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I have signed up to fanfiction to read and review (limited to Twilight/Rob related stories) but have started to think a few ideas for what I would write up. I have tons of ideas but manage to write only one chapter before getting annoyed that it's not that good. Maybe I should think about a O/S.

I much prefer reading to writing as some of the fics I have read are full of imagination that I can only dream of having. I only hope their greatness rubs off on me over time.

I still love to read real books but have found I am trotting off to the libary less and less as I discover more fantastic stories here.

I am a 25 year old british, single mom and a Teaching Assistant, I am surrounded by children every day so I love a good smut story of an evening, makes me feel all grown up again (lol)...any recommended stories just PM me please. I have got fed up of reading half a story before realising its not really my kind of thing (the smuttier the better please, and including all kinds of smexy is preferable). Bella/Edward are my fave stories but I also love it if another guy is thrown into that mix (I know...kinky right?).

Also I am more than a little obsessed with the gorgeousness that is Robert Pattinson, and not ashamed to admit it. I am 'Team Edward' as I believe true love is worth waiting for but thats not the reason I am a Rob fan, it was watching his interviews, laughing at his humour and swooning over his self-deprication (plus its no real hardship to just sit and look at him for an hour...or ten). Also I majorly crushed out on him in Harry Potter waaaaaay before I had heard of Twilight!!

I believed in santa until this year as he failed to leave a Rob shaped pressie under my tree and that was all I had asked for!!

I think that google is the greatest invention ever, as is youtube and I have been known to spend many, many hours/days reading or watching Robporn!! Fanbloodytastic!!

One day I will stop acting like a hormone driven teenager but hopefully not for many, many years!!x.x.x