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Author has written 3 stories for Naruto, Harry Potter, and One Piece.

Well, I’m updating my profile again. About time I guess.

First things first…well I’m known here as fatalforce which by the way is one of my favourite words.

I have now written all the descriptions of Naruto's Mangekyo techniques in the bottom of this page. Enjoy!!

Onto my stories-

1. The Changed Destiny: The Legend of Naruto: Well, this story is abandoned due to lack of motivation and I couldn’t keep up with the changes that Kishimoto made. I’m too lazy to turn around the story to stay true to the canon.

There is a bingo book posted at the last chapter of the story and so, if anyone wants, he can take on where I left off and start anew. This is a bit of headstart anyway. But, you’ll not take my Naruto into your stories…I’ll not give you permission for that. if you wanna take on that, create your own Naruto. And one more thing, do not use my invented techniques in your fics.

2. The Red Phoenix Arises Again: This story takes place in the Harry Potter universe. Naruto was summoned to that world to help Harry Potter in defeating the Dark Lord Voldemort.

Well, I’m facing some hiccups in this story right at the moment and so, it will take some time to update the next chapter. But, don’t lose hope friends; I’ll update it, no matter what, even if it will take a very long time.

3. A God’s Journey Across the Sea: Well, this story is the one I’ve got the highest response from the readers. So, thanks friends. Well, this story takes place right after the journey to Harry Potter world. He was accidentally transported to the One Piece world. Seeing no way out, he was forced to participate in that world too.

Well, I’m almost finished the fourth chapter of this story. But I’ll not update it right now. Because I’m slightly busy in making my company legal. These are very tiring works and I’m finding it harder to write my stories.

Well, the above mentioned stories are already posted….I’m thinking of making another story, but I’ll not update it anytime soon. After that there are other projects I’m thinking.

Well, after One Piece world, I’ll take him into the Fairy Tail world and right after that he will venture into Bleach world. After Bleach, I have not thought of anything at the moment.

Now, from now on I’ll talking about my created Naruto…so bear in mind that I’m not talking about the canon Naruto.

Naruto’s power scale calculation-

Do you people wander about the strength my Naruto posses? Well, I’m about to answer that question…

But before calculating power scale, I’ll describe what happened to him.

Let’s start…

Well, I’ve told you guys before, Naruto have travelled back in time right? But that is slightly wrong. Time travel to the past in impossible due to paradox theory….but there is a loophole in that theory. Time flows like river, let’s say if I throw a pebble in the river, then ripples will occur in the surface and the river will split in half. So one half will continue to go forward in the same direction and another half will go another. So, time is also like that. Due to Naruto’s presence in the ripple of time, it went in a different direction and it created an alternate universe way different from the previous one.

But, Naruto wasn’t alone in the journey. Due to an unfortunate accident, along with him, Madara, Obito and the imperfect Juubi also went to that universe. But, in that universe, there was another Juubi waiting to be revived. So, getting an opportunity, Madara and Obito captured the jinchuurikis and tried to revive another Juubi; but this time in complete form. This time Naruto also fell prey to Madara’s jutsu...Limbo. The five shinobi village formed alliance to repel the threat but it was too much for them. Chiyo revived Naruto. So, when the Juubi got revived in complete form, the Shinju flower bloomed and the chakra fruit emerged. Getting an opportunity, Naruto ate the fruit and gained the power of Ootsutsuki Kaguya, Rikudo’s mother.

With that power, Naruto defeated Madara. But when the two Juubis were revived they started to resonate with one another and ultimately they merged making another Juubi. But Juubi’s power didn’t doubled, its power increased in exponential rate. So, getting no choice, Naruto sealed the new entity inside himself thereby saving the world. The Juubi in Naruto took the form of a Shinju tree with its lone eye watching into the heavens.

There was a surprising reaction to all that power Naruto had gained. I have told you that Itachi gave him some powers right? Itachi gave Naruto three things….

(i) The Kotoamatsukami- Mangekyo Sharingan of Uchiha Shisui which everyone already knows.

(ii) The Totsuka no Tsurugi- One of the Celestial swords along with Kusanagi no Tsurugi.

