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Hello. For whatever reason or whim brought this on, I shall be known as The Shard of Flame Ice on Why such a name? Well, "Flame Ice" is actually an object that, to my knowledge, is only present in the game "Baten Kaitos Origins" (Don't own that, btw, just in case. New user, first time and all that.). The Ice is so cold, so resistant to heat, so powerful as a coolant of sorts, that it never melts. N-E-V-E-R. Not even in the desert. Which also makes it useful as a way to cross said dessert without dying due to the extreme heat. The reason it's called "Flame Ice" is because it's so cold it burns, like a real flame does to the flesh. Of course, there is a mine of such a wonder of nature, and the gigantic chunks of it are usually carried out in shards.

Anyway, after that impromptu mini-lesson on my pen name's pointless background, let's get some basics out of the way. I'm American. My country, I will not disclose. Let's just it's there more for the Nrth. Americans to take advantage of. Don't think too much of it.

Likes: In general, reading fanfiction, watching movies I find interesting, video games, watching anime every now and then, recently took up reading manga online, having a good time with friends, video games, this girl I like, peace and quiet (helps clear the mind), my family, a neat and organized desk, original, Japanese voices in anime I watch, my pets and did I mention video games? Love 'em to death.

Dislikes: In general, quite a few other students in my school, my older sister (a little...), family disputes, unnecessarily loud or annoying music (unless I find it good), people with a narrow view of the world or things in general, overly religious people, overly satanic people, cockroaches (little bastards just won't die), too much pink (don't have anything against pink, just big quantities of it), rash people, pushy or bossy people, most of the voices used for English versions of anime in general, and such things, in general. Oh, the many stereotypical Mary Sue and Gary Stue characters I often see in some fanfiction. Also, this site's Line Breaks. THOSE SUCK!

Favorite Anime/Manga Series:

1. Ranma 1/2: My absolute favorite. Any story with Ranma in it as a main character is win so long as the common rules of fanfiction and writting in general are not broken. A genius martial artist slash academically challenged young man with a sex changing curse, an unknown number of fiancées, rivals (fighters, and in their views, for love), a chronic case of "open wide and insert your foot" and an all-around chaos magnet? HELL YES!

2. Ruroni Kenshin: Over here, "here" being my country, it was known as "Samurai X", the "X" based on Kenshin's X-shaped scar on his left cheek. It is one of the few anime I have both watched 100 complete, and have fond memories of. Kenshin is awesome, plain and simple.

3. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion: Even if Lelouch was evil in general, you can't just deny his genius and hindsight. Awesome character overall. EDIT: Writting of it, and watching a few episodes to help guide myself, it's quickly becoming my favorite anime again, on par with Ranma 1/2.

4. Mahou Sensei Negima!: It's funny as hell, and Negi is a nice little 10 year-old boy genius English teacher of a 30+ classroom full of girls all older than him and almost all interested in him in some manner. He's a freakin mage. Some of his students are magically aware as well, and not all are human. Tell me how THAT is not a recipe for hilarity. EDIT:Problem is though, that as you start to see things from a different angle, you start to realize that Negi's had it easy, when it concerns his power. I don't care that his village was burned down and most of the villagers were petrified. He got too powerful, too fast. In other words, see Bleach down there. It's still funny though, so it stays in my favorites.

5. Otome Wa Boku Ni Koishiteru: A rather less-known series, the anime and manga both based off of a mature visual novel. The main character is Miyanokouji Mizuho. Technically, it's Kaburagi Mizuho. Mizuho is an androgynous boy who has to cross-dress in order to attend an all-girls school as per his late grandfather's will. While he is rather reluctant and constantly worries about getting found out, he complies with the will with the help of his childhood friend, Mikado Mariya. Of course, the moment he laid a foot into the school premises, every single girl in sight stared at him in wonder. School-wide popularity right from the get go, and I'm talking about the good kind. Quite the fortunate guy really.

