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The names Aubrey...
I have a beautiful baby girl named Lena!!

Shes almost three and is perfect in every way!
She is my world... and i would do anything for her
Dont like it? Good, then you dont deserve to be in my life!
As for me...
im not shy
and im unusually friendly
but i dont trust people easily
im loud, obnoxious, and i speak my mind
sometimes it gets me in trouble
I don't get along with girls well, They're catty, bitchy and immature

But i do have a best friend named Amy who i just cant live without!! (were total OTH freaks)
i much rather enjoy hangin with the guys
theres nothing in the world i wont try
i absolutly love the color green, and grilled cheese sandwiches are the true way to my heart :)
i hate liars and cheaters... lie to me once and we're done... endofstory!
one more thing...i may dress up on occasion, but i absolutly positively cannot live without my baggy sweatshirts!!

One Tree Hill is my absolute favorite show in the entire world! Mostly everything i write will be about that show.

Brucas is the greatest couple there ever was!!

Im sorry but i HATE Leyton!! They are not compatible as a couple, and in my eyes that was the WORST mistake Mark ever made!!

Couples i love!!

-BRUCAS!! (they belong together!!)

-Naley!! (Because i want to believe in true love and forever and always)

-Keith/Karen (second biggest mistake was killing keith!!)

-Jeyton!! (cause jake is HOTTT and peyton shouldnt be with Lucas!!)

-Paythan (I am 100 Naley all the way but Peyton and Nathan were so dyfunctional it was funny!!)

Couples i hate!!

-Leyton!! (or pucas whichever you say they still suck and are totally gross!! so wrong for eachother!!)

I love writing and would love to get any feedback you guys wanna offer!! As soon as things get a little less hectic, im hoping to start another story!! Any suggestions on a theme?? or topic?? title?? lemme know!!

Peace, Love, and Rock&Roll!!


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