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Hi, well I am new to this whole Fanfiction thing, I've only started reading some and I actually started writing one. It's of two of my favorite animes, Outlaw Star and Cowboy Bebop, if you read I hope you enjoy it. When I finish that story I may write another one but I am a University student so it might be difficult. If I do write another one I will probably go more shojo, Hana-Kimi, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, and the like.

I do not like yaoi, yuri, or hentai so if you are hoping for anything like that you are in the wrong place. To be honest yaoi/yuri creeps me out, especially when they pair up characters like Light Yagami (a.k.a. douchebag, sorry for those of you like him), and L (a.k.a. AWESOMENESS), erlack! So if you like my stories tell others and maybe I can get my views up. More views might encourage me to write more stories ;)

I feel like I should edit the I hate yaoi comment, I will only read it if it is cute and NOT SEXUALLY EXPLICIT!!! That is why I have the KyoyaxKaoru pairing story Old Tangles New Knots under my favorites.

I'm a girl, I'm 25, and I LOVE video games, particularly Legend of Zelda and Kingdom Hearts. I like anime and manga (obviously) and well I really have no idea what else to say or how to go about this profile thing.

So here are some quizzes! (inspired by KingdomHeartsRox, who liked a KH fic I co-wrote).

What the members of Organization XIII think of me:

Xemnas: thinks your too quiet. "she keeps reading.." S'okay I don't like you either.
Xigbar: Wants you to get out and train sometime. "she's boring.." I'm a little hurt Xiggy. :(
Xaldin: Treats you like a little sister. "she looks cute when she's so calm.." Aww, thanks and I thought you were a douche.
Vexen: Thinks your cute. "I love her personality.." Well thank you Vexen, even if you do have crazy eyes.
Lexeaus: Likes the fact your a great painter but thinks your short. "she's such a great painter, even though she's short." Thanks Lexy but I'm not short, I'm the average height fo a woman.
Zexion: Likes how you love reading and painting. "she's just the girl I'm looking for." me: awww! :D Thanks so much Zexion, you cutie!
Saix: Thinks your nice but quiet. "she should stop reading for a while and do something else." Well, I'm a little offended, and you're my fav too.
Axel: Thinks your boring. "She has to get out and hang out more.." Fuck you too Axel.
Demyx: Likes how you like his music. "She thinks it's so soothing and pretty." I do love relaxing music like the piano or sitar ;)
Luxord: Thinks your good. "she beat me once at poker.. simply amazing.." Thank you, you ain't too bad yourself.
Marluxia: Loves the fact you're a nature person. "she loves flowers and likes sketching them on her sketch-pad." I do love nature and drawing too!
Larxene: She's weird. "too quiet.." I don't like you either bitch.
Roxas: Likes how you're really kind. "she has a huge heart.." Aww thank you Roxas! You are so sweet and cute to boot!

What Kingdom Hearts Characters think of me:

Your very energetic and adventurous. Sometimes calm but mostly loud and fun to around with. You're kind at heart. Your boyfriend is Riku. ( I think Demyx likes you a little bit though) You're bffs are Sora, Kairi, and Riku. But you're loved by everyone. You love to hear music. Now to what the characters think of you.

Kairi: We get along so well. She's the person I can always go to for everything. Umm, okay.
Namine: She's great. And she loves my drawings. Thanks Namine you're great too!
Yuffie: We love to go and look around together. ( she a let bettter then me wish make me feel bad.) Not quite sure what you're trying to say here.
Aerith: She really helps with everything and stuff like that. :) I love to help people.
Tifa: Fun and wild that's what I like about her. I don't know about wild but cool!
Fuu. Awesome. That means a lot coming from you.
Olette: She's awesome and nice. Olette you're a sweatheart.
Larxene: She's a little to nice for me, but if she were a little more evil we'd be best friends. Che, dream on bitch.
Sora: She's The best. Always looking out for everyone. :D Thanks, I try my best.
Riku: I love her so much, I'd die for her. The best thing that has ever happened to me. *Blush* Aww that is so sweet Riku! *Hug and kiss*
Roxas: She's cool. You too Roxas.
Leon: Ok I guess. What is that supposed to mean Squall???
Cloud: She's a little too nice, but ok too. Damn you, and Squall too.
Hayner: She gives me a lot of competition in struggle. (me: he likes you) No way! Hayner I'm taken.
Pence: Riku's lucky to have gotten to her first. Ooookay, Pence likes me too maybe I should avoid Twilight Town, sorry Olette.
Seifer: Hehe...whatever.*spies on you a lot* WTF!? Riku!!!!!
Zexion: Too nice, she needs to get a life. (Riku: back off.) :) Riku really looks out for me :D
Demyx: She's fun to hang with and all. Also she loves my music and sitar. I like her. Thanks Demyx, you may be dumb but you seem like a fun guy.
Axel: She's cool and fun. I also think she's cute. I think I need to be chained to Riku so he can protect me from all the guys on this list.

(1). Put your music player of choice on shuffle, and then write down the 30 songs that come up and at the end of each title add 'In My Pants'.
(2). Laugh hysterically.
(3). Pass it on.

1) Hard Candy in my pants (How did that get there?)

2) Devil’s food in my pants (Yum(?) Ew.)

3) Go in my pants

4) American Girls in my pants (No, please vacate my pants.)

5) Your Affection in my pants (Alrighty...)

6) Sweet Soul Sister in my pants (So sorry not into that.)

7) Wheels in my pants (Ouch)

8) War Machine in my pants (AC/DC?)

9) The kids in my pants (Great, I'm a pedophile)

10) Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in my pants (Rhett and Link FTW)

11) Dancing through Life in my pants

12) Don’t Wanna Know in my pants

13) Push in my pants (O.O Awkward turtle!)

14) What You Do in my pants (Alex Day FTW! He can do whatever he fucking wants in my pants. I'm such a perv!)

15) Hearts in my pants

16) Suffragette City in my pants

17) Boulevard of Broken Dreams in my pants (So sad...)

18) Mexico in my pants

19) Hitchin’ a Ride in my pants (All aboard?)

20) Border of Insanity in my pants

21) Walk All Over You in my pants

22) Holiday in my pants

23) A Song About a Person on a Train in my pants (Tom Milsom FTW! Hey he can do whatever he wants too! Just like Alex! ;D )

24) Don’t Look Back in my pants (Perverts, the lot of you)

25) Go Down in my pants (Well, ahem...)

26) Gotta Get Away in my pants

27) Mr. Jones in my pants (OH! Can this be Alfred F. Jones? ;D He is a Mr. Jones)

28) Long Day in my pants

29) Never Let You Go in my pants

30) One Angry Dwarf and 200 Hundred Solemn Faces in my pants (Wtf? O.O)

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