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Hey all, Its me

Gender; Male

Age; Not telling

Name; Not telling

Home; Do I have to say it? It is in Fairfield County, Connecticut thought

I'm an American and according to Brown Phantom's poll, the 56th best Naruto Writer! At one point, anyway

Now with a reduced profile

My Challenges for Writers; from my earliest days to modern.

Challenges for writers who don't have a major story to currently focus on...

Oh, and I'm going to say this now, there is a blanket ban on bashing Minato, Hiruzen, Danzo, Kushina, Hinata, Jiraiya or Tsunade. For the first three, however, you can say that either, Minato could not understand hate, Hiruzen had to make sacrifices to keep Naruto safe in the long run and Danzo must be like a Bashed Dumbledore, believing that the end is worth the means to get there.

Challenge 1; Hanyou Naruto and his Vixens

While in the Wave country, Naruto and Team 7 get into a massive fight, over whatever you choose (Your choice if Kakashi is involved). The pain is too much for Naruto, and he runs off into the woods.

While in the woods, he ends up finding a ruined outpost of Uzziogakure, the Whirlpool village where the Uzumaki hail from. Entering it, he discovers a scroll on clan sealings, the chakra trains, and a scroll of hidden techniques and researched projects never finished. While you can choose most of the abilities he finds both the chakra chains of his mother, and a project that would "truly unlock the power of a Jinchurki"

Naruto, in interest, ends up figuring out the project (I don't know, the missing element is Ramen, Gas, Shadow clones, something), and completes it, which knocks him out concious for a day. However, what he fails to realize, is that the project is slowly absorbing the Kyubbi into him, slowly assilmilating the beasts power into his own. The beast, itself restrained by the seal from his father, cannot fight back

The change manifests itself in several stages (You choose how their activated and space out)

Stage 1; Increase in Chakra and physical abilities. Healing abilites become his own.

Stage 2; Increase in intelligence, increased ability to learn Jutsu, begins to sense negative emotions

Stage 3; Naruto's eyes become red permanetely. His emotions become more violate

Stage 4; Naruto's hair grows longer, ears become fox ears. T

Stage 5; Naruto's chakra become red all the time, cannine teeth remain permanetely elongated, a fox tail grows on him flesh and blood

Stage 6; He becomes the Kyuubi proper (However retaining the ability to transform back to his original form)

By chance, he happens to catch Inari and Tsunami being attacked, and saves them, learning of the attack on the bridge, goes to save them. Saving his former team, begrudginely, he returns to Konoha, but what he doesn't realize is that his transformation also create strange pheromones waiving off him that affects females who are compatible with him. The compatibility follows in stages (your choice in timing like Naruto's)

Stage 1; A strong affection/crush on him, a lack of interest in other guys (Think Hinata)

Stage 2; Increase of chakra, intelligence and abilities, to a lesser extent than Naruto

Stage 3; The females emotions become more violate, the female's begin to experinces "heat" periods

Stage 4; The females eyes become red, fox ears replace their human ones

Stage 5; A fox tail of flesh and blood grows, their chakra becomes permanetly red

Stage 6; The female becomes a giant fox like the Kyubbi (Less tails, can return to human form)

The females have to include at least Hinata, any other female is okay, as long as they aren't originally male (Haku is an exception) or a mother/married. One of the female Jinchurki (Fu and or Yugito) are recommended (Their beasts, if they're in the second stage, are replaced by the fox chakra as they are randomly dispelled without side effects) DO NOT USE SAKURA.

Bashing of Sakura and Sasuke is required, any other form of bashing is by one's violition. Rate M, Lemons and limes optional. Can be dark. No Yaoi. Message me if you take it

Challenge 2; Fox Naruto and the 9 Vixens of leadership

Naruto, after gaining his ninja rank, is attacked by a mob for some reason or another. No one is around to help him, but with his new shadow clone jutsu, he is able to fight back, though eventually is over whelmed, until someone arrives to save him

Hinata, seeing her love being attacked, rushes to his aid and fights off the remaining mob members. However, she is injured in the fighting heavily, to a point she is close to dying.

However, she manages to tell Naruto her feelings for him. Heartbroken, Naruto is helpless as he watches her die, before he is contacted by the Kyuubi.

The Kyuubi, who is female (MUST BE EXPLAINED WHY), tells him that she can save her, but both she and he must be willing to accept the consequences. Naruto, desperate, agrees as demonic chakra is used to heal Hinata, who is turned into a Fox Hanyou with an older form (Recommend Shippuden) and becomes bonded to him, as he also gains a form. The fox, however attempted to use this opportunity to escape, but the power of love (See Mito's explanation of how to hold the fox back), interferes, causing the fox to not only be trapped in a Hanyou form around the age of Hinata's, but is also bound to Naruto with most of her power still inside of Naruto

After this, the fox explains why it truly was trying to escape. The Fox is the leader of the Fox realm, a summoning realm like the toads mountain, and her return is needed in order to ensure the land remains prosperous. However, now that her power is no longer hers, Naruto inherits the leadership of the fox realm.

However, in order to, he has to gain the power to lead, which involves 9 traits of a leader. Each of these can be gained by mating in a similar way with other females.

Hinata; Sacrifice (A leader must be willing to sacrifice his life for his people)

Kyuubi; Knowledge (A leader must have intelligence)

Naruto, over the course of the fic, meets seven other, non OC females who can give him 7 other traits that can make him a fit leader and mates with them. To be specific, mating is a transfer of chakra (Sex is optional)

If mated, a person

1; Becomes emotionally attached to Naruto, and his other mates/ descendants, though if sexually for the others is your choice

2; Gains a Hanyou Form (around Naruto and Hinata's shippuden age, older ones are de aged back to this period, though they retain skills and breast size)

3; Gain access to the powers of those mates with (Eg, Naruto gains the Byukugan from Hinata, while she gains his chakra reserves)

4; As a Hanyou, even when not in the form, one gains immortality aside for blade and poison, and all that junk of ways to kill non naturally

Females recommended; Mei, Fu, Yugito, Shion,

Females discouraged from using; Sakura, Yuugao, mothers, males turned females (Haku exception), Female tailed beasts

Bashings are at ones volition, recommend rating M, avoid overly dark Naruto's, lemons and limes optional, No Yaoi, message if you take it

Challenge 3; Revived War

Instead of the Lost Hero and Gaia, and all that jazz, a revival of war between Greece and Rome starts up. How it starts up once again is up to you, but in the background a new villian is merely stiring up the violence for his or her own agenda.

Requirements and Recomendations;

1; There has to be at least two major battles, taking place in the United States

2; The Egyptians of the House of Life may end up in the conflict somehow

3; Jason and Thalia must fight, Thalia only realizing who he is during the fight, and then be defeated by Jason

4; A 'unusual demigod or demitan' must appear on one side or the other to tip a battles tide

5; At least one of the main characters from Camp Half Blood, or mentioned by Jason from Roman Camp Half Blood, must die

6; The gods, for some reason or another, CAN'T take any action, but some may choose sides.

Put in slash and I will get Mrs. O'Leaory to slobber you with saliva, EXPLOSIVE ignroing that...

Challenge 4; X over Fusion Fall (Seen a few stories that while I like the concept, no one's ever put to good use)

I've seen a few stories like this, but they are all just lacking something if you ask me. They need consistancy, explanation, organization. Hence why I'm putting out this challenge

You, the potential challenge taker, can create your own Fusionfall adventure. But this time, you can make it different from the original one, by using new characters.

However, you can't just go at it quickly, you need to plan things out first. For example, you can decide what replaces what, similar to the following


Brooklyn House (Replaces Sector V) Characters; Grover Underwood, Neville Longbottom, Carter Kane, Neji Hyuga

Yokai North (Replaces Pokey Oaks North) Infected Areas; Yokai Academy

Privet Drive (Replaces Pokey Oaks South) Characters; Dudley Dursley, Vernon Dursley, Petunia Dursley

Diagon Alley (Replaces Peach Creek Commons) Characters; Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Iruka, Tatsuki, Karin Kurosaki, Yuzu Kurosaki, Tom the Barman,

Godrics Hollow (Replaces Peach Creek Estates); Characters Hestia, Infected Zone Potter House

Junkard of the Gods (Replaces Goat's Junk Yard) Characters; Hepaestus, Infected Zone; Talos's Last stand

The Burrow (Replaces Foster's Home) Characters; Arthur Weasley, Molly Weasley, Ron Weasley

Tanzuka Quarters (Replaces Genius Grove) Characters Tenten, Kurumu, Infected Zone Destroyed Castle

Aunty Em's Garden Gnome Emporium (Replaces Eternal Vistas)

Malfoy Manor (Replaces Eternal Meadows) Infected Zone; The Manor

Karakura Town (Replaces Endsville) Characters; Orohime, Draco Malfoy, Yukari, Karin

Deserted Buildings (Replaces Nuclear Plant) Infected Zone; Haunted Building

Karakura Center (Replaces Habitat Homes) Infected Zone; Karakura High


Training Point (Replaces City Point) Characters Lee, Guy Infected Zone; United Training Zone

Empire State Building (Replaces City Station) Characters Zeus, Hera, Dumbledore, Aphrodite

Apollo's Music Hall (Replaces Marquee Row) Characters Apollo; Infected Zone Music hall

The Plaza (Replaces Townsville Center) Characters; Choji Akamichi, Ino Yamanaka, Sally Jackson, Mizore Shirayuki, Kagome

Hall of Mediation (Replaces City Hall) Characters; Moka Akashiya (Outer), Byukuya, Remus Lupin, Hermes

Central Park (Replaces Townsville Park) Characters Yasutora (Chad), Seras Victoria, Kakashi Hatake,

Neptune's Landing (replaces Orchid Bay) Characters; Percy Jackson, Suigestu, Infected Zone; Yancy Academy

Montauk (Replaces Bravo Beach) Characters; Kisame Hoshigaki, Infected Zone, Jackson Cabin

Skyrise (Replaces Morbucks Towers) Infected Area Construction Zone

Ministry of Magic (Replaces Mojo's Volcano) Characters; Dolores Umbridge, Percy Weasley, Cornelius Fudge, Yoruichi Shihoin, Sai, Konan

Demeter's Garden (Replaces Galaxy Gardens) Characters Demeter

Science Center (Replaces Tech Square) Characters; Hermione, Annabeth, Uruhara, Shikamaru, Athena

Grimmauld Place (Replaces Steam Alley) Characters Sirius Black

Airlift Field (Replaces Offworld Plaza) Characters Leo Valdez, Shizune, Infected Zone Bunker 9


Camp Woods (Replaces Prickly Pines )

Camp Half Blood (Replaces Camp Kidney ) Characters: Chiron, Dionysus, Hinata, Shino

Konohagakure (replaces Mount Blackhead) Characters Tsunade, Sakura, Tsukune, Rukia, Clarisse La Rue, Bill Weasley Infected Zone; Hokage Monument

Toad Lake (Replaces Leakey Lake) Characters; Jiraiya

Forest of Dean (Replaces Acorn Flats)

Hellsing Manor (Replaces Pimpleback Mountains) OC's Integra Hellsing, Infected Zone; Manor Basement

Vampire Ridge (Replaces Haunted Ridge)

Forbidden Forest (Replaces Twisted Forest) Characters Hagrid, Fang

Hogwarts Castle (Replaces The Ruins) Characters Snape, Filtch; Infected Zone Astronomy Tower;

Sunagakure (Replaces Devil's Bluff) Characters Temari, Mcgonagal, Sadie Kane, Piper Mclean

Suna Desert (Replaces Devil's Canyon)

Egyptian Ruins (Replaces Area 51.5) Infected Zone; Lost sanctuary

Deep Forbidden Forest (Replaces Really Twisted Forest) Characters Zetsu Infected Zone; Agumantula Nest

Valley of the End (Replaces Forgotten Falls) Characters Poseidon

Valley of Clouds and Lightning (Replaces Monkey Foothills) Characters; Killer Bee, Kiba Inuzuka, Akamaru, Ginny Weasley, Charlie Weasley

Lightning Mountain (Replaces Monkey Mountain) Infected Zone; Lightning Summit

Magician's Training Ground (Replaces Nowhere) Characters Zia Rashid, Uryu Ishida, Kankuro, Jugo

Darklands (Not replaced aside for charactersfor the simple reason its too cool, same with Infected Zones)

Forsaken Valley Characters; Alucard, Ichigo Kurosaki, Ares, Gaara, Harry Potter, Inuyasha

Dinosaur Pass

Fireswamps Characters; Itachi Uchiha, Diedara


Huntor's Crest Characters; Naruto Uzumaki, Thalia Grace, Artemis, Renji Abarai, Nymphadora Tonks

Dark Glade Chaacters Nico DI Angelo, Hades, Sesshomaru

Hero's Hollow Characters; Jason Grace, Pain

The Precipice Characters Sasuke Uchiha,

Green Maw

Fuse's Lair

Original character groups

Shinigami (Bleach)

Ninja (Naruto)

Satyr (Percy Jackson)

Wizard (Harry Potter)

Soldier (Hellsing)

Goblin (Harry Potter)

Hunter (Percy Jackson)

Demigod (Percy Jackson)

ANBU (Naruto)

Toads (Naruto)


Hippogriffs and Thestrals (Replaces Monkey Skyway Agents)

Magician's Portal (Replaces S.C.A.M.P.E.R'S)

Festus (Replaces Transport to Darklands)

Anime-Manga used; Hellsing, Rosario Vampire, Naruto, Bleach, Inuyasha

Books Used; Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Kane Chronicles


Harry; Follow the path of Magic to defeat Fuse; Mission Handlers Neville, Ron, Hermione, Harry. Gear obtained; Hogwarts Robes, Cannons Quidditch Suit, Beuxbaton Robes, Drumstang Robes, Quiddich Suit, Auror Gear

Ichigo; Follow the path of the Soul Reaper to defeat Fuse; Mission Handlers Tatsuki, Orohime, Uryu, Ichigo; Gear Obtained; Don Suit, Chad suit ,Shinigami Robes ,Quincy Robes, Hollow Armor, Captain Shinigami Robes

Percy; Follow the path of the Gods to defeat Fuse; Mission Handlers Grover, Chiron, Percy, Thalia. Gear obtained; Satyr Suit, Camp Cloths, Sea Warrior Suit, House of Life Gear, Hunters getup, Roman Suit

Naruto; Follow the path of a Ninja to defeat Fuse; Mission Handlers Neji, Sakura, Killer Bee, Naruto; Gear Obtained Green Beast of Youth suit, Sunagakure Ninja Suit, Akatsuki Dress, Konoha Ninja Suit, Kumogakure Ninja Suit, Sage Suit

Nanos (42 of them); Alucard, Seras, Kurumu, Mizore, Yukari, Inner Moka, Outer Moka, Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Jiraiya, Hinata, Killer Bee, Nine Tails, Lee, Shikamaru, Gaara, Ichigo, Uryu, Orohime, Chad, Rukia, Yorouichi, Renji, Inuyasha, Harry, Hagrid, Hermione, Ron, Dumbledore, Snape, Voldemort, Umbridge, Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Thalia, Nico, Carter, Sadie,

So, using this as an example, write your story and let it rip (Don't use the exact same concept as above)

If you have no idea what this is actually...I really don't know much either beyond a wiki glance

Challenge 5; The Sacred Silver Treasure; The silver Siblings

Long ago, the God Ra held the power to rule all. However, upon him being tricked by Isis out of his throne, his divne ability to rule was not inherted by his successors Osiris, Set and Horus, nor by Uraounos, Kronos or Zeus, but solidified into a power that waits to be claimed.

Sensing its danger, the god Thoth locked it away at 0,0, the meeting place of the Prime Meridian and Equator, sealed in a way that only a Son of Artemis, aged to maturity (16ish) could open, believing that such a person could never appear, and thus the power to command even the mightiest of gods would be sealed away forever.

However, such a child would come to exist. Many years later, Artemis recieved a preventable prophecy that one day one of her two head Hunters; either of the Greek or Roman Hunters, would fall, a fall that would lead to a leader that one group wouldn't be willing to follow that would lead to the demise of both hunters group. A meeting with both of them and the Goddess leads to a drastic decision, the birth of a child of Artemis to be the leader of the hunt at a later date.

For, as children of Poseidon can command the wildlife of the seas and horses, a child of Artemis or Diana could command the Huntresses.

Thus, with the mortal half coming from her two commanders, one of them Zoe, and aided with her powers as the Goddess of Childbirth, two children were born

A son of Artemis, and a Daughter of Diana

However, a group of Rogue Magicians from the House of Life, who seek the power to rule all, kidnap the Son of Artemis, to raise to unseal the chamber.

Distraught, Artemis and both Hunters group search for the lost son, only aware of his continued survival, and only find word of him a month before he can be used to unseal the power to rule all

Thus, if you take this challenge, you must bring this to life, however...

The two children can not be capable of using any power that doesn't originate from their mother

The Hunter groups are aware of each other still, and the other gods cannot know of that

The other gods cannot learn of the children's identities until at least the end of the story

Orion and Selene cannot be used as names

You must be willing to use elements from PJO, HoO and Kane in the story

The siblings cannot be Mary Sues

At least one of the other Olympians needs to be defeated by one of the Siblings

Artemis/Diana must be willing to do anything to find him, even break the laws of the Gods

Good luck

Challenge 6; Harry Potter, A changed world

This story, taking place after Deathly Hallows, involves the Death Eaters NOT surrendering. The surviving Death Eaters and the Ministry continued to resist any change to the now pureblood society.

Over several years, Harry soul bonds with several girls, but they each end up dying. At their deaths, they ask Harry not to mourn them to a point he can never love again, and thus soul bond with girls once again.

However, the several girls that he soul bonds aid him in restoring the Kronotron, a device that Dumbledore had created that allows a person to travel through time. Harry, as he had no soul bonded girl with him at the time, traveled back, to find himself in his younger self's body...

However, he has scars he didn't have before...

Story Requirements

1; Harry must follow the above guidlines

2; Dumbledore must be aware of the changed time even before Harry tells him (I recomend him obtaining the Harry Potter series a short while before Harry comes, with an 8th book explaining the above)

3; The reason that the Kronotron was never used was because it had the unstable effect of altering time (Eg, the Dursley's being much worse, hence Harry's new scars)

4; Not all the things changed are to be negative (Eg, Neville's parent's being sane, Draco and his family being closer to the Tonks family and burnt off the Black family tree and being in Hufflepuff, ect)

5; Amongs the changes are required as above; A more Pureblood culture (Muggle Borns need not apply signs in some businesses) the Prewetts being closer to the House of Black, Molly turning into a very Black family like person who tried to take Harry for herself after the whole Voldemort thing thus causing a Weasley divide, with some in the House of Black and Slytherin and the rest, well normal...(One of the Prewett Weasley's needs to be like Sirius and blasted off. Percy must be a Black and the twins must be Weasley's) and any girl Harry 'gains' must be replaced with their respective love interests with a new OC (To be explained later in parts 7, 9 and 10) and Dumbeldore must be Bisexual

6; If Draco is, Hufflepuffed, someone must take his place

7; Harry must re meet his girls, who have regained their memories, on the Hogwarts express, where they must all, regardless of their house,and Harry finds out the soul bonds transfered too, creating a coven situation (The soul bonds are now more like a web, connecting them all), and they all end up in Gryffindor house

8; Any girl Harry ends up with must be in Hogwarts at the same time as Harry at any point during the Seven books or in Beuxbatons/Dumstrang

9; The bonds can only kick in when they see Harry again

10; Harry can accidently create bonds with other girls in Hogwarts, and they recall the old future if this is done

11; Harry must loose the Horcrux in his head when he returns, explained via the soul bonds that lie dormant that would be restarted (Don't forget, with the changes it is possible that Parseltongueness could be retained)

12; Because of the above, Voldemort must realize that someone (He knows not who) knows of his Horcruxs and thus he changes the movements of Quirell to try and hide them somewhere else

13; In addition, Covens also increase a wizards power (Has a relation to Dumbeldore's Bisexuality)

14; Potter Manor is to be Harry's new home

15; No Dumbledore or Ginny Bashing, be free to destroy anyone else

16; Ginny must be on the girls, but she can only be used starting Second Year

17; No Yaoi at all (Dumbledore cannot have any males at the stories present time)

Good luck with it

Challenge 7

Rosario Vampire, my first Harem genre anime/manga. It was there I first got the harem concept, and there it established the kind of Harem hero I like, the hero who is not forceful on it and has girls gravatating to him, and is not a player.

And now, one Aano Tsukune shall reap the rewards of it, and reap, and reap, and about 20 odd years later children of Tsukune are to arrive at Youkai academy.

And you shall tell the story


1; Tsukune is to be married to at least Moka, Mizore and Kurumu

2; There must be at least four kids, a Son of Inner Moka, a Daughter of Outer Moka, daughter of Mizore and a daughter of Kurumu

3; A new threat must appear

4; The fact that Moka is a vampire, and thus a long living immortal creature, must be balanced out somehow as to not eventually leave her, and presumably Tsukune and her kids, alone after say 70 years

5; A character must be made to become the Neo Tsukune, human, monster or hybird is your choice

6; This character must end up with an additional girl who is not a Tsukune descendent

7; A new threat must appear that involves the Neo Tsukune character

8; No Yaoi

Challenge 8

Succubus Queen, Kushina

During the fight with Sasuke, Naruto manages to defeat him, barely, but in the end ends up losing conciousness. During this, he is contacted by his mother.

Kushina is a Succubus, who had bonded with Minato and instead of dying due to Madara, had ended up back in Hell/realm of demons (Demon thing). However, she wanted to return to Naruto, but the leadership at the time only allowed Succubus one time in the mortal world.

So, because she stole power from the Kyuubi as its container, she started a revolution and overthrow the leadership, becoming Queen of the Succubus...however because of how time is odd in demonic places, what she thought only took 6 years, took 12.