Least favorite Anime/Manga Series:

- Dragon Ball: While it's most certainly so full of action you'd have to be, and excuse me for the term, mentally challengedin order to not see that, it's story development plain sucks. Because pretty much the entire series follows the same pattern, it gets real old, real fast. At the very least, minor references to it in some Ranma fanfiction I've seen allow him to devise or copy some of it's moves. Yes, I love that series that much.

- Naruto: Now, I know it's one of the biggest manga out there, I know it's one of the most popular series out there, and I've read enough fanfiction about it to see pretty much every possible characterization of every relevant character, and I don't give a flying fuck about that. To me, the whole thing sucks. I don't mind the games, but it's definitely one of my least favorite anime/manga series. I could probably list a number of reasons that to most would sound insane and would instead choose to say I'm just going against the popular opinion, but I just don't like it. And even so, my memory will not allow me to forget quite a bit about the series itself.

- Bleach: This one is not so bad. More like the middle. But Ichigo, too, got the Rudimentary Main Shonen Character Overpower Boost, as I like to call it. Oh sure, he losses every now and then, but those loses aren't very common, and he often comes up on top again anyway. I got bored of the anime after episode 40 something.

- Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: This is a bit of a special case. It's not necesarily something I hate or even dislike, and in fact I enjoy it's many crossovers, but the one thing that really irks me is that the main characters, excluding Setsuna, are so fucking naive it hurts. "Good and evil". Such things are the common conceptions of people who think the world is painted monochrome, to put in the words that an author once wrote. Nothing is truly 100 evil and nothing is truly 100 good. And Setsuna is a puppet master, and the Senshi are the willing puppets. Really, you'd get the impression she's given up.

Favorite Game/Game Series (In no order):

1. Tales Series: In particular, Tales of Symphonia. I have Phantasia (GBA version) and Symphonia: DOTNW (Wii). Both suck, for the most part, but Symphonia is a jewel in my opinion. Since I've sticked solely with Nintendo consoles, I haven't played Abyss or Vesperia and such, so I can't voice my full opinion on them. With any luck, we Americans won't get shafted with Graces. I'm rather eager to give team Eterna a try.

2. No More Heroes: Its got style, its got beam katanas, its got loads of fun and its got a shitload of blood. Shiny, crimson blood. Oh so beautiful blood. You get the freakin point. I just love the game! Now, don't take me for a bloodthirsty maniac, because it's also really good for releasing some pent-up aggression. I'm dying to buy the 2nd game. If only it would get released over here! I may have to order it from e-bay after all... EDIT: Fuck that! I've got it baby, and I'm tearing people apart left and right!

3. Shin Megami Tensei: I've only played the Devil Survivor entry for the DS, and I loved it. I did everything short of playing all of the 7th days' routes, and that includes beating the cheap Secret Boss. I've heard another SMT game is gonna be released for the DS again; I wouldn't mind giving it a go. This is one of the reasons "overly religious people" is up there on my dislikes. I get it, I'm going to hell because you people get worked up so easily over a piece of fiction! Real mature, man! EDIT: I forgot to write that, conversely, it's also the reason "overly satanic people" are in my dislikes, and it would be in yours too, when you learn about some random dude in the SMT:DS GameFAQS/Spot forum, who apparently turned to atheism after playing the game and asking somethings about the Bible. Honestly, I just don't know what to think of people anymore... Can't people just play a game for the sake of PLAYING?! Wathever happened to honest, innocent fun...? Ok, so a game with demons as a main part isn't exactly "innocent", but damn it, it's fun, and that's what matters!

4. Mario games, in general. Especially the Mario & Luigi Series. Not a whole lot I can say, considering the WIDE variety of shit Mario's pulled off in the past few decades, I wouldn't be surprised if he became the universal symbol of gaming in my country. OH WAIT, he already is, for the most part. Well shit. Seems people call "Nintendo" all things related to console gaming. EDIT: Thankfully, there also exist "enlightened" people.

5. Megaman series. Particularly the recent Star Force and ZX Advent entries. Again, not a whole lot to say. I just like the games. Simple as that.

