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Now, we all know the obvious. The obvious is something we know, something as simple as this. Complicated is a maze with several different directions and escape exits. A lie is a mask and the truth is sometimes the paint to said mask. Our morals are not ours, rather the worlds effect on us. When people ask me what I am like, I cannot explain. I could lie and tell truth and they would remain the same.

I simply say my name is Marilyn, and I write alot which is far from a wrong accusation. I also Beta now. Check it out.

Hey. Today I assembled my bookshelf with my army of novels and books of all languages and genres and I painted a garden Gnome. Yes, I have no life.

I guess I could tell you what I am, although the question has a broad answer. But since I am drinking a liquid with lots of glucose (sugar with a spoonful of tea), I will LIST ALL THE FACTS!

- My name is made up on the letters on this page. I just realized these facts are useless

- I guess writing is what I've always wanted to do. I see it as my purpose in life.

- I am a worshipper of Gaia, and adore every creature and plant. Yes, even cockroaches sometimes. I want a giant ground cockroach, it would be adorable.

- I am an antisocial fuck, and when I get the chance to make friends they either like me or can't wait to fucking escape.Usually the latter applies.

- I can't be bothered to find my phone. I lose things religiously.

- I adore Marilyn Manson, Amity Affliction and Thomas Newman.

-Subjects I adore and can go on about for hours include: Sherlock, tea, The Office, The Knife of never letting go, The Traitor game, Penguin books, Sherlock Holmes, Benedict Cumberbatch, Naruto, Death Note, Gankutsuou, Love Actually, Noel Fielding, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Marilyn Manson, The Little Prince, words... this is only the tip of the cliff...

- I absolutely adore and am equally terrified of Claymation. This is why http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diVqham5cKA

- Paradise Circus is a truly amazing song, but I recently ruined it for myself as I always do. Did I mention I do that?

I love to write anything, whatever I am in the mood to write I try to. It scares me sometimes.

Itachi and his man-bag question the internet and all that surrounds it. My life is a series of events revolving around something that happened.

If you would like to talk to me. go right ahead. :) I really love talking to other authors and readers.

I hope you enjoyed this page. I know I didn't.

Thanks. xxx

Dear fanfiction profile.

I have decided this is where I shall leave a small notice in case I go missing or die because frankly I love this place more than some people I have known for years. However these people are men who stab their knives in other peoples' backs because their own are filled to the brim with red tipped metal from history dirtied by their own hands.

Anyway, I have been good. University is once again a load of bollocks. It always was. I thought leaving school would be good. Leaving school is good in certain aspects however not in others. When you leave those gates you are on your own and you must suddenly become very independant if you wish to float above the water. Secondly, you must have fast reflexes. Not only because you may get run over by a blind bus driver getting there (true story) but because when they give you a sheet of paper you must read it and make something of it because that is what they expect: complete command. You must not be creative or you are officially a dunce and will fail. Can you see why me, the creative writer, is getting cold feet from the buildings coloured but still stained grey?

I have had no time to write but in my spare moments (like now) I manage. Although I was writing useless dribble just to get the icky gross formal feel from my writing veins. It flowed through me like tar and made a bitter taste taint my tongue. Yes, it was not nice.

I got a dictionary, a small pocket one that can follow me around like a minion.

And is that a temperature that wears me like a glove? Why are my eyes spinning like a top? Because I started watching Sherlock. That answer should explain.

Well my darlings, I will talk soon. Keep visiting me on my lonely side where the tea is always hot. You can read my stories and leave lots of lovely comments telling me about my mistakes or what you think. I'd love to hear what you think. :)

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