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Author has written 26 stories for Yu Yu Hakusho, Gundam Wing/Sailor Moon, Slam Dunk, Rurouni Kenshin, Saiyuki, Yami no Matsuei, Harry Potter, Lupin III, and Fanfiction Poetry.

-Updated 02212011 07:53pm-

So. What's up people?! This is ShinuHoshi. I thought of checking my account here a few days ago, I did, and now I'm here again. I might make a few new stories. :) YAY! *makes an asian peace sign to show yayness* I have a few ideas on an original one and a KuramaxOC.. Actually... my favorite character on YuYu Hakusho is Hiei... but I'll keep those fantasies of mine for myself. teeheehee Well, at least for now. ;P

Anyways, if you want to be notified when I upload the first chapters for them please message me here. I can also give you my YM/MSN accounts but please message me first. I hope I get a warm welcome back from you guys.

Stories: (I think it's missing a few.. idk. I'll try to fix it later on.)

When The Red Rose Begins To BLoom: My first fic so pLease be nice. hehehe. It's about Kurama faLLing inLove with an OC, I was supposed to do a sequeL to this because I wanted it to be more mushy but as you aLL must know... I'm Lazy. hehehe

Don't Let The Pain Remain: It's a crossover! GundamWing and SaiLorMoon. So far, I haven't decided what to do on the next chapter... I think it's been aLmost a year since I updated this one. But I received a Lot of reviews for this one! So I think I was good with this,. hehehe Serena/Bunny was back stabbed by all her senshi's... So with the heLp of the outer senshi's they traveled to a different time/space or an alternate world. She accidentaLLy met Hero... They were given a mission together, which was from ReLena, and they all got together. But as you may know, eviLeviL ReLena is very eviL. Nyahahahahahahah... But then... nobody can ever play tricks with the perfect soLdiers and get away with it...

Behind The Mask: It's a Rukawa x OC. I didn't continue this one cause first of aLL i Like to pair Rukawa with Sakuragi... I don't know where this story came from. HeHeHe. But I'm trying to revise it. pLease try to read it again. I change the whoLe pLot of the story. I reaLLy Like this one... I dunno why I never got to finishing this. Oh yeah, I tried to remake the whoLe story and then I compLeteLy forgot and my mom's husband reprogrammed the computer... so buhu... I Lost aLL my fiLes... goddammit...

Fever: Kenshin and Kaoru! hmmm... Kaoru was mad at Kenshin because of something and because of this a Lot of things happened. ALso, because of a mysterious somebody, they got transported to a different time. They don't remember anything but Lets just see about that. hehehe

Oh How MuchI Wish You Were Here: Hmmm, It's about Kaoru and Kenshin... I got bored writing this story. So if you want to continue this with me, a LittLe coLLaboration, pLease Let me know.

MoonLight Night: hehehe I Love this fic that I made. It's a oneshot fic about Hakkai and Sanzo. It's a bit mushy. But a good fic none the less! hmmm Many Liked it tooo!

The Third DeadLy sin: StiLL aHakkai and Sanzo fic. I dont know whyI caLLed it that but just read it to figure it out yourself. It's aLso a songfic "How Did You Know",

'And when I broke down into tiny little pieces…

You came back and made me completely whole again.'

It's a smaLL part of the Line from the story... I Like it. Very Mushy but a very very good romantic story...

Sakura PetaLs: A oneshot fic about Tsuzuki and Hizoka. It's quite Long if you compared it to the other oneshots that i have written. Very nice ending, quite unexpected ending reaLLy, hmmm i was good... hehehe It's mostLy in Hisoka's POV. I believe I wrote this out of my frustration with it's Last Chapter... Anywayz, many have asked me to continue this one, but it was reallt meant to be a one shot fic.

Lovin You: A Harry Potter and Draco MaLfoy story! hehehe. It's a bit of a comedy but the main is stiLL romance of course! ahihihih, I'm trying to update this butI stiLL can't finish the next chapter. A Lot of peopLe Liked this one so I'm trying my best to get it done! And so, I am still "trying" after such a Long time! wohoo! sorry bout that everyone. But, I promise I will finish this and not leave it hanging forever. I Like the part where I made Draco a woman... whooot whoo...

For Him: Konzen and Tenpou. Being gay and being a god isn't an easy combination ya know. WeLL, they had a LittLe arguement and Konzen is contempLating if he shouLd be the one to taLk to Tenpou... it's not very mushy. My stories aren't reaLLy OOC, i try hard to make them act Like themseLves. This is sweet though... I imagined somebody else doing that for me... and that's how I made this one.

I Have ALways Been Here and ALways Am: Quite a Long titLe isn't it? ButI don't know why I named it Like that. This is a Goemon and Lupin fic... (aLways yaoi isn't it?) It's a comedy. I haven't updated this one cause it was supposed to be a one shot! I am quite shocked that I have gotten so many reviews for this one! and not one fLame! whoo! I am so cooL. yeah

I'd Rather Be With You: It's a Sanzo x OC. WeLL, many Liked it andI """Love""" this story. It has fantasy in it and a LittLe poem of mine. ahihihih. This one is compLeted. It has a sequeL, Against TheWind. This is reaLLy nice. I wanted to do something different sinceI reaLized that I've been making quite a Lot of yaoi's. hehe. I Love this one.

Against The Wind: This is the sequeL of I'd Rather Be With You, I do think that it is a Lot better than the first one, hehehe. A Lot more mushy scenes, and WARNING: I AM MAKING HAKKAI THE SLIGHT ENEMY IN THIS ONE. ahihihih.Rein starts tofeeL her powers without reaLizing it when Hakkai started to mingLe around Sanzo. They won't actuaLLy "fight" but you get the point. Oh and by the way this is not for young girLs and boys!. Hakki and Rein never did get on with the cat fight scenes, because I thought it wasn't necessary for the story to continue... But about Rein's past and her powers, weLL, I hope you got the part where there were signs of it. I reaLLy enjoyed making this story, because I am such a hopeLess Romantic. I can take aLL my Romance Frustration out of here but not so much as to get it sooooooo damn OOC... oh weLL. I'LL be seeing you in the Third Part! I hope You REVIEW ME!

Sweet Emotions: Nataku Taishi (from Gensoumaden Saiyuki) x OC Nintai Seishin. I just thought that Nataku desperateLy needs a LoveLife! So I made this story, it was supposed to be a oneshot but I received a Lot of good reviews so I decided to continue it. pLease do continue to review mo cause I don't get inspired to write when I don't receive many comments/reviews. This story has a Lot of angst/drama but the main characters won't die! WeLL... this one is aLL about Nataku's feeLing and the sadness he gets from being the 'Chosen One'. And then he found Nintai... or Nintai found him. It aLL gets crazy and Nataku seemed to be a happy for the first time... weLL at Least he was for a whiLe...


~When The Red Rose Begins To BLoom

~I'd Rather Be With You

~Against The Wind

One Shots:

-MoonLight Night

-The Third DeadLy sin

-Sakura PetaLs

-For Him


--Twisted Stomach: with Yumeneko


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