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Author has written 3 stories for Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, and One Piece.

Hello all, the name's Hachimitsu Lemon . Hachimitsu is honey, and lemon is... lemon what a sucky intro.

Everything about me is secret, and such is the wonder of interwebs. But one thing about me is that I'm a massive massive procrastinator (I can only come up with my fic when I have something else due, like a PAPER.) and have a super short attention span I have to browse 10 pages at once. Ahhh I love tabs.

I was a veteran anime otaku, 'was' because for a short while I managed to focus on more important things in life. But by me opening this account you should already know I reverted to my 'no life' condition. Before I straighten up and leave you fic-less, I will write as many as I can.

Fave Fandom: (since this seems like what people put in their profile -_-)


Anything that has a dash of tuna, cause he's such an uke. Particularly:

X27 (Xanxus x Tsuna) My fave fave favorite thing in the world
1827 (Hibari x Tsuna)
5927 (Goku x Tsuna)
6927 (Mukuro x Tsuna)
8027 (Yama x Tsuna) which I find strangely few doujin exist for this couple

D27 (Dino x Tsuna)
S27 (Squalo x Tsuna) If you think this is weird, read one of Fujitani Yoko's doujinshi. You'll fall in love
Spanner x Tsuna - Stockholm syndrome, anyone? Might write a fic for this couple because again, they need more love.

and also

8059, Reborn x Lambo. No Dino x Hibari please, half the fandom is comprised of D18, 8018, 8059, 6927 and 5927. Seriously.

(UPDATE: I am no longer a part of the KHR fandom, mainly because I stopped watching/reading KHR right in the middle of the Byakuran arc. So most likely I won't be writing anymore KHR unless it's an AU)

One Piece

One Piece is my main fandom at the moment and these are my ships:

1. Crocodile x Luffy

2. Law x Luffy

3. Mihawk x Zoro

4. Zoro x Luffy

5. Ace x Luffy

6. Smoker x Luffy

Basically I like all Luffy uke ships. Ehehe.

Currently working on:

1 Law x Luffy fic

1 Crocodile x Fem!Luffy fic

2 OC fic


MasaYoshi (Masamori x Yoshimori)
In my defense, incest was never my thing. But how can I resist with all the hints dropped throughout the series?? ("You're the only one that can call me from the depth of the darkness" What? Might as well just profess your undying love. Geez) It doesn't help that Masamori is such a handsome ossan lol. Those tiny little flashback of when Yoshimori was little just tugged my heart strings in all places :3

My next fic would probably be from this fandom.

Tiger x Bunny

I have such an oyaji fetish that anything with Kotetsu as the uke fly in my book. Seriously. Throw anything at him, it would still be awesome. Bunny x Tiger is my favorite, but seriously. Put Tiger at the bottom. Instant masterpiece.

Sket Dance

Agata x Bossun
It's not like I was never tempted to do a Tsubaki x Bossun, but like I said incest was never my thing. But the tension between Agata and Bossun are just...

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