6. Touhou Project: Newly added, and alredy, it is my favorite game series. No, seriously. It's a PC game series. It's Danmaku. If you don't know what that is, basically, it is your character sprite, who can shoot a simple wall of bullets, versus a ridiculous amount of firepower pitted all against you. Literally hundreds of bullets can occupy the screen at a time; obviously, they move much slower than real bullets, but make up for it with the sheer amount of them. Since the game is deceitful (really only the center of the sprite is where the hitbox is located; anywhere else in the sprite that qualifies as "not quite the center" means you Graze, which is what it sounds; graze bullets to earn bonus points.), you are also given a Focus mode (to concentrate fire and move slower, so as to make weaving through the bullets easier) and a Spell Card, or "Bomb", which varies with the character and its main purpose is to clear the screen of bullets and enemies; though some are ideal for dealing with bosses (a certain thing called "Master Spark" comes to mind.) Speaking of bossess, they're crazy. No, seriously; search for Touhou vids on YouTube and you'll understand. I can only play on Normal difficulty, with continues, and then you'd double the amount of bullets fo the Lunatic difficulty. Players who can do that thing are not you run-of-the-mill gamers. Though I'm proud to say I managed to perfectly do a couple of "Last Words" in Touhou 8 (Imperishable Night), even though my file screwed itself over T_T. EDIT: Proud to say I've gone a long way from whence I first wrote this paragraph; I've just managed to recently do my first 1cc (though it's Normal in the 6th game); 1cc is, btw, beating the main game with no continues used. Now I'm trying (keyword being trying) to beat the snot out of Flandre Scarlet. "And so shall the Maiden be forever lost to the Maze of Love...". Points for anyone who can figure out what that means; it's not that hard.

Btw, if anyone reading that last one gets tired of seeing my constant allusions to Touhou, well, sorry, but no can do people. It's like trying to break a druggie from his vice; its hard as fuck.

Looking Forward To:

- Getting No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, and going on an epic struggle for revenge, blood, cutting off heads, blood, severing people's limbs, killing in general, blood, noogie and did I mention the ever important blood? Oh I did? Good. EDIT: I got it! Completed in 2 days O.O. As a result of Ranking Fights being free, it's much shorter than the previous game. Short it may be, but fun as HELL!

- Getting a Graphics Table so I can make better of use of my Paint Tool SAI.

- Maybe getting a Capture Card, and a YouTube account while I'm at it.

- Perhaps, replicating "Last Decision" from Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor on th GH World Tour game my friend lent me.

- Maybe get a girlfriend.

A few random things about myself:

- I come from both American and Asian parents.

- I have black hair that has a faint gray sheen depending on how it's hit by light.

- I'm quite the "poker face" individual -- Indifferent expression ("Who cares" eyes and a straight line for a mouth).

- I'm not the most sociable person.

- I dislike it when people procrastinate important things, like decisively critical grades that could make or brake your average. Ironically, I, who worried the most of all had to do basically all the work when a bitch of a lazy companion got embarrassed of our work and ended up destroying it in a careless act of pure airheadedness.

- You may notice my slight reservations about cussing even though I have disabled (Edit: Enabled as of January 31st, 2010. Happy New Year!) my profanity filter. I like my cussing when I think it will get the damn point across regardless of what most other people will think of me. I was still raised to be well mannered though, and I take personal offense when someone says the contrary without first getting to know me properly. EDIT: Would you believe some of my family members fit in this category? Honestly...

- While not perfect at it, I try to be as much of a gentleman when it comes to women when I can. The exception is my sister.

- I like long hair when I consider girls, whether she be in real life or an anime/manga character.

- I adapt to and complete my games rather quickly, but far be it from me to call myself a true veteran, let alone a master. There are people who have been playing since the SNES days after all. Consequently, I must say that, among most of my friends (excepting my first and still best friend), I'm, for all intents and purposes, unbeatable unless I allow myself to be.

- English is not my first language; it's my second. My original language is Spanish. I truly learned English in 3rd grade, where everything in English suddenly became crystal clear to me. My knowledge of it only increased with time. While my accent is still noticeable when speaking it, I consider myself fully capable of understanding it... Except when I consider how much I dislike the native accent of most native English speakers, so don't actually expect me to truly worry about that until I get a job of my own and leave my country of birth. Don't take that personally, if anyone actually bothers to read this profile. EDIT: As a result of that, I found myself coming short of some descriptions and words I could use in some situations whenever I wrote. How Emerald Caress came to be with such vocabulary, I may never know, but I do know that I'll write the 3rd chapter when massive inspiration strikes.

