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My user name is Nateman364, which you already know. My name is Nathan(aka Nate) and I'm twenty two. I live in South Carolina and my passion is writing stories. Music is another passion of mine which is basically the foundation of the world. I don't really have a favorite music genre because I listen to everything but I just can't seem to get into rap (except one or two songs) and R&B.

I'm into a lot of things. Like: watching old cartoons, cars, paintball, hunting, fishing, camping, being in the outdoors(not really athletic even though I'm strong as an ox according to my friends.), writing, and reading Manga. Listening to music is also on this list. My past isn't really much to think about except I'm going to college and I'm NRA certified.

I want this clear with everyone who was curious enough to come to this profile. People in general, are stupid with multiple problems of their own. I hate when people get on this site and just start flaming others. It's completely pointless and pretty pathetic. I take friendship on here seriously. I honestly don't give a flying fuck what people think of me. Flaming about me won't get you anywhere in life. It just shows how much of a little bitch you are who probably don't have any friends, and play on video games your entire life.

About me:

Age: 22

Ethnicity- Caucasian( in other words white)

Hair- dark brown

Eyes- Light brown(almost amber)

Home state- South Carolina

Class of: 2010

Birth date: April 27th, 1992

Favorite Animals- Wolves and exotic birds.

Favorite Mythical Creatures- Dragon, Phoenix, and Griffin

Top 20 Favorite Fanfiction Categories-

(Chances are, if your story isn't in one of these categories, I won't pay much attention to it due to the fact that these are honestly probably the only categories I have anything to do with.)

  1. Pokemon
  2. Elder Scrolls Series (Skyrim mostly)
  3. Fairy Tail
  4. How to Train your Dragon
  5. Marvel (Might as well be a super category)
  6. Naruto
  7. Transformers
  8. Halo
  9. The Walking Dead
  10. Fallout Series
  11. Harry Potter
  12. Percy Jackson and the Olympians
  13. Jurassic Park Series
  14. Red Vs. Blue
  15. Terminator
  16. Prehistoric Park
  17. Inheritance Cycle
  18. Fast and the Furious series
  19. D.C Universe (Might as well be a super category)
  20. Star Wars

Top Fanfiction Crossovers-

(Chances are, if your story isn't in one of these categories, I won't pay much attention to it due to the fact that these are honestly probably the only categories I have anything to do with. I do however try to experiment with different crossover categories.)

  1. Naruto/Fairy Tail
  2. Fairy Tail/Harry Potter
  3. Harry Potter/Avengers
  4. Harry Potter/HTTYD
  5. Halo/Star Wars
  6. PJANO/Avengers

Favorite Pairings:

  1. AshxSerena(Pokemon)
  2. NatsuxLisanna(Fairy Tail)
  3. NarutoxMirajane(Naruto/Fairy Tail)
  4. NarutoxErza(Naruto/Fairy Tail)

Fanfiction Pet Peeves

  1. Flames- I hate flamers. I love reviews. End of story. All Flamers can kiss my ass.
  2. Gay/Lesbian/Polygamy characters- If the canon actually has something like this, I'll deal with it. But someone's fanfiction version of it is just too much even for me. I honestly don't have a problem with Gays and Lesbians, just don't come onto me unless you want to be decked in the face. I'm 100% straight. Polygamy, for those who don't know, is a man or woman who takes on multiple relationships. Nope. Polygamy is just wrong to me. I hate stories that have to do with Harems. Now say if you break up with one person and go to another, I'm cool with that, but I just don't like hoes or players.
  3. Internet Slang- Do me a favor and get an English dictionary. I don't want to see how badly you spell. Though I don't mind if there is part of it in something like messaging on the computer in the fanfic. that's the only thing I like.
  4. Detail- One thing I love about Fanfictions, most of them anyways, is the detail in a chapter. I hate when people are plain with their sentences like they're still in the fifth grade or lower.
  5. Detailed Sexual Content(Lemons)- this right here can aggravate me quicker than anything. Half the time, all these are, are peoples vulgar imaginations. I'm the kind of guy who believes that oral and anal sex along with explicit explanations are just wrong. Stick with the way mother nature and God intended such passion, not satisfying your fetishes. I can tolerate Limes.
  6. Ratings- Some people will rate a story for kids and suddenly have a sex scene out of something like Fifty Shades of Gray. What the hell is wrong with you?
  7. Cyberbullying- Yeah I hate this. Critics United is one of these. I've seen a friend of mine get his fanfiction taken down because of something extremely stupid because of them. They need to lay off.
  8. M-Pregs- What the fuck is wrong with you? If you were born with a penis, then you shouldn't be able to birth a child. This shows just how messed up someone's mind is and how wrong and physically impossible it is for something like this to happen. If you honestly have a thing for this, I'm going to recommend Dr. Phil or a psycho ward.
  9. Zoophilia- Once again, what the fuck is wrong with you? Why? Why on god's green earth would you write something this sick? Stuff like this, in my opinion ruins fanfiction itself.
  10. Anonymous flamers- I find it funny when an anonymous tries to flame someone. Most of the time it's just some insecure little bitch who isn't brave enough to use a profile they own because they're scared of someone returning the fire. If you continuously flame somebody, and you're obviously not getting any response, then you're fucking retarded to keep going on. Don't really care that much for you people. You're just a waste of space. In real life you probably aren't brave enough to talk shit without getting your ass kicked anyways. So do me a favor and go fuck a goat with some terrorist. Don't tell me bullshit that you can't get a profile on this site. Man up and quit being a little bitch.