Kakashi then appears, and does his bashing side when he tries to kill the vulnerable Naruto, who was conversing with his mother mentally during this, but then...

A; Hinata and or Sakura, who followed Kakashi on Tsunade's orders, defend Naruto and manage to incapacitate him, and return to Konoha with all of thme

B; Fu, who had fled Taki, witnessed the fight and defended Naruto, returning them to Konoha

C: Kushina appears in the mortal world, whips Kakashi's ass, and teleports them back to Konoha

D; Might Guy followed Kakashi on Tsunade's orders, used the Sunset Genjutsu to defeat Kakashi, and returns them to Konoha

So the group returns...and the Council does the whole, Banish Naruto rally, but they fail to get the votes they need, as Danzo, Hiashi and Tsume will not be jerks.

So, the civilians instead call on the aide of the corrupt head ANBU, who arrests Tsunade for leaving Konoha like she had, with the aide of many corrupt ANBU, and has her schedualed to be breed for her Senju bloodline.

So, with the Civilans couping, Naruto gets banished, but Hinata, Sakura, and if used Fu, follow him...

However, entering the one tailed state caused some of Naruto's Incubus blood to awaken, one that attracts girls to him for bonding...and Naruto keeps running into girls who need his help and end up liking him.


1; No Yaoi

2; Naruto is not to turn into a serial rapist...rapist on occasion...or anything of the sort

3; Naruto must struggle against some aspects of the transformation

4; No bashing Sakura, Hinata, Jiraiya or Minato (However, Kushina can comment that he was a rare person who lacked hate and thus could not comprehend that emotion or something similar)

5; Naruto must end up with at least Sakura and Hinata

6; He must end up with at least 6 girls

7; No use of Sakura's mother, Males turned females (Even Haku for this one)

8; They find a place to hide somewhere in the world, with a lake, waterfall...and mild nudism

Because of the stories nature, lemons are encouraged. Try not to create Naruto of the Darkness

Challenge 9

Taking off of the idea above, Naruto graduates from the Academy, but without fighting Mizuki, yet still knowing Shadow Clones. Wanting to congradulate him, Hinata follows him into to his home, but finds a portal to his real home, in the demon realm

Kushina, a Succubus, is Naruto's mother. While her body was destroyed during the Kyubbi attack, it was only her manifestation in the mortal world. Kushina's true personification is alive and well in a portion of the demon realm she rules over. There, she is struggling with getting Naruto to act more like an Incubus, as all the putdowns from the villagers had caused him to resist his demon side

However, Hinata runs into him in his room...and he claims her. This bonds Hinata to him as long as he lives. However, this causes his traits to grow stronger, just as he ends up getting a female sensei, and seems to run into attractive females constantly


1; They must be 15 when they graduate

2; Hinata must be part of the harem

3; Naruto and Kushina must have a strong relationship, but Kushina must still try to get Naruto to act more demonlike

4; Naruto needs to be nice, but after he makes love to Hinata he must have temptations from his biology.

5; Being claimed first must cause Hinata to become a tad alpha like

6; No bashing Minato or Sarutobi, but their influence on Naruto must be part of the reason he fights his demonicside

7; Kushina must manipulate things to help her son be more like her (As resisting it won't end well for Naruto in the long run)

Challenge 10; Minato's CRA

We all see Naruto and Sasuke get the CRA going on, but what if it was someone else in it?

Prior to his death, Minato was also a part of the CRA, and with that he had two other wives, who survived the Kyubbi attack to raise Naruto, despite all those in their way

AKA, the Civilian Council

Now then, I hope to make this challenge, unique

1; Again, all the above, Minato must have at least two wives in addition to Kushina (Can be OC or real), who survive the Kyubbi attack and raise Naruto

2 The wives will not be paired with Naruto

3 Naruto does not have to be in a harem, but it is recommended

4 No bashing of; Minato, Kushina, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Sandiame or Itachi

5; He cannot be on Team 7

I wonder if anyone will take this?

Challenge 11

To go along with the Succbi, Incubbi theme from earlier, like my Hanyou theme in the earlier ones, I will come up with one more style of it

In this one, while the Kyubbi attack goes on exactly as it does in cannon, somehow Minato and Kushina ended up surviving the whole, sealing and stepped on by a giant fox, thing. Pretty basic...they live, they are disgusted by how Konoha reacts to his son, despite said public announcement of such (Done because several ninja notice the fox being sealed in Naruto and spread the word before it can be silenced)

It gets...interesting when Naruto, Minato and Kushina, one night when no one is around, grow fox tails and succubi-inccubi wings

Understandably, the adults freak out, and using Fuinjutsu question the Kyuubi in Naruto's find most if it gone, but a connection to its chakra still there to keep Naruto alive (Though the thing is still alive)

So, hiding the changes, they eventually find and consult Jiraiya, who then proceeds to bow grovel before Minato like a god.

Jiraiya explains that somehow, likely do to either the Kyuubi's chakra in Kushina and Naruto, and perhaps his bond with them for Minato, they had become Half Kitsune, Half Succubi-Incuubi demons; a combination that not only will keep them alive, for a long period of time (Your choice), and in addition naturally increase their power over time, but also means, from their lust demon sides, that the stronger they get, the more sex or release they need

So, it slowly becomes necessary for Minato and Kushina, who resist at have a few other girls in the house, who end up going through the same transformation after the first...try out(It is explained by Kushina being the one to have the reborn Uzumaki clan, the others for the Namikaze clan...and the fact that he is Jiraiya's student)

But, then, what happens when Naruto's side begins to emerge

1; Minato must have at least one other girl, though it would make more sense for more to be there for the sense of his power. OC or real character, your choice

2; Naruto can have siblings, but if it turns into a ignore Naruto fic it goes against this challenge and your story looses its rights

3; Naruto, while more competent, must retain some of his personality from his original self

4; No Bleach elements

5; Do not bash Minato, Kushina, Jiraiya, Hiruzen, Tsunade or Danzo

6; Naruto must start ending up getting girls by the end of the Academy

7; Minimum girl requirements; Hinata, two cannon girls, three filler girls, one female Jinchuriki

8; Naruto must know of his status as, to most people's knowledge, a Jinchuriki

So, that should be the last of this kind of Succubi challenge for a while

Challenge 12; Harry Potter va à l'école de magie Beauxbâtons, au lieu de défi Poudlard pour les écrivains en devenir avec une touche de voyager dans le temps

In this challenge, at the end of the war with Voldemort, Harry is betrayed by someone close to him, and in doing so he discovers the manipulations of others that started at Hogwarts

However, as the Master of Death, as he died unjustly, he was given a second chance, and so he was revived into the world in his prior to Hogwarts body, but decides to change things

By going to Beuxbatons

1; Harry goes to Beuxbatons instead of Hogwarts

2; Harry must avoid, and the French must aide, any attempts of being returned to Britain

3; Harem is optional, but he needs at least one pairing

4; He cannot be gay

5; The bashing of James, Lily, Sirius or Remus is not to occur

6; If any character is to be retained as a influence on Harry in this time, he or she must be sent to Beuxbatons

7; The Tri Wizard Tournament must be hosted at Beuxbatons

8; Bring up a reason why Harry can speak enough French to actually make it at the school

9; The British Ministry needs to be bashed

10; Somehow, Voldemort must still be in the plot

Well, lets see how it goes

Challenge 13; Hunter without a memory

One day, someone wakes up in the Percy Jackson world (who is from said world), an OC who lacks any memory of who he/she is, but finds that animals seem to follow him/her for some reason

After looking around a bit, trying to figure out who they were, they end up coming across the Goddess Artemis, not that they know this at the time, in trouble and save her, oddly somehow summoning a bow like her own

While Artemis is impressed that they save her, she is alarmed at how he/she can summon her bow

1; The first character must have a major difference in looks from Artemis (Skin, Hair, ect)

2; The character has to be the children of Artemis, but she did not birth him/her, or even know of their existence prior to meeting the character

3; She cannot hurt the child...due to her nature (Can be portrayed comically)

4; Their is a dark secret concerning the child's existence, a secret group somehow making children of Artemis and Diana(House of Life, Prometheus, ect)

5; The project as said in part 4 is meant to create a army of mole agents to sneak into the Camps and destroy them from within

6; At least 3 of the children have to have free will and not be practically ROOT agents, clone troopers, or other emotionless soldiers

7; The Character's back story must be explained

I wonder how people can bring this to life

Challenge 14; Misguided Future

Between the Last Olympian and The Lost Hero, Percy is attacked by a mysterious Silver Demigod, claiming him to be some sort of evil prophet

Fighting the demigod off, the demigod acknowledges the mistake, and is confused at Percy's good heart. Confused, Percy asks the Demigod who he/she is

The demigod who attacks him explains that he/she is a child of Artemis from the year 2500 (or something), from a future where Demigods have long since rebelled against their parents, establishing a sixth age where Demigods rule over man and god, with their parents locked away and used to forcefully add god DNA to sire new Demigods to rule the world

And the beliefs they follow originated from Percy's declination of Godhood to aid Demigods everywhere and his willingness to go against gods to save his friends, as well as the ways of the pre Kane House of Life. The demigod who attacked him is part of a movement to free their parents, this demigod having met his/her mother at one point and was shocked at how she was treated

So, with the aide of a few other members of the resistance, they go to kill the instigator of the Demigod Revolution, a few Byzantium Roman Demigods

1; Follow the above points

2; Percabeth remains intact

3; The time travel group must be at least three including the Artemis kid, and be joined by Percy

4; The Olympians are not to know of the adventure, or at least not the ones who would kill all demigods to ensure it doesn't happen

5; As they are from the future, they can mention the plot of Kane Chronicles or Heroes of Olympus in passing, but leave it hanging to confuse Percy as a running gag

I wonder if anyone will take this idea

Challenge 14; Young Justice League

I'm an old closet fan of the Justice League, Teen Titans, Young Justice sort of shows, I even didn't mind Brave and the Bold. So, I have an idea

I've noticed how Zatanna has been showing up, numbered as A03, which makes me wonder if they are going to create a practical Justice League level assortment of young heroes alligned with the team. As they stated whne they were making the show they sorted through about 50 or so young heroes to select the six that are present, I don't see that as far fetched.

So, here's a challenge to the rapidly growing Young Justice Fan Fiction section, introduce and create your own practical Young Justice League that is aligned to the team

1; Keep the current six present

2; The mole cannot be revealed until canon explains who it is, unless it is absolutely necessary Plotwise

3; The Heroes added on must include at least either a character from Static Shock (Cartoon or Comic) or Teen Titans

4; If a hero comes from anyplace other than DC (Eg, Generator Rex), you have to fit him into Earth 16 in a way that doesn't go nuts (Eg, using the above mentioned Rex, no EVOS)

5; Already added characters are not prohibited, even reformed villains

6; The Light must still play a part

7; Don't just use young heroes, introduce older heroes or characters for an interesting story

Don't call them Sidekicks

The optional 8th to the above point

To add some flare to the story, a rival group of young heroes to the Justice League forms, a group of Young Heroes who could be something like a cross between Teen Titans and the Shadow Cabinet, who believe in more, forceful measures in stopping crime.

I wonder how this will all go.

Challenge 15; Snape had the right idea about Lily

Recall how Snape had hoped that Lily would be a Slytherin? Well, what if she had several of Slytherin's better traits, and survived the attack on her home.

The reason, because Snape had managed to tamper with Voldie's wand, keeping it from killing her. But, as James died more directly to protect Harry, he still had the protection of love.

So, Lily and Harry lived, with Harry still getting the nasty Boy Who Lived glory. Dumbledore then attempted to do the whole, you must go to the Dursleys so I can control you, thing, but Lily refuses, reacting violently and escaped with Harry.

And Lily, who had more Slytherin traits, would then raise Harry, after moving in to a secret Potter house that the Goblins had been building for them (The true house they were going to have Sirius be secret keeper to, Peter was to be temporary)

She also be Pregnant during the attack on the Hollow, to whatever degree you choose

1; Harry, Lily and the next Potter to be born had to have more Slytherin traits, aside for the trait of Blood Purity supporting and general snobbishness.

2; Do I have to point out what House Harry would be in?

3; Harry would be engaged to either Daphne Greengrass or Tracy Davis, and be friends with one of the hers

4; Dumbledore is to be the Chess Master, Greater Good bastard version, all other bashings are of your own choice.

5; The Horcrux is still to be present

6; Snape, as Lily would notice a 'Snape charm' on Voldy's wand (As in, a spell she knew was his), would have forgiven Serverus, and because of that Snape is to avoid being his normal self with Harry

7; Snape will not rape his students, though the House can be overly sexual if you so wish it

8; While the Potters are to be politically active, they are not to be Ministry contents

9; During the war, the Ministry, going under the pretense of repopulation and protection (And under the table, appeasing Death Eaters), established the position of mistresses or concubines for those of recognized houses in the minsitry. Using this, Harry can protect and or have relations with other girls for various reasons, though his wife has to agree (not part of law)

10; If you really, really want to, Incest is not forbidden, but it is discouraged (and if you do it, it better have a good explanation about it)

A bit cliche, but its an experiment

Challenge 16; Silver Rebellion

In this Percy Jackson story, Artemis is not happy. Again and again, she sees the gods of Olympus act in ways she cannot stand; with sex everywhere like rabbits and how they treat their children. It bothers her how they can have children and just abandon them, while she has always wanted a child but never had a man who she'd have one with.

She begins to feel she's one of the few mature gods, a feeling that is intensified after a particularly bickersome solstice meeting overhears two or more of the higher rank gods talking in confidence, saying that with Pan, God of the Wild gone, there's not as much need for a God of the Hunt either. The hunt can't exist without the wild. Artemis naturally worries that she's going to lose her role and lifestyle and become quite possibly the first obsolete deity, and leaves before she hears anything concluded. From there, she starts to think more about what Hades told her and concludes she needs to do something about it.

This leads her to begin planning a rebellion against her father, to ensure the hunt's continued existence, to which the hunters agree to (She gets Thalia's loyalty by hinting at Jason).

She gains the means, when she discovers a hidden bunker, made by either the Titans, the House of Life, or some third party, filled with collected samples of godly Ichor, meant to be artificially fused with human DNA to create demigods, or injected into mortals to turn them into demigods.

This only gives her more reason to go rogue when she also discovers notes that detail that the Demigod who caused her to change (From kill all men who get near her hunters to willingly save and tolerate male demigods and other like Percy, Nico and Grover in Titans curse) in the past was actually her son created at this very facility, and she finds evidence that a few of the Olympians had known about this, including the one who killed him.

1; This occurs either before The Lightning Thief and replaces the series storyline, or after the Last Olympian and replace the Heroes of Olympus Storyline

2; Most if not all other Olympians are to bashed

3; With the DNA store she found, she will either alter mortals who agree, the DNA process a bit painful and capable of altering their appearance, or if she has a longer timeframe, create new life with them...where she gets the DNA is up to you for option B

4; She may also recruit normal demigods

5; At some point, she must create a demigod with her DNA for herself

6; She must be stealthy about her plans

7; She covers up additional females by saying she's been recruiting hunters, as to any males, she can just say she's experimenting with raising 'decent men'

8; She will not allign with Titans or Gaea

9; She is to slowly find her view of males change due to the bravery and sacrifice her male recruits show

10; The son that she never knew she had is to be given a flashback and is to have done something in the past that explains why Artemis tolerated Percy in Titans Curse.

The campaign is yours

Challenge 17; Kingdom hearts

The difficulties of capturing a good X over adventure Kingdom hearts story, in which a new character, an Oc who is not a mary sue, visits new worlds beyond Disney and Square. KrspaceT tried and failed at it.

Can you manage it?

1; A group of at least 3 new keybearers, like Terra, Aqua and Ven sort of, are to travel to new worlds when a new enemy begins to attack

2; One most go to all Book Worlds; at least the worlds of Percy Jackson, Harry Potter and Hunger Games; having Harry, Katniss and either Percy or Jason as party members

3; Another must go to all Anime/Manga worlds; at least the worlds of Naruto and Bleach, with Naruto and Ichigo as party members

4; The third most go to all Cartoon worlds; At least the worlds of Justice League/Young Justice/Teen Titans and Avatar the Last Airbender, with one of the DC heroes and Aang as party members

5; new Heartless and Keyblades must appear, but old ones can be used

6; The villains must have a team up

7; You must have a hidden final enemy, an enemy who is not known early but is hinted at until the climax, like Ansem and Xemnas were

May the light be with you

Challenge 18; The Outsiders

After Fourth Year, Ol' Fudge begins to take out all the stops to discredit Harry, while Dumbledore begins the final stage of the Greater Good.

Meanwhile, Harry's abuse with his relatives reaches a climax, to a point Harry runs away from the Dursley's. Running, he eventually is found and taken in by a group of orphans from the last war, who barely get by.

Daphne, Astoria, Tracy, Angelina, Alicia and Katie

1; Harry must be paired with at least Hermione, Ginny and the above orphans, along with at least one more person.

2; Instead of Lucius being the Cheating, abusing git he normally is in fics, have Narcissa be Bisexual and have Lucius keep a few Muggles in the dungeons of Malfoy manor for the family to 'enjoy' (Being a major politician kept him so busy, sometimes it was hard to keep his wife sated, and Draco does need to learn about girls). This will be legal in the ministry rulebook

3; Chessmaster de Dumbledore and bitch de Molly, all other bashings are at your discretion

4; No Sirius or Remus bashing

5; You can decide how the 'outsiders' as I will call them, survive

5; Some form of Polygamy is allowed by the Ministry

6; Hermione and Ginny run away from the Order, you invent the reason

Type well

Challenge 19; Heir of Morgana

In this challenge, we have a dark Harry Potter world, a world so dark it will take a dark hero to save it...

For after his trial, Harry Potter was attacked by Ministry hired hitmen, sent by Umbitch to get rid of him. Arthur is injured and Harry goes missing.

Dumbledore takes advantage of this, and make it seem like the Minister had ordered it, such a scene causing problems in the Ministry so Voldemort will be quicker at seeing his opportunity to get the prophecy and will allow Dumbledore to continue the greater good.

However, Harry does return to Hogwarts that year, a tougher person. And oddly enough, he's friends with Tracy Davis and Daphne Greengrass...

1; Tracy and Daphne, and possible Astoria, are members of a group that worships the ideals of Morgana, the ultra feminist witch who sought to overthrow the male world.

2; Harry is the heir of Morgana, if just that

3; He gets a backbone

4; We have a harem of at least the two Slytherins, Ginny and Hermione, the last two as life debt owed slaves

5; Ginny is to know of a contract she was with Harry, and said contract is to have a charm that prevents her from telling anyone about it. For that reason, she tried to be more a friend to Harry, to make the transition for him easier. In her own way, she was trying to help him, as the contract can only be cancelled by another, or a dept as it would be

6; Hermione is under a imperious like curse control, for Dumbledore fears that she is more dangerous to his plans than even Voldemort. What he plans and why is up to you, but the only way to break it is for the dept to be called

7; Slaves or not, they are to be treated well

8; Do not bash Remus, Tonks or Sirus

9; Bash Mr. Too many names and who ever else you want

Well, lets see if depicting Ginny as a decent human is possible on this sight

Challenge 20; The New League

Why go to so much trouble to infiltrate a bunch of sidekicks, if you already had a plan to dispose of the Justice League? In this Young Justice challenge, the Light manages to either

A; Destroy the Justice League

B; Control the Justice League as their discreet puppets

However, the team manages to avoid the lightification, and organizes an underground movement to stop the light, and either avenge or save their mentors, depending on which option you take.

1; The current seven begin to recruit aid from several young heroes; Captain Marvel (Who was not there at the time...for some kiddy reason), and at least two of the following; Static, Arisa the Green Lantern, Wonder Girl (1 or 2), Rocket, Kid Devil, Blue Beetle, Bunker, Solstice, Supergirl, Garth, Tula, Red Arrow or Batgirl (Barbara)

2; You must include a practical, young justice League to oppose the light, including young heroes who have or have not appeared as of yet, who must have a reasonable excuse as to why they are not being controlled like their mentors if option B is chosen

3; The mole must still exist, but unless Miss Martian is shown to be the mole in the show, she cannot be the mole

4; Romance is encouraged

5; Slash is discouraged

6; The world at large must see the young heroes as rouges (As manipulated by the light)

Have fun with it...

Challenge 21; The Anti Lagoon Boy league

Okay, what is up with Greg wrecking Supermartian. Seeing as those two can still work together, we can assume they didn't break up for some big reason.

Like abuse, intolerance, or some reason that would really give the relationship a real reason to die take down a romance that you spent an entire season building

Anyway, only two girls can have Superboy...the Martian and the Demigod, aka Megan and Cassie

1; Superboy must be paired with either Megan or Cassie

2; Paired with both of them is acceptable

3; Bash Lagoon Boy, kill him and cook his slowly on a spit or something!

4; other than this, do whatever you want to everyone else


Challenge 22; The eighth Horocrux

What if when Voldemort killed Lily, then went after Harry and the whole, love shield thing activated, his unstable soul fragment that would have gone into Harry broke in half...

An uneven half

While a smaller sliver became Harry's scar, the majority of it sucked Lily's soul back into her, bringing her back to life just as Voldemort vanished, as the Mother and Son who lived.

The problem...the Horcrux got into Lily's soul, mildly altering her personality. Not to a point where she'd be evil, use unforgivables (or at least AK), be unable to be kind or loving or abuse Harry, but to a point where she is more gray than light, stronger magically gains the POSITIVE slytherin traits and has the desire to overthrow the Ministry...

And these pass to Harry

1; Lily and Harry, and possibly a younger sibling will not be Death Eaters or Pureblood Supremacists. The Death eaters will not serve them and will be their enemies

2; Albus will be bashed, and he will be trying to get Harry away from Lily and with the Dursleys, claiming that she is dangerous for Harry (It adds irony when you consider there is some truth in that...)