- I plan to learn French as a third language. Maybe Japanese too.

- I'm learning to play the piano. Doing pretty well so far, though I wish I could find a rendition of "Knights in the Nightmare" (from the game with the same name) that sounds like the original tune.

- I have no stories of my own at the moment. I'll simply settle for reading and reviewing for a while, picking up some styles and notes about how other people write before actually attempting my own. Will probably be a small one-shot or some drabble. Gotta start small first, right? I'm already starting to get an idea, actually... (Edit: As of 02-01-2010, My first story has been posted; "Emerald Caress")

Story Data:

1. Emerald Caress: My first fanfiction. Currently incomplete. I've lacked the inspiration up until today, 14th of February, to write further than the first chapter. I'll write the second one sometime before the end of the week. This is because I've got the ideas for several C.C.XLelouch Fanfics, and all just by looking at wallpapers! Expect to see a stream of the pairing from myself sometime soon. EDIT: Currently struggling to decide where to go from now for chapter 4. EDIT TO TO AN EDIT: Make that MAJOR struggling. EDIT OF EDITS: Officially on hold to make time for other stories.

-Status: Multichapter, ON HOLD.

2. St. Valentine's Storm: Not actual tittle, rather referring to the several LelouchXAnyone (mainly C.C.) fics I plan to write for the next few days. By then these would be belated St. Valentine's gifts to the Code Geass fanbase, but then it's always better later than never. Surprising what a night that was originally intended to be used to look for a new wallpaper can do to nurture ones inspiration. EDIT: Up to Chapter 7 now. I have decided to focus back on this one.

-Status: Multichapter, ALIVE, but under the effects of a Slowga x 9001 spell.

3. Izayoi's Nest: Tentative name to an interesting little piece I plan to write soon. Unlike my work up to date, this one is based on Touhou. As the tittle implies, it is based on one Sakuya Izayoi, the head maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and "The Devil's Lapdog" (or Caretaker, whichever you prefer). The idea itself... you know what? I'll explain that once I do write and post it. Might be a oneshot, might be a twoshot, might be more. Expect it soon, because I do think I need a break from The Crown of Love for a while. Edit: Writting on hold, until I feel like it.

-Status: Currently in the limbo.

4. Hausse de le Lune Écarlate : French for "Rise of the Scarlet Moon". A Touhou fic. Originally, I wanted to write Izayoi's Nest first, but, mostly due to laziness, I put it off. The idea is still planned, but meanwhile, this took shape in my mind at the same time. If anyone reads this, be prepared; there's quite a chance that I'll pull off the same bull I pull for Crown of Love. For the record, the title should tell you that this is centered on one Remilia Scarlet. Best. Vampire. Ever! Edit: Unfortunately, this story is currently on hold due to technical difficulties and circumstances. *sob* I'm so sorry, Remilia-sama...

-Status: Multichapter;

Writer used Brainstorm! It's super effective!!

Computer used Murphy's Law! It's a one-hit K.O.!!

Writer fainted!

--translation: ON HOLD.

5. The Grim: A Code Geass fic I wrote and posted on the one night I felt really angsty. Seriously, I was zombie-like. Now, perhaps I may have overreacted a bit, given it was over my pet, but still...

-Status: Oneshot, COMPLETE.

6. The Game of Destiny: A humor-based Touhou fanfic I wrote to kill time and get it out of my mind. It opens up with an attemp at being prose-like, and needlessly presents all the characters. Seriously, nearly all the characters in the series. TOUHOUS ARE PLAYING POKER. PLEASE WAIT WARMLY. What's the bet you ask? All losers must submit to the winner. Yep. Given my obvious bias towards Remilia, anyone capable of logic can determine the obvious outcome of the humongous time-ticking bomb. Hint: No, Yukari won't win BECAUSE MAGIC. In fact, part of the idea came from wanting to see the blonde be on the receiving end of a devious scheme. Ever thought of the reality warper in a skimpy french maid outfit? No? Well, use your head.

