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Ranking the TD Characters

First Gen:

1. Harold

2. Noah

3. Owen

4. Duncan

5. Heather

6. Bridgette

7. Lindsay

8. Gwen

9. Alejandro

10. Cody

11. Beth

12. Trent

13. Izzy

14. DJ

15. LeShawna

16. Tyler

17. Justin

18. Geoff

19. Sierra

20. Ezekiel

21. Courtney

22. Eva

23. Katie

24. Sadie

Second Gen.

1. Scott

2. Cameron

3. Mike

4. Jo

5. Sam

6. Zoey

7. Brick

8. Lightning

9. Dawn

10. B

11. Dakota

12. Anne Maria

13. Staci

TDI- My Way Eliminations w/ reasons

22. Sadie- She and Katie kept talking and they lost the challenge for their team.

21. Eva- Yelled at the Bass for losing the challenge.

20. Cody- He and Beth failed to stop the flag from being captured.

19. Courtney- She was a bad leader and very bossy.

18. Trent- Heather got her alliance along with Noah and Justin to vote him off because he was in love with Gwen.

17. Katie- She lost the food for her team.

16. Justin- He was lazy.

15. Izzy- Heather got her alliance to betray her because she was crazy.

14. Noah- He was not serving as the lookout and the Gophers lost because of this.

13. Tyler- He lost the tie breaker challenge for the Bass.

12. LeShawna- Heather got her alliance to vote her out becuase of their rivalry.

11. Ezekiel- He lost the tiebreaker challenge for the Bass.

10. Beth- Everyone thought she was still in Heather alliance even though she quit.

9. DJ- Heather got Lindsay, Duncan, and Owen to vote him off because he was a threat.

8. Bridgette- The guys alliance viewed her as a huge threat.

7. Gwen- Heather tricked Harold and Geoff into voting her off because of her hatred of Gwen.

6. Geoff- He was a threat to the others.

5. Lindsay- The losers thought that would weaken Heather's chances of losing. Many of them wanted her there instead of Heather.

4. Owen- Chris felt that Owen wasn't much of a ratings grabber.

3. Heather- She got last in the trivia game.

Runner-Up. Duncan- He lost the final challenge to Harold.

Winner. Harold- He beat Duncan in the final challenge.

TDA- My Way Elimination Order w/ reasons

15/14. Geoff- Everyone was tired of him and Bridgette making out constantly and he got more votes.

15/14. Gwen- Heather managed to convince Geoff, Bridgette, Lindsay, and Harold to vote her off because she hated her.

13. Beth- The Grips thought she was controlling Lindsay and tried to be the leader, which was Lindsay. She was also very bossy to them.

12. LeShawna- Heather formed a new alliance and got her voted out because they hated each other.

11. Owen- He ate the food that the Grips would need to win the challenge.

10. DJ- He ran out on their team, wouldn't destroy the beacon when he had the chance, and Heather felt she had to cut an alliance member loose.

9. Lindsay- Courtney wanted to take over the Grips so she voted her off and only her vote counted.

8. Duncan- He was the only one not in Heather's alliance still left on the Gaffers and he lost the tiebreaker to Courtney.

7. Heather- Harold and Bridgette betrayed her because she made them vote off people they didn't want to.

6. Courtney- Harold's alliance voted her off beacuse many of them hated her and she was a huge threat.

5. Harold- Izzy voted him out for being a threat, Justin voted him out for knowing too much about his plan.

4. Justin- He was a huge threat and his deceptive ways

3. Izzy- She left to get away from the RCMP

Runner-Up. Trent- He recieved less votes than Bridgette.

Winner. Bridgette- She recieved more votes.

TDWT- My Way Elimination Order w/ Reasons

18. Izzy- She threw her team's chest into the river when they needed it.

17. Bridgette- She was distracted during the final challenge and it made them lose the challenge. She was also a threat because she had won before.