3; Harry will have contact with Sirius and Remus, good contact, as in don't bash them.

4; While I am at that, no bashing Sirius, Remus, James or young females...em see below

5; What I said earlier refers to how it would have a Harem setting. Basically, since the Potters will be seeking to take over, they would want minions. So he will pretty much end up with female friends and followers, in what ever method of doing so you choose

6; Bash anyone else your little heart desires; castrate Snape, have Lily Crucio Petunia, set Umbridge on fire...its your call

7; Em...since Lily got a bit of Pureblood in her head, and taught Harry, incest might be acceptable...

8; Hedwig...plain and simple. Do not skip her over for some pet Basilisk, Dragon, Pikachu or whatever

9; No gender bending

Can anyone do this?

Challenge 23 (edited)

Greeks vs Romans

In this story, instead of the story of Heroes of Olympus, the Greeks and Romans end up going to war, but in a way both sides seem to be equally right. In it, the doors to Olympus are closed as in Heroes, and the Greeks try to find out why. In doing so, they find Nome 21, who are at war with the rest of the House after the Rebels manage to assassinate Amos while they are dealing with Aphophis. While this chain of events does allow for the Egyptian Gods to stay on earth to aid them, it has caused the Egyptians to enter a one sided civil war.

With the gods silent and Percy's sense of Justice acting up,he allows for the non gods of Nome 21 to have temporary residence in Camp Half Blood while they heal from a recent battle. This won't be a popular decision, but after the Giants attempt to attack Camp Half Blood with a monster army, they show that they can be trusted

However, the other House of Life isn't lax in their laurels, and use the absence of the Kanes to boldly attack New Rome. After this attack, the Romans begin to hunt down the Egyptians in retaliation.

They find Camp Half Blood and Nome 21, and become convinced the two are working together by Octavian, the Romans declare war, and the two allied groups won't give each other up.

It get's worse as other mythologies start taking sides, or just trying to kill them all.


1; The Gods are sulking on Olympus or having to deal with some of the Aphophis after effects, so avoid the god fights baring some like Lupa and Terminus

2; Percy and Carter must become friends quickly enough, but if you want a pairing of Percy with someone else, you have to kill Annabeth off without bashing her or create a realistic harem reason or something.

3; The Romans and Greek-Egypt must be both given a fair point of view, each side needs to be defendable as right. The plain old House of Life can just be as jerkish as you want

4; OC's are suggested to help flesh out each the Romans had only one book to really give them numbers

5; The House of Life, bar 21 and the Giants are to be foes to all sides

6; The Wild cards must be put into a role somehow or another.

7; Children of Artemis, Diana, Hera, Juno, Hestia and or Vesta are welcome

8; Try to make some interesting fights happen.

9: Other Mythologies who appear seek to use the chaos to gain a foothold in the west to survive, and they are to also be made defendable. The only ones I say you have to use are the Norse and the traditional Japanese ones (Kitsunes, Yuki-Onna, Kappa, ect), but that's just the bare minimum

10: Characters can change sides

11: You have to use some elements of HoO. Which you use are up to you, but character descriptions, origins and recent developments on Nico must remain so

12 (Op): If you want to have this story have other universe characters, this is now optional, but they have to make some form of sense. That means while Batman, Darth Vader and Roxas are out, if you want to introduce the HP magical world, the flock, or other characters you can, if you clear them with me first.

Basic idea of how to organize the story in AVX format


Percy Jackson Leader (Hydrokinesis, equestrian, Invulnerability)

Annabeth Chase Brains (Intelligence, Agility)

Clarisse La Rue Brawn (Battle Skills, Blessing of Ares)

Racheal Oracle (Precognition, Prophecies)

Chiron Mentor (Archery, Speed)

Conner and Travis Stoll Hit and Run (Prank Masters, Trappers)

Grover Underwood Scout (Nature Senses, Tracker, Panic Inducer)

Katie Gardner Force of nature (Chlorokinesis)

Jake Mason Builder (Engineer)

Will Solace Ranged Combat (Archery, Healer)

Tyson Maker (Super Strength, Voice Mimicry, Fire Immunity)

Hunters of Artemis Scouts (Archery, Tracking, Enhanced abilities)

Nome 21

Carter Kane Pharaoh (Magic, battle Avatar)

Sadie Kane Striker (Magic, battle Avatar)

Zia Rashid Caster (Magic, Pyrokinesis)

Walt Stone Support (Charm Making, Necromancy, Magic)


Jason Grace Leader (Flight, Weather Control, Electrokinesis)

Reyna Field Commander (Combat training)

Octavian Schemer (Prophecies)

Dakota Drinker (Vine Control)

Hazel Levesque Support (Terrakinesis, Cursed Riches)

Frank Zhang Striker (Animorphing, Archery, Healing)

Lupa Scout (Immortal, Super Senses)

Terminus Last Line (Immortal, Home Base)

Wild Cards

Thalia Grace Leader (Electrokinesis, Archery, Terror Shield)

Nico Di Angelo Rogue (Necromancy, Shadow Control)

Leo Valdez Force of Nature (Pyrokinesis, Engineer)

Piper Mclean Diplomat (Charm Speak)

So, can someone do this story better than Avengers vs X men?

Challenge 24, Avada Kedarva Lily

During the whole, Voldemort attack the Potters debacle, instead of being hit by Avada Kedarva, Lily ends up dying slowly, and because of that see's Voldemort die, and also the formation of the Horcrux in Harry.

Realizing what was forming, and how it would be dangerous for Harry in the long run, Lily uses the last of her life force, to use Avada Kedarva to destroy the Horcrux in Harry.

But, while this saves Harry from having to die to kill leaves a endless hollow hole in Harry's magic, which ends up slowly sucking up any ambient magic it can. (Sort of like Senjutsu chakra). She also gets sucked in

Over the years in Durzakaban, he ends up absorbing more and more power from the earth, but when he ends up in Hogwarts...not only does his power continue to grow at a shocking rate from the ambient magic of the magically rich environments, but finds that by touching females he can copy their best attributes and increase his magic strength further.

With the side effect, of them becoming his servants/friends/love interests.

1; This must include Hermione's brains, Parvati's social skills, Daphne's cunning, Susan's political knowledge, Tonk's metamorphmagi skills and Ginny's Inner strength, along with a muggle OC who is a muggle Hermioe

2; Harry is to have power, but control of it is something he will struggle with.

3; He will not abuse the girls, however he may abuse the power itself

4; If one of the girls has very...unruly traits (Eg blood supremecy), the girl is knocked out and those traits get bleached away

5; He may either become dark, gray or light

6; Bashing of characters is allowed and encouraged

7; Lily is to be depicted as just trying to save Harry from being a horcrux, and thus is not to be bashed

What path will this Harry choose

Challenge 25

Percy Jackson, God of Heroes, the Unclaimed and Camp Half Blood

At the end of The Last Olympian, Percy ends up changing the course of events by actually talking with Annabeth prior to the gods meeting, where she comments that he probably will be made a god. Percy does want to do as he does in canon, but she points out that the gods would be angered by it. So she comes up with a different idea.

When he is offered immortality as she predicted, he asks if he can be the god of Heroes and Camp Half Blood, claiming that if he could become a god with a special cabin of his own, a cabin for the unclaimed demigods to themselves, it could help make them happier.

Seeing it as a worthy experiment, and a way to get Dionysus back home, the gods agree.

However, things go sour quickly for two reasons; one Percy ends up being very popular with the Greek Demigods, quickly getting more sacrifices than the other gods ( mostly not Percy's fault...)

And two; which relates to one, all the surviving demigods left at Camp...are female.

1; Percy ends up being the god of Camp Half Blood (Aka, doing the job Dionysus should have done but never did), Unclaimed Demigods (With a special unclaimed cabin that makes some claimed demigods envious) Heroes and many other minor titles that he wasn't able to keep track of. The gods all have these, very unimportant titles (Eg Athena could also be the goddess of Macintosh, Poseidon the god of Windows, Dionysus the god of Caffeine ect ect)

2; He ended up missing that he ended up the god of Teenage sex among his titles, which ends up messing with the heads of all the demigods, or teenage girls, around him...

3; This is completely unintentional, and Annabeth understands this. They still end up Boyfriend and Girlfriend, but she either accepts, or tries to fix, the fact that she won't be the only girl in his life

4; Any girl that Percy ends up having sex with, that is more than just Percy radiating crazy amounts of teenage attractiveness, ends up like some version of the Hunters to him...just not the virgin part (Of course, in this reality that doesn't mean the hunters aren't sexually active with each other...or their goddess)

5; Percy does not learn about the Egyptians or Romans...or anyone else for a while

6; Trying to limit Percy's growing popularity, Zeus and some other gods attempt to marry him off to the goddess that the demigods would dislike the most...and guess whose hunters would have just beat the Demigods...again.

Percy as a god... will disaster follow

Challenge 26; Cover Up

A new interpretation of Harry's saving people thing, taking place after the Quidditch World Cup during fourth year. Due to Harry's tendency to investigate and find out things that do not concern him, stumbles upon the fact that Hermione is in a lesbian relationship with Ginny.

Harry gets sworn in to never tell...but then during the year after a polygamy law gets forced on the poor, poor last heirs (Cough Harry), he ends up being sought to help cover up Hermione and Ginny's relationship via this law.

And then Hermione's female friends also ask for similar help...

1; The Magical world needs to be more anti lesbian-gay and such than the most conservative area of the united states. They need to go further than the most radical Conservative. It must be a dangerous world for anyone who likes rainbows

2; On the Gryffindor fourth years, you must follow this scale from least to most bigoted against lesbians






3; The following characters are to be homosexual; Hermione, Ginny, Susan, Hannah, Daphne, Tracey, Cho, Su. Be free to have more, but it has to be an even number with all paired to another.

4; Draco will not be Homosexual. If you are hellbent on it, he can be bisexual

5; Harry will be friends with said lesbian females. He would still be attracted to them, but a constant darker theme to the story is how it would be somewhat unrequited in a romantic sense. However, this can not be used to make him evil, angry at the girls to a abusive or unpleasant point, or anything but a slight angst factor.

6; Harry as commented above, should be attracted to girls

7; Other than these points, be free to freestyle.

Wonder if this will be a good idea

Challenge 27

A world without Shino

In this story, Shino was never born. Due to that, there were only eight to become Genin, leaving a team of two.

While Ino-Shika-Cho was still as before: Sasuke would have been solo trained by Kakashi had Naruto not graduated, meaning that he would be on a team with two who would help inspire Sasuke to be loyal: Sakura and Kiba.

Meaning Kurenai would be the sole teacher for Naruto and Hinata

1: Kurenai would be a feminist, but explained due to her having no good men in her early life (Drunk father for example)

2: Naruhina, with harem optional

3; Kiba is to be treated as a pack loyal type, do not make him want to rape Hinata.

4; Fu is to be a character, either traded to Konoha as the team's third member for the Chunnin exams, a good friend, Naruto's second love or something like that. She is not to be killed by the Akatsuki

5: Have Naruto be as he was in canon personality wise, but do make him more competent. Give him some more jutsu.

Go forth, and sorry Shino, your just the one to give up

Challenge 28: X Harry

In a world of Mutants and Magicals, Lily Potter had a secret.

She was a mutant.

Using her powers, she manages to escape Voldemort with Harry, and hides with the X-men from Dumbledore. While Lily becomes a member of the main X men team (Beast, Cyclops, Jean, Storm, Wolverine, Ect) Harry will grow up friends with the younger mutants.

1; Marvel elements can either just be X-men, or have other sources

2; The X-Gene cannot appear in Purebloods due to inbreeding...with some possible exceptions such as Luna or Ginny

3; Hermione will start by fearing mutants, but will change during first year. It will be due to reading about them in books, and a mutant saving her (Troll?) will change her mind

4; Harry is to have the mutant power to convert types of energy. By that, he can turn heat to magic, kinetic to magic, ect. Lily's can be whatever you choose.

5; If Harry has a harem, it is to be made of both younger X-Men and some Hogwarts girls.

6; Young X-men, such as Kitty, Pixie or Jubilee, are to be his friends. They will sneak into Hogwarts at times for his plans or various mischief.

7; Draco will find out about Mutants somehow and become fearful of muggles due to them.

8; Remus, Sirius and Hermione are to be unbashed...after Hermione actually meets a mutant

9; Storm at one point has to get into a fight with Dumbles, Snape ect and CURB STOMP

10; Marvel bads are occasionally to show up, such as Magneto or Juggernaut.

11: it takes place in the present era of the 2010's

Is Harry the best there is?

Challenge 29

Harry X2

I have rethought the above challenge, with something new.

Harry Potter, returning from the bombshell of a third year, ends up returning to the Dursleys who have embraced the anti-Mutant movement, becoming the heads of Britain's hate group.

Do to their hate for 'real freaks', they actually might just grow to accept Harry...when he ends up a mutant.

1: Harry gains a mutant power, which he originally thinks is magic.

2; Summer before the fourth year ends up spent at Xavier's, studying how to use his powers and his own way of studying. Previously, he had been trying to study like Hermione, which didn't work for him

3: Mutants, under the American government, are placed in a similar area to Magicals in the law. While they sadly aren't secret, the two groups are aware of each other and have similar rights

4: Harry befriends several young mutants at the institute. Your choice who, but the mature mutants must include Cyclops, Beast, Jean, Wolverine and Storm

5: Due to him not going to the cup, and his spending the summer getting 'study help', as he tells them, Harry's relation with Hermione and McGongall gets better while Ron and Dumbledore

6: He ends up in the Tri-Wizard Tournament, but Xavier, who is known to Dumbledore as an American educator, ends up claiming that, as Harry was his student, he is his school's champion, after proving his innocence.

7: He takes a mutant to the Yule ball.

8: Dumbledore, who does not like Xavier messing with his greater good, interfears a lot

9: Ginny, Sirius, Remus, McGonagall are not to be bashed.

10: the X-gene and Harry Potter magic are one and the same, Harry is beyond their norm.

Apply rules from last challenge as well

Challenge 30

Harry the Hellsing Vampire

The Challenge concept goes like this. During year three, Harry has that wonderful meal with Marge. But, as oppose to making his aunt blow up, the family beats him to a pulp.

But a young vampire finds his horribly beat up body, and doesn't react all that well.

As in, Seras maul the obese freaks and drink their blood.

Of course, after she's done with them, she realizes Harry is too injured to heal with mortal, or even magic medicines, and so must turn him.

1: Harry ends up with Seras as his legal guardian/ vampire master and teacher

2: The fact that Harry is a vampire is hidden from people by some powerful artifact.

3: Seras is the sole member of a secret division of the British Government, the remnant of Hellsing after the organization died years ago. Alucard is also dead, leaving Seras the most powerful vampire

4: Seras is of a different vampire sub species than most, and thus she and Harry will not be the same as the normal HP vampires

5: Harry will have a sexual relationship with Seras and others. Her biology will be attuned with increased sexual desires by her transformation, as will Harry. Though those he is with will be turned too.

Vampire writers to me!

Challenge 31: Harry Potter: Ingen

In this story, beginning after the whole Sirius thing, Harry gets found by a Goblin who tells him about being a head of house, owning lots of properties and companies, blah blah blah you've seen the story a hundred times

But one of these companies, Ingen, require special attention for him, as his summer is spent not in Dursley prison, but Costa Rica on Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna!

1: Harry will help John Hammond and Ingen make Jurassic Park open, Hammond being aware of Magic

2: Harry will have enough power to put a lid on some of the ideas for the park, AKA the Raptors

3: Hammond will have his Movie persona

4: Harry will be able to use magic as much as he wants while in Costa Rica

5: Don't bash Remus, Tonks, Mcgonnagal, Luna or Hermione

6: Harry must have a house on Isla Sorna

7: Harry's Jurassic Park must have at least one Sauropod/Titanosaur, three Hadrosaurs/Iguanadon, two Ceratopsian, Four Predatory species and 3 other species of your own choice. But, because Harry is logical, no Spinosaurus and no Raptors

8: If you want to have Harry clone Dodo's, Smilodon or something that became extinct since the meteor, be free to do so. Same for pre dinos.

9: If you want to do a harem or something, your have to work it in on your own views

Don't eat the tourists

Challenge 32: Deeper conspiracy

RosarioVampire holds a special place in my heart. My first harem anime, and the reason I write them today, but I can't help but wonder...

Why did it happen so easily? How did Tsukune get in to Yokai Academy? And why does the sole human end up attracting the attention of three monster girls who are of rare races?

It seems...perfect

Too perfect.

One story I read that has never been updated Rosario Vampire Lineage of Destiny, gave me the suggestion I write now

1: Tsukune's parents get tricked into sending him to Yokai Academy

2: The Headmaster has plans for him

3: They are of the perfect race types: AKA a race of human-Insert monster here hybrids.

4; The Headmaster tells him he can't reveal he's human, and watches the love be born

5: At least one of the three older girls: Moka, Kurumu or Mizore, over hears this and tries to help Tsukune.

6: You have to use, at a minimum, those three.

Play with whatever other ideas you want, Kapu

Challenge 33: Succubus Queens

Back in challenge 8, I asked to see Kushina as a succubus.

But, there are more females available for such a change than just Naruto's mum.

Like Lily Potter for example. She, Kushina and other mothers who die, or die just for the story, are being stolen at death by the Succubus queen of the realm of mythical beings, attempts to bolster the dying succubus race with fertile members.

They don't like it, escape, and eventually overthrow the inbred (Pureblood) succubus, but find that for every day they had been in the realm of mythical beings, two days passed on their homeworlds.

Not to mention, the fact that their sons and daughters end up turning into incubus or succubus if they are in proximity to their mothers for extended periods of time

1: At the moment of death, each mother is stolen from her world. If they don't normally die, they have to die when their child is very young age. After which, they are turned into Succubus and intended as baby factories, but escape

2: Succubus have several abilities. They have wings, sharp claws, tails, the ability to enter dreams and a metaphysical connection to their children that allows them to sense if they are in pain or distress, even when across worlds. The transformation also includes any powers they might have had prior to death, but enhanced and changed.

3: The worlds here exist on a series of rings. The world of mythical beings (inhabited by creatures like Succubus, Vampires, Satyrs, Nymphs, Fairies, Yuki-Onna, Kitsunes, ect) exists on a separate ring than worlds where Lily, Kushina or the other hail from.

4: Kushina and Lily are required. You can use others like Sally Jackson (mom of Percy Jackson), Masaki Kurosaki (Mother of Icihgo Kurosaki), Selena (mother of Eragon and Murtagh) Kya (mom of Sokka and Katara) or whoever else.

5: Succubus are extremely close to their children. Their powerful bond to any child they birthed is the cause of it. Having children alive lessens their libido and gives them control of their fertility. Due to this, some Incubus behave like male lions or bears and would actively want to kill them.

6: Due to this connection, incest is impossible. However, this connection can also cause inncubus mutation.

7: Do not bash Sirius, Remus, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Hiruzen, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Hinata, Sakura or Iruka.

8: When Naruto, Harry and who ever else become incubus or succubus, they end up with harems of whatever gender percentages you want. (If you really think Harry is Bisexual, go ahead. I'd prefer you did't, but considering I see Eragon as BI...I have some leeway). You can create OC extra siblings for Naruto, Harry or whoever, but no sibling incest. Naruto must have either Hinata or Sakura, and Harry must have either Ginny, Luna or Hermione.

9: How Lily, Kushina or others behave sexually is up to you. Lesbian orgies, one night stands, OC lovers...just develop it decently.

Beware the angry mother

Challenge 34: Harry's Angel Tales

Once upon a time, while I trolled youtube for new shows, I came upon a anime called angel tales. It was cheesy, from 2001, and had an interesting idea, if bad story telling. Basically, it starred this unlucky guy named Goro whose pets, who had died because of bad luck, came back to life as his guardian angels. These guardian angels have personality traits from what they were before, but also the fears that came from how said pet died.

It came back to me for some reason, and I thought about it. Hedwig would sooo come back to Harry, and Dudley did throw a tortoise through a roof, and probably killed it. He also had a parrot, which he traded. Considering the Dursleys's, it isn't all that hard to picture Harry caring for them.

Expand these behaviors and thought processes a bit, and you have a large possible pool of pets that could come back.

1: Hedwig dies before Hogwarts, but is brought back as a human female about Harry's age, as does the tortoise and parrot Dudley had.

2: They gain magic, and come with Harry to school as his friends...even if they figure out how to be human and plot to have Harry for their own or possibly shared, depending on the pet.

3: Use the points that I outlined above, like personality traits (Eg, tortoise's are slow, so the fem tortoise is a slow decision maker), appearances (The tortoise might have a hat or head piece like a shell) and fear (Said tortoise got shot through the greenhouse roof, so fear of heights).

4: More pets will come back over time, though try to figure out a way to explain why they pop out of the wood work since I assume there will be bashing.

5: Don't bash Sirius, Remus or McGongall, bash anyone else, but I'd prefer you leave Hermione be

6: Harem in the marry them all form, or multiple love interest free to try both ways.

Dudley and the Dursleys really need the RSPCA on them

Challenge 35; The Snake triad wins

When the snake masters of three worlds unite to take over the one world, one could believe the heroes and armies of the world could stop them.

But, when these three stole the power of the most powerful snake ever: Aphophis of Egyptian Myth, there was nothing to be done

Orochimaru, Medusa and Voldemort destroyed America. Destroyed Japan. Destroyed Britain. Destroyed the world.

Harry Potter was dead, the Boy-Who-Lived was now the Boy-Who-Died.

Percy Jackson was dead, his Achilles Curse saving him not.

Naruto Uzumaki was dead, the Kyuubi gone forever.

Maka Albarn was dead, her scythe broken in two.

