon Character)xCC or CCxOC, I totally support it. You can be rest assured that there will be pairings in each and every story I have, except when told otherwise.

When I type/write chapters, I write up to a minimum of 1800 words. Yes, I'm that lazy. Deal with it.

List of my stories from the very first to the latest:

1. Creator Chronicles: Life (Halo)

2. Creator Chronicles: Consanguinity (Halo)

3. Exiled (Halo)

4. Second Life (Halo)

5. The Blue Dragon (Spyro the Dragon)

6. A Human's Verve (Spyro the Dragon)

7. The Blue Dragon: Book II (Spyro the Dragon)

8. Recalling the Past (ONESHOT) (Spyro the Dragon)

9. Chains of Destiny (Spyro the Dragon)

10. The Purple Essence (Spyro the Dragon)

11. Legacy of Legends (Spyro the Dragon)

12. Legacy of Legends 2 (Spyro the Dragon)

13. Legacy of Legends 3 (Spyro the Dragon)



My Stories:

Creator Chronicles (SERIES) (Halo)

The Creator Chronicles (CC) is a series of stories mostly revolving on the concept of Creators. A Creator is someone who can make things out of thin air and were people who helped the Forerunners build the Sacred Rings.

1. Life (12/2/09 12/22/09) (Halo)

It's one of my first stories I've ever posted on It never really occurred to me that I could make a story like Life. But thanks to some of my friends in the Fan Fiction community I managed to make this Fan Fic reach up to 25 chapters. Quite a good milestone for your first fan fiction.

2. Consanguinity (12/23/09 1/1/10) (Halo)

This sequel takes on a completely new side, since it lands 8 years after the events of Life. This Fan Fiction actually served as a testing ground for my skill in writing stories that involved suspense in them. It contains hints and a mystery that will get revealed at the very end.

3. Exiled (1/4/10 1/17/10) (Halo)

After researching and reading 'How to get better at writing Fanficitons at the net. I considered writing this. It literally took me 1 day to think of this plot 'cause I had to think of a good plot. After that I had to refine every single detail and wrote an outline. For those of you who are wondering, this story is one those 'What If?' stories so don't be surprised if I didn't follow the correct storyline of the game.

4. Second Life (1/19/10 2/5/10) (Halo)

My first try at story telling in a different manner. It contains 3rd person and 1st person story telling. This plot was somehow shaky to me since I couldn't think clearly at the time I was making it. This story was hard to do since it takes on a different aspect for me. The time line setting is after the events of Halo 3.

The Blue Dragon (SERIES) (Spyro the Dragon)

5. The Blue Dragon (2/22/10 4/18/10) (Spyro the Dragon)

I'm finally back after a long hiatus. I decided to take a break from Halo and tried this game. This is also my first Fan Fic about this game. Once again plot is shaky but I hope I managed to make it understandable.

UPDATE 3/15/10: I can't believe how nice this story is going. Thank you my readers for your continued support. The Blue Dragon was actually designed for 15 chapters but due to story ideas that kept coming up, it may reach 20 chapters and more.

7. The Blue Dragon Book II (7/11/10 3/22/11) (Spyro the Dragon)

After working on A Human's Verve and finishing it, like I promised, here it is: The Blue Dragon Book 2. This time, I'm using my original style of story telling and unloading every weapon I have in my arsenal to make this one of the greatest stories I have ever made.

UPDATE 10/29/10: Wow! Never knew I'd break it again, but then again, I did! Thank you guys for supporting TBD II. It is much appreciated!

8. Recalling the Past (2/14/11) (Spyro the Dragon) (ONESHOT) (TBD EXTRA)

A oneshot I decided to do for Valentine's sake. It explores the past between Nomex and Malefor!

6. A Human's Verve (4/21/10 7/4/10) (Spyro the Dragon)

My first ever try at something different. This fanfiction is my first try at ANTHRO and First person fiction. Still the same, plot is shaky as ever but I'm trying my very best to make it understandable.

