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Hail, fellow FFers, and well met. Welcome to the hallowed halls of OhSoDeadly. Here you will find rest, food, drink and entertainment. LOL jks, just fanfiction. What else did you expect?

I'm from Australia, the city of Melbourne to be exact. Come for the culture, leave when the weather gets bad! It all started off with a Halo fic for me, and has since branched out in other, kickass directions. Mostly a video game fanfic-er, you'll notice, but I love all kinds of stuff! (How precise and not vague at all.)

If you read my stories, you're amazing. If you review them, you're golden! Any and all support is appreciated :)

Here are some quick summaries of what I've concocted thus far:

*DESPERATE MEASURES: Set during the aftermath of the Human-Covenant War and Halo 3, this fic details the shaky and unstable times that the races of the galaxy find themselves in after the war, particularly the humans and Sangheili. As a way of combating tensions and ineffectiveness, a squad of six elite marines is coupled with a Special Operations squad of Elites to form their own prototype strike team. Unsurprisingly, there are a great many expectations set upon them, and the fighting with the Covenant remnants is by no means over. Aditionally, tensions within the squad themselves are present, and an ancient, near-forgotten secret shakes itself loose from the dustbin of the Human-Covenant War history books... STATUS: Dead, sorry everyone. Halo 4 pretty much killed whatever plot I was making up and to be honest I was getting sick of this story.

*NO LONGER THEIR MAN: A Firefly fic, this chronicles the trials and tribulations of the Operative, now on the run from the Alliance and seeking a new destiny, along with a new name, identity and ambitions. He seeks merely to find decent, honest work, but the tensions following the Miranda broadwave have things unsettled, and old faces and old memories are there to trip him up along the way, as well as his own shattered soul and conscience. Does not contain any of the Serenity crew, only mentions. At a bit of a crossroads at the moment, but I've got a rough idea. STATUS: Mostly dead, slight chance for revival.

*AUDACITY: Details the incident involving Emile-A239 of Noble Team, during a routine op in Dramus City on the planet Esvorl IV, while pacifying a rioting city and Insurrectionist moles. This mission is what leads Emile to be considered a dangerous member of the team and even unfit for duty. And his teammate Jorge, a polar opposite to Emile, is there to witness it. STATUS: Same as above.

AND NOTHING ELSE: A short series of chapters that will chronicle the initial meeting and subsequent hatred of the Urdnot brothers, Wrex and Wreav. I was always interested in these two, so I decided to come up with my own reasons. STATUS: Slow but steady!

Aaaaand here are some one-shots I devised:

CANDYCANE OF MAINE: Christmas crack, based on an OTcrackP someone begged me to write. Enjoy, you perverts.

I WOULD HAVE DONE A FEW THINGS DIFFERENTLY: Just a quick one-shot that discusses the idea of Zoe being the captain of our beloved Serenity, rather than Mal. Hope the language/slang reads well!

THE FALL OF EMILE: A re-write of Emile's death on the mass driver platform, written from the perspective of the Zealot that killed him. Shows what happens immediately after said death, and this story emphasises just how badass our skull-faced squaddie really is. One-shot.

IN THE NAME OF PROGRESS:An angsty, non-action (just about) fic from the view of a captive Huragok in New Mombasa, after the Covenant have seized the city and the Rookie is on the case. For this, I tried to get inside the mind of a Huragok, and what others, not including Vergil who is a special case, would have made of the entire Covenant genocide/invasion/betrayal thingamajig. One-shot.

GRUNT: NOUN/VERB: Our favourite juvenile krogan is having trouble adjusting to life on the Normandy, particularly during those long, tedious intervals between missions. Thankfully, his trusty friend Garrus is there to help stave off boredom and even impart a little wisdom. Not terribly happy with this fanfic but I felt like ME-ing so I guess this is it.

AMALGAM: Saren wasn't always a cold-blooded, half-synthetic agent for the Reapers-he was a person once too, with emotional and personal ties. This fic is meant to emphasise his descent into darkness, and the severance of those ties. Rather proud of this one-I'd love it if it got more reviews, as usual.

A SELF-MADE MAN: A fairly-oversized fic chronicling the arrest, incarceration and eventual release of everyone's favourite ear-slicing, soda-drinking psychopath, Vic "Mr Blonde" Vega. I really tried to get inside the mind of Mr. Blonde here, but since there's not much to go on, I used artistic license for some of it. I'm a massive fan of RD so this fic is meant to represent that.

ALL YOUR REASONS: The backgrounds of the heroes from Borderlands 1 always seemed a little lacking to me, particularly Mordecai and Lilith. So I decided to write some in for them, as well as trying to build the transition between the games, which took a lot of the lackadaisical violence out when Handsome Jack arrived-not a bad thing! I could have ended it better, I suppose, but I'm tossing up whether or not to edit.

HOLDING BACK: York goes looking for Carolina and finds her digging away at records of CT, trying to find an answer to the question circling in her mind: why? I always thought CT was more competent than she appeared and E10 confirmed it. I also thought the gap between her death and the rest of the season was a bit rushed, hence this story. Plus, I can't resist a little Yorkalina :P

CULMINATE: A writing of the Empress Jessamine's death from her perspective. Very stream-of-consciousness, in keeping with the absolute frantic nature of it.

THE SEA DOES NOT DREAM OF YOU: Started off as describing the fate of Samuel after leaving Kingsparrow Island in a bloody High Chaos runthrough where Corvo makes Ted Bundy look like a cuddly bear, but now I think I'll do the same for every character. Latest installment featuring Callista!

CALLING THE OLD MAN OUT: Never did play AC3 myself, but I love the dynamic between Connor and Haytham. Here's yet another attempt at conversation that turns into Connor getting mad and Haytham getting snooty.

UNDERNEATH THE MASKS: How cool are the whalers in Dishonored? Badass superpowered assassins wearing masks. This is meant to be an account of each named Whaler and how they came to be part of Daud's band of merry men.

ROLLING ON A RIVER: I can't resist Daud, and it's even harder to resist Lizzy Stride. So here they both are, chatting away!

FULCRUM: I got a bit weird with this one. But I love how it turned out!

I'm also an author for the Red vs Blue Freelancer Collaboration, we recently finished up Phase One: Genesis and have begun Phase Two: Betrayal. It's a great bunch of very talented peeps so get around us and check it out! I write the ever-cheerful Agent Florida.

Hope you enjoy my works and peace out!

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