(iii) Itachi’s own DNA code- Itachi gave him his own DNA code so that Naruto may use it someday.

Everybody knows that Uzumaki clan was blood relative of Senju clan and hence Naruto gained both Senju and Uchiha power. Naruto already was the transmigrant of Ashura. Naruto also had power from Indra because Naruto had absorbed some of Sasuke's chakra in their clash. So, combined with the Senju, Uchiha, Ashura and Indra and the chakra fruit, Naruto’s whole body was modified. His eye’s mutated to Juubi’s eyes’ which has the power of the Dojutsus- Sharingan and Rinnegan. He also got Byakugan because he had also absorbed Kaguya herself when he sealed the Juubi. He can activate and deactivate his eyes. He could also activate the dojutsus separately. Like Sharingan, Mangekyo Sharingan, Rinnegan, Rinnesharingan, Byakugan, Tenseigan, and Rikudo Rinnegan (Sasuke's Rinnegan).

He could do jutsu from any element, can use any Kekkkei Genkai or Touta, Kekkei Mora techniques, can use Gudoudamas, Yin-Yang power, Dimension hoping, Banbutsu Sozo (Creation of all things), Susanoo, Amaterasu, A genjutsu stronger than Tsukuyomi, five different Mangekyo Sharingan techs, Kotoamatsukami because of Shisui's eye, Mokuton ninjutsu and many other techniques.

He literally became a god. Just like Kaguya, he had become immortal. Nothing can kill him, not decapitation and not even disintegration. But there is hiccup….people will question that because of his immortality, it’ll be too cruel for him that his loved ones will die while he’ll live forever. But, there is a solution for that. You’ve probably noticed that Rikudo has the power to interact with dead people from the pure world as he had summoned Naruto and co. into the home dimension using dead Kages. So, Naruto also have the ability to interact with people from the pure world. This way, he’ll always be in touch with his loved ones. Naruto will stop aging at the age of 21. So, he will never grow old.

And, I’m thinking of taking him on an adventure in the Bleach world anyways and so this ability might come in handy.

Now, let’s calculate Naruto’s power shall we…

Chakra Fruit (Kaguya’s power) 2 x Juubi (Exponentially increase in power) Rikudo Yin-Yang power (Rikudo Senjutsu) Any Bloodlines All Dojutsus Senjutsu Other powers = Naruto’s power

Wow, Naruto is overpowered. Well, I like overpowered characters anyways. He is even more powerful than the standards of DBZ world.

There is one thing I forgot to mention. The Shinju is made up of natural energy and so it will forever absorb energy from nature and it will continue to grow stronger. Because of that Naruto will also grow stronger and stronger.

I’ve observed keenly about the power scale of the Juubi. With my observation, I have reason to believe that the Juubi has the same power level of that of Majin Buu.

So, Naruto’s power level is even greater than that of Super Saiyan god. Even Hakaishin Beerus can’t do anything to him.

There is also one thing….Naruto has been travelling into different universes right? So, as I’ve previously told, the Shinju absorbs energy of nature and hence it is absorbing energy from the universes that Naruto has gone. Hence it is becoming stronger and stronger.

That is how much strong Naruto is. I admit I’ve made him very very overpowered. But that’s what I like to make him. Anything less than best is mediocre in my eyes and I don’t get satisfaction. He has already struggled through too much hardships and I don’t wanna increase his burden. That is why, I made him super strong as he doesn’t have to get frustrated over a strong enemy.

But even if he is very much overpowered, still he is nothing compared to a some overly overpowered characters like Superman One Million, Kami Tenchi or even the Living Tribunal. Naruto's power pales in comparison to the Gods of Marvel or DC verses-One Above All and the Source.

Taking that aside, so the story 'The Changed Destiny: The Legend of Naruto' ends with the adventure of Naruto into another world. At that time, the ninja world is finding a small amount of peace. But Naruto still have yet to fulfill his destiny and hence I’ve made him to take journeys to other worlds. To interact with other people so that he can find the ultimate answer to everlasting peace

Now I’m gonna discuss some random things that are popping in my head-

Some common misconceptions that some of the people in this site have-

i) Kage Bunshin no Jutsu: Some people think that the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu is a clone technique with limited amount of chakra and this misconception rose when we saw that the clones dispel just in one hit. But this is not the case; the Kage Bunshin is a Kinjutsu because it divides the user chakra in all the clones evenly. Means, if Naruto makes one clone, he and his clones get 50% of his original chakra. So, there you have it. That is why most people can’t use this jutsu because of the chakra divide equally and they don’t have enough chakra to divide.