Neville Longbottom was dead, never given a chance to improve himself.

Jason Grace was dead, dead by his father's stolen bolt.

Sasuke Uchiha was dead, his body stolen by Orochimaru.

Death the Kid was dead, his symmetry forever broken.

Albus Dumbledore was dead, his beard shaved off.

The Gods were dead, the flame of the west now but a lukewarm coal.

Jiraiya was dead, as died the world's perversity .

Death himself was dead, showing how messed up the world became.

The sole remaining heroes were marginalized and weak.

The Cable like Hermione Granger, whose only aide was the now alone Pot of Fire, her very magic vanishing by the day?

Leo Valdez, who feared the flames he created, grown out of control with the death of the gods?

Rock Lee, who had the Holy Sword Excalibur, which would not aide him, whose flames of youth were almost out?

Crona, who was driven mad by the death of Maka, and susceptible to his mother Medusa?

Gabrielle Delacour, who was the last living Veela and scared, her powers of beauty tarnished just as her face?

Frank Zhang, whose life holding stick was but a stub, standing as the last Roman in a world at its end?

Shikamaru Nara, whose genius I.Q could not see a way to save them, no matter what he was willing to put on the line?

Black Star, the last and most powerful of heroes, but without his trusty weapon after Tsubaki's death, left in a world of madness ?

But can the future yet be salvaged?

1: You must use all the heroes above who are still said to be alive: Hermione Granger, Pot of Fire, Leo Valdez, Rock Lee, Excalibur, Crona, Ragnarok, Gabrielle Delacour, Frank Zhang, Shikamaru Nara and BlackStar

2: The following cannot be used in the story outside of flashbacks: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Naruto Uzumaki, Kyuubi, Maka Albarn, Soul Eater Evans, Neville Longbottom, Jason Grace or any other Roman Demigod, Sasuke Uchiha, Death the Kid, Albus Dumbledore, The Gods of Olympus, Jiraiya, Pot of Lightning, Tsubaki, Fleur Delacour and the rest of the Veela and Lord Death.

3; If you want to add another world element, be free to do so.

4: Death is not reversible, whoever dies stays dead.

5: The Triad has minions, like Bellatrix, Kabuto and Freed who are still alive and loyal.

6: Experiment with pairings

May the end be averted, while the human race can still repopulate

Challenge 36: Harry the Last Boy

Once upon a time, a famous writer in comics wrote a legendary comic book series called Y the Last Man. In it, the titual character and his pet monkey were the last male mammals on the planet, after a mysterious plague. He encountered extreme feminie groups, and super powers Israel (who trains all its citizens) and Australia (has females on its navy, particularly submarines)

However, if it was to happen to Harry's world, with the blood wards...what would happen when the magic combination sent him into the future, where Hermione is in her 20's, working on a project to allow for female on female reproduction (because, even with Harry, the genetics would just get incesty and kill them all off)

And she might be Harry's only protector in a world on the brink of magical/muggle war

1: Harry has to be either a first or second year on vacation. He needs to be young and not at the rebellion filled teenage years

2: Magic was revealed by Thatcher and other remaining muggle leaders after it was revealed to that magic is responsible.

3: Magicals control the country side, while muggles hold the cities. In these wakes, wildlife is flourishing

4: Hermione and an assortment of other females who have some sense are trying to find a way to allow for the world to live as stated above. Use canon, make some OC's, have Hermione work with Annabeth, Pennelope Garcia, Opal from Artemis Fowl, just don't have her work alone.

5: She put sensors around Privet Drive after it vanished one day, with Harry inside it. They pick him up when he returns, and Hermione has to rush to save him from either Thatcher or Minister Umbridge/Narcissa

6: Hermione is always said to be like Lily, but this story takes it up an notch. She must become Harry's mum

Hermione as a parent...hope Harry can handle all the books?

Challenge 37: when world's collide, heroes unite

I expect your expecting me to say this will be a crossover where Naruto and Harry team up, but no.

Their worlds lack the overlap needed, however two world's close to my heart do.

Two of my first harem shows: Rosario Vampire and Sekirei

What happens when Minaka's ever evolving Sekirei plan discovers that there are other worlds? With other powers, perhaps equal to the Sekirei

Why, the only thing the nut job would do is attempt to obtain some Yokai to enhance his plan

And knowing the laws of anime, and cross influenced by the law of heroes, the yokai kidnapped are, of course, Tsukune's gal pals, and Tsukune himself. However, Tsukune is separated from the girls, and pursued by the Disciplinary squad: on orders to execute the 'non important' human.

After a battle, he defeats Benitsubasa and Haihana, but Karasubau manages to defeat Tsukune, as the change in worlds has accelerated his ghoul condition, making the seal holding his ghoul back very close to being let loose. He only escaped with the help of Minato's Sekirei, who found out Minaka's plan via Matsu's hacking.

Taking Tsukune back to the Inn, Minato decides to help Tsukune track down his missing harem: before their abilities are weaponized, or perhaps they turned into Sekirei themselves.

1: Tsukune, while at the brink of having his ghoul side take over, is to retain his confidence and be as willing as ever to put himself in danger for Moka and the others

2: He and Minato are to become friends over time, and discuss the similarities and differences between their fates

3: If Tsukune's girls are turned into Sekirei, Tsukune can operate as an Ashikabi

4: The period of time either series can be set in can vary: Minato only needs to have all six canon Sekirei while Tsukune has to have his ghoul powers and holy lock

5: Minaka will focus on Moka and Kurumu the most for research: meaning that saving Mizore/Yukari/Ruby would come first. If you are a Kokoa/Tsukune person...she goes with Moka and Kurumu on the importance scale

6: Canon multi pariings only. Tsukune can not wing Miya or any other Sekirei

7: Remember, the Sekirei world takes place in a futuristic earth.

Capu little birds...capu

Challenge 38: The Soul of the Leaf

Ever read Connecting the Dots? It's a great fic where Naruto characters end up in a DCAU verse. The culture clash is played quite well

But what happens when they end up in the world of Soul Eater?

During a fight, the Konoha 11 and Sasuke, at least, end up getting sucked into the Soul Verse. And in doing so, not only do they gain the attention of the big bads of Soul Eater: Medusa, Arachne, Asura, ect, but the DWMA is also after them, believing them to either be some sort of witch or otherwise dangerous

Can they work together before they kill one another

1; Shippuden era, at least post Hidan arc

2: The following fights must happen: Sasuke vs Crona, Naruto vs Black*STAR, Maka vs Sakura and Death the Kid vs Rock Lee

3: Medusa, Black*Star and Tsubaki must be compared to Orochimaru, Naruto and Hinata respectively

4: Soul Wave Length and Chakra are compatible: so techniques that affect one must affect theo ther

5: The Naruto characters are scattered across points in the world

6: The Naruto characters must comment on elements of the world, like the faced Sun and Moon

7: Death is not the one that sealed the Kyuubi.

A sound Soul, dwells within a sound body with sound chakra and sound mind

Challenge 39: Harry Potter and the Duel Spirits

Dudley Dursley loves powerful and rare cards. However, what happened to the commons could scar a Yu-Gi-Oh fan

Harry Potter however, managed to save a few common cards for his own: the six charmers. Eria the Water Charmer, Aussa the Earth Charmer, Hiita the Fire Charmer, Wynn the Wind Charmer, Dharc the Dark Charmer, and Lyna the Light Charmer, among others

These six, his most treasured of his few possessions, come with him to Hogwarts, where the many moving portraits inspire him to see if he can do the same to his six favorite cards

So, after reading about it in the library, he performs the magic late one night...and unleashes the spirits of the charmers.

But, like any duel spirits, only Harry, and a few others (...Luna, perhaps Dumbledore, ect) can see them

1: Each charmer is a unique character: Wynn is a genki girl ditz, Aussa is intelligent, Hiita is all attitude, Eria is the calming leader, Dharc is the broody one, and possibly the only boy, and Lyna is the opposite

2: They were able to know able to recall what happened to them while they were just cards

3:While they can not be seen, they can affect the world around them. So they can pants Snape, dye Draco's hair pink or even replace Hermione's literature with porn

4: While card dueling isn't unknown in magic, Voldemort will not duel Harry unless he really gets desperate to find the Power He Knows Not

Get your Game on with this challenge

Challenge 40: The MinuteWizards

Long ago, the Purebloods of Britain dealt with the muggleborns, werewolfs and others they disliked because of their purity thoughts to the colonies of America. Due to the Revolution, they could no longer send them, and the magicals were left to form a society where the injustices they felt from Britain did not exist.

In the 1990's, the Magical Government sees their former colonizer fall to Death Eaters, the Boy Who Lived presumed dead for defending innocents

However, a house elf delivered the greatly injured, but still alive Harry Potter to America to heal, waking up a time later as the Death Eaters choose to show Britain's power for righting the 'wrong' of defeat

1: Harry must have American aide: at least Justin and Alex Russo

2: the Death Eaters are to have virtually no support in America

3: Focus on some American Myth stuff in America: Indian Magics, Bigfoot armies, ect

4: While racism might seem right to write because magics are behind, the British Magicals never displayed skin racism, so keep that in mind

5: Some British good guys can appear

6: Magicals believe Harry to be dead...

This is why I shouldn't write challenges after seeing Liberty Kids

Challenge 41: Sir Harry and the Magical Knightresses

The Dominion of the Potter's is in danger.

The fearsome barbarian army, led by fearsome warlord Voldemort, marches back into the lands, having been repulsed a year ago by the full force of the Potter's army, led by King James. Alas, in the battle, what men did survive found themselves maimed and useless in future wars.

This included the king himself, with the brilliant Queen Lily dying soon after from an assassination attempt from the promptly killed Count Vernon.

With this, the teenaged, now King Harry Potter, finds himself ruling a kingdom where most men are either elderly, young or maimed, bar a few royal guards.

With the Dominion of the Malfoy's the one block between the all but powerless kingdom and the barbarians, Harry has at best three months before the army comes to pillage and destroy all in their path

As he contemplates anyway to win, he spies a peasant girl, Hermione Granger racing along the country side on horseback, with surprising skill.

Curious, he takes the place of the royal tax collector and travels to the four main towns of the kingdom: Godric's Hollow, Badger's Bend, Raven's Roost and Salazar's valley, to find that many teenage girls show surprising abilities at not only horse back riding, but also archery, to make up for the deaths of their fathers and brothers.

Willing to gamble, Harry recruits several of these skilled Horsewoman with the promise that, if they become the foundations of his new army, he will grant their families freedom from taxation.

After a few days where they manage to impress even the reluctant and conservative war minister with their abilities, the dominion of Lord Malfoy falls and the Barbarians march again.

With little time, Harry must better the odds in their favor, with the radiation of the stone of heaven: a mysterious meteor that grants the power of magic to those who sleep by it

1: Sirius, Remus are not magical. Pettigrew was a traitor and killed the Longbottoms, causing James to fear betrayal and thus only he and Lily bathed in it's radiance

2: Lily was enough of a influence on Harry, due to her intelligence and independence, to render Harry willing to recruit girls despite the fact this is set in the past, and needs to feel like it

3: Harry will try, but fail, to act serious and put aside any thoughts of sex while Voldemort is trying to take over. Use comedically

4: Hermione, Luna and Ginny are the only ones you are required to adapt, but you have to use three from each village

5: The possibility of Harry having them as guards and servant in all things/ concubines/ battle harem is to be brought up at least once

6: While some may not truly like Harry, not a single one can betray him

7: In case it wasn't obvious, Harry does have magic at the begining

8: His advisers include personal maids McGongall, Sprout and Pomfrey, Minister of War Snape, Minister of Diplomacy Dumbledore, Remus and Sirius. Also, Hedwig is an albino bird of prey that Harry has as his loyal companion due to his magic

9(Optional): This world has a different biological history: the climate evolved in a different way. Due to this, humanity did not go to North America, which is ruled by Sentient Sasquatches, a larger bio-diversity is found in Europe and elsewhere, the ancestors of the horse and cow: the wild Tarpan and Aurochs are still around in Harry's royal preserve (Where royals have traditionally had exclusive hunting rights in this time period if you want some historic relevance), and several Ice Age creatures are still alive, but mostly in the Americas, including Megladon, Mammoths, Giant Ground Sloths and Saber Tooth Cats. This is an optional point and just some background, but it could be a way to make the story somewhat different, and give you reasonable explanations as to why a medieval Voldemort might have Nagini (by explanation that the changed climate allowed for European Pythons to evolve)

10(Optional): Related to that, these changes to the earth's evolutionary history could be attributed to the meteor where the stone of heaven originated hit the earth. And perhaps there are more pieces scattered around...

Medieval Magic, Done right

Challenge 42: The Future is Present

In the not too distant future, XANA's evil remains to burn the world. The last of the Lyoko Warriors of Old: Jeremy and his wife Aelita, had created a new team to aide them, based around their daughter Einette (Insert better name if you want), who aide Aelita on Lyoko. In the meanwhile, Jeremy and Aelita have become technology based millionaires on anti-Xana technology, while several of their classmates have gone on to either successful (Millie and Tamiya are a Pultzer winning reporter couple,) or unflattering ends (Sisis is a prostitute)

However, during a mission, the new Lyoko warriors (Bar the two mainstays) get sent back in time to Season 1, ending up causing the past Lyoko warriors a lot of trouble. Making contact as well, Jeremy and Aelita of the future try to get their team back, and avoid too many time disruptions, made more tricky when elements of future XANA find their way back too

Such as sending back his newest super weapons: Xanafied versions of future Odd, Ulrich and Yumi

1: Said above point will get to be Jeremy's greatest regret, though Aelita will point out each time it wasn't really his fault

2: At one point, Jeremy and Aelita's daughter gets confronted about her origins, perhaps with Jim or some point when a return to the past keeps the mystery, and comments she is the daughter of Jeremy and a Computer Program. Someone then comments 'that figures' or something

3: The Aelita daughter's character will be similar to Pit from Kid Icarus, while one of her companions will have teleporting powers, but no true weapons. She has to have at least three friends though

4: There is no set period of time in Season 1 when you can start. It's up to you

5: Future Jeremy will have gotten a new Lyoko form in this time: a robotic battle suit with lasers, missiles and jet propulsions, among other things that make it capable of taking down his Xanafied friends. He will still hate using it

6: They can not steal the show from the originals.

7: Try to keep canon pariings

Return the Past, in more ways than one

Challenge 43: Duel World

When, in an alternate universe a powerful tyrant manages complete domination, his discovery of alternate worlds fuels his desire to take them, but he finds that traveling between these worlds all but impossible.

The only devices that can are powered by insane amounts of duel energy, more than any normal person, or even a whole city of people, could generate.

Well, in his world anyway

Using powerful technology/magic/mixture of the two, the tyrant plucks the closest universe's generators of duel energy: Yugi, Jaden, Yusei and Yuma. For security reasons, he wipes their memories of everything but their name and dueling skills and leaves them to their own devices in his duel crazed world of human like aliens (or just plain humans, considering they'd look the same).

Each awakens apart, in a pile of cards belonging to them, and to friends they no longer remember, they meet up eventually and slowly become local celebrities for their dueling skills.

Each time they duel, the tyrant gains one unit of energy. While much faster than if it two regular people duel, he still naturally wants to speed it up. He first creates a female android who is programmed with the best attributes of each (Yugi's strategies, Jaden's luck, Yusei's card versitality and Yuma's determination). As her duels with both the protagonists and others show potential, he adds to his arsenal by capturing and mind wiping various duelists from each duelist's timeline, but instead of dumping them, has them become his attack dogs

1: Due to the loss of memories, the protagonists have to loose some of their end of series growth, due to forgetting the events that helped them grow.

2: They have to use the basic template of their old decks, spiced with cards from their friends (Eg, Yusei might have Black Rose Dragon and Gale the Whirlwind while Yuma might have Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon and Big Jaws) and new cards to spice their decks up (Jaden might have the OmniHeroes while Yugi might have XYZ monsters for example) Try to keep the OC cards to a minimum

3: The Android has to slowly evolve into a more complete human, partially because of the elements of the male characters she was given. This includes having spirit partners in the forms of the Charmers

4: The mind wiped attack dogs have to include at least Akiza, who is back to her Black Rose state.

5: Turbo duels are allowed

6: Atem and Astral are among the forgotten and not present, though Yuma still can use the Numbers, who may or not have their anime ruling

7: Tyrant controlled characters can eventually join with the heroes

8: All of the heroes can see duel spirits

9: Memories can come back, but slowly and fragmented, and have to be triggered (Eg, Yusei seeing Akiza, and he recalls their first duel in partial detail)


Challenge 44: House War

For as long as there have been houses at Hogwarts, rivarly has existed. Each house has tried to out brain, out fly and out cast one another. This cold war of book smarts and broom flights is particularly intense between two houses: Gryffindor and Slytherin.

However, what happens when the Cold War turns into full war?

The ever hated Umbridge, bane of all who see her, passes a little rule that states that she is the only one who can give points and detentions: and begins abusing it out of heck. The well treated Slytherins that result get a lot of hate from the other houses.

This particularly ruffles Gryffindor feathers: students begin rebelling in mass, though not led by Harry because most of Gryffindor follows an older students who wants to seriously harm Slytherins, even those who are innocent mostly.

Fights begin breaking out frequently, until one of them ends with the death of a Slytherin who was not hated, an innocent or a kind

This death changes these skirmishes into full out battles, casualties mount, and the other houses take sides.

1; Due to Umbridge, the teachers are effectively powerless. All they can do is use magic, something that they are naturally cautious in using

2: Harry does not join in, he does not want to kill people and flashes back to how Dudley attacked him as a child, and compares Gryffindor to this event. How many others in the house follow him, could be a few, or none at all

3: Death Eaters do not aide into peace talks...

4: House allegiances are not exclusive. For example, individual Hufflepuffs could go against their house, while Luna could join Harry in neutral while the Ravenclaws going to war

5: Umbridge is too stubborn to call in the aurors

Hogwarts shall fall to chaos

Challenge 45: Harry War

In many a fanfiction, Harry's suffer in everlasting pain

They are treated badly, abused and prosecuted for no good reason

So what happens when they get tired of it?

When a mistreated Harry ends up in a time tuner accident, he gains not only a starship from the year 7777, but also a trans universal warp drive. With this ship, and a automated alchemetic factory for Mecha Dobby creation, he travels across the multiverse of Harry Potter

He conquers Earth after Earth, killing some of his counterparts, while recruiting others, not only of himself, but of some other characters of his world

What happens when they enter a close to canon earth after a hundred fanon esc worlds? Will another Harry fall, or join the fold?

1: The worlds mentioned in passing need to be based on fanon plots that are too common. The darker and crueler, the better.

2: Some of the Harry's can be influenced by other worlds and canons, but this is NOT a requirement

3: Harry imperial needs to be from whichever type of Harry Potter world you find the worse (Wrong Boy Who Lived, ect)

4: One of the Imperial Harry's highest minions is a female Harry who her Dumbledore had originally cursed to be constantly have people rape her. Her girlfriend is a Hermione whose parents were religous fanatics

5: At least one of the victims of the Imperial Harry was a Harry raised by loving gay couple Sirius and Remus

6: Harry the Imperalist has some good traits: for instance he is caring to his counterparts who join him.

7: the canon world has a good Dumbledore fighting on Harry's side, and the order will still have Sirius

So shall the war of Harry's be long and arduous, or a curb stomp

Challenge 46: Harry Ingen V2

Ever since the summer before Second Year, Harry has had a secret.

A secret bound by contracts, set in motion by gringotts and his father's business moves

He is Ingen's ace

With Magic, Harry and the greedy Hammond set out to better Jurassic Park, with Harry finding out how dangerous the greed of Hammond is

1: Harry's tendencies to be brilliant, if lazy is to be shown as he revolutionizes JP, but stays average in canon

2: Harry will not get along with Hammond as time goes on: this will be more or less Novel Hammond he has to deal with

3: Parseltongue can affect certain Dinosaurs...use as necessary in the plot

4: Have magic allow avenues into new, non dinosaur creatures, as well as less famous ones.

5: When the Order finds out, let loose comedy

Only let them eat magical tourists

Challenge 47: Anakin Skywalker: Heartwalker

One day, in a galaxy not so far away, Anakin Skywalker wakes up in a mysterious place: a lengthy period of his memory gone, and in a world he has never heard of. A place where only he knows of the force, where strange black creatures called Heartless attack the innocent, and where a mysterious cabal is after him and controlling these heartless.

Anakin also discovers the ability to travel through Darkness itself, and while his hero complex causes him to help out on worlds he finds, he can't help but worry at a name people always say

Darth Vader

1: this is a Kingdom Hearts-Star Wars X-Over with Anakin traveling to other worlds after ending up on one. However, while he can use portals of darkness, fights heartless and travels to different worlds: the kingdom hearts theme ends there unless stated. So no Keyblade Anakins, no Sora or Xehanort or Organization

2: The cabal is a group of villains like Malificents little squad who aim to take over the world. Their membership should include a decent arrangement of bad guys, with at least one comical one: such as a membership roster of Sidious, Galbatorix, Megatron, Voldemort, Madara, Aizen and Doofemsmirtz. You must use Sidious and Galbatorix though, and have Anakin fight Murtagh

3: This takes place after Revenge of the Sith, but Vader was a Heartless Anakin. Padme is a princess of heart, whose light managed to keep Anakin from falling to Sidious. Impatient, he ambushed them: turning Anakin into a heartless while stealing Padme's heart as the first Princess's heart. However, due to an accident, Padme's heart escaped him, and ended up entering Vader, purifying him and restoring Anakin. However, Padme's heart remains inside of him: a powerful source of light that allows him to use corridors safely and occasionally communicate

4: Ahsoka was the one who freed Padme's heart while she and a few other heroes attacked the cabal base. Ahsoka ended up out of the star wars Galaxy post season 5 and ended up with a keyblade. She also ended up in a relationship with another keyblader (I use Sari Sumdac here myself. its your guys choice anyway). However, this was unintentional

5: Ahsoka's significant other does not like Anakin, having been injured by Vader

6: It is a AnakinXPadme story. No Anishoka, no AniWan, not even Anisokame.

