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Hey !! My name is ... I don't have one =OOO

Since I just started I dunno what to write about...

I'll update it when I get a stroke of genious (which could take a while aha...) or an idea.


Do you know if you're evil?? Is it based on your actions or your thoughts? Is being evil just something society made up or is it real? Does wanting to see people die make you evil? Is acting nice when you just want to scream at everyone good even if it's a sin to lie? If being evil to you is good, is it then truly being evil? Can it...be fixed or is it a part of yourself so wound up in your thoughts that it's just as much a parrt of you as your body?


Does anyone else like writing little legends kind of things? :O I do. About monsters and Angels, most often...d'you know 'Monster', the anime? Really good if you like psycopaths or psycologic...things. Anyway, heres one =)

There was a little human boy inside a little village in a hidden and faraway country who wished to see the world. He did not have any money; he did not have any family; he did not have any friends. And so he left on one morning, intent on discovering everything there was to discover in the world and return a great man to his little village.

His name was Johan and he was born a human boy.

The boy crossed many forests and swam across many rivers, he met many interesting people and hunted many fierce animals, he loved, he hated, he feared, he smiled. The boy grew and grew, but he was not quite a man yet, a man from a distant country told him. To be a man, he had to see Evil in his own eyes and to stay sane.

So the boy climbed the tallest mountain in the world in search of Evil but found none. He swam to the bottom of the deepest waters but found no Evil there. He crawled into the darkest of animal and monster caves, but Evil was not to be found there either. After a year, he had visited all the great places and had yet to become a man.

He returned to his village without becoming a man. He had seen everything there was to see, all except Evil. The animals did not have it, nor the harshest climates, not the darkest and scariest places. He was certain that Evil did exist.

His village had been burnt, and there was nothing left in its wake but ashes. Dead bodies lay on the ground, rotting on the sun. Heads rolled about, swarmed with flies and maggots. He saw all the villagers he had known, dead – burnt or slaughtered. As he exited the village, he saw a group of men standing near the village, sharing some fine wine and cheering. He went to the men, and asked why they were cheering so.

The men told him that they had slaughtered all the villagers, and it had amused them greatly, for they had been looking for something fun to do. They laughed as they recounted the events that had taken place in the village and the boy said nothing.

The boy had toured the world in search of Evil to show it to the villagers and found none, but it was here in the village that he found it. Evil was not born of nature, it was human-made, and it could only be found within humans. Johan became a man, and he also became a monster.

When one sees Evil for what it is, he cannot remain sane

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