There is another misconception regarding Kage Bunshin, which is the memory backlash to the original after the dispelling of the clones. Many authors have written that Naruto gets splitting headache after dispelling many of his clones. But I’ve not seen anywhere this effect in the manga and anime. So, why do the authors adopt that concept? I think they try to limit Naruto’s exposure to clones so that they can make his progress in reasonable level.

It is true that he gets the fatigue of the clones after dispelling them, but he doesn’t get the memory backlash after dispelling large amount of clones. That is a misconception many of the authors have. I’ve seen too many new authors adopting this misconception without thinking.

ii) Mob Beating: This is one of the most common misconceptions many authors have. Why do you want Naruto to get beaten so much? Sure, people hated Naruto due to him being Kyuubi Jinchuuriki, but that does not mean that they beat him regularly. It’s not possible. People are not so stupid to believe that the Bijuu will not retaliate if they beat him. If they really thought of Naruto as Kyuubi as human form, they will not beat him as angering the Kyuubi might be disastrous for them.

No, Naruto wasn’t beaten in Konoha. Sure, he was alone and ignored most of the time, and he resorted to mischief in order to get attention, but his ignorance was limited to that. He was never in any life and death situation until he became Genin. If he did, he wouldn’t have frozen in shock after the attack by the Demon Brothers in the mission to Nami no Kuni. No, he had never seen any life and death scenario before that. Sasuke was different because he had already got experience in such life and death situation as Itachi had showed him the Uchina massacre through Tsukuyomi. So, he didn’t freeze and thought quickly to attack the enemy.

iii) Shiki Fuujin: There is a large misconception regarding the seal of Shiki Fuujin. Yes, well Shiki Fuujin is a forbidden sealing jutsu invented by Uzumaki clan in which the user summons the ethereal figure of the Shinigami (Death God) in order to seal the enemy away. But, many authors have created a misconception about the seal on Naruto’s stomach and the seal from Shiki Fuujin.

No, Naruto’s seal was never made through Shiki Fuujin. Minato didn’t use the forbidden sealing technique to seal the Kyuubi into baby Naruto. He used the jutsu to seal half of the power of Kyuubi in the Shinigami’s stomach to weaken the Bijuu. Then, he used the sealing jutsu Hakke Fuin to seal away the Yang half of Kyuubi into Naruto.

He knew that a full powered Kyuubi is nearly impossible to control by any jinchuuriki and he also knew that a Bijuu inside a jinchuuriki can’t be controlled by outside source. Unless the seal is weakened, there is no way anyone will be able to take control of the Kyuubi and even summon it. That is why; Minato sealed the Kyuubi in half power inside Naruto so that Naruto will be able to control the Bijuu when the time came.

Minato even sealed his and Kushina’s chakra inside Naruto so that they can help Naruto when he tries to control the Bijuu. If Kushina were to reseal the Kyuubi inside her, she will most certainly die as extraction of Bijuu is death sentence. The Kyuubi will be reborn after few years and so the masked man will again take control of it. So, Minato needed a person to seal away the Kyuubi.

He chose his son, as he has his utmost trust in his son and his son also contains the Uzumaki heritage. So, due to his Uzumaki vitality and chakra, Naruto would be perfect to control the Kyuubi at some point.

So, Minato used Hakke Fuin to seal away the Yang Kyuubi and used a Shishou Fuin to re-enforce the seal. The Shishou Fuin allows a small amount of Kyuubi chakra to leak out and mix with Naruto’s own chakra so that Naruto gets used to handling the Kyuubi chakra. But there was a downside to it; it made Naruto’s chakra control poor. That is why; Naruto could not do Rasengan with one hand. He always needed a clone for the shape manipulation (Keitai Henka). But, the benefit far outweighed the downside and so, Naruto became a perfect Jinhuuriki allowing him to control the Kyuubi chakra for the first time. The previous hosts before him were unable to do what he had done.