Story Information

Chronicles of the Chosen One: Pokémon Master


The road to becoming a Pokemon Master is a long and hard journey. No human knows that more than Ash Ketchum. But with his first two Legendary Pokemon, Mew and Mewtwo, by his side, things start to change a whole lot. Ash is smarter, calmer, and more independent than he was made out to be. He must incorporate various techniques to reach that goal. Some shipping included.


The story begins at the end of Pokemon: The First Movie, where Ash not only befriends Mew and Mewtwo, but also catches them and all the cloned Pokemon. It is here that is the turning point on how Ash always acted in his Training. He learns to take his career seriously and does an immediate turn around. He goes from being the somewhat goofy and childish trainer to being a tough and calculating trainer who combines training techniques with research and breeding to become the Pokemon Master. As the story progresses and the more Pokemon he catches, he also has a dream to create a paradise for Pokemon he caught on New Island so they can live in peace. Watch as Ash continues his journey becoming the number one Pokemon Master.

Ash's Profile-

Name: Ash Ketchum

Age: 12

Occupation: Pokemon Trainer

Titles: Indigo Conference Champion, Orange League Champion

League Tournaments: 2 (Champions)

Gym Badges: Kanto-8, Orange Archipelago- 4, Johto- 2

Pokemon Species Owned: 71

Total Pokemon Owned: 217

  1. Abilities to date: Psychic- Pokemon Empathy.
  2. Aura- Not yet developed or discovered

Pokémon at the Ketchum Residence- (Caught in order)-

Mr. Mime(M)(Delia's), Wigglytuff(F), Mareep(1M,2F)

Ash Ketchum's Pokémon (Ash constantly swaps out Pokémon so there is no real party)-

Indigo League Arc-

Natural Born-

Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Pidgeot, Squirtle, Charizard, Muk, Kingler, Tauros(30), Gengar, Primeape


Raichu, Ivysaur, Pidgeot, Wartortle, Meowth, Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, Gyarados, Vaporeon, Vileplume, Rhydon, Rapidash, Ninetails(1M1F), Psyduck, Golduck, Scyther, Hitmonlee, Seadra, Nidoqueen, Tentacruel, Sandslash, Dewgong


Mew, Mewtwo

Orange Islands Arc-

Spearow (F), Fearow(M), Lapras(F), Butterfree-Butterfree(P), Crystal Onix, Kabutops (x2), Snorlax, Nidoking(S), Kangaskhan (x43), Paras (x2), Parasect, Venomoth, Beedrill (x2), Scyther (F), Pinsir, Dratini x2, Eevee x2, Vaporeon (F), Flareon x2, Jolteon x2, Espeon x2, Umbreon x2, Leafeon x2, Glaceon x2, Cubone x2, Aerodactyl x4, Lapras x27, Arcanine(M)


Articuno(F), Zapdos(M), Moltres(F), Lugia(Silvia)(F)

Johto Journey's Arc-

Furret(F), Heracross (2M2F), Stantler(7M, 15F), Chikorita(F), Quagsire (F), Charizard(Charlene, Charlotte)(1F, 1SF), Sunkern(M), Ledyba(F), Mareep (1F,1M), Flaaffy(F), Ariados(M), Cyndaquil(M),

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