16. Geoff- Alejandro convinced him to quit so Alejandro wouln't have to worry about an alliance with Harold

15. Heather- Alejandro got her stuck in a tree so she couldn't finish the challenge and her team lost.

14. Lindsay- She and Courtney ruined the challenge for their team and Lindsay was too distracted by Alejandro.

13. Trent- Courtney switched teams so Trent was the only one left not in Noah's alliance.

12. Sierra- She played a part in the lost and she was seen as too crazy.

11. Harold- Alejandro wanted him out because he knew too much about Alejandro.

10. Cody- Cody was too distracted by Gwen and it led to their team almost falling off a cliff and then they lost.

9. Owen- Since Noah and DJ had invincibility, he was the only one from Noah's alliance that could be voted off.

8. Tyler- He made Alejandro lose the challenge and Alejandro felt that Tyler knew about his past actions.

7. Duncan- Noah convinced Alejandro and LeShawna to vote him out because he was close to Courtney.

6. Gwen- Alejandro convinced Noah and DJ to vote her out because Gwen threatened to get rid of Alejandro.

5/4. Alejandro- Noah and DJ found out he was trying to betray them so they voted him out. He tied with LeShawna and both were eliminated.

5/4. LeShawna- Alejandro was convinced that she was a big threat to win. She tied with Alejandro and both were eliminated.

3. DJ- He was the last to make it to Hawaii.

Runner-Up. Courtney- She lost the race to Noah.

Winner. Noah- He beat Courtney in the race.

TDROTI-My Way Eliminations w/ Reasons

13. Staci- She annoyed everone with her contstant lying.

12. Anne Maria- Zoey wanted her gone because she made out with Mike when he was Vito.












My Overall Thoughts on the Acutal Total Drama Seasons.

Total Drama Island: This was the very first season, of course and it is still my favorite. It was just great overall. I loved Owen, I loved Gwen, I hated Heather (for all the crap that she did). The challenges were cool, the drama was good, the romance was good, and the humor was good. It was overall the best season. It was consistent. I actually feel ashamed about what I wrote for my version. I admit, it was atrocious. It should've been longer and more detailed. I'm thinking of doing rewrite of it so watch out for that. There were some things to nitpick about this season regarding the overall story. Like why was Gwen mad at Trent for the buried alive incident when she seemed to be okay with it in the episodes in between? Regarless, this season is still the best. I just wish I saw the Canadian version because Cartoon Network butchered it with the edits.

Total Drama Action: This season seems to be the least favorite for about 90% of Total Drama fans. I can see why, it didn't really have much of an antagonist compared to the other seasons and there was very little drama. Humor wise, it was great. I loved the conflict between Harold and Duncan (they are, of course, my two favorite characters). I didn't really care for Gwen and Trent breaking up. I mean, they were building that relationship in the first season. It was the main relationship. But it only lasts five episodes in TDA so they kind of cheeaed out. Way to waste all that time and the worst part is that it was all over a misunderstanding. Didn't really care for Courtney this season and I wish Owen didn't return. The things he did started to make me dislike him and I didn't want that. I'd say I'll remember this season solely from the laughs I had from people like Harold, Duncan, Beth, and Lindsay.

Total Drama World Tour: I'm actually a little mixed about this season. It had a lot of drama, which was good. But the flaws of this season were too big for me to ignore. I thought Alejandro was a good villain, but he got a lot of my favorite characters booted and I didn't care for that (It's actually like he took my list of favorite characters and went to town). I hated Sierra, she annoyed me to no end. I will never really understand how so many people like her. The whole stalker obsession thing with Cody got old really fast. She never made me laugh. The worst part is, she is in every f*ing episode. I also hate the Duncan and Gwen relationship. Before this season came out, you had all of these fans demanding for this relationship and I wasn't one of them. They took the entire first half of TDI to build both of those relationships and throw them away for this gimmick. I may hate Courtney, but I did not care for Duncan cheating on her. I actually kind of rooted for Gwen to go instead of Courtney. Then there was the finale. I felt kind of insulted by who the final two was. I hate the fact that Heather and Alejandro were the final two and either way, an antagonist would win. Why couldn't they just add Cody there and he would sneak up and win it? They had three teams (another flaw was Team Victory and them losing everything, it was kind of pointless), so why not a final three? I know that some of you will argue about my final two this season (my version) but I only did that because of the actual TDWT. The other reason I did it becasue my view of Noah changed this season, like it did for so many others. He went from being that one know it all loser to one of the fan favorites. I loved his relationship with Noah and I was pissed when he got voted out early, again! Screw you, Alejandro. Originally in my version, Noah was going to place fifth was a similar alliance but he grew on me in TDWT so I made him the winner. It was also originally going to be LeShawna in the final two but I changed that when I was in the middle of writing the season when TDROTI was airing. I thought a final showdown between Noah and Courtney would be fun to write (and it was). And those two never did anything horrible in my version rather than Heather and Alejandro in the real version. TDWT was still a good season. It just had flaws. Big flaws.

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