7: You have to show Anakin on a few worlds to develop him a bit before he finds out about his Vaderness or that Padme is inside him. However, the home world of Ahsoka's lover comes after his confrontation with the Cabal about the truth, which should take place on the leader of the cabals home world: be it Alegesia, Coroscunt, Cybertron or Equestria.

This takes some elements from the failed Ron Weasley Keybalde hero story, and makes them better. Can you do it?

Challenge 48: Transformers Earth

Millions of years ago: the Autobots left the dying planet of Cybertron, leaving its dying husk to the Decepticons in search of one of a very select few worlds where, eons ago, ancient transformers sent special energon creation devices: capable of creating Energon, or even Cyberforming a world.

The Autobots did find one: on the planet earth, but seeing that life existed there choose not to use it to its cyberforming potential, instead forming a large underground civilization as they observed the evolving human race turn, not into a Humans Are Bastards trope, but the nicest race of all

(Yeah, shiver)

While they remained hidden, taking forms to reflect the times as necessary, many charitable events were done by autobots to humans. Boating Jewish people from germany in the reign of Hitler, aiding in the conduction of the underground railroad, ect

However, in the late 2010's, this state of hiding comes to an end for two reasons

1: the Quintessons invade the Earth

and 2: a red haired human girl somehow begins developing Cybertronian attributes

1: This story must include a large cast of autobots: including Optimus (Natch), Jazz, Prowl, Ratchet and at least one combiner team. You can add anyone else as necessary

2: Prowl retains his Animated love for nature, and thus has a zoo of creatures in Autobot city, kept going since the arrival of the Autobots: with the worlds last population of many animals

3: Jazz is a music lover, and makes a lot of pop culture references

4: The Combiner teams must be reformed Decepticons, along with some other Autobots, as side changes happened during the war on both sides

5: The red head is Sari Sumdac, who was experimented on by Mech (which has a version of Prometheus Black/Meltdown with them) to create transformer/human hybirds after obtaining a dead transformer. Their subjects are all the humans who've played Autobot sidekick. They also create the Dinobots, their somewhat lacking mental capabilities due to not being 'properly' built.

6: The Decepticons are believed by some to have gone extinct, but instead have been conquering worlds as an empire. They are the looming bad, but like Animated the Autobots main enemies are more terestrial, namely mech and others

7: Take cues from multiple incarnations, from G1 to Prime to everything in between and beyond

Transform this idea into a good story, and roll out with it

Challenge 49: Tigerstar of Thunderclan

An AU challenge where Tigerclaw's mutiny was successful. He became Tigerstar, Darkstripe became deputy, Graystripe left for Riverclan and Fireheart and Cloudpaw are only kept around because Fireheart is too well liked, Cloudpaw is decent, ect ect (Or perhaps they just fear Brindleface)

Of course, things are not nearly as tranquil as they appear: as Ravenpaw gives warnings of Tigerstar to Tallstar and Windclan, Tigerstar begins to enact subtle plans to remove the kittypets from the clan, working to get them killed in a way that can not be traced back to him.

All the while he plans to take over the entire forest

1: Tigerstar will be depicted as a politically savy fellow, despite his Hitler like views. While he could get Graystripe out, he knows in the starting climate that he could not get Fireheart out of the clan without destabilizing it, and Cloudpaw is too connected to Fireheart. Of course, his disdain for them will be visible of course, but hasn't it always? IF he wants Fireheart gone, he will ruin him smartly (Like put him in a position where he would disobey orders because of his values, an example of Tigerstar ordering him to kill Gorsepaw or Onewhisker)

2: Fights with the other clans will become more frequent: Shadowclan in particular will suffer due to their canon illness in book 4

3: Eventually, something will happen to cause a rift in Thunderclan where Fireheart will leave/be banished from Thunderclan, which will be related to the death of Yellowfang/the scaring of Brightpaw/ some major event from this era of the series (Books 4-5). However, he would not leave alone, several cats would follow him. Cloudpaw, Sandstorm, Cinderpelt, Brightpaw and Brackenfur are the minimum, with Graystripe and his children heavily encouraged as well.

4: They would return at a later time after having reformed Skyclan offscreen a la Firestar's Quest with canon members of Neo-Skyclan like Leafdapple and Echosong, plus whatever OC cats you want. Do give them reasonable time to do this

5: Scouge and Bloodclan will be antagonists

6: Remember to give some awesome moments for Nightstar, CrookedStar and Tallstar, as well as the other cats in their clans

Follow the Warrior Code and write a tale that Starclan would approve of

Challenge 50: Hinata, do-over by Aphrodite

What better return to old form than for me to write a Naruto challenge again?

Now, I'm sure you have all read fis where Naruto gets sent back in time in a timeloop? Kind of boring...right?

Done to death

Well, here's a thought, what if it wasn't Naruto who was sent back, but Hinata

After the battle, Hinata is contacted by a love Goddess, Aphrodite perhaps (If there is a Japanese one, use her/him instead, I just don't know enough about it). Perhaps you can even have Hinata say this

"But...I don't know who an Aphrodite is?"

"Well, I'm actually just subbing in: Love diety union and all"

Anyway, Aphrodite tells Hinata she wants to help Hinata get Naruto, and offers her a time loop deal to continue taking the exam until Naruto is hers and the both of them Chunnin, but with a twist.

She can't loop grind like most do: for every 50 resets she suffers, a 'punishment' is given to her

1: One thing I dislike about this kind of story is the loss of morals and a loss of progress. So, in this story, Naruto (sine he is the main target), can remember events from the previous exams as dreams. For example, while he wouldn't recall everything, if Hinata was to introduce him to seals in do over 7, every do ever after that Naruto would have a dream about seals and investigate them. The same would go for the shadow clone max potential thing

2: Hinata doesn't suffer moral problems too quickly: she doesn't start killing people at random. Have Aphrodite give her a moral talk (If you start killing Sakura for the fun of it young lady, I'm undoing everything and you can go back to the original timeline

3: Hinata will observe Naruto over each redo and finds out things about him: why he behaves the way he does, why he is a idiot about love and how his chakra is weird, but she will not figure out the Kyuubi all that quickly. That would be a later thing

4: There are certain events that have to happen. While Orochimaru is just hard to avoid, certain characters need to go the finals: Naruto, Sasuke, Gaara and Hinata at least. Stopping that will not be a good thing and resets time (For example, if Naruto was to be taught how to use seals to create giant explosions and turns Gaara to glass, that loops time

5: The first punishment, at least, is to have Fu enter the timeloop, and require that she also must have the same sort of end result as Hinata with Naruto, though any other punishment is up to you. It can range for more girls entering the loop, to the Sound gaining more allies, to the inclusion of 'The council' as antagonists trying to get Naruto banished, barred, ect

6: Do not bash Jiraiya, Tsunade or Sarutobi (If guardianship issues come up, recall that Jiraiya travels a lot, might be a sex offender, ect ect, that Tsunade has no canon basis for this and of how, bar Asuma, we see no other adult Sarutobis. For all we know, Konohamaru might be an orphan that an elderly leader can't look after as well as he should, let alone Naruto. Try to be fair, and I'd prefer that Sakura, Sasuke and Kiba be left alone to.

How many loops does a good fic take?

Challenge 51: Harry Potter, son of Zeus.

The Greek Gods are known for...creative ways of impregnating woman.

Most are what we calll either rape...or just plain weird.

Now, one of the cliche methods of Greek Gods to get laid is to disguise themselves as the husband of the married woman they are interested in. What happens afterwards...well the female has as low survival rating.

So, lets say that one day, the all powerful Zeus saw a British redhead who he fancied and turned into a Maruader?

On the day Harry is conceived, James finds himself blocked by mist, but transfigures it away to find himself walking away from his bedroom, looking like he just got laid.

James, naturally upset, gets into a fight with his doppleganger and kills him, the form vanishing into golden light. Recalling a book he read, James realizes what happened.

Now, this is where most people would go write James in a rage, have him try to kill Lily, at which point she runs to a magically reformed Snape...

But put a kibosh on it. While I don't think Snape is the devil, he's a death eater at this point.

James will realize that what happened is not Lily's fault, have him comment that the him he attacked was a perfect copy of him, down to the last scar and freckle.

Now, he will not tell anyone. Lily would freak out, and say something, and the magical world is very, very intolerant of female sexual behavior out of marriage, so she would incur a lot of problems.

Also, James notes that his parents had fertility problems, and they were both purebloods, so this James will be sterile.

To this James, fatherhood will not be about genes, but by actions. So he decides to be a father to Harry, as if he was his own son.

The fact that he discreetly sets up adoption with Gringrotts (Who are aware of the Gods), deals with any real problem later.

But, then Voldemort happens, and we have Harry at the Dursleys.

Just with a inner power to him.

Sometime later after Sirius escapes, he finds a letter written by James that explains what happened to be given to Harry, for Harry's eyes only. Sirius gives Harry the letter...and a new story begins

1: Due to the letter, while Harry will have no problem with his mother and 'adopted/legal/real' father, he will utterly despise Zeus. Kronos, while initially unaware of him, would come to realize that. Harry will have a serious case of 'HE IS NOT MY FATHER' with Zeus.

2: Harry will end up meeting at least Thalia and Percy. Thalia will end up his big sister figure (On Thalia's end, a subconscious replacement for Jason, who'd be about the same age as Percy if he was still alive, at least to Thalia's knowledge), while Percy may overtake Ron as his best friend.

3: Harry will not seek out the world of the gods. The world of the gods will find him.

4: The whole parentage thing will be spoken of with caution, as explained by James. While Hermione would accept the explanation due to her muggle heritage, if he brought up what happened to Ron...the resulting argument would probably end with Harry mauling Ron for calling his mom a whore.

5: Adjust the timeline of Harry Potter to work with Percy Jackson.

6: Sirius and Remus will find out at some point: but due to them either reading James note, or just seeing how James loves Harry regardless, they will not start hating on Lily.

7: Oh, and Voldemort will find out about the Demigods and start sticking his non existent nose into things

Let's see a shocking story where Harry's father is not Hades.

Challenge 52; Harry Potter; Online

In a world where magic doesn't exist, a orphaned Harry is the personal torture dummy to the Durlsleys in a world where Child Abuse does not include the term physical or mental (only sexual counts) legally due to a political destabalization

With this thus quite reasonable reason for why Harry couldn't escape, a friendless boy ends up the good friend of the elderly Librarian Minerva McGongall, who becomes his encouragement to do better in life.

With the aide of a friend of hers at his school; she has all of Harry's grades sent to her, allowing for Harry to start the gradual climb education wise he may not have done if he was still under the threat of 'do worse than Dudley or else' a la Dursley

In exchange for Harry managing to get a particularly good grade, she mails in a application for Harry to become a Beta Tester for the new Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game; Heroes Art Online.

One of the few Beta Testers, Harry ends up discovering he has a talent in it; and befriends 9 others who, alongside Harry, end up advancing farther in the game than anyone else.

When the Beta ends and the main game is released with 10,000 lucky gamers ending up inside, they soon find their fortunes taking a turn for the worse when they can not log out.

As Harry and his friends soon earn the target title of 'Beater', Harry alone finds himself in greater danger than any other beater...

1: The game creator 'has a connection to Harry that is capable of being revealed with enough digging'

2: This game, while based on SAO, has different features. For one thing, magic is allowed and there are more varieties of player. For example; Harry is a magical Paladin, capable of using magic and a sword (A rare and desired class, which can not be changed easily)

3: The beaters in the game, including Harry, must have Naruto (Ninja), Percy Jackson (Water Swordsman) and Ichigo (Heavy Swordsman) among them. One of the remaining beaters must be female

4: The counterpart to Diabel (The Beta who died to clear the first level) and Kibaou (The ass who started the whole Beta/Beater thing) must be HP characters

5: Each game level must be based on a fictional universe, with unique features. For example, level 1 may be based on Kingdom Heart's Traverse/Twilight town, while a lower level but higher floor (Example, floor 6) would be based on Xiaolin Showdown, with the Shen Gon Wu as extremely rare, one of a kind weapons that don't wear out like other weapons and take on the level of the user. (The Shen Gon Wu level is one that appears in my mind as something Harry and the other Beaters knew about and managed to take during the beta, while Harry lets another Guild (Aka, the Xiaolin protagonists) take them this time around because they need it more)

6: The beaters are friends, but not in a Beater guild (Mostly because a guild of beaters would just be asking for trouble), though individual beaters may befriend canon friends of theirs. For example, Naruto may have Hinata as his only non Beater friend while Ichigo might have saved Chad's life and earned his undying loyalty.

7: The beaters, even if they are not guild mates, are close. Unless one of them starts murdering people, they will stand by one another. Not even Harry's connection to the game creator would end their friendship

Did you catch my hidden suggestion about what Harry's big secret it?

Challenge 53; Literature World; the end

I admit I got the idea from my thoughts on the Firebird's Son verse (Long story), but if I remove that part of it, I found myself with a pretty interesting story idea.

The idea (that I think of in said series) is that the Sabbat would accidentally release a zombie plague on the world that would in time create the Hunger games timeline.

Now, what I was thinking was how that might go over in a literature world as a zombie plague (A la the World War Z novels i never read but somewhat understand) was to happen in.

How would wizards, demigods, flock members, The People, Clan Cats, or dare I even suggest, sparkling vampires fair?

At some point, they would be drawn to action; the question is how would they fair

How would they act

Who would survive?

1: Just because I did, or did not, mention a book series does not mean it has to be used. I just used Twilight because I could see the Volturi taking action to 'conserve humanity' for a continued blood supploy

2: Heroes are not the only ones who may act; after all in Marvel Zombies two of the biggest heroes of the story were Doom and Magneto

3: The universes can have as much overlap as you wish; it could be a story where Harry, Hermione, Max, Fang and Camp Half Blood team up, or the story can focus on each side individually

4: Death/Undeath liberites are absolute; no one is safe

5: Last thing; No regular life form is safe from the plague. Giants, Vampires, perhaps only gods are truly safe from it, their only threat being the end of the civilization they live off of. Perhaps the Achilles Curse Percy has might work, or perhaps if Voldemort got infected, and recreated with his Horcrux's he might be freed from it, but people like that are exceptions, not the rule.

I had to make a challenge with zombies at some point

Challenge 54: Inner Tsukune

In a little challenge that has always been on my mind, this little fic deals with a world in which Tsukune eventually starts to realize that parts of his childhood are missing from his memory.

Concerned about it, he asks Kurumu to dive into his memories, in which she accidentalyl causes something horrible to be released

Inner Tsukune: an super human created by a human radical group as a anti-monster super soldier

1: Witch optional. Sorry, I just don't go on the loli/BDSM train

2: Inner Tsukune is the quote and quote 'real' Tsukune, while the Outer Tsukune was a fake personality like Outer Moka created by reverse engineering the same techniques. However, unlike the more refined Rosario, the fake Tsukune has more influence on his counterpart (For example, he could take temporary control of an am to prevent a girl from being punched

3: Outer has no idea that Inner was there, and is completely horrifed when he gets put back in control and goes on a bit of a (Rather warranted) angst phase before someone snaps him out of it. The girls, on the other hand, are equal parts alarmed, and sorry for the Outer Tsukune

4: a lot of the story will go into what is 'real' and what is not, and how much a personality like Outer Tsukune and Moka can be false

5: Oh, did I mention that the people who lead the anti-monster group are Tsukune's parents? Insert more horror

6: Like Ghoul Tsukune, only Inner Moka is really willing to actually hurt Inner Tsukune, despite the fact is Inner Tsukune is a class A fantastic Racism creep (Who is of the belief that humanity is superior and that monsters all all psycopathic, which he may have a point and in fact be lampshaded while also pointing out how monsters are dying out).

7: The Inner and Outer Tsukune's utterly grow to despise each other; the Outer hating the Inner for being a total homocidal maniac, while the Inner hates the outer for being a 'traitor to humanity'

8: How it resolves can be anyway you want. I have my own (harem) viewpoint, but it's a challenge and you may want to up the angst factor by having Tsukune's cousin kill Mizore with a flamethrower. I don't think you will, but you get the point of giving some creative freedom.

Can a person really be 'fake?'

Challenge 55: Alt Jackson World

We all know the world of Rick Riordan.

It's a charming little place, home to the all loving hero Perceus, quick on the draw and crafty Annabeth and lovable Grover

But what happens if things changed?

What if Percy Jackson was orphaned at a young age and taken by Posiedon to Atlantis?

What if Thalia Grace was taken along with her brother?

What if there was no Great Prophecy of a Child of the Big Three?

Instead, all that would remain was the reignition of a war between the Greeks and the Romans, led by a pair of siblings named Grace

1: Due to the changes to the pasts of Percy, Thalia, Jason, Nico and Bianca, a lot of things have changed due to the altered timeline.

2: Percy, while raised by Posiedon and Amphitrite and happily adopted (Though still caring for Sally), he fears and despises the surface world, not only for the death of his mother, but also for the suffering his brothers, like Tyson, went through in it. He only emerged from the sea due to the Greek-Roman war affecting his parents and Percy desiring to end it by any means. His skin is also green due to being adopted by Amphitrite, and is not longer quite a demigod, but isn't quite a god either

3: Thalia, who rose to power at Camp Jupiter with her brother, has no idea that she's Greek, Many at Camp Jupiter despise the both of them for wanting to better New Rome, including changing traditions and re-implementing old ones, like the idea of Rome assimilating cultures.

4: Nico and Bianca were never put in the Louts Hotel and Casino, and ended up growing up. The leaders of Camp Half Blood along with Chiron, they have to deal with wars, monsters and a slowly growing anti-god fevor. Hazel's status is questionable, she may not have died and is in fact Leo's Great Grandmother, or an elder at Camp Jupiter, or anything in between

5: Due to Thalia not being around, only Luke influenced a young Annabeth, causing her to grow to distrust the gods as much as him. If Luke was to ever leave Camp Half Blood to fight the gods, she would follow him without a second thought

6: Grover potential would have to come from a different source, without Thalia, Percy or Annabeth due to the time shifts.

7: Pairings, allegiances, causes, alternate pantheons, ect are up to your discretion

What if, what if, and what if?

Challenge 56: Pokemon; Reset Bloodlines. Giovanni and Ghetsis versions

A long time ago, in a world beyond our wildest dreams, there lived a man named Cyrus.

Cyrus, a emotionally distant man who wished to create a world without spirit, due to having a very bad childhood. To do so, he founded a group called Team Galactic and attempted to take control of the pokemon who controlled Space and Time.

However, he ended up getting thwarted by a young kid from Pallet town, his Pikachu and friends and got stuck in an alternate universe for all eternity.

Sound no it was not.

From there, Cyrus the nilist managed to discover the secrets of space and time, and promptly proceeded to outright rewrite history, succeeding at it sometime during said Ash's travels through the region of Kalos.

Arceus, the god of the Pokemon world, senses this, but is too late to do anything as history itself, already having been frayed by Cyrus's tinkering, begins to completely implode. Sensing the only way to stem the flow of the end was to send someone back in time who would know to keep Cyrus from getting into the time-space flow.

Originally desiring Cynthia, Arceus finds that she has already been erased by the time-space chaos. After going through a few of the world's other champions, he recalls a chosen one named Ash, skilled if not as fine tuned as Cynthia and the others he had originally sought the aide of, and decides to use him to save the universe.

Ash, who had managed to avoid being wiped from existence, is summoned by Arceus just as some of those around him begin to vanish in a world falling into nothingness.

When informed of the issue, Ash agrees to help Arceus (And finds out that the time chaos had been affecting him due to Cyrus being a bit of an jerk)...

Arceus: Due to the damages that fool [Cyrus] caused as he worked to gain power, at several points time was distorted around you. Due to this, at random times your skills, as well as Pikachu's, would randomly revert to that of a different point of time, generally early Kanto.

(Arceus shows scenes of Ash's Pikachu being beaten by Trip's Snivy, then his Servine, then the Cameron thing, then Roark's Onix, then Cress' Panpour, then his oversight during the Elesa battle, then his first battle with Viola, among others)

Ash: Okay...that makes me feel a little better about myself...hey what about the battle with Paul on Lake Acuity? Or Pikachu being beaten by Gary's Eevee?

Arceus: Oh no, those losses were all you

Ash: Darn...

Arceus: Not every battle is won, young one. If you think your combat history was bad, you should have seen what the time damage did to your father.

Ash: My father...(Has a confused look)...why can't I remember him clearly?

Arceus: Because the time stream ended up that messed up. I couldn't tell you who your father was at the start. (Arceus leaving out some of the temporary people who became his father due to temporal tampering to preserve the boy's sanity)

...He is warned that in sending someone back in time, one creates ripples in time that cause temporal distortion due to slight shifts in events and histories. The end resi;ts could be minor changes, or perhaps great ones, but they will occur. As a precaution, Arceus does impart some of his power to Ash to grant him the ability to restore the memories of his Pokemon and of people, but he is forced to due a 'shoddy' job on the people bit as the temporal destabalizing accelerates and he is forced to send Ash back to the day he got Pikachu, warning him that when they next meet, he may not recall who Ash was, or may perhaps be evil depending on the results of the time alterations.

So Ash ends up waking up in Pallet, and immediately he realizes a few things have changed, among them being that..

1: that he was 15 (Can be older but still in Black-White protagonist range), and thus had a different starting age for Pokemon training

2: While his memories of the original timeline were intact, and he did have the memories of the current timeline prior to returning, he had no idea who his father was in the new one.