The Shishou Fuin also made possible for Naruto’s huge chakra reserves. Due to massive leakage of Kyuubi chakra into Naruto, Naruto’s reserves became phenomenal. And that also made it possible for him to use Kage Bunshin no Jutsu to its fullest potential. And that also made it possible for Naruto to control such massive amount of chakra that even Hashirama could not help praise his control of chakra. Sasuke even got jealous of Naruto.

Whenever in the manga , Jiraiya and Kakashi discussed about the weakening of Naruto’s seal, it was never the Hakke Fuin. The Shishou Fuin weakened day by day. Hakke Fuin was a tight seal which never weakens. Only way it could be opened is with a key which was given to Gerotora by Minato and Gerotora stored himself inside Jiraiya.

iv) Child Jinchuuriki: There are huge misconceptions regarding these. Many authors have tried to justify about why a child was picked for jinchuuriki. Many had talked nonsense like- a baby’s chakra coil is undeveloped and it gives the opportunity to adjust to Bijuu chakra. But, it is just that, a nonsense. There is no way it is possible. There is no mention of such things in anywhere in manga. Minato simply picked Naruto because he knew of Naruto’s vitality and he trusted Naruto to control the Kyuubi one day. Gaara was picked to become Shukaku Jinchuuriki because Chiyo didn’t know any other method to seal the Shukaku besides sealing inside the child in mother’s womb. Other than these two, other jinchuurikis were pretty much grown when they were picked to be jinchuurikis. Mito was a grown up when she sealed Kyuubi inside her. Kushina was already teenager when Kyuubi was sealed inside her. Killer Bee was also picked when he just made teenage years. So, there is no way the concept of only child can become jinchuuriki is valid.

v) Kushina: Why the heck some ignorant authors write her nickname as ‘Red Death’ of Konoha? What the fuck? Do you ignorant people don’t read the manga or what? Where the heck even this nickname came from?

Get through your thick skulls you ignorant bastards, Kushina was never nicknamed as Red Death, she was named as ‘Akai Chishio no Habanero’ (Red Hot-Blooded Habanero) due to her fiery red hair and impulsive personality.

And where the hell does you people even came up with the idea that she was a kenjutsu master? This is ridiculous. She was never a kenjutsu master and there is no mention of that in the manga. She was a jinchuuriki people and her loud and brash personality will never let her use a sword. Her ninjutsu was like Naruto's right? So, she was a heavy hitter and she fought on frontlines with flashy jutsus. Although as Shinobi, she I think could handle a blade if necessary just like Naruto did in Boruto Movie. But handling and mastering is two different things.

Some people even have the gall to make her an ANBU, which is ridiculous. Just as I said, she was a heavy hitter and so subtlety is not one of her strong suits. So, ANBU is one of the worst mistakes she could ever do.

Some people try to liken Naruto’s ramen addiction to Kushina which is not true. Kushina was never a ramen addict like Naruto. Just because Naruto inherited her verbal tic, that doesn’t mean he will inherit every habit of hers'. Kushina had said to Naruto in her dying breath to eat healthy foods, to eat vegetables. So, the woman who gave such valuable advice wasn’t a ramen addict. No matter what they try to justify, I’ll never accept this fact.

Why the hell people use the word ‘Sochi’ when Kushina calls Naruto? Kushina never used that word in her life. She had always used word ‘Naruto’ and ‘Musuko’ to define Naruto. Never ‘Sochi’…so get rid of this word people. It’s annoying.

vi) The Bijuu: There is a huge misconception regarding Bijuus. Why the hell some authors refer the Bijuus as demons? They even go far as to refer Kyuubi's chakra as Youki, which is one of the most ridiculous things I ever found.

