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Turning The World UpSide Down Quotes.

"Brook-san, asking for you panties again? He don't know when to quit." - Rin

"Wouldn't I be considered one of those idiots, as well?" - Rin

"They plan on executing me, how pleasant." - Rin

"My master used to smile in the face of death, so why would I be any different?" - Rin

"Strong people shouldn't do such stupid things." - Ryoko

"You know I'm not your mom, right? Quit whining," - Ryoko

"Either you show me where it is or I'll search for it myself." - Rin

"That's suicide, but I guess you are on the suicidal side." - Ryoko

"Hey guys, look at this guy. I'll take care of him, watch this. I bet he will run away! Are you stupid kid? This is a battlefield! This is were men fight to the death for the sins in life! Now why don't you and your little rebel girlfriend there leave so I don't have to kill you right now." - Big Mouth ex Solider.

"Why would I do such a thing?" - Rin

"That's that." - Rin

"Dude, did see what he did to Maiku?" - Ex Solider

"Rin L. Lowser at your service. To whom I own the displeasure to?" - Rin

"I suggest you take me serious or this blade will be the last thing you see." - Rin

"This is Ginsuzume and Akasukikyo. They will be more than happy to put anyone of you idiots back into your place if you dare try to interrupt this battle." - Ryoko

"And become a muscle head like you? I don't think so." - Ryoko

"You could always eat the floor boards." - Ryoko

"I don't think Franky-san will like that." - Rin

'I don't understand him, one minute he is calm and cool; the next he smell food and becomes a idiot.' - Ryoko

"Get those freaks away from me!" - Eiko

'Great just what I need! A mean woman and a silent one.' - Rin

"No, we just stay here and make small talk." - Ryoko

"Your name begin with a 'R' like mine." - Rin

"So this is how you plan to break the silent? I'm impressed." - Ryoko

"Aw, I'm so sorry. Would you feel better if I ran around cheering 'Go! Rin, go! Go! Go!' ?- Ryoko

"I want her to join our crew...We'll just have to loosen her up a bit." Rin

"Kidnap her? You have to be kidding me! That's your master plan?" - Ryoko

"And a lion would love to swim in the sea, correct?" - Ryoko

'I hate weak people.' - Ryoko

"What in the new world are you talking about?" - New World Pirate

'Damn you Sanji-san...I was hoping he didn't rub off on me.' - Rin

"Duh, I'm a hammer, remember?" - Rin

"Why are they always blaming me for stuff I ain't do? I'm 'bout to start doing stuff, I swear!" - Rin

"Well, you're a Pirate, what did you expect?" - Ryoko

"Go check it out, Dart-board." - Zoro

"I'm the captain. Although my word is law to my crew, I do not want them to be mindless zombies who only follow my demands. I want my crew mates to be my family and friends, so I'm happy that you would put your opinion out there." - Rin

"I would love to chat, but I believe it is time for us to go." - Rin

"Well, that was...exciting?" - Rin

"Not the right word, genius." - Ryoko

"What else do we do in a moment like this? Collect flowers? "- Ryoko

"Although that would be thrilling, I'd rather we get to business. Let's collect information and go flower hunting later." - Rin

"You're the captain! You're supposed to protect your crew!" - Eiko

"Aw, shut up and run!" - Eiko

"Take it like a man," - Ryoko

"I'm Milo the Legion. Now suck it, bi-" - Milo

"If you finish that I'll rip your throat out your neck," - Ryoko

'I think I'm starting to like older woman.' - Milo

"Guys, I think Milo is broken again!" - Eiko

Conan was taking a stroll though the park with his child: Nelu who was calmly licking her ice cream with a huge smile. "Slow down, you'll get brain freeze." He warn the child, grinning when he heard her growl from pain. "Guess I was too laid, you shouldn't be eating sweets in the morning anyway." He pointed out, wondering why he brought her it anyway. 'Oh yeah...the puppy dog face...damn it!" He scold himself for getting caught by the same trick once again.

Nelu was too busy messaging her head to notice her dad's inner battle. "Daddy you jinx me!" She exclaimed, cocking her small leg back and kicking at his shin. Conan gasp in pain and glared at her, rubbing his sore shin. The scent of fresh cut grass filling his nostrils. Nelu stick her tongue out at him in the same manner her mother would had done and ran off, all Conan could see was her purple hair swinging side to side.

"Nelu wait for daddy!" The green head shouted, hearing her giggle at him. Conan stood up after he recovered from the blow to his now sore shin. His blue eyes staring at the small girl down the field, he notice her attention wasn't on him, but on something out of his line of vision. "Wonder what she found...must be something interesting to stop her." He thought while walking toward her, covering distances slowly.

"Hey Daddy look!" She exclaimed, "A Bonny lady!" She yelled while turning her attention to the girl in front of her. She looked up at her after hearing her yell, she didn't see the cute little girl as a threat or she was just too tired to run. Nelu stared at her with her bright blue eyes full with innocents. She lean forward offering the girl her ice cream with a smile, being just as kind-hearted as her father.

The girl reach out with her small hand, shaking from the affect it took to do such a simple action. She took it out of Nelu hands and licked it, the sweet taste filling her dry mouth. She coughed, her throat dry and the sweet making it worse. Nelu stared at her, worry filling her huge bright eyes before reaching into her small bag. "Water?" Nelu asked with smile, handing her a bottle of water. In seconds the liquid was gone,Nelu stared in amazement. "Awesome!" She exclaimed, in the same form her father would had done.

Conan just arrive after Nelu's out burst. He stared at the small girl with auburn hair, her body covered in dirt and her clothes torn. Conan looked at her small fame and her small limbs, her arms much smaller then they should had been. "Nelu...give me your lunch." He told her,Nelu start to complain right away. "I'll make you your favorite when we go home if you do." Nelu did a mood swing and handed him the lunch box with the biggest smile ever. Conan thought it was completely adorable. He laughed lowly to himself.

After she handed him the lunch box, he kneel down in front of the girl. The wonderful Oder from the food filling the girl's nostrils, Conan placed it into her small hands along with a fork. She was started by his actions, but didn't run off after hearing his smoothing voice. "You could have it, make sure you eat it all though." He smiled softly at her and watch her eat the food. Her expression adorable and her brown eyes wide from the taste.

After she was done with the food she had much more energy then every and Nelu played with her for a while. "Nelu we have to go!" Conan called after 2 hours of playing with the girl, Nelu pouted, but start to say goodbye while walking over to her father. Conan noticed the small girls said expression and walked over to her, staring into her eyes for a moment. "If you come here again tomorrow, everyday in the morning then I'll bring you food and clothes okay?" He smiled at her, the little girl was fill with happiness after hearing this. She cling to his leg, hugging it.

"Thank you." Her voice was small, but he could tell how thankful. "I'll be here tomorrow I promise..."

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Detective Conan/Case Closed - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 12 - Words: 15,229 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 24 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 5/2/2010 - Published: 3/4/2010 - M. Satou, Shinichi K./Conan E. - Complete
No More Shinichi reviews
What if Ran fall in love with Conan and tell him that she don't love Shinichi anymore? Let's find out! Sorry about some grammar mistakes
Detective Conan/Case Closed - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 6 - Words: 7,290 - Reviews: 21 - Favs: 36 - Follows: 9 - Updated: 2/16/2010 - Published: 2/10/2010 - Shinichi K./Conan E., Ran M. - Complete