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Author has written 2 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh.

Trying to be a serious writer! Watch me fail (check out the stories)!

Okay, I want to explain something before everyone gets really mad at me. I am still continuing to write fanfiction (how could I not? :D), I just wanted to write a story that was my own too. And wasn’t completely about sex (basically every other story I have written). Tell me what you think about the story, I would really like to write it. It’s a very different world I have concocted, and is post-apocalyptic. Don’t worry, there will still be man on man action (yummy), just less of it than normal. For me at least. Please tell if I have gotten any better at writing, and- OH! I almost forgot, occasionally I will draw creatures or characters, and if you think my description sucked and you want to see a sketch of them, here is my deviantart:

Feel free to try sketching them yourselves, I’m not great with computer drawing.

P.S – If anyone wants to Beta, please tell me. It’s very embarrassing for me to put out chapters with silly things like spelling errors. And I would love to see what the few think, before I put it out to the many. I’m not sure what to name this story, please give me any suggestions you might have. Alright I’m done rambling, thank you, buh-bye!

Here's the FictionPress page if you want to try the stories:

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