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Alright friends, welcome to my author page where I will probably (not) update progress and news regarding writing and all that stuff. More currently updated would be my tumblr ( where I will post news, cosplay photos, and whatever else. It's a fun time so you check that out.

Phoenix Rising


So sorry for the lack of updates! As the summer drew to a close I was scrambling to finish all the summer homework I had pushed off until the last possible minute, so the result was having to spend hours reading a book I absolutly hated and writing an essay about it, basically consuming all of my time. Not to mention the fact that I have felt little to no motivation to write this story. I've wanted to, wrote a paragraph, reread it, hated it, scrapped it. I know what's going to happed (and it's gonna be big), but I just can't seem to write anything that's worth posting. You guys definatley don't deserve anything less than my best. Once school starts next week and I start to develop some sort of routine I will most definatly start writing again. Phoenix Rising is no where near finished! I'm thinking of a possible sequel, but that's in the way distant future seeing as I'm not even halfway done with Phoenix Rising.


Finally started writing the next chapter of Phoenix Rising! It should be up within the week, if it's not you have my fully permission to spam my inbox with way too many complaints. I'm trying to finish year 4 by October 31, so that I can't start Year 5 as my NaNoWriMo story. In order to do that I will try my hardest to update at least once a week. Other author's can do it, so why can't I? Of course, I'm going to have a lot going on the next couple of weeks, but I am determined! No more month long abscenses from this writer!


Currently uploading the next chapter of Phoenix Rising!


Oh gosh, I'm a horrible person aren't I? I promised a month or two and I'm sure it's been more. The problem, as I'm sure many of you can agree, is not that I'm sitting here like a lump and just being too lazy. I have 5 honors classes, lots of homework, rehearsals for theatre practically everyday, and (hopefully!) starting to volunteer at a hospital. I'm not uninspired either. I have so many ideas for Phoenix Rising that I don't know what to do with them all. The issue is, they're all for the wrong part of the story. Grr... Long story short, I'll be back. It just won't be as soon as I previously said. If you want to, PM me with any of your ideas for the story and I just might use them.

A Strange Piece of Temperamental Magic


You know that time travel fanfic that I was talking about last August? Well, HERE IT IS! After taking a short (erm...) break from writing, I decided to start my return to fanfiction with the story that I am most proud of. Luckily, I have several chapters in this story already written, so updates won't be hard to come by for this story! I won't say much about the plot except that there is one and the story isn't just a big wad of fluff. And if I do say so myself, it's good.

Future Projects


I'm not seriously working on anything right now, but I wrote a little time travel fanfic that I thought was really cute. It's just a side project really, but if you want me to put it up then PM me and I'll see what I can do. Updates would be extremly random, as Phoenix Rising is my main priority, but I do have a couple chapters already written. My reason for writing it was because so many people right time travel fics that are, in my humble opinion, completly unrealistic. My goal was to write one with more realistic reactions from everybody. How would I feel if my kids from the future suddenly showed up and told me that even though everything sucks now it will all get better. I probably wouldn't believe them, and I most certainly wouldn't immediatly begin showering them with love. And the kids I made really young ( James is 5, I think), which is the age group that I babysit for on a regular basis. I'm hoping that I get how the kids would act down. I think it probably is one of the better stories I've written, but I'm apprehensive about posting it because it's not my main priority. So just tell me what you think.

Simple Adjustments by LoveLiberty reviews
After the events of the film, everyone adjusts to new environments. Anna's dream of an open kingdom has come true and she believes she is falling in love! Kristoff must adjust to being around more people and committing to Anna. And Elsa adjusts to life as Queen, and must protect those she holds dear. It's all about simple adjustments, let's see where it takes them!
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