The Bijuus are not demon or monsters. They are conscious beings made up of pure chakra. They are chakra constructs with their own personalities. Kyuubi chakra is not Youki, get through your thick skulls people. It’s chakra. It’s not even demonic chakra. It’s pure chakra. Only thing different about it is that, this chakra has Kyuubi’s will. Just like Gaara’s sand contains the will of his mother, Kyuubi chakra contains the will of the Kyuubi and this chakra was corrosive due Kyuubi’s large amount of hatred towards the human kind. But, when Naruto separated the chakra from his will, Naruto can use the chakra very effectively. This chakra even contains the life energy as it affects the Mokuton. This chakra even contains the power to sense the hatred of people. In a way, Kyuubi’s chakra is overflowing with natural energy. In fact all the Bijuus chakra is made of natural energy, only slightly different in potency and has different properties.

Youki or Youkai is a foreign concept in Naruto. It was never introduced in the manga and so it is a misconception of people to ever think of Bijuu chakra as Youki.

Other than the above mentioned topics, there are few misconceptions here and there but they are not worth mentioning….so, I’ll stop.

Well, guys..think of it and write a better story without having those misconceptions.

The Mangekyo techniques that I mentioned above are described here, it'll be a long read so, please bear with me-

1 Tsukuyomi – A Genjutsu that traps the victim in an ethereal world and controls time and matter. The user can do anything inside the world including time and matter. The user may decide to torture his victim brutally or even show his worst nightmares.

Naruto’s Tsukuyomi is different from Itachi’s one. Itachi’s Tsukuyomi can be broken with an individual with a strong force of will and even with another Mangekyo Sharingan. But Naruto’s Tsukuyomi is impossible to break even with a Mangekyo. In Itachi’s Tsukuyomi, the victim is trapped in the ethereal world of 72 hours, but in Naruto’s one, the victim will be trapped forever. Means, even if Naruto dispels his genjutsu, the victim will continue to experience the effects of Tsukuyomi. In that regard, this jutsu is like Izanami.

2. Amaterasu- This is a ninjutsu used by a Mangekyo Sharingan user. Most prominently Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Sasuke. In this jutsu, the user pinpoints a location with one of his eyes and conjures a pitch black fire capable of burning everything. The fire is said to be as hot as the sun and it can’t be extinguished until the target is in smouldering ash.

Uchiha Sasuke has mastered this fire to the point that he can control the shape and potency of this fire and he calls this his Enton (Blaze Release) element.

Naruto has mastered this fire to the level that he can conjure this fire just by thinking about it. Without using any Mangekyo, he can use this fire as a normal fire release. His most powerful fire technique is named-

Enton: Mekyaku Enjou (Blaze Release: Majestic Hellish Fire) – this Enton release technique is his most powerful fire release technique. At full power, this fire technique can consume an entire galaxy and turn it into ash.

3. Susanoo- This jutsu activates when an Uchiha is comfortable enough to use both of his Mangekyo Sharingan. When both eyes are activated, Susanoo takes form. This is a jutsu in which an ethereal chakra figure emerges around the user to protect him from any external attacks. The Susanoo activates from bones to muscles and at last it forms as an avatar. It can be used in both offensive and defensive purposes.

Uchiha Itachi, Uchiha Sasuke, Uchiha Shisui, Uchiha Madara were the prominent user of Susanoo. Every user has a different type of Susanoo.

Kansetai Susanoo (Perfect Susanoo) - The perfect Susanoo is the ultimate weapon of an Uchiha. It can be activated when an Uchiha gains the Eien no Mangekyo Sharingan (Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan). This Susanoo can also be activated by a normal Mangekyo Sharingan if the user can prolong his eyes or gets rid of the weakness of blindness; prominently gaining Senju Hashirama’s healing powers or Rikudo Chakra. This Susanoo is as big as a full grown Bijuu and is looked like a Samurai. Out of all the Uchihas, only Uchiha Madara and Uchiha Sasuke were capable of using Perfect Susanoo. Madara’s Susanoo is said to be destruction incarnate. One swing of its sword is capable of smashing all things in the universe. His Susanoo has two Katanas strapped on the waist. The user stands on a crystal like ornament on the forehead of the Susanoo. Madara was also capable of wrapping his Susanoo around the Kyuubi no Yoko as armour to fight Senju Hashirama.

