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Author has written 7 stories for Mario, and Game X-overs.

I am the self-loathing, self-critical, self-denying, and self-conscious ChrisMSMB, or you can call me Chris for short. But none of those girly names for Chris and other Chris-related material or any Chris names beginning with K. :P

I am a human that likes to consider himself a turtle (preferably a Blastosie): Taking life by the step. Slowly.

LonelyCubone: I'm not an artist, but my brother, Thought Cloud , is. :P

So back to me, I write a decent number of stories with even more or less decent crap in them. I'm not going to stop you from reading my horrific stories, but if you want... :P

Current Stories in progress

The Original High School Days

It's Time For Another Mario Party!

Pranks Wars (Co-op with Yorkielover123456789) (On Hold)

The Double Dash Tournament (Co-op with ZeldaMaster456) (On Hold)

Possible Stories

A Mario story similar to Kingdom Revolt - Enemies from Mario's past suddenly appear out of nowhere, some thought to have even been dead! What caused this epidemic and can Mario stop it from getting any worse?

Pokemon Adventures: The Dreamworld Effect - In a nutshell, trainers will gather Pokemon to train and grow bonds in order to take on the Pokemon League and other things like Team (Rocket, Aqua, or Magma) from causing mischief. However, new to the region (Either Kanto, Johto, ot Hoenn) are unnatural disasters, such as heavy earthquakes and raging tornadoes. While it may seem these are naturally occurring to the trainers, the Pokemon know this is not natural at all. Fortunately, they are able to enter the Dreamworld when they sleep and explore dungeons and get to the bottom of things (Whatever happens in the Dreamworld changes certain things in the real world). This story will be OC based in which either you can be the trainer or a Pokemon. There will be one OC Pokemon corresponding to one OC trainer and then the trainer is able to choose another five Pokemon for his/her team of choice.

An Earthbound story similar to Earthbound 2: Earthbounding Mother - Ness will save Hinawa from her untimely death, but how will that change the rest of the timeline that was supposed to happen?

The Mega Zone - Megaman X, Zero, and Axl were finally able to nearly defeat Sigma once and for all; however, with his last strength Sigma exposes his final card: A strange object called the Portalstone and whatever happened next remains a mystery. When X comes to, he realize he wasn't home anymore and his close friends were nowhere to be found. Strangely, he did come across another blue robot that looked just like him. This story will be inspired by Project X Zone.

Gosh, that's a lot. Doesn't help that I am so lazy too. If people care enough to nag me enough to continue one or more of these stories, then the chance of me actually doing one of the stories will most likely increase. :P

I've been asked this some times in the past, but yes, if you have a story you don't like or don't want to continue anymore, I don't mind taking them from you. So you got a story you don't want anymore, I'll take them off your hands for you. Unfortunately, I'm very picky on what category or genre these stories are.

Categories: Mostly Mario, some Sonic, Earthbound/Mother, Megaman, Tales of Symphonia/Graces F/Vesperia, Smash Bros (Very iffy on this), Kingdom Hearts (iffy), Animal Crossing (iffy), and Pokemon (Very iffy on this too).

Genres: Mostly humor, adventure/action, romance (Weird for a guy, I know), and some tragedy. Currently experimenting on other genres I can pull off. :P

I'm also not a stranger to co-op. :P

OCs, because everyone has them. And yes, I have my fair share too. :P

Chris the Blastoise: Aside from the unoriginal name, this is more or less my main, self-insert OC and generally the OC you used most. Aside from the unoriginal name, Chris is a Blastoise, having the same exact kind of personality and everything Chris the Human Author has. There is nothing more and nothing less. On a side note, he really likes (female) Birdo, Pauline, Wendy O' Koopa, (female) Weaviles, and Mattie the Labrador, another OC courtesy from TJLovesHisMidna.

Silencio: Despises everyone and everything. What Silencio is exactly has yet to be discovered. Definitely a boy by gender, but even that could be hard to tell sometimes. Silencio usually lurks when things go silent for a bit, heck he's there for every second of silence that occurs. He tends to stress S's all the time. One day, he wished to plunge the world into an everlasting world of never ending silence. He arch nemeses is the entire group of the Random Brigade, who somehow always seem to stop him. Silencio also has a secret crush on a girl, who this girl is is also a mystery.

Nack: A twenty year old male Boo that appeared in TJLovesHisMidna's story (along with the next four OCs): Survivor Koopa Beach. He's actually brown in color whom is often spiteful to others. He only looks out for himself and prefers to work alone. He can be bribed easily, for the right price of course.

Samantha: A twenty-five year old, female Birdo. She's lavender in color, with a brighter colored purple bow, and a purple tinted diamond ring. She is the prettiest of them all, or she thinks. Well, at least she tries to be prettier than them all. She can be really loyal yet at the same time cunning. Just getting by is good enough for her. There might be a possible rumor of her crushing on Nack, but again, this is just a rumor. Or is it?

Skorbet: A twenty-one year old male Toad. Looks like every other Toad, but with a heart of gold. Skorbet can handle for himself as well as defend himself. He's extremely nice, just not to his enemies such as Nack, who he can't stand. He's not as gullible as you would think, but sometimes he has his moments.

Urcle: A twenty-one year old female Shy Guy. She is all about the team and would do all she can to help them. Because of this, she could be taken advantage of. Urcle is weak by herself, but amazing when she's in a group.

Zing: A twenty-five year old male Koopa with a blue shell. Contrary to belief, he takes life to the max, and by that I mean he literally takes life by the speed. He's really fast for a Koopa and can run speeds Koopas could never reach (And no we're not talking Sonic The Hedgehog speed). He's a bit of a stuntman and can be a show off, but he has a good heart still. He can be quick tempered when he wants to hurry somewhere with others who are slower than him, but he can be patient when he really needs to be. After Survivor Koopa Beach, he developed a soft spot for Urcle, but he doesn't think he can trend that kind of new experience.

That's a short description; I don't think you all care that much to know more. But I'll leave you with one last thing for all us Mario fans (Make sure you have something like a Windows Media Player):

The Mushroom Kingdom Radio

Choose "AM Stream".

All Mario; all the time. And some Donkey Kong thrown in the mix. :P

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The Original High School Days reviews
For the third time, HSD is back and here to stay! All the craziness that once was has returned like never before! Follow Chris the Blastoise as he tries to last the never ending days of high school and all the mishaps that come along with it!
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Mario and Luigi have made plenty of friends over the past. Some of them, however, developed the soft spot for the plumbers.
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Becoming Strong reviews
Mario is dead. His death means the end of a legend and the beginning of a new one. But can Luigi really fill in the shoes of the once sworn protector of the Mushroom Kingdom, especially when the cause of Mario's death was his own fault?
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She must be crazy. There was no other reason...or was there?
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Reflecting reviews
One day, Yoshi takes some time after his most previous adventure to contemplate his life so far. And perhaps what will happen in the future.
Mario - Rated: K - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,410 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Published: 8/27/2011 - Yoshi - Complete
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