So, getting Pikachu from Oak as was normal, Ash has Pikachu's memories recovered and heads up north as was normal, but during the 'demon Spearow incident', which is far worse in this timeline because there are more of them, including some Fearow, their movesets up to date with Gen 6, including at least one Drill Run Fearrow, and Pokemon battles have become a bit more brutal (Killing is rare, but the violence is more so than in game or anime, sort of at Pokemon Origin level for a relevant scale), Ash ends up discovering that his aura powers, previously only acknowledged a few times in the anime, have become a lot more prominent and powerful.

As he and Pikachu, in sheer shock at the strangeness of what just happened, happen to be watching Ho-Oh fly by again, and just as it is gone a very, very iriate Misty, who was similarly older like he is, storms up to him and initially begins ranting about her destroyed bike, before she noticed his Aura abiltiies are still acting up.

A conversation like this occurs

Misty "You have a Bloodline too?"

Ash: "A what?"

Then she gets her memories back to and explains it in full with the normal familiarity she had with Ash, setting the stage for the story

1: Ash and many other characters possess what shall be known in this challenge (Though you can change the name as you see fit) as bloodlines, or genetically passed abilities that give a person specific abilities. They were originally created many years ago before Pokeballs by ancient mystics who spend great time in the presence of Pokemon and connected to them at such a deep level, that they gained their powers. These genetic traits were passed down from generations, but superstitious people in the past (And still today) react to these with fear, and once the first Pokeball was crafted they faded into obscurity and most of the lines became dormant.

2: However, a dark man with a bloodline that could be used to manipulate power (Name and specifics pending) named Giovanni/Ghetsis (Can be either one, its your choice) discovers a ancient prophecy that states that a child of two bloodlines would lead a new generation of bloodline heirs to be born in his wake to dominion over People and Pokemon. Wanting to influence the fate of the world to give them control, the dark fellow uses his resources to track down as many heirs to the ancient bloodlines as possible, seduces them for one night stands and uses his bloodline to ensure that they would not only be pregnant from the encounter, but would bring the child to term, having several until he saw that, at some point, he had sired the one as the foretold generation began to appear and decided to spend the next decade preparing for the prophecy itself. Ash would be one of the many conceived by this plan, others being his 'clones' (Characters like Richie), some of the anime rivals, some of the game protagonists like Red or Hilbert(Though others can be born from different bloodlines) and, depending on who you choose, Silver/N.

3: Bloodlines are named for their traits. Ash's maternal bloodline, which came from Sir Aaron's bloodline, grants the user the ability to use Aura due to long contact with Lucario's and is known as Aura Guardian (Again, name can be altered, this is a challenge), while Misty's family possesses the potential ability to understand, control and have some qualities of water Pokemon known as (Name pending) Water Heart, with similar abilities for other types (Iris possessing Dragon Heart), while May's bloodline grants her the ability to control luck based moves outcomes (Such as Meternome or Assist) with sheer willpower, known as (Pending) Mind over Luck. The Power Bloodline of Giovanni/Ghetsis would grant the user the ability to have influence on people in one specific manner, and one alone, and their children would also inherit this power in equal strength to the one they had. While the evil sire would use it to influence people (which a strong and not intoxicated mind can withstand) and their bodies, Ash would use his as his in anime ability to inspire uncanny levels of power in Pokemon as well as inspiring evolution. Ash's half siblings can use this power as you see fit.

4: The main characters who are canon in the anime are required to have their canon pokemon (Though the time it happens can be altered, for example Ash could encounter Aipom earlier as she appeared in Kanto while Misty had Horsea or Psyduck with her when she first ran into Ash), and are allowed a few additional ones of your choice. However, while Ash can go to Cameron Palace when he realizes he has aura, if he does go he ends up with at least the staff Lucario is in, which, while Lucario would get its memories back, said staff be enchanted to only open 'when the time is right' by Sir Aaron to prevent Lucario from forcing itself out and get killed a la the movie.

5: While Delia (And maybe Oak) are aware of Ash's powers due to infant activities and are not scared of it (Delia being familiar with that line of her family's history and Oak finding it fascinating, but only bring it up when Ash discovers it because of the whole, instinctual fear of people a la X-Men thing), others are not so lucky. Misty's relationship with her non powered Sisters is bad enough that she doesn't want anything to do with them and they outright reject her as family and would engage Ash in a ferocious battle with Kingdra and other high level, not meant for rookies, Pokemon, just for associating with. Iris will be abandoned in the wild and thus raised by Pokemon more severely than in canon (In human issues, not in Pokemon), and May's mother was kicked out of her biological family for having a freak daughter, though Norman marries her and fully accepts May as his daughter (Max is her half brother and has no powers). Other issues with characters like Red, Dawn or Hilda are your playground

6: Ash's Pokemon, while having their memories, do not gain their experience and move pools back. That means that, for example, when Ash get's Charmander, he does not turn into Charizard or start using Overheat and Seismic toss at will.

7: Due to Ash's memory recall ability not being fully finished by Arceus, it only works on girls and Pokemon, though the pokemon is the only absolute.

8: The bloodline traits are not just in one region, and some bloodlines did appear prior to the whole Giovanni/Ghetsis mess. For example, Ridley will be related to Ash on his mother's side and have the Aura Guardian bloodline.

9: Other teams have awareness of what Giovanni/Ghetsis are up to, and act up in response. Assassins for example, or perhaps Team Rocket (In the Ghetsis version) realizing that James has a blood line too (Name pending Linked Heart, which allows him to bond with any Pokemon, a sort of weak one until one realizes that such a power would give him a perfect 30 balls, 30 catch ratio at the Safari Zone) and decides to have him become the Rocket countermeasure to Ash and the others by taking on the gym challenges and being a 'Bloodline remover' in the Pokemon League to gain fame and restrict how much a Ghetsis spawn would have. Again, the James thing is only an idea and is not a requirement, just an example.

10: Conversely, the team who follows the father covertly aides the potential prophecy children. For example, Team Rocket sneaking a book detailing what TM, Move Tutor, ect moves a Pokemon can learn and how to do so (Sort of like how Ash taught Swellow Aerial Ace or Buizel Ice Punch). into Ash's group's groceries if Giovanni is the father.

11: Timeline wise, Ash and Misty are about the same age, with May, Serena and Iris younger than they are and Dawn the youngest. That is the only restriction I have, you can plot the ages of other children of Giovanni/Ghetsis , non G children Bloodline users and non bloodline users like Gym Leaders, playable game characters and anime rivals as you see fit.

12: Pokemon, similar to how their moves are updated, are similarly ranged updated. While the Pokemon found in the Pre-Elite 4 gameplay of each game are still in fact the most common, there is overlap allowed. For example, Johto pokemon being occasionally found in Western Kanto, which borders Johto, or flying/aquatic Pokemon migrating frequently and the sight of Wailord in Kanto not being all that unusual)

13: Do some temporal overlaps. For example, they could run into a younger Iris who flew to Kanto on the back of a Dragonite (perhaps one that raised her or something, again this is an example) who gets her memories back (And with that, the ability to be civilized as oppose to a full out feral child) while possessing Axew and catching a Dratini, or running into a younger Anabel (Whose psychic powers are the bloodline Psychic Heart). Again, these are merely two examples, be free to use Paul or Hunter J or AZ or whoever floats your boat.

14: While singular pairings are allowed, as this story comes from my mind it is also meant as a Harem fic, where Giovanni/Ghetsis wants to set up the future world dynasty that he'd secretly control to be as powerful as possible, and thus subtly influence his children and those around them to polygamous relations, aided by the fact that A, a lot of the resulting appearing, not his spawn Bloodline people are female (In the specific prophecy, you can directly state this if you can make it sound prophecy enough), and B, so many of the characters are pretty much socially troubled by the past the cultural reasons most people don't do that don't bother them, or they might just want more shoulders to cry on. However one justifies the harem pairings, a warning to challenge takers; if you want to make Leaf, Kris, Rosa, Hilda or other playable female characters Giovanni/Ghetsis's children and pair them with Ash or N or Red or something, you have to the justify the incest on your own work with your own ideas.

15: Ash's main characters for love interests (Not exclusive for single pairings, but required for harem pairing) are Misty, May, Dawn, Iris and Serena, all with a Bloodline. Harem options beyond them are anyone else with a bloodline (Giovanni/Ghetsis keeping enough eyes on his children to know who is getting too chumy with a non bloodline user, and uses his power to alter their relationship to prevent, in his mind, a potential enemy spy). Be it you make it Anabel, Jasmine (Steel Heart), Erika, Gardenia (Grass Heart), Flannery (Fire Heart), Cynthia (Insert Cynthia fitting one) or any other in game or anime female character, choices beyond the initial harem, or the exclusive singular paired person, are up to you. However, you are not expected to write lemon scenes and are expected to realistically develop their emotions.

15.1 (Edit) A fact that should be recalled is that this is not a harem friendly world. No Clan Restoration Act, Multiple Marriage Contracts or any Fanon polygamy excuse. Regardless of how the main characters feel about it, people would not treat it as normal

16: Due to the altered world, and the trauma they had in it, as well as their different ages, characters personalities and appearances are to have been altered as such.

17: Legendaries can be caught (Ash with Latias or May with Manaphy for example), but don't over do it. Red may be one of the most badass in the franchise, but his team is not to be Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, while they can have more legendary (Oh, BTW, keep excess Pokemon at Oak's lab and things like that instead of boxes), make it a self agreed rule to either not use them during league matches, only use one as a last resort against people like Cynthia or Tobias or save them for dealing with the Teams.

18: Follow the anime's timeline of Kanto--Orange--Johto-- Hoenn-- Battle Frontier--Sinnoh--Unova--Kalos (Can skip Delacoura if you wish), though not to a perfect point. You can keep Charizard past the valley, challenge the gym leaders in order instead of doing it out of order like Ash did in the anime and include elements and characters from later games, like Contests, Poke-Athalon, Mega-Evolution, J, ect. Oh, and character's don't have to leave when they do canonically, for example Misty, whose relationship with her sisters is abysmal here, will have no reason not to depart after Johto.

19: The story is mostly anime canon, with the game or special canon uses for spicing things up as necessary. Movie canon is as canonical as you need it to be. You could even have more than just Ash in the main party be interested in the Pokemon league (Misty for example), but keep track of how many who are seeing as Gary (No bloodline) and other canon characters, as well as bloodline users like Red, will be leaguers as well.

20: Consider the storyline like this; due to the time changes Ash and company might not be aware that they are the subjects of a prophecy being manipulated by a creepy old fellow (Giovanni/Ghetsis) for a while at the start in Kanto, and while they get suspicious over time, they might not figure it out, or find out, until the Cyrus issue is resolved during Sinnoh. Oh, and when they do start to figure it out, I expect that the storyline for that takes up the non league portions of Sinnoh post Cyrus, Unova and Kalos (Still competing in it for strength purposes and also possibly due to some...less than subtle suggestions that says, compete in the League at the top of your game and only loose because you legit loose or your home town will have an...accident) will involve a bit of bloodline civil war as some bloodline users decide 'Hey, we've had enough of this world and how they treat us. Let's take over' and join with Giovanni/Ghetsis in a bit of a civil war with Ash's 'I won't work with that evil freak' group, though it will be the plan of the characters who join with Giovanni/Ghetsis to not fall for his power grab plans (Well, N, if it is Ghetsis, might be with him from the start a la the games and have no idea he's evil, but don't think Silver works that way).

Thanks to Kageseo for letting me bounce ideas off him, as well as Fantasty1290 for a fine tuning bit of advice, and for the fic Ashes of the Past for giving a decent idea of how a time travel fic would operate successfully in the Poke verse. Hope you guys are interested in it, because this thing is freaking huge.

Challenge 57: Fairy Tail vs the Schools

As has been done many a time, this challenge points out how Dumbledore and Voldemort can be quite similar, so what happens when a Dumbledore decides to use the Goblet of Fire to force a missing Harry Potter into the Magical World and his control after vanishing years ago.

In doing so, Hogwarts gets more then Dumbledore bargained for when Harry does in fact come, but with a bunch of friends.

A bunch of destruction happy, somewhat crazy friends with strange magic unlike anything in Hogwarts

This Tri-Wizard Tournamet is Hogwarts vs Beuxbatons vs Durmstrang vs the Fairy Tail Guild, and massive property damage is inevitable when Harry, Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Erza and the rest of the guild take up residence at Hogwarts for a time.

1: I have only seen Fairy Tail up to what is available on Netflix, aka episode 48/Fantastia. So while I am limited, you are not, so put it at whatever point you want it to be in the storyline. However, whatever point it is Harry has to be part of the story, though not to a point he takes over all the roles of Natsu/Gray/ Others

2: How Harry ended up in Fiorre, and its connection to the Magical World of HP, is all up to you. Pocket Universe, hidden magical kingdom, ect ect , its up to you. However, he is not to be a Dragon Slayer, Requipper or anything like that, instead he manages to use HP magic, though all non verbally and wandlessly based on his feelings or something like that. The members of Fairy Tail are aware that his magic is different from their own; being weaker but more diverse than the general all Fire Natsu, all weapons Erza, ect ect.

3: Harry is not quite his same withdrawn self. Due to being in Fairy Tail for similar lengths of time as Erza, Gray or Natsu, he has the Fairy Tail...insanity/exitedness/destruction prone behavior as you see fit.

4: The more reserved HP crowd will find the anime esc behavior of Harry and Fairy Tail to be highly...odd.

5: The story needs to be funny, yet filled with action. Not just plain crack.

This story is more or less freeform beyond those points, so give it a try

Challenge 58: Leia Skywalker and Luke Amidala

What happens when Anakin isn't corrupted by Sidious, snapped out of it or otherwise not put into a crazed state to attack his wife nor get stuck in a metal can?

Why, he ends up jump starting the development of a rebel force, of course. Now, in a perfect story, he'd have the aide of the brilliant Nabboian senator Amidala, but there is a problem.

During the events of the third movie, minus her death, Anakin having an planned freakout and killing her and his metal suit, Anakin is seen as a rogue jedi by the worlds at large, while Padme largely escapes any notice, except in one key issue; her being pregnant.

While Padme could be the perfect position to be Anakin's best spy in the rebellion, the fact that the knowledge of her pregnancy got out means that it would be very difficult to explain the lack of children.

While in such a situation Padme would rather have them both with Anakin as she spies on the Imperial Senate, the only workable solution available is to have her keep one child.

So, with heavy hearts, the married couple separate, with Luke staying with Padme to remind her of Anakin, and vice versa with Anakin and Leia.

And so, Luke grows up as the son of one of the few good politicians while Leia ends up raised by the leader of the rebellion.

What happens then, when the paths of the two siblings cross at a school?

Please use the following image for inspiration http:///art/star-wars-rebel-AU-412687470?offset=25#comments

1: Leia is sent to a private school by Anakin at a young age (11 or 12 perhaps) after recent battles with the empire have displaced the rebellion and he starts to worry about her lack of contact with children her age. Of course, as Leia is particularly as stubborn as Anakin in the OT, a trait only heightened by being raised by him in this story, he only gets her to go by telling her its a mission to spy on 'imperial indoctinations' (Plus that it is only for a semester under some ammesty law for outer rim students displaced by rebellion destruction). Luke is there himself, but under an assumed last name (Like Leia) to avoid being harassed for being a senator's son.

2: Leia is to have some skills with the force and mechanics, but she knows that using the force openly is a bad move. Luke has potential for the force and some mechanical knowledge as well. Anything else skill wise is your choice, do take into account who is raising who when dishing out their behaviors and quirks.

3: Yes, Rex is awesome, but I want to be perfectly clear; He Is A Clone. Order 66 is an inexcapable order. He did not defect to have his life with Ahsoka on a remote planet, so he is not to be with Anakin due to how cheesy the idea is. He can appear in the story for added angst on Anakin's part

4: Speaking of, Ahsoka can appear on Anakin's rebellion as you wish.

5: What jedi survive is your call, but remember that Anakin is not Mr. Popular in the jedi order. If Mace, Yoda, Obi-Wan or any council jedi survived the Order and joined the rebellion, they are not going to be told what to do by Anakin.

6: Do not have Padme become the mask. This is not a betrayal fic to make Anisoka happen. This story is a Skywalker family story of Anidala matri/patriarchy.

7: Please don't play with the near skywalker incest cliche.

8: Leia and Luke don't just instantly realize they are twins. Their shared genetic heritage (probably Anakin being Luke's father seeing as he is the guy with millions of credits on his head) has to be revealed to them somehow, and not by the parents), and sometime during their school semester together, after a few misadventures and after they become friends. How this happens if your call

May the force be with them, and whatever non Luke boy talks to Leia while Anakin is around.

Challenge 59: Cartoon Come

Kingdom Come was a classic DC comic story that deconstructed the Dark Age of Superheroes while reconstructing the Golden and Silver age heroes. For those who do not understand what that means, basically the story deconstructed all the 'kill everything in sight, smoke and have a lot of sex' heroes, pointed out how bad a world of them would be, and showed the greatness of heroes who are overpowered and super friendish are, though they were also damaged (Superman losing faith in humanity after Lois was killed by the joker, who was killed by a anti hero and applauded, Batman going sort of...militia insane, ect)

Now, what was to happen if a Kingdom Come like story was to be done with Cartoon Network characters in my vision of a story?

Some examples (Read, examples. If you want to do something different, be free to, these are not requirements)

The immense powers of the Power Puff Girls, and their oddity of birth, causing them to become more and more omnipotent, akin to the power level of Him, and slowly loose touch with humanity (See Doctor Manhanttan from Watchmen as an example, or perhaps KC Superman)

Dee Dee's tomfoolery eventually causing the wrong button to be pushed, causing a disaster so great that Dexter vows to never invent again (And ends up like his ego Trip young adult phase)

The Ed crew having split up after a scam went wrong and the usual punishment has occurred; with Ed working as a laborer and/or a superhero, Edd as the universe's replacement for Dexter and Eddy ending up poor and or in jail due to his scams

The KND, in an attempt to never grow up, stopped themselves from ever aging, only to suffer mental problems from it, and loose the ability to understand the children they once protected as they no longer existed in their generation (Ever try to connect with a younger generation?)

Now that the examples of how to write these characters Kingdom Comish is done, time for the requirements.

1: To me at least, the characters who represent the Anti Heroes in this story are the bad cartoons (Uncle Grandpa, Gumball, Johnny Test, ect) while the Golden and Silver Age characters are to be shown as the old and or action shows of CN (Dexter, EdEddnEddy, Generator Rex, Sym-Bionic, ect). While I do not watch the show, I would put Adventure Time in the good, not evil category.

2: The bad cartoons are to be represented by a evil corporation; who uses money and drugs to control the world and seek to destroy anything connected to the heroes (EVOs, Magic, Cryptids, aliens, ect)

3: the final enemy needs to be the most powerful force in CN you can imagine; be it Him, Aku, Himaku (The two of them fusing), ect. Other bad guys like Vilgax, Mojo Jojo and Mandark can appear as enemies, or perhaps even reform, as necessary

4: To represent how Ben has had some decay, he is to have been drugged by the evil corporation after the death of not only the ones he cared about, but a whole group of innocents due to a bad call. If he acts and speaks like his AF/UA/OV version, he's drugged and a pawn of the corporation, still trying to do the right thing, but easily overridden by his masters to attack targets they dislike. When he is either not on the drugs, or cured of the corporations control, he is back to his original state. though the aliens are retained

5: The main character needs to be someone of strong will who represents the heart of Cartoon Network, sort of like how Superman is DC's heart, and Captain America Marvel's. Who this is, I'll leave to you, could be your favorite character, or could be who you see as Cartoon Network's heart (If your favorite is someone like Mandy who could never be that)

6: Among the heroes should be characters from at least 5 shows, along with a version of Steven Universe who is to represent purity, innocence and the quintessential potential for true cartoon decency and goodness in modern times. At some point, Steven is to be beaten up by Ben so badly it sets the story to its climax, at which point characters must die

7: Try to maintain the story on the characters CN owns (That means leave Pokemon, DC Heroes, Goku and that orange out of it). I'll give lenience to use of Hanna-Barbara characters like Scooby, Grape Ape or Captain Caveman though.

8: Of the at least 5 shows you should use for the heroes, throw in at least more obscure, shorter lived show. For example, if your heroes are Samurai Jack, Generator Rex, Powerpuff Girls and Dexter, have the fifth one be Juniper Lee, Robot Jones, ect

9: If you want to do this story, but instead with Nick or Disney shows, you'd have to IM me first for how you'd want to go at it.

According to the Ratings, the popular shall inherit the Television. What is popular changes over time. But what happens when the demographs collide?

Challenge 60: Force Time

This Challenge takes place during a different version of the EU, where the reformed New Jedi Order includes, in its high council, two figures from the Clone Wars era.

Ahsoka Tano, the apprentice of Luke's father Anakin, was one of the first Jedi he was able to recruit for the New Order, who served with him through many a scrape.

The other is Barriss Offee, who had escaped custody during Order 66.

With their help, Luke has managed to navigate through Thrawn, the returned emperor and the Vong war. However, by the time of 40 ABY (40 years after the destruction of the first death star), the galaxy was once again in crisis.

The youngest son of Leia and Han, Anakin Solo, was dead, and their eldest son Jacen fell to the Dark side, murdering his father (As oppose to the regular EU victim Mara Jade Skywaker, Luke's wife) and in the process of taking over the galaxy, causing a grand galaxy schism.

It was during this time that investigations into the ruins of Ossus, the planet that the New Jedi Order had settled upon, and the old sight of the Jedi Library, an ancient force device that would allow a person, though requiring great amounts of force power, to travel back in time.

While this device could only lock onto one location and point in time, be only used once before falling into 'power down mode' for about 1000 years, it would remain open for about a week. With that, the Jedi Council is forced to make a call

Do they go back in time, and if so to when?