Naruto is capable of using Perfect Susanoo. At the height of its power, Naruto’s Susanoo looks like Madara’s, only difference is that it is two times bigger than Madara’s and has Totsuka Blade as its sword along with Yata no Kagami (Yata Mirror) and nine giant Gudodamas (Truth Seeker Orbs) float around the back. It’s colour is crimson like Itachi’s. The eyes of the Susanoo are Rinnegan and it has nine Magatama rings around the neck. His Susanoo also has wings like Sasuke’s. So, his Susanoo can fly. Naruto’s Susanoo’s one single swing has enough power to slice a Jupiter like planet in half.

Yasaka no Magatama (Yasaka’s Magatama) - This is an offensive long range technique that can be fired from a Susanoo. Some comma like protrusions is created from the Susanoo which spins in incredible speed and are thrown towards an enemy. It can cause massive damage on contact. Except Uchiha Sasuke, all Uchihas having Susanoo is known to use this technique.

Naruto’s Yasaka no Magatama is capable to destroying mountains. At full power, one magatama has the power to destroy an entire earth like planet.

Chakra Arrow- This attack is a prominent attack of Uchiha Sasuke utilizing his Susanoo. He creates an ethereal arrow from his own chakra or even with black flames of Enton element and shoots it with pinpoint accuracy with the help of a bow of chakra. Naruto also has this capability. His chakra arrow is much more powerful. One arrow can shoot a hole on an earth like planet.

Indra’s Arrow- the most powerful attack of Uchiha Sasuke. He uses his Susanoo as the vessel to store all the Bijuus chakra and utilizes that enormous amount of chakra to create a lightning arrow and shoots that arrow with pinpoint accuracy. The jutsu has enough destructive power to destabilize the atmosphere of the planet. The atmosphere is surrounded with black clouds and lightning rains down on the ground around an entire supercontinent. The clash between this jutsu and Naruto’s jutsu completely annihilated the Valley of the End and its surrounding area. It even reached where Kakashi was at the place of the war and lighting rained down.

Naruto also can use this jutsu to create havoc. His arrow can annihilate an entire solar system.

Gudodama (Truth Seeking Balls)- Naruto can also utilize Gudodama in his perfect Susanoo form. Using the Balls as a medium, Naruto can launch Yasaka Magatama with the disastrous effects. Naruto can also shape the Balls into his Susanoo’s weapons- the Totsuka and Yata Mirror as well as other weapons.

Susanoo Chakra Cloak- Naruto condenses his Susanoo into a chakra cloak form armouring his body, thereby granting him even further immense strength, speed and defence as well as easier access to his Totsuka Blade (Susanoo Mode) and Yata Mirror. It requires a lot of chakra and concentration. Everything about Susanoo is condensed in a small form similar to Kurosaki Ichigo’s Bankai (From Bleach) as Naruto’s body merge with Susanoo giving him Susanoo flesh and bones making him look like a crimson warrior with Susanoo’s Jewel on his forehead and its secondary arms as wings. In this form, Naruto is almost as strong as his Rikudo Senjutsu Mode (Six Path Sage Mode).

Rinnesharingan Enhanced Susanoo – By using the power of his Rinnesharingan, he can further advance it where instead of looking like a skeletal armour; it appears more like Sasuke’s Bijuu Susanoo. Its power is immeasurable.

The following technique is the most devastating technique of this Susanoo mode.

Gekko (Moon Beam) – Clad in Susanoo, Naruto channels the chakra of all nine tailed beasts, his own lightning-natured chakra and natural energy, using his Susanoo as a vessel. Naruto then gathers a portion of a Tailed Beast’s chakra and moulds both positive black chakra and negative white chakra, shape it into a sphere, and then compress it. The remaining Tailed Beast’s chakra, natural energy and lightning-natured chakra cover the sphere, shaping it into an arrow and creating a longbow with a small portion. Despite this complex creation, Naruto can create the technique extremely fast. Once shot, the arrow travels at split-second, making it impossible to avoid by normal means. The technique’s power is unmatched; it can pierce and easily destroy Truth Seeking Orbs without losing any momentum before its devastating explosion.