-Status: Length undecided, DECISION PENDING.

7. Apostle of Dawn: So... yeah. In a fit of boredom, I placed one foot into Fire Emblem territory. Basically, this is Silver Haired Maiden Micaiah's ignored past. I love Micaiah, really. Call her a Mary Sue you may, but reserach all the facts you should. The true Sue in FE10 is Ike, believe it or not. Seriously, I can't help but get the impression he was put in as a way to grasp at players of the prequel. Sure, he was the protagonist in that game, but Radiant Dawn should only have been about the Dawn Brigade. Oh well. It will deal with Micaiah's early life taken in by OCs, then progress into the game, or maybe just snippents, I'm not sure. I may just go a bit AU in this one for the heck of it. Beware, for ye shall be spoilt!

-Status: Multichapter, ALIVE, but unfortunately chose to cast a Hastega x 9001 spell during Reverse Day.

8. Ivory Cherries With A Chance of Black Lavender: I know, weird and long tittle, huh? I'm thinking of changing this so that the symbolism in the story will be more prominent. Anyways, one of the few LelouchXJiang Lihua (the Tianzi) out there, and also currently the longest one. I can't say I'm not proud. Besides, I'm always getting these weird ideas ALL the time. Anyways, my attempt at a more romantic shipping between these two, taking liberties with the timelines. The second chapter (and hopefully the last, as I'm not actually so hot on making this a multi-chapter fic; I've got enought as it is) is in the works. Please wait warmly for it =).

-Status: Length undecided, DECISION PENDING.

9. Marriage By Confession: LelouchXKaguya this time, sometime after the alliance with the Chinese Federation is established in R2. A stupid challenge to write any pairing he said, by a friend and fellow Code Geass fan. If you expect a Yaoi, sorry to dissapoint, but he loathes that... And I'm not really fond of it either. Anyways, this is probably one of my silliest stories and most random stories. The Game of Destiny is still my automatic choice for random however. Please enjoy your assholish bishonen Lulu and your lustful loli Kaguya.

-Status: Oneshot, COMPLETE.

10. Crimson Lillies (working tittle): A Tales of Symphonia idea-waiting-to-be-written, specifically, ToS2. Basically a crack-fic that exploits an overused and overdone plot cliché in order to get good natured yet naive Lloyd Irving with a certain someone, for the lulz factor. Please wait warmly for what most probably amounts to a most unlikely pairing ever witnessed in this fandom.

-Status: Playing poker with Izayoi's Nest.

11. Time and Darkness -- A Bond to Mend The World: First Pokémon fanfic. This one, unlike the +25000 fics dealing with Sues, Pokégirls and lemons based off the regular games, is based off of the Mystery Dugenon series. Basically, it is a retelling of the plot of the second Mysetery Dungeon game with a Buneary and Ralts, both female, as the protagonists. However, free variations and deviations will be incorporated, including elaborate fight scenes, character presentation and characterization as well as some "side-trips" to make it more interesting. So if you're basically coming in and only expect a good 'ol novelization, then you've got another thing coming.

-Status: Multichapter, ALIVE.

12. Affinity: FE fanfic in the writing stage. One morning, the heron prince Rafiel wakes up and discovers he can now see people's elemental auras. He and Nailah decide to have fun by using this ability as a way to find out about other people's secrets via aura reading. That's this fanfic in a nutshell. In other words: Humor!

-Status: Oneshot, currently in the process of being born.

NOTES: This year is probably going to be my most difficult challenge in high school, so I won't make empty promises in regards to updates, plus I'll have piano lessons throughout the year as well. And band practice. And physics reinforcement classes too. Please bear with me here. I've also noticed I have several stories waiting to be continued. Hoo boy, I just can't help coming up with so many different ideas all the time! Maybe I shoulds stop coming up with all these oneshots and nice-super long idea stories when I have at least five others that are screaming for an update.

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