Ahsoka immediately suggests going back and preventing Anakin from falling to the dark side and preventing Order 66, in doing this and taking out Darth Sidious/ exposing him, she reasons, they could prevent a lot of the problems that affected the galaxy.

Barriss disagrees, citing the butterfly effect and how, in preventing order 66, there could be unintended consequences. One such possibility she brings up is, if they were aide Mace in killing Palpatine, for instance, the people would rise up against the Jedi and create no room for any new Jedi to form a new order. She also cites the old order's likely ineffective ability to combat the Vong, who are force immune, extragalactic warriors that were barely stopped as it was.

Luke is torn; as he wants to save his father like Ahsoka, but does share Barriss's concerns. In particular, considering his wife was an assassin who originally met him while trying to kill him, he is concerned about loosing her to the temporal changes that would certainly result.

As the piece has no time limit for use (Just a cool down of 1000 years), the council is indecisive, electing to research the timeline and determine the best time to act, if they so choose.

However, before the council could come to a decision, Leia uses the device to go back in time to try and kill Palpatine, and eventually decides, upon finding out that she and luke had already been conceived, decides to forego the tougher target of Sidious and go after a easier target; her own father, the future Darth Vader.

With a unstable Leia in the process of causing time to collapse and the future to radically change, Luke must lead a team into the past to try and stop her, before having to decide if they have arrived in a time they can even create a better future in the first place.

1: Ahsoka's arrival into the events of this challenge needs to have been sometime post ROTJ, either during the events of Thrawn or the Emperor's return.

1.1 (Edit): Any Ahsoka romance is to be dealt with on your volition. In my mind at least, I see this is a Barrisoka peace, but if your a Luxoka or Rexoka person, write that in as you will. Just remember that Anakin's flaws do not extend to infidelity, so no Anisoka.

2: With Barriss, you have two options with her. Either she met up with Ahsoka Tano during the Jedi Purge, or she hid out on her own and was found later by Ahsoka and the order. Regardless of the way she is brought it, there has to be a period of time where Ahsoka, and if later the Jedi council, is very distrustful of her. She only gets fully accepted after she does something that shows where her loyalty is (rescues Leia's twins, takes a clone blaster for Ashoka, your call)

3: The time that Leia goes back to is to be sometime between the events of Season 5 (Ahsoka leaving the Order) and Order 66, but during the period of time that Padme is carrying Luke and Leia.

4: Leia goes borderline Dark Side in this one; or perhaps just mad with despair

5: The people who go back must include Luke, Mara, Barriss and Ahsoka. Add Jaina and other EU characters as you see fit

6: The initial effects of Leia's trip are up to you. Either the device produces a bubble of temporal stability that protects the temple as the rest of the universe goes up in temporal flames, or it stars to have affects and the timeline goes fully AWOL a la House of M, only stopped when characters like Luke regain their old memories via the force. If you have any other ideas to show the temporal damage being caused, like the Enterprise appearing in the sky dueling the Daleks, be free to go about it.

7: The option of if they actually decide to do something lasting in the past, as well as what, is up to you. Do they tell Anakin he's going to get set on fire? Do they decide to air on the side of caution and accept reality as it is? Again, your choice.

As I am not so familiar with the post RoTJ Star Wars verse, fans who are more knowledgeable are encouraged to take this story for yourselves

Challenge 61; Timeline wars

In this challenge, the Jedi Council found a device that would allow them to glance alternate futures (later showed to be alternate timelines that are further ahead) to increase the accuracy of their choices. When they activate it, they do not realize that the device would destabilize their own reality when used.

The council ends up in a timeline where there had been more General Krell's, Ashoka had been killed horrifically as oppose to being betrayed and later willingly leave the order, and Obi-Wan had not been with Anakin and Ahsoka on Mortis (Another good arc), while the Jedi were, overall, less heroic characters than in canon.

Because Obi Wan had not witnessed the Ones on Mortis, but only read about them in Anakin's report, he decides its a good idea to try and make their own Daughter to fight the separatists, and convinces the Council to go along with it, as long as it is not a jedi who is used

So they decide to turn Padme, who they dupe by asking if she would 'aide them on a mission to save millions of lives', into a practical god level character against her will, which drives her insane and kills Luke and Leia in the womb.

Anakin naturally gets furious about it, and ends up killing the entire Jedi Council as Palpatine used the abduction to start Order 66.

However, while Anakin does go darkish during the killing of the council, he then gets attacked by Padme for being apart of the dark side, which snaps him out of it [and him no longer being controlled by the dark side snaps Padme out of her rage, though she is still very, very damaged, and when Palpy arrives to get Anakin, she kills Sidious quite brutally.

However, with a republic having been half way turned into an empire, the jedi dead and Padme a unstable mess who realizes what's wrong with her but can't control her actions, Anakin ends up being forced to have to take the throne and, at Padme's begging, has her locked away on Mortis in a prison tower, where he sets up his HQ.

Under a more benevolent, if slaver despising empire, the emperor Anakin spends his days trying to find a way to reverse what happened to Padme, and finds out that a concentrated dose of darkness could restore her to normal.

Problem for him when he killed the sith off and removed the corruption from the galaxy he could use to do it.

Then, the Jedi Council of the regular Star Wars verse arrives and, after defeating and imprisoning them (Curious about why they have some minute differences, including numbers, blade colors and additional or missing scars), discovers their decaying universe due to their timeline trip and decides to harvest their world's darkness to restore Padme's sanity by balancing the darkness and light withing her, rationalizing that all the horrible things he foresees happening to the Star Wars galaxy in the future via the force, that its a mercy kill not to send the council back to deactivate the device and stop the universal collapse. (Also, if he was to go turn off the machine, or send an agent to do it, whoever went to shut it off would be stuck in that universe forever, while he would not be willing to let any version of Obi-Wan and the council free without 1000 parsecs of Padme)

Meanwhile, the Anakin of the original verse, who had been ignoring the council due to the Ahsoka incident and bumming about with Padme, gets guilted by his Padme to go figure out what happened, but when he goes through the portal to go save the council, the instability of the device's inherent flaws sends him instead to a version of the original trilogy timeline, where he finds his children raised by Ahsoka and Barriss, on a run from an empire and a mysterious dark figure named Darth Vader.

All the while, all three worlds are now vulnerable to a forth, a timeline where Obi-Wan stayed with his Clone Wars love interest Satine, the ruler of Mandalore, and thus causing a horrible change to the prequel timeline where Anakin was never found by Qui-Gon, but instead by the sith and turned into a Sith far more powerful and evil than Sidious ever was.

1: The Emperor Anakin is to be a Anti-Villain. His actions were caused by a darker world, and his timeline is by far the best one (No wars, no sith, no slavery), as sad as that is. He is to have some sense of honor, and during the process of taking darkness from the original verse, when he sees how much is simply around Corouscant, he is quite willing to let the council go and deactivate the device if it fills up, which to him would likely just take up the entire capital world as oppose to the entire galaxy. (Said dark extractor device having been originally made for any sith who might be in his world, trained by Dooku in secret, to which none had been found). He would also be quite quick to change his plans when 'super evil' Anakin appears, and turn his sights to capturing him and extracting his darkness, which would be more than enough to save Padme

2: Emperor Anakin has in his army reformed clone troopers, Wookie and Naghri troopers and some droids, including R2-D2 and a now 'armed' C-3PO, who is the warden for the council's jail and now armed with death weapons

3: This story's original timeline takes place in between Season 5 and the Revenge of the Sith, in case you didn't figure it out

4: In the Ahsoka and Barriss timeline, its your choice if Ahsoka and Barriss have told Luke and Leia who Vader is

5: Anakin is to be quite fine with Ahsoka raising his children, its Barriss he will have issues with.

6: Darth Vader can in fact interact with his younger self

7: Mandalorian Obi_Wan is to be badass, and horrified when he realizes his choice created super evil Anakin

8: More timelines can appear in story as needed; some ones I cut out from the initial challenge include a world where Marvel Heroes exist, a timeline where Anakin vanished prior to RoTS and the empire is in fact far worse with Padme the leader of the last rebels, the New Jedi Order and a timeline home to a fire breathing, super evil voiced, light saber chakram (Axel's KH weapon) Jar Jar Binks.

9: You can, if you wish, swap out the Barriss and Ahsoka raise the twins timeline with the regular Original Trilogy timeline or a timeline based upon the post Vong status quo, with Caedus and everything that can include

My the force let you figure out this challenge

Challenge 62: The most badass normal and the most badass abnormal, perfect warrior creation project 4.

Recently I have been not only re-watching some Kim Possible episodes, but also pondering the idea of homosexual reproduction.

Yes, I am weird like that

It is an idea that pops up every so often, often in slash and femslash fics. However, the question must be how this is possible.

You can't bend the laws of genetics just because you really want to (except perhaps in Gurren Laggan), and you can't just say that advanced technology/magic/alien strangeness allows this.

Draco can't magically impregnate Harry, Urahara has better things to do with his time and Togrutas reproduce like humans (Let alone that they cannot reproduce with Mirialians, Humans or Pantorans)

It has to have serious thought behind it, and serious consequences.

A while ago, I read a bit of a fic where Doctor Draken decided the best way to get Kim out of the way was to impregnate Kim with a retro-virus based on Shego's genetic code. However, I don't completely follow that idea's logic.

So I shall create my own idea, which will also be what I believe to be my first villain based challenge.

1: The main character's of this challenge will be Shego and Doctor Draken, who end up having to investigate an attack on another villain's lair (Dementor, Fist, Doofemsmirtz if you want to be crossovery, ect), where the attacker appears to have been Shego.

2: As they end up investigating this incident, they discover a similar series of attacks going on, and end up eventually running into one of the impostors, who does in fact resemble Shego (Powers, skin tone), but has a certain amount of difference that causes not even Draken to call her a clone. This being ends up defeating Shego in combat and she only escapes thanks to Draken.

3: They eventually discover that someone from one of their pasts (Draken's or Shego's) is behind the imposters, who has been creating and rapidly growing Shego clones to destroy their reputation and eventually go on to a far greater plot (Take over the world perhaps)

4: The reason that the clones look different from Shego is that, due to the incident that gave her her powers, Shego's genetic code is too unstable to be recreated on its own, and the only way to get around it was to replace some of Shego's more damaged genes with stable, regular ones.

5: It was decided that the genes would be from Kim Possible, under the idea that the genes of their greatest foe combined with her greatest enemy would create the most powerful warrior. It would also be back up plan; a clone could be deprived of memories and made to look like it came from the future if necessary to cause a massive incident that would cause Kim Possible to be alienated by the hero community for 'dating catwoman/going against genetic law' if she was to interfere.

6: In the fic I was referring to earlier, "A Small Possibility', Shego seemed a bit to eager to parent for my taste. The author did his/her best to justify it with a lack of parents for her, but it just doesn't fly that well for me. If Shego does or does not have an attraction towards Kim, that does mean she'd be immediately eager to start raising a clone with Kim, let alone how Kim would react to it. If Shego does end up feeling parental, try to justify it, like have her end up getting stuck with a un-growth accelerated clone and ending up bonding with it over time

7: Note, the clones would all be female. Female on Female reproduction/ female cloning can not create males

8: Kim does not have to appear in the story. She can completely unaware at the end of the story of why, say, Shego has a little Sheglett with her next time she goes to stop Draken.

Well, a different idea than normal, but why not.

Challenge 63: Greengrass Succubus

One long time ago, a married couple could not have children by the last name of Greengrass.

Why this was probably had something to do with their (dead) families having had a bad habit of inbreeding for purity; though they had lost this viewpoint in the past after a muggle had aided them in something great (Saved their lives, healed their owl after it got cursed out of the sky, whatever you think works)

After a lot of...questionable rituals, god prayers and other methods of both a light and dark nature (And possibly a muggle trick or two), a unknown woman appears to them.

She states she can render them fertile, but in doing so they will only have daughters. The Greengrass's agree to this, not having the wizengamot seats that would make a direct male to male line necessary.

Several years later, after having never met the mysterious woman after she did her magic, the eldest daughter, Daphne Greengrass, goes to Hogwarts School of Wizardry and ends up sorted in Slythern, growing intelligent and beautiful, yet neutral in the great war between Slytherin and Gryffindor, with a certain level of dislike for both the meek, trouble magnetizing Harry Potter, and the arrogant, boastful Draco Malfoy, wizards of equal power, yet on opposite spectrums politically.

However, in either fourth or fifth year, the woman who allowed Daphne and her sisters appears to Daphne, and properly introduced herself as a Succubus, one of the last who had lost her ability to reproduce on her own bar one method

The alteration of human genetics with magic to allow them to birth succubi themselves, a practice normally not done due to the fact that it requires two such humans, who have to agree to it.

And Daphne had just entered the age when Succubi features began to emerge, including a sexual appetite.

As this challenge follows the Ice Queen cliche, she does not go boy jumping at first, but eventually she gives in and decides to follow the instincts (and the succubi's warning) to find a strong, moldeable mate who would follow her, and have the strength to survive the succubi's unintentional 'drain magic of wizards/kill muggles' effect.

The only two boys in the entire school with the strength to survive are Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter...and Potter, being the meeker one, is chosen to be molded into the perfect mate.

However, one thing stands in her way; his protective, and religious friend, Hermione Granger.

1; Only Daphne ends up a Succubus; Astoria and any other sisters of hers are too young.

2: Succubi are not trusted...Daphne would not want it to be known she is one.

3: Hermione Granger is to be a religious character, though from a liberal enough background her parents did not throw her out like how some religious families due to homosexual children. She does not want Harry to loose his soul to a demon. She feels that saving his soul is redemption for her actions with the Firebolt, or possibly her not talking to him after Cedric, depending on the time you choose

4: Hermione will catch on to Daphne's differences (How is your call), but she will not reveal it for several reasons. Perhaps she does not want to cause the death of any person, perhaps she doesn't believe she'd be believed (Muggleborn vs Pureblood in the ear of Skeeter or Umbridge has a predictable outcome), ect ect

5: Try to keep both of them sympathetic, don't bash either of them. Play their faults realistically though

6: Harry has to have some idea of what is going on, but not the whole truth. Do not write him a clueless idiot. That is Ron

I feel as though a religious Hermione is different enough to work

Challenge 64: Sister Potter Magica

In a world where Harry has a younger sister, Lily attempts a magical protection ritual that would use part of her magic to protect her children in case Voldemort was to get them. This ritual would drain away a decent chunk of her magic, but it would regenerate in time

However, after the death of James, this goes awry when Voldemort knocks Lily away instead of killing her, disrupting the ritual and causing magic to be taken from Harry's younger sister.

While this destroys Voldemort, the sister is left a squib.

Despite this, she is raised and loved by her mother and brother. Yet, she always wants to do something to help her brother with his voldemort problem...

Then Kyubey shows up

1: the Potter sister must wish for the power to help her brother, stemming from a desire to help her brother. She doesn't, however, wish Voldemort away because a version of Book 5's plot is going on at this time, and she realizes how that could end if Voldemort just poofed out of being

2: Recall that the family is a close one, and how close Sirius, Remus and other people are is your call. Do recall, however, squib prejudices; people like Hermione are more likely to be friendly to the sister than Ron

3: The sister's name is your call

4: The Madoka verse's magic and the Potter Verse's magic, while existing in the same world, are different. Thus, Madoka Witches are just as dangerous to magicals as they are to muggles. Though a magical might be a bit better at escaping it if said magical is decent enough at dealing with Boggarts or apparting away, but just barely, unless they have a understanding of what they are dealing with

5: At some point, Harry finds out. Now, let me be straight with you, he is not Kiyouske, nor Kyoko's father. No, he is more like Ichigo from Bleach in this challenge, which means that he will react negatively to the idea of his sister's fate, and will probably go after Kyubey. And as this is Harry...well he does that fan perception of finding a way. Though he may slice Kyubey in half with a cutting curse or sword first, though we know he can surivve that

6: Kyubey is...tricky. Let's recall he is not a comedic villain (Team Rocket, Doofemsmirtz or Draken), nor a complete monster (Voldemort, Sidious, Mumm-Ra). He is not human, and his views on things are thus different from our own. Though I recognize that a lot of people despise him. If you want, say, Devil Luna and the avatar of God/Chuck Norris (Neville) to team up with Harry under the idea they see him as evil, go on ahead. If you want to write him as fluffy alien Xanatos, go ahead.

7: If the Potter Sister witches up...Harry is the one who has to put her down.

8: This does not have to take place in harmony with a specific point in the series, so unless you want Mami, Homura or one of the girls to appear, they are not required.

To make a Squib a magical girl, to threaten the sister of Harry Potter...may Kyubey be ready for what he has done.

Challenge 65: Be Careful what you wished for Ron Weasley.

Ron Weasley may not be as evil as bashers claim him to be, but he has one flaw.

Flaw...perhaps a bad term, but one cannot argue he has...jealousy issues. 4th year and all.

But, what was to happen if someone...higher up decided to give him a bit of a lesson about being jealous of Harry, just when Ron begins to think about what it would be like to be the Boy Who Lived.

Then he wakes up in a reality where he is in fact the boy who lived, and realizes quite quickly the first and most brutal part of it.

Boy Who Lived equals being the only survivor

1: The being who altered reality to teach Ron a lesson is up to you. You could be cliche and have it be the Fates, the Norns, Merlin or Death, or you could spice it up. I'd suggest Devil Luna or God Neville/ Chuck Norriss, myself

2: In this new reality, there would be side effects from a pureblood being the child who lived. This actually makes the pureblood supremacists more bold than in canon, while at the same time inflaming muggle borns in a White Power-Black Power sort of reaction.

3: Harry Potter has at least two younger sisters in this reality, and is protective of them sort of like how Ichigo is to Karin and Yuzu. How exactly Lily and James would have affected Harry is up to you, but he at least retains his DADA skills, perhaps even better this time around. If you desperately ship Lily-Serverus, James-Sirius, want James dead but feel that Serverus is icky, or think that Lily/Mamma Lovegood or Lily/Mamma Granger is interesting, you are free to shake up the family dynamic as you want. Just make sure Harry is better off than he was in the...wait, that's not hard to make his life better than the Dursleys.

4: Harry still remembers the old timeline, and technically could wish it back to normal, but he can't bring himself to do it because having his family back is his greatest wish. If Ron calls him out for technically keeping his family dead, Harry points out that Ron wished this world up, meaning that he was willing to give up his family for fame he didn't understand.

5: You have the choice to either have the story end with Ron learning a lesson, or him dying and reality remaining in this new form.

Ron should read the fine print

Challenge 66: Geass Alt World V1 (Special thanks to Bios-Pherecydes from Space Battles for this one)

Schrödinger's Mishap [with edits] (I've been working on or off on this for a while...)

Synopsis: Arthur has a habit of messing with Suzaku. Lloyd has a habit of using Suzaku as a Guinea Pig. Suzaku has... no idea what's going on anymore.

Idea: Due to a case of feline curiosity, Arthur accidentally sabotages the prototype Gefjun Disturber a experiment for teleporting Knightmare Frames and Pilots behind enemy lines. The resulting explosion throws Suzaku into an alternate reality where the Royal Family possesses the ultimate form of Darwinian evolution, the power to control the forces of Nature itself. Finding himself in a world he doesn't understand and pursued by not only Britannia, but the Black Knights of this world as well for access to the Lancelot and the secret of creating the Knightmare Frames, something Suzaku does not want unleashed upon the innocents of this world. As he struggles to find a way home, he might just discover a few things about it.

Other information:

Suzumaru: A honorary Britannian solder who was chosen to be used for military experiments to give non-Britannian royals enhanced superhuman abilities. Gaining the power of fire, Suzaru becomes the only survivor of this process despite his status as a 'prototype' for the process, and the upmost foe of the Black Knights of Cero, serving under Princesses Euphoria and Celcius. Due to his Fire powers being as strong as the 'Four Greatest Siblings', many fear Suzumaru could attempt to take power, though these fears are unrealistic due to who Suzumaru is. Due to his powers still being learned, he does not attend Ashton Academy and does not know Lucient is alive.

Princess Euphoria: A young princess of the Britannian Royal Family. Despite her power of Hydrokinesis Euphoria is not a warrior like her siblings, preferring peaceful means to solving her problems. Euphoria and Suzumaru have feelings for one another. Despite not using her powers to their fullest lethal potential (read Bloodbending for an idea of what she could do), Euphoria is seen as one of the Four Greatest Siblings, the strongest of the Emperor's Offspring powerwise.

Princess Celsius: One of Britannia's most fearsome warriors, Princess Celsius is an Ice User, capable of Cryokinesis. Just as her power is cold, she too is cold to all but a select few, including her younger sister, her deceased siblings Lucient and Nutmeg, and her trusted assistants Dawson and Gloucester. Celsius is seen as one of the Four Greatest Siblings, the strongest of the Emperor's Offspring Powerwise, and unlike her sister is more than capable of using her powers dangerously.

Prince Cyclone: A Britannian Prince with the powers of wind, Cyclone was in charge of Area 11 and responsible for the implementation of the experiments that led to Suzumaru gaining his powers, he was killed by Cero. His death, being one of the Four Greatest Siblings, sent shockwaves through the world.

Cero: Once known as the Britannian Prince Lucient, Cero was banished to Japan along with his sister, the blind and crippled Nutmeg (who possesses the power of Chlorokinesis), shortly before it was invaded. Believed dead, Lucient swore vengeance on Britannia, and begun his plot after his families powers kicked in, granting him the powers to give powers to others for as long as they are loyal to himvia a Geass like morph of his eyes, and share a similar goal, though the goal can be anything, though he has no combat abilities of his own bar a Iron-Man esc suit that grants him flight, enhanced strength, and various weaponry that can put him the equal to all but the strongest members of the Imperial Family. Gaining the admiration of a small terrorist cell, Cero begins to form his Black Knights to due battle with Britannia itself. Lucient differs from Lelouch mostly though matters of trust: he is more open to his inner circle (The Knights of Color), while less open to those out of it. Nutmeg may also be more aware of what is going on than Nunnally was.

The Knights of Colors:

Knight of Red: Kazuki(Kallen) - A young Japanese woman involved in terrorism, she is Cero's most skilled and loyal recruit from the Shinjuku Cell and is recruited into the Knights of Color last to stop Britannia, though she herself is least familiar with Cero and trusting of him, though this is quickly changing. Given the power of Radiation from Cero, Kazuki is a powerful foe standing in Britannia's way, and more than a match for Suzumaru.

Knight of Orange: Sally(Shirley) - Super-Speed (A la Alice, Quicksilver or Flash.) Sally is a kind hearted woman with a passonate love for Lucient/Cero. Sally was the second to last recruit, joining after discover her father's involvement in human-experimentation with Cyclone as part of Code R. She joined to fight against her father's cruelty, but does not in her to take his or others lives, a fact Cero respects.

Knight of Yellow: Macy Ashton(Milly Ashford) - Flight, Super Strength, and Super Resistance and mild Empathy. Macy is a perky person whose Empathy allows her to know what to say and when to say it, as such she willingly plays the role of the 'Big Sister' of the group.Macy was the first recruited member of the Knights, and joined not only out of friendship, but to fight against her parent's desire to marry her out. She is the leader of the Knights of Color when Cero is not around.

Knight of Green: C(C.C) - Radar sense (being able to detect other super-powered individuals, limited foresight a la One Piece's Haki.) C's power allows her to avoid all but the most absolute attacks and lets her get close to the enemy while snarking the whole time. C was a orphan and the second to be recruited by the Knights, joining for complicated reasons, though she is loyal to Lucient.

Knight of Blue: Rivalia(Rivalz) - Technopathy, the ability to mentally interface directly with computers, vehicles and other devices. A longtime friend of Lucient, when he set himself against Britannia she joined her friend without hesitation. Desperately in love with Macy, a fact which everyone except the normally perceptive Empath is aware of. Running gag where Nikki is majorly jealous of her powers.Rivalia joined the Knights as a reflection of her counterpart Rivalz's family trouble, seeing Britannia as the cause of her parent's estrangement and the stress on her family. When Suzaku's Lancelot appears, she is the most insistent on obtaining it.

Knight of Purple: Nikki(Nina) - Powerful Psychic abilities which include short range Telepathy and Telekinesis but with a main focus on Barrier Creation and Manipulation. Nikki is an introverted woman with a genius level intellect. While similarly traumatized like her counterpart, Nikki's trauma at seeing the desolation of those who 'lost' the game Britannia plays run out over xenophobia, though she has her own reservations about working with the Elevens none the less, mostly due to fear caused by that same incident. Britannia's disdain towards many scientific fields, particularly those that could make the Imperials seem less impressive, such as the technology that would have made Knightmare Frames or her Nuclear passion also fuels her drive. She gains a crush on Euphoria, one that Lucient is not sure how to react to.


  1. IT is your call if Suzaku can still communicate via the Lancelot with Lloyd and Cecile. I for one rule they can, but it might not be that case for you
  2. Charging the Lancelot is one of Suzaku's biggest concerns, as power is needed to not only avoid capture and to fight, but also to eventually get home.
  3. Sakuradite may or may not exist in the second reality, but if it does it is not mined to the same degree it is in canon
  4. Cero is after answers the same as Zero, but without Geass it is a little more difficult. He does get information out of Cyclone before he died, but the exact information might be different
  5. It is your call, if Suzaku ever does join a side, to what side he joins. If he joins the Black Knights for help getting home, he discovers Lelouch's identity. If he joins Celsius, he ends up in conflict with the counterpart to V.V, The V, who shares his counterpart's guilt and also collect bastard Imperial Children for a black ops program. Regardless, each side could help him return home.
  6. The Emperor's name and powers are your call, as are the other children, bar the other member of the Four Greatest Siblings, Schrodinger/Schnitzel.
  7. Lucient's relationships can be altered, though due to Suzumaru not being around no Yaoi there (He can flirt with Suzaku is you must write Yaoi...though in that case I'd have Suzaku either be unnerved, or point out the flaws of trans-universal relationships)

Have fun!

Challenge 67 Code Geass Alt World V2

In an alternate world, there were no Knightmare Frames. Without them, Britannia needed a new edge in the world.

It's edge, was the Imperial Family. More specifically, the fact the Imperial Family, as of several generations back, gained superhuman powers through a combination of science and freak genetics (At least what the rumors say).

Establishing multiple wives to enhance their numbers, the Emperors fathered many children with powers of their own generally between the ages of 10 and 13, whose might allowed them to take control of the entire New World and much of the Pacific. However, as the powers grew, so did infighting and Britannia's overall Darwinism.

This also came to start affecting weaponry, in part the work of Princes and Princesses not wanting weaker siblings to overcome massive power with too advanced weaponry. As such, Knightmare Frames are theoretical at best, as well as several other technologies.

One prince, Lelouch vi Britannia, was banished along with his recently crippled younger sister Nunally to Japan before his powers came to, which was shortly after invaded and conquered by Britannia. Understandably angry, he is taken in by his mother's former allies the Ashfords, but not after seeing the horrors of Britannia's war machine.

However, shortly after while talking with the Ashford's young heir Milly about his concerns of being found and her reassuring she will always be there for him, he has a sharp pain in his eyes, followed by Milly collapsing.

After a little while, Milly wakes up, and notices two things.

One, Lelouch's eyes have a strange, bird like symbol in them, and two...that she's floating.

As it turns out, Lelouch's power is giving others powers, though he can only give them to those who form 'contracts' with him in exchange for powers of their own. Milly's is 'to be always there for him'.

Gaining the power of flight, along with super strength, endurance, and the power to sense the emotions of those around her (all found out accidentally), Lelouch begins to plot how to use his new found powers to raise an army of powered people and destroy Britannia.

Milly initially rejects this, but after testing out her flying and superstrength accidentally overhears a conversation between her parents and grandfather where her parents insist on marrying her off for personal gain despite her young age, she comes to agree with Lelouch that something is needed to be done.

Slowly planning, training, and aquireing a cash reserve large enough for such a process, the two set up a base for this attack over several years, eventually recruiting a few more students to their cause and empowering them as well.

However, after a off chance allows them to discover a battle between a rag tag resistance group in Shinjuku Ghetto and the forces of Prince Clovis over something called Code R, a name soon becomes known to the world: Zero and the Knights of Color, as the world finds itself in turmoil.


  1. Code R is a project by Prince Clovis to give regular people powers. Intended to be weaker powers than his own, the goal was to have a power corps that would help him fight his siblings for control of the throne. Testing it on Honorary Britannian volunteers and abducted Elevens (Which draws in the Ohgi cell after people in Shinjuku start vanishing), all but one die: Suzaku Kururugi.
  2. Of the in throne siblings, four are recognized as being the strongest: Schnitzel, Cornelia, Euphemia, and Clovis (Order not necessarily that way power wise), who can manipulate and create Gravity, Ice, Water, and Wind in a wide variety of ways. Suzaku, who gains fire powers due to Code R, is at a similar power level, a fact that makes a lot of people uneasy.
  3. The Knights of Color under Zero's command are the Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple knights, respectively Kallen, Shirley, Milly, C.C, Rivalz, and Nina, who possess the powers of Radiation, Super Speed, Super Strength, Flight, Endurance and empathy, Battle Precognition and Power Sensing, Technopathy, and Barrier Manipulation and Formation, with Kallen being recruited after Shinjuku and Shirley the most recent recruit before. They work with Lelouch for various reasons: Shirley wants to stop her father who they discovered was involved in a project that would be later shown to be Code R and does not use lethal force, C.C was a regular if odd orphan who is in it for Pizza and a warm place to sleep who uses her powers to annoy Britannia, Rivalz is partly out of friendship with Lelouch/affection for Milly and due to Britannian politics causing his family to fall apart, and Nina is in it because Britannian policies greatly limit scientific processes, though she holds reservations about the recruitment of Elevens. Kallen's reasons are mostly her canon ones, but with the added bonus of being a middle woman between Zero's core and the common soldier
  4. Nina and Rivalz help Lelouch create a power suit that lets him fight despite his physical limitations and lack of powers, sort of like what Iron Man or Terry McGinnis might use. Constantly worked on and modified in story, the suit still retains Zero's basic look to it
  5. Nunnally develops Chlorokinetic powers not long before the stories start, and with them has more awareness of her brother's actions that normal. However, she is not that against what he is doing, though she will have a problem if he kills too many of the siblings she is fond of (AKA, Cornelia and Euphie)
  6. While Suzaku is horrified at what Code R resulted in, he does use his powers to fight for Britannia still for his canon reasons. Jeremiah, and later Cornelia tolerate his continued existence despite their viewpointst that with an army of powered people against them, they should not just kill him. Euphie, Darlton and others will in story work to try and ensure his continued survival after Zero. As his powers are still being learned, however, he does not attend Ashford Academy. His status of even knowing Lelouch is still alive is up for debate.
  7. Due to the anti battle-tech and general overpowered status of the Britannia royal family, there are Pro-Tech and religious extremist rebellion groups in Britannia that are a internal threat to Imperials. Cornelia and to a lesser extent Lelouch believe that they killed Marianne. Lloyd may lead a Pro-Tech group, though either V.V or a similarly positioned character must still be Marianne's killer.
  8. Some (read many) Imperial family members take the concept of them being seen as a gods a little too literally, with Euphie and Cornelia being general exceptions (Euphie is Euphie, and Cornelia has too much exposure to Marianne and her troops to be that detached, though she is more detached than Euphie). Also, the Imperials who get around a lot and have illegimate kids often find their kids vanish, generally taken by the version of V.V in story (who, like C.C, is not tied to Codes) to be trained as covert assassins for the Emperor.
  9. As Clovis is one of the Emperor's strongest children, his death by Zero's hands, televised none the less due to Rivalz's abilties and Clovis's ego, leads to shockwaves across the world. Britannia finds itself with renewed opposition in E.U and Chinese territories as the fact they are not unstoppable becomes known.
  10. I personally see this story as having the potential for a more...romantic Lelouch (do to having more and closer interactions with Milly, C.C, Shirley, and later Kallen at the least), so if you want to pair him up that is not a problem (In any number you want). Due note the concept of Rivalia replacing Rivalz though. In exchange, however, have him struggle with connecting the common Eleven rebel, which in part is why he takes Kallen in as the Knight of Red to try and remedy this. Suzaku and Euphie is a must of course
  11. Your call as to what powers other imperials, like Charles, V.V, Odysseus and Guinevere have. Note that unless you want to have inbreeding, which could fit in this setting, Marianne did not have powers. Perhaps she can be a good person this time around, or turn out not to and mentally scar Lelouch. Again, your call
  12. Be free to try and do some different takes on canon characters as you think might fit. Marianne's common born status causing a grounding effect on the Imperials she was exposed to (Lelouch, Nunnally, Euphie, Cornelia, vaguely Clovis). Cornelia coming off as more of a parent than Charles was for Lelouch and Nunnally, with Nunnally possibly slipping a two mommies comment and Lelouch wondering if she killed his mother after a failed attempt to do something sexual or romantic with her, have Lelouch feel that the siblings he knew are dead do to how Past Clovis would never experiment on people for example, etc etc etc
  13. All else is up to you. Want Rolo to show up? Want Jeremiah to work for Lelouch or Cornelia for a change? Want Nina to be attracted to Lelouch, or Milly, or Euphie, or even Suzaku? It's all your call

Enjoy this concept about terrorism.

Challenge 69: Kalos Ash Masterquest

Following his travels through Unova, Ash prepares to go to the new land of Kalos to discover the Pokemon the regions holds in store. After having experimented with rotating his Pokemon in Unova, and having gotten advice from Scott and the Frontier Brains, Ash has decided to meet Rotation and singular teaming in the middle: Ash will travel with both old and new Pokemon, but he will focus on the new Pokemon and use the old Pokemon as aides to teaching the new ones.

Arriving in Kalos with Pikachu along with two other Pokemon, Ash prepares to challenge the first Gym he can. However, his lack of Kalos badges leads to him being thrown out, meeting a brother and sister named Clemont and Bonnie and with that the adventure begins once more.

1: The basic story of the short above is required basis material. You can change a few things, but the core must remain. You can add or change Frontier battles, for instance, but Pidgeot remains as explained in the oneshot.

2: You can use any of Ash's old Pokemon, but you must put priority on the not overpowered ones. If you want to use Charizard or other Mega-capable mons, wait for Korrina at the earliest.

3: Ash's age is your call, and by extension Serena's.

4: Part of what I was thinking of here was some complaints that XY Ash is a Canon Sue a la Kirito. So, what I wouldn't mind seeing is someone do what the Sword Art Fic Prince of Swords did with Kirito: Basically run with the idea to the end. I want to see someone take what makes XY Ash get called a 'Canon Sue', and run with it like Crazy Awesome in Gurren Laggan.

5: Capture all Canon Kalos mons, though releasing is your call. Movesets can be changed as well, size limits are your call. Use OC mons sparingly. Gym league rosters are your call for both Leader and Ash.

6: Amourshipping levels are your call.

7: Try and retain some of the Filler episode plots, but be free to add your own. But don't overuse Team Flare.

8: Be free to experiment with interesting directions, but do not have Ash turn evil, get betrayed, or anything of that nature.

Let's see how this take on the Best Pokemon season, and quite possibly the last one, goes, shall we?

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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A Veil of Passion by Phen0m20 reviews
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Sekirei - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 42 - Words: 262,887 - Reviews: 549 - Favs: 866 - Follows: 911 - Updated: 11/8 - Published: 12/19/2012 - Minato S., Chiho H., No. 10/Uzume
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Crossover - Avengers & My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 59 - Words: 679,452 - Reviews: 5105 - Favs: 8,146 - Follows: 8,747 - Updated: 10/29 - Published: 1/24/2019 - Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Izuku M., Momo Y., Pony T.
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Fantasy/Romance - Chapters: 42 - Words: 152,940 - Reviews: 1244 - Favs: 2,881 - Follows: 3,056 - Updated: 9/1 - Published: 11/5/2011 - [Naruto U., Sakura H., Hinata H.]
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Crossover - Code Geass & Persona Series - Rated: M - English - Supernatural/Crime - Chapters: 78 - Words: 625,387 - Reviews: 742 - Favs: 1,085 - Follows: 1,130 - Updated: 8/13 - Published: 8/6/2018 - Lelouch L., Kallen S., Shirley F., Leila M.
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Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 6,446 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 60 - Follows: 27 - Published: 2/14/2022 - [Ash K./Satoshi, Bea/Saito] Melony - Complete
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Code Geass - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 29 - Words: 200,601 - Reviews: 222 - Favs: 954 - Follows: 1,007 - Updated: 8/3/2021 - Published: 9/7/2019 - [Lelouch L., C.C., Kallen S.] Suzaku K.
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 174 - Words: 155,154 - Reviews: 965 - Favs: 892 - Follows: 674 - Updated: 3/28/2021 - Published: 2/1/2013 - Naruto U.
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Pokémon - Rated: K+ - English - Friendship/Adventure - Chapters: 14 - Words: 82,714 - Reviews: 248 - Favs: 409 - Follows: 332 - Updated: 4/22/2019 - Published: 8/11/2016 - Ash K./Satoshi, Prof. Samuel O./Prof. Yukinari O., Tracey S./Kenji, Bulbasaur/Fushigidane
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It all started when a quirkless child gains the power to live his dreams from a chance encounter he never could have expected. However where one found the secret from the greatest hero on Earth, another got it from beyond the stars themselves. With the power to be a superhero for 10 minutes, Izuku Midoriya attends U.A to become a hero, and possibly figure out what his watch is.
Crossover - Ben 10 & My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 3 - Words: 20,666 - Reviews: 45 - Favs: 189 - Follows: 205 - Updated: 8/19/2019 - Published: 6/1/2019 - Izuku M.
To be a Bug Catcher is My (new) Destiny reviews
We've all seen fanfics tackle episode 4, but spacebattles presents a different take on it. When an armed man blocks your path in a forest, sometimes you battle him with cocoons. Other times you battle him with skills, and today is one of those days. In a race of both quantity and quality, what will Ash discover about himself. AU of the animeverse, characters still quite incharacter
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 7,642 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 65 - Follows: 27 - Published: 4/13/2019 - Ash K./Satoshi, Pikachu, Celebi - Complete
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As Red finds himself on the last island on his journey, he finds himself reflecting on how things have changed for him. He also finds himself in a reflection of reality that is home to a very different sort of Pokemon than he is used to: The Unown. You will likely be confused if you are not a Reset Bloodlines reader. Partial Halloween special.
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 7,200 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 40 - Follows: 9 - Published: 10/31/2018 - Red, Yellow, Unown/Unknown, OC - Complete
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A theoretical chapter in an idea that is fully adoptable. As an eleven year old Ash Ketchum increases his strength by stealing from thieves, the ghosts of his past haunt his present, and cast interesting questions about his future in a world ridden with problems. A spacebattles production aimed at actually making ffnet trends tolerable and interesting.
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,202 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 32 - Follows: 11 - Published: 9/7/2018 - Ash K./Satoshi, Pikachu, Sandile/Meguroco, Rowlet/Mokuroh - Complete
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Knowledge of Reset Bloodlines canon most likely required to make sense of the plot. As built up across several previous entries, the Lono Twins's grand trial with Hala is about to begin. With both readying themselves, they and many others can't help but think of the future. A colab write with Viroro-Kun.
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 30,650 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 33 - Follows: 9 - Published: 5/27/2018 - OC, Gladion/Gladio, Lana/Suiren, Sophocles/Māmane - Complete
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My first Multi chapter Reset Bloodline Side Story. Drake of the Orange Islands, upon realizing that he needs to change his approach to continue on his undefeated streak, travels abroad to Kalos to find a new factor for his battles. However he finds more than he bargains for. Ability to enjoy without other Reset knowledge is probably a thing.
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 3 - Words: 22,711 - Reviews: 19 - Favs: 39 - Follows: 20 - Updated: 5/10/2018 - Published: 1/25/2018 - Dragonite/Kairyu, OC, Gurkinn/Concombre, Drake
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As I struggle to find a way into writing in the Riordanverse, the ideas and opening chapter ideas I write up will be posted here. Fully adoptable by others, these tales are based on what I'd like to see in Percy Jackson fics as pantheons clash, ideals are examined, and heroes do things other than be betrayed, go to high school, and fall into Tartarus.
Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 3 - Words: 11,654 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 26 - Follows: 13 - Updated: 5/1/2018 - Published: 3/24/2018 - Percy J.
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Based on the 'That Boy is Trouble' story in Harry Potter fanfiction with the author's permission. Ash Ketchum returns to Pallet Town for an unusual period of time, and finds himself popular with the unrelated woman of Pallet Town. Really popular. A completely non-serious Ash x Harem/Multi oneshot fanfic. Despite the title however, Team Rocket does not appear. Read and review.
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Sequel to Shudo cross Modern Ash: The Professor who Observes his Charges. Ash Ketchum is days away from the league, but unbeknownst to him a league leadership shake up is changing the experience for the negative. Meanwhile he begins to learn things about the world and his revival he could have lived without. M20 tied canon Ash with main canon broad strokes.
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 10,448 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 53 - Follows: 34 - Published: 3/31/2018 - [Ash K./Satoshi, Verity] Delia K./Hanako
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Similar themes with previous Shudo Cross Modern Ash story, but not the same continuity. With his Grandson having returned and Pallet's other successful training soon to come, the Professor notes how both sixteen year olds have grown in their year away. M20 inspired Ash with mainline canon elements. Premise Adoptable. Alternate Universe.
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Family/Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 8,523 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 63 - Follows: 23 - Published: 2/17/2018 - [Ash K./Satoshi, Verity] Gary O./Shigeru, Prof. Samuel O./Prof. Yukinari O. - Complete
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Or, how to do everything a betrayal fics wants to do without writing stupidity, and achieving much more. As Ash gives an abandoned Tepig what the poor thing needs, the veteran trainer reflects on his travels and how just how much this cruelty is a pattern. And Ash grows weary of the world that creates it. Premise adoptable. A hard T, will shift to M if highly requested.
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 6,701 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 142 - Follows: 77 - Published: 1/16/2018 - Ash K./Satoshi, Pikachu, Tepig/Pokabu, N H./Natural H. G. - Complete
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A story set in the Resetverse: Red arrives in One Island in pursuit of a mysterious girl named Naty who holds the key to his further increase in strength with mega evolution. However looking around One Island may reveal that he has more to prepare for it than simply finding the girl's secret hideaway. Resetverse context is helpful.
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Loud House - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 8,421 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 21 - Follows: 15 - Published: 12/21/2017 - Lincoln L., Lisa L., Luna L., Lynn L.
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Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 13,412 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 43 - Follows: 15 - Published: 10/22/2017 - Clair/Ibuki, Dragonair/Hakuryu, Drayden/Shaga, OC - Complete
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The home of any and all drabbles, oneshots, shorts, and similar bit of Loud House fanfiction of mine. Despite my name there will probably not be major crossovers in it for pairings or otherwise. There will be alternate universes, fixes to parts of the canon I dislike, some pot shots at bad fanon trends, some reality, and Loud Sibling interactions.
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Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Humor/Family - Chapters: 1 - Words: 13,404 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 36 - Follows: 12 - Published: 8/10/2017 - OC, Wicke, Lusamine, Aether Foundation
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Or, When I get ideas from the Pokemon W.M.G pages. NOT part of Reset Bloodlines. Semi-crack one shot. What if the reason Ash occasionally seems to reset his mind is the reason that he literally is a new person everytime he goes to a region. Or to put it simply: Send in the Clones!
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