4. Koto Amatsukami (Distinguished Heavenly God)- This technique is the prized technique of Uchiha Shisui. It took form in his eyes when he activated his Mangekyo. With this technique, he can control anyone without the victim ever knowing it. It is the ultimate genjutsu technique even more powerful than the Tsukuyomi. Only man ever to break this technique is Ao from Kirigakure (Hidden Mist Village) because of his implanted Byakugan.

The weakness of this technique is that the user can only use this technique once in ten years, unless he possesses the chakra of Senju Hashirama.

Naruto can use this technique and he doesn’t suffer the weakness. Although his Koto Amatsukami can be broken with a Byakugan and if the victim realizes it is being used on him. But unlike Shisui, Naruto can use this technique anytime he wants. His recharge time is at most 3 seconds.

5. Kamimusubi (Divine Creator)- This jutsu has two effects. One effect of this jutsu lets Naruto to take control of people’s souls. The person won’t even know it and whatever decision they make will be in Naruto’s control. Whatever Naruto will suggest, they’ll do that without question.

The second effect is much more sinister. With this, he traps his victims in a world of darkness, crawling into their mind with dark, cruel nightmares to unlock deepest and darkest memories, and use these to birth them into a new illusionary world. This builds an entire world to break the mind of the trapped apart, to recall their own memories in a realistic way. Feeding them with lies and after the victims are broken minded and extract the necessary information he needs. This jutsu can’t be broken even by a Mangekyo. This is the jutsu that is stronger than Tsukuyomi.

6. Kamiumi (Creation of the Gods)- With this jutsu, he can reshape reality. With this jutsu, Naruto can enter the bulk of space which is the space between two spaces. With this he can manipulate time of any object or living being or even sentient objects, gravity and other extra dimensional stuff. He can throw his manipulation in the river of time and can alter history. Just like he entered his family name in the history of the Harry Potter world. In this jutsu, time can be represented as a physical dimension, able to manipulate to a certain degree, like speeding it up, squeezing it or even running it backwards to a certain extent.

This jutsu almost looks like Kamui (Authority of the Gods) when activated, but unlike Kamui, Naruto gradually disappears from the reality like vanishing. He can also take certain glimpse to the future, but can’t give a definitive prediction.

7. Amatsu Mikaboshi (August Star of Heavens)– This jutsu traps the victim in an ethereal world in which Naruto controls everything and it is unbreakable even by Mangekyo, one can’t break it. In this jutsu, Naruto creates a world just like the real world and the after a time, the victim will forget that he is even in a genjutsu and live in that world as if it is the real world. This jutsu’s effects are just like the Mugen Tsukuyomi (Infinite Tsukuyomi). The victim might feel this world more real than the real world itself and his mind will break. He will be trapped in that world and his real body will be in a coma. After three days of coma, the victim will experience his worst nightmare in the genjutsu world, and after that he will die a horrible death.

This jutsu is one of the nastiest jutsus Naruto has in his arsenals. He quite dislikes this jutsu.

8. Kannagara (Way of the Gods) - This jutsu lets him observe fate of every individual in his sight bar his own and fate no longer binds him. He can then manipulate every outcome of the victim’s future thereby controlling their actions. This jutsu is like Izanami but unlike Izanami, the victim doesn’t have to realize about themselves to break free.

9. Kamiyonanayo (Seven Generations of the Age of the Gods) – This is a ninjutsu technique from his Mangekyo. It is also one of his sinister jutsus. In this technique, Naruto cast his gaze upon any target in his line of sight and immediately creates a devastating explosion from inside out. He can destroy anything in his line of sight. People would blow from inside out and instantly turn to dust. He can make a star implode just by gazing.

This jutsu is so powerful that he could in theory make an artificial inflation in the fabric of space-time and create a baby universe. The implosion created in the curvature of space-time would annihilate the entire reality. Naruto prefers not to use this jutsu in battles. This is an instant kill technique.

There is an advice I wanna give-

Before writing any story, please try to research about the materials of the topic extensively and make a summary. This way, you’ll have no misconception regarding the story and the readers will also love it.

This is a picture of Naruto in the story A God's Journey Across the Sea. The art is done by me.

This is the picture of Uchiha Hinako, Naruto's girlfriend. Hope I was able to satisfy your curiosity...

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