UPDATE 5/14/10: Wow guys, just wow! I am just at Chapter 13 and already 100 reviews! Wow!!! I cant' thank you guys enough for the support! Rest assured, AHV is not going to end anytime soon. We have just begun.

9. Chains of Destiny (4/13/11 6/13/11) (Spyro the Dragon)

Finishing another successful fic, I decided to go down a different path this time and rather have the canon characters as the protagonist. As always, a shaky plot as ever, but I'll try to convey it at best.

10. The Purple Essence (10/23/11 3/18/12)(Spyro the Dragon)

After taking a LONG break from writing. I am back with a vengeance! Thinking everything through, I brainstormed as hard as I can and made a story I had fun writing. I can only hope you guys had a fun time reading it too.

11. Legacy of Legends (4/14/12 12/10/12)(Spyro the Dragon)

After almost a month of being gone, I AM BACK WITH A VENGEANCE!! WHOA!!! This time, I got my friend Alec to back me up on this one. I had so much fun writing this, and I hope you guys have fun reading it as well. It was a blast writing it.

12. Legacy of Legends 2 (3/24/13 3/24/14) (Spyro the Dragon)

Nearly 3 months on hiatus, I am back again, this time with a sequel to the hit story I made! I hope you guys like this one as much as I did!

12. Legacy of Legends 3 (8/10/14 ???) (Spyro the Dragon)

FIVE MONTHS ON HIATUS. Oh my gosh! That has been probably the longest break I have ever taken! I am so sorry guys! But it's here now! Enjoy! I definitely sure had a lot of fun writing this one.

Deleted/Scrapped Stories:

I rarely delete stories since it hurts to see all those reviews go away. But nonetheless, here are those stories that failed to meet my expectations and was basically a failure in my eyes.

1. Dream Come True (Halo)

Reason: Bad plot and was just a downright sight for sore eyes.

Posted: It was posted after CC: Consanguinity was done and before the time of Exiled.

2. Fractal Life (Spyro the Dragon)

Reason: Had a redundant plot, and didn't live up to my expectation.

Posted: 7/10/11. Deleted on: 9/28/11

Favorite Quotes: These quotes will most likely appear in one of my stories. These appear in no chronological order, whatsoever.

1. "Were it so easy." Arbiter, Halo 3

2. "Everything happens for a reason." Unknown

3. "You'll never know how much you miss someone until their gone." Unknown

4. "Prepare for unforeseen consequences."G-Man, Half Life

5. "Speed kills."Unknown

6. "Parents, you'll never understand one until you become one."Myself

7. "Holding things in can give you cancer!" Dr. Gregory House

8. "You just gotta love it!" Myself VARIATIONS: "I love it!" (Pronounced the same way in the song of Poker Face By Lady GaGa)

9. "Bow-Chika-Honk-Honk." Tucker Jr., RvB

10. "Blarg!" Tucker Jr., RvB

11. "Bow-Chika-Bow-Wow." Tucker, RvB

12. "When life give you lemons, you make lemonade." Unknown

13. "Life is fair because its unfair to everyone." Myself

14. "Time isn't made out of lines. It is made up of circles, that's why clocks are round." Caboose, RvB

15. "Time flies when your having fun." Unknown

16. "Life is like a box of chocolates; you'll never know what you'll have next" sirjamie (Modified by Viperwatcher)

17. "Blarg." Halo, Elites

18. "You ever wonder why we're here?" Simmons, RvB

19. "It's quite ironic in life that the one that makes you the strongest is your weakness." A classmate of mine in school

20. "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Unknown

21. "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. Albert Einstein

22. "Is it me, or does everyone ignore what I say?" Leon S. Kennedy, Resident Evil 2, Leon B

23. "Ske-doosh!" Po, Kung-Fu Panda

24. "That is BOOTLEG!" Vash12349, Walkthrougher at Youtube VARIATIONS: That is BOOTLEG! HOT DAMN!

25. "Yeah like what?" Myself

26. "I always tell the truth. People are only influenced by other factors that they fail to notice it." Myself

27. "When you thought it was bad, think again." Myself

28. "The/this [insert noun here] is/are diamonds!" Old Spice Commercial

29. "Swan-dive!" Old Spice Commercial

30. "I'm on a/an [insert noun here]." Old Spice Commercial

31. "Oh my GAS!" Myself

32. "When there is a wheel...there is a car." A classmate of mine in school

Terminologies I commonly use:

General Terms:

Hyper: Being hyper basically means your excited and anxious, making you feel like you want to be all over the place.

Booking: Booking means running very fast.

Spyro Terms:

Consort: Is someone with whom you mate regularly. This can be a simple matter of mutual entertainment, or a compatibility test prior to bonding. AKA GIRLFRIEND

Mate: Is someone to whom you have committed your life because you love the person.

Backstage name variations:

"Backstage" is used for Halo and Spyro the Dragon

Helpful Tips:

1. When writing Fanfictions, avoid doing multiple stories at the same time. That's why I only make one story and finish it to the end; two stories or more can give you a hard time not to mention the amount of stress you'll be receiving.

2. Stop when you feel like it. Writing something while your in a bad mood makes the quality of the writing equally bad. Its best that you take breaks here and there such as playing a video game or reading other stories. Having a good mood and a clear mind can help you write better.

3. Carry a notebook. When I'm in school, my friends will always see me, unless otherwise, carrying a notebook. The said notebook carries the outlines for my story. How does this help? Well, having a notebook with you can help you write down story ideas that suddenly pop into your mind. The Second Life plot actually came to me whilst I was listening to a lesson our teacher was giving during our T.L.E. subject. During the subject period I wrote an outline for it, up to 5 chapters, then eventually typed it when I got home.

4. Have rituals. What I mean by 'rituals' is that its something special you do. My special ritual that I do when I type, is I open my windows media player and just start playing songs while I'm typing. The songs make me think...clearer in a way.

5. Don't hurry it up. Be sure to read it over and over again until your satisfied with your writing. Remember, there's no pressure even though you may think there is and keep in mind, your the one whose in control of the updates.

6. Never underestimate the power of friends and friendship. They are there for a reason. Friends can be one wonderful source of inspiration and story ideas. Remember, two heads are better than one. The more the merrier.

7. Develop a writing style. Writing style defines who you are here on the Fanfiction Community. The word itself is self-explanatory so I won't go into detail about it. What I will tell you here is how you develop/create your writing style. How? Well, you can create/develop your writing style by writing often. Writing is the only way possible for you to practice and perfect your writing style. There's no other best way.

Fan Fiction Advertisement (I didn't make this):

Do you watch television, but can't stand the commercials? Are you disappointed in what characters look like, or don't think that their voices don't match their appearance? When a series ends or is canceled, do you feel like ripping out your hair because you didn't want it to end? Are you disappointed in the story lines?

Well no more! At FanFiction . net, there are millions of stories to choose from. Thousands of sequels, prequels, continuations, and even alternate story lines! They also include parodies and crossovers!

If you're still not satisfied, then make your own stories! Make a story line that you like! Make prequels, sequels, and continuations that you like, and think would fit! Add in your own original characters into the story lines! Make parodies to add your own humorous style! Create crossovers of two different stories, no matter how unlikely the matching is!

Best of all, NO COMMERCIALS!! The only limitation is your own imagination! Let us see yours.

Links that can help:

1. List of Colors:

Useful for anyone who has trouble deciding what color the scales of their Spyro the Dragon OCs should be.

2. Spyro Wiki:

All you need to know about Spyro the Dragon.

3. Halopedia (Wiki):

All you need to know about Halo.

4. The Alternate Realms:

Visit our website! Founded by Viperwatcher and Alec